A Mistaken MarriageMatch2: Generation of Militany Counselors Chapter 27

The Depth of Su Ling’s Feeling

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 Chapter 27 Part 1: The General’s Deep Affection

Su Ren’s heart was throbbing fast and he could hardly speak that the words he wanted to say were stuck in his throat. The strange disturbed look of Su Ling made him very uneasy. He went to Su Ling’s side who’s slumping on a big boulder. He whispered with grave concern and urgency,

“ Big Brother?”

Su Ling did not respond. Tonight, he doesn’t look like he was the general he used to be, always sharp and alert. He looked spaced out and like couldn’t hear anything. Su Ren’s felt his heart suddenly sank thinking to himself,

“ Qing Mo isn’t in danger right?.”

Su Ren got up and walk toward the house which at the very moment Lou Xi Yan came out of the room, he had been with Qing Feng all the while. His face was full of determination but he can’t hide his fatigue. Su Ren anxiously asked,

” Prime Minister, how’s Qing Mo?”

Prime Minister slightly shook his head and replied, ” She’s still in the surgery.”

”Still in surgery… Qing Mo is still alive!”, Su Ren gave out a long sighed of relief. He turned around and on his side, he could see the icy cold expression of Su Ling. Su Ren thought his big brother was normally not the type that loses his composure in chaos and he ought to put an end to his trance-like state. Qing Mo was not dead! As he moved toward him to persuade him he was stopped by an arm along the way.

Lou Xiyan whispered, “Su Ren, do not bother him.”

Su Ren did not witness the last night’s event. He did not see how Qing Mo was stabbed by the sword through the chest. He was not on the scene. He will not understand the feelings of Su Ling at this time.

Glancing at Su Ling’s grim appearance, Su Ren nodded,” Something in him was not the same…”

They stood outside the door. No one was stirring, just waiting and hoping time flies a little faster.

Cheng-Hang was tasked by Dan Yu Lan came to inquire about the situation about Qing Mo. As he entered the place he could feel the strange awkward atmosphere. He saw Great General Su Ling slumped on the rock he can’t help but whimper a cry. Just for a night, why General Su turned like this, was she dead? –

Running to Prime Minister Lou, Cheng-Hang whispered,

“Prime Minister is Qing Mo already …?”

He hasn’t finished his question when Minister Lou cut in, ” still having treatment.”

“Ahh, that’s good, that’s good,”

Cheng-Hang patted his chest. His heart felt like it would burst out of his ribs..

Minister Lou glanced at the courtyard and saw a touch of a familiar figure, it was – Ao Tian! The long tall black figure standing straight, without any air of arrogance but just calmly waiting like a prisoner, humbly waiting for sentencing. Just stood there quietly.

Su Ren also saw  Ao Tian outside the court-yard under the shadow, he turned and asked,

“Caught yet?”

Cheng-Hang excitedly nodded, but not in a low voice replied, “In accordance with the plan of Qing Mo late last night they were very successful in capturing Ao Jie and his gang. No one was able to escape and Ye Mei was rescued too.” The operation played beautifully thus making his admiration to grow towards Qing Mo, but naturally, he doesn’t want her to suffer this consequence.

Lowering his head with sarcasm Su Ren grunt,” To kill a woman to be able to make an arrest, I disapproved of this method. “ as a military man, he will not dare do such!

Cheng-Hang does not understand why his face suddenly darkened then glanced at Su Ling that was still leaning on the rock. He was puzzled and asked, ” About General Su, why is he like this?” Qing Mo, wasn’t dead she still on treatment? “

No one answered his question, Lou Xiyan whispered,

“Let’s just wait .”

The entire court-yard once again fell into a silence. With that unusual mood, the early morning sounds of birds insects at this time will only make people feel impulsive. Cheng-Hang simply sat on the threshold, no one really cared how long this waiting will take until the chamber door finally opened.

“She’s out!”

Cheng-Hang, who was sitting on the threshold was the first to see Zhou Qing. Her complexion was very pale and she looked very exhausted as if she has no more strength left to even walk. Lou Xiyan greeted her and protectively held her in his arms. Zhuo Qing slightly shook her head and replied

“I’m fine.”

Lou Xiyan was holding Zhuo Qing in his arms as she walked outside the hall. Su Ling’s body that was stiffly leaning up against the stone rock for the whole night stood up slowly, with his burning eyes staring straight at Zhou Qing in the courtyard. Outside the courtyard, that aloof black figure was also fixed to her at an instant, a deep line of sight locked her. All eyes were upon her. No one dared to ask until Cheng Hang couldn’t hold it anymore and quietly asked,

” How is she?”

Everybody held their breath while waiting for her answer, all expressions were very solemn, except for the courtyard outside, Ao Tian thought to himself, “ If she lives, I will live  but if she dies, I would accompany her! “

Zhuo Qing looked around, after catching the sight of Su Ling on the rock and Ao Tian on the yard, she dismissively replied,

“She is alive.”

She’s alive!

Cheng-Hang and Su Ren were almost at the same time gave a sighed of relief, “Great!” Qing Mo was all right! They can’t imagine, if she ended up dead, how to clean up this mess! Su Ling’s heart which was suspended all night was finally relieved. While holding the rock for the support he was panting, gulping the air as if he did not breathe the whole night. Everyone was overjoyed, Zhuo Qing slightly raised her eyes, only to see the silent black figure on the courtyard,  after hearing her answer the man quietly left.

After the stabbing incident, she feared that it would be hard to for him appear in front of the Gu Yun again.

“When can I bring her back to the General’s Manor?”

Zhou Qing recovered from her thoughts. Su Ling had come to the front to ask. Zhuo Qing shook her head and replied,

“Not now, it is the critical period and might put her in danger.”

Eyeing Su Ling’s stubble face, reddened eyes and in his hands actually still dragging the silk cloth stained with blood. The whole person looked empty and obviously suffering all night! She knew that General Su Ling was affectionate towards Gu Yun, but she did not know the situation was deep to such a degree! Zhuo Qing began to feel really awkward how to tell him the truth.

“Dangerous period? “ By just listening to the words, Su Ling heart tightened, “Explain clearly.”

Everyone’s heart is in a state of alarm and hanging once again.

Zhuo Qing thought for a moment in low sigh soon replied, “The sword pierced through the chest and even if it did not hurt the heart, it is also a serious injury. If in the following days there are no complications and according to her original physical condition and resilience, in five days she should be able to move. But if during these days, if the wound gets infected … … ” Zhuo Qing herself does not want to go on, simple medical equipment, rough disinfection measures, a great chance of infection, coupled with no antibiotics… She really does not want to dare imagine. If the wound gets infected, how to save Gu Yun!

After a night of torture, Su Ling face has no other expression, his voice slightly trembling but still with a tone  of apprehension asked,

” What will happen?”

His stubbed face made him look a mess, his dark eyes looked at her, on the pairs of such as the sea as deep and cold eyes, Zhuo Qing decided not to conceal the worst consequence. She took a deep breath and replied,

” If the injury is light, she will get better slowly. Another possible aftermath if there is a fallout — she will die. “

Zhuo Qing spoke gently. Su Ling’s tranquil eyes were suddenly filled with passing waves of emotion  and she thought he would go out of control, but he slowly closes his eyes, with a weary voice he asked,

” What  can I do?”

Zhuo Qing pursed her lips, it seems that this man was miserably in love with Gu Yun! She’s guessing before but today  she was fully aware of it. She got an idea, Zhuo Qing suddenly stepped forward, patted Su Ling’s back shoulder,

“These coming few days her body might get a high’s fever, difficulty in breathing and other phenomena. Someone has to be beside her at all time to notify me. I helped her cross the first hurdle and now is the second hurdle. To go through it clearly will depend on you. I hope you can give her the strength to let her through this hurdle. The next three days is the most critical moment if she will survive and live. “

He turned his head and glanced at slender fingers on his shoulders. When Su Ling looked, he saw her with a faint smile. Su Ling face stiffened and took a step back to escape Zhuo Qing’s hand. He regained his composure, looking at the side of his younger brother,

“Su Ren, these coming several days I will leave you the command of the military to ensure the security of the capital. If there is something important you come here for me. “

Su Ren was stunned and whispered, ” Eldest Brother, you even assign the matters of celebration to me?” I’m afraid somebody else is more important his life. Bing Lian really did not choose the wrong person. 

Su Ren was about to leave, Su Ling suddenly called him out, “”I have given the list of every single person that should know and should be aware of the proceeding of the case to Dan Yulan. I also have a report and recommendation to be presented to the Emperor of Qiong Yue. Ao Jie ‘s killing of the babies, raping of women, attacking the merchants and post houses and destruction of celebration. This person committed several crimes and should be meted with appropriate punishment, death by chelie (1)”

(1) tear off a person’s four limbs and head using five horse-drawn carts (as capital punishment) / to tear limb from limb.

Chelie! – – Su Ren have to hide his shudder from shock. Even a blind could sense the murderous anger of his brother. Su Ren dare not say anything, he nodded and replied, “Yes.”

Su Ling did say anything anymore and stride inside the room. Cheng-Hang looked at Su Ling’s proud back. In his heart, he can’t help but feel pity for the tragedy of Ao Jien. Just last night to find Ye Mei, he was too angry and constantly picking on Ao Tian until the poor guy hurt his hamstring. Now, recommending a chelie as a punishment to the Emperor. There was truly no escape. To attempt to kill a woman and not just any woman but Qing Mo! This Ao Jie really hated his life and asked for his death!

Watching them, Zhuo Qing frowned slightly. Su Ling was not someone to be trifled with. He better not find out that she tricked him. She felt the arms of Lou Xiyan on her waist, with a warm voice whispered in her ear, “ Are you tired?” “ Hmmm..” Zhou Qing nodded. She really was tired. Working more than 10 hours for her was in fact, nothing but the injured person this time was Gu Yun. It was not the same and she now has a feeling of physical and mental exhaustion.

Lou Xiyan gently wiped the thin sweat on her forehead and sighed softly, “I’ll help you back to the rest”. Lou Xiyan’s arms wrapped about her and the couple went out together outside the hall. With Lou Xiyan around her, she had nothing to be worried about.

Su Ling left the hall. Cheng-Hang also hurried away. Inside the huge hall, only five or six physicians were left looking at each other blankly. They have been waiting all night and they were very tired but no one dared to leave. This night of all night, they do not understand what was happening. The only thing they knew was, there was the Qing girl lying inside. They will be really unfortunate for them if something would happen to the girl!

After leaving the group of people outside Su Ling sat alone inside the Gu Yun’s room. The room full of candles had long been burned, leaving only a place of wax marks. On the bed, Gu Yun was lying down with a plain white unlined upper garment. It’s lapel gently riding on the chest. The thick white bandage was wrapped around her chest seemed to be tied up tightly and neatly. She was thinner now. The long black hair that was always bundled was hanging loose on the side of her body. She was sweating that the hair clung to her face. White pants, white sheets, pale skin, and a single white inexplicable fear. Su Ling slowly stretched out his hand gently rub her face with his thumb, comparing his palm against her face.  Her face was so small. He needed to cherish her more. Tonight, he needs to watch for increasing body temperature to calm down all his fear.

” What do I do with you?”

Looking at the almost dying woman. He really doesn’t understand, how could such a thing happen. Remembering when she’s was awake, a strange person, her firm bright eyes, with rays of wisdom, possessing an extraordinary skill that was normally being overlooked. She’s only sixteen-year-old. This time she was this weak and anytime she might fade away. Such a woman, how he would care for her? Wrapping Gu Yun ‘s small hands with his big hands like a cocoon, knowing in his heart the answer.

Time flies slowly when one was suffering. The day just past and its time seemed to fly quickly. He just stared at her for a moment and the sky has already been changed into the night.

Su Ling sat on the bed by the wooden chair, had not released the palm of the Qing Mo. Feeling the increasing temperature made him restless, the bed gently moved, her breathing even more rapid and with eyes closed unconsciously murmured something…

“What did you say?” Su Ling slightly inclined his body so his ear was near her lips attentively listening to her murmuring. He heard a fuzzy tearful voice, “It hurts ……”

He finally heard what she said, “hurt”. The word was like a thorn severing and piercing into his heart. With so much happening these days, he thought his heart had suffered enough pain and already numb of the feelings. However,  the moment he heard the whisper, his spirit almost dissipated in the air,  letting him deeply understand what was the feeling of a heartbreaking.

Su Ling thought she had woken up when he’s just about to ask her where the pain was but found that Gu Yun’s eyes were tightly closed and just saying “hurt”. It was that ultimate pain. She was crying unconsciously. His hand lightly touched her forehead and as just he’d suspected . She was running a fever!.

He thought of Zhuo Qing’s warning. Su Ling’s heart suddenly burst,” Is she having complications.?”

Gu Yun was like having a nightmare and murmuring “it hurts” and her temperature was rising. A strange emotion was biting Su Ling’s mind at the moment. Su Ling’s eagle eye in the dark, growled, ” Come in here!”

Outside, the two physicians that stayed behind was caught by surprise. They have not rushed in the past while rushing they already heard another low roar of Su Ling anxiously, “Physician! “

“Yes! “

The two physicians walked in near the woman lying on the bed. Her face was flushed and her head was nervously twisting and her lips murmuring something. Su Ling pointed to the old emergency physician and commanded, “Take a look at her.”

“Yes, yes,” the senior physician did not delay and immediately took her pulse!

Standing at the side was the younger physician, Su Ling called him and said, “Go for Qing Ling, please ask her to come.”

“Yes,” the young physician turned and ran out.

The senior physician after taking a pulse did not say a word. While frowning and nodding for a moment. Su Ling impatiently asked him, “How is she? Where does it hurt.”

The senior court physician did not have time to answer what Gu Yun’s problem was. It made Su Ling more upset. His face was very grim.  The senior physician was so nervous and took some time to answer. Su Ling’s patience has already long gone and in an icy voice growled, ” Are you still gawking?! Give her something to stop her pain. Did you not hear her call? She is in pain…!!”

“Yes,” he was not able to answer right away and Su Ling’s face can already be described as ferocious horror.

The senior court physician stood frigidly and finally decided to use acupuncture analgesia. This was the fastest way to relieve her pain. The old physician quickly took out his silver needles…

At this point, Zhuo Qing clear voice sounded inside the room.

Seeing the person who came in, the senior court doctor was secretly relieved. He then quickly retreated to the side, respectfully greeted, “Madam Lou. As for the patient, I just took her pulse a moment ago. Although her wounds are in bad condition however her life is not in danger. But General Su was so agitated and I cannot help it but be flustered. Thanks to Madam Lou, “ as he continued, ” our heart is finally put at ease.”

Zhuo Qing walked quickly to Gu Yun‘s side and touched her forehead. Her fever was very high! She examined the chest bandage and there no sign that the wound had opened. She slightly bent under the body of Gu Yun’s chest to listen carefully. She doesn’t have a stethoscope and she couldn’t hear very well. Basically, she can’t determine if the chest cavity has too much fluid in it. She sighed. It was a sigh of relief and commanded the servant behind her,

” Fetch a basin of water and a pot of strong liquor and bring it to me.”

“Yes,” the servants went out to get it ready. Su Ling can no longer wait for her diagnosis and treatment, he asked anxiously, “How is she?”

Zhuo Qing rubbed her temples and answered in a low voice, “Nothing, everything is all right. It is just a normal reaction after yesterday night’s surgical operation. Probably because of a high tension of the surgical operation yesterday she had a headache but fortunately, the situation was better than I expected. Gu Yun has only fever now, no other signs of complications. “

Su Ling put his on hand on Gu Yun’s forehead feeling the scorching fever. Zhuo Qing air of indifference thoroughly vexed Su Ling, “Her body‘s very hot and you called it nothing?”

“She is just heating up, later use the water and the liquor to wipe her forehead and limbs. As long as the fever doesn’t go up she will be fine. ” Zhou Qing understood the distressed mood of Su Ling. She kindly tried to explain it to him but this failed to extinguish his anger, furthermore because of this, it ignited his worry and fear and got him more out of control.

He roared, ” Only this way and there is there no other way to stop the pain ?! You want to let her continue to be in pain like this ?!”

“I am not deaf, you do not need to shout!”

Zhou Qing ‘s head already had enough ache and to deal with his vexations?! She also got irritated. ” The situation was already like this. There is no medicine that she can drink, the wound is in the heart and I can’t apply any anesthetic. Acupuncture anesthesia will not work! You were also injured before, who hasn’t endured!”

There was no injection of analgesics, does she not love Gu Yun dearly too and not feel bad? Damn him!

Su Ling ‘s was at a loss for words and he knew that he was annoying. He knew that he was creating a scene but the sounds coming to his ear as she murmured her pain, knowing that she was hurting and he was helpless. The knowledge of it hurt him even more. He became irritable and anxious as to release his frustrations Su Ling punched the stone wall. He made a hammering sound to obscure the murmur Gu Yun makes.

“Madam, you asked me to bring water and liquor.” The servant carrying water and wine was keen to observe that the atmosphere inside the room was not quite right. The two court physicians were sweating profusely standing at a corner and General Su was facing the wall.

“Put them here.” Zhuo Qing looked at Su Ling and shook her head. She turned to the servant softly said, “Look for a girl to take care of her. “ Su Ling like this, she’s afraid before Gu Yun escaped these crises, he would already go crazy!


Before the servant could answer Su Ling hoarse voice interrupted her. He turned around and one can see billows of waves passing his eyes. He went to the sink next to stand and picked up the cloth dipped in liquor. Wringing it. He gently wiped Gu Yun’s forehead. He made clumsy movements but he was very careful.

Zhuo Qing opened her mouth but in the face of an affectionate man in this situation, she did not know what to say and finally, she just let out a sigh.

The dawn was slowly breaking and morning sunshine was penetrating through the thin paper window vaguely projected on the wooden bed casting a light on Gu Yun’s emaciated figure. She’s pale with dried lips, her two brows slightly wrinkled, long eyelashes gently shaking and she slowly opened her eyes.

Gu Yun consciousness was clear but her body was so stiff because it was not moved for a long time. She finally opened her eyes and moderate sunshine glare cast on her body, she was dazzled at the beginning but was able to adapt after a few moments. She can barely see the things in front of her.

Gu Yun slowly turned her stiff neck because she wanted to look at her surroundings. Beside her head, slightly glancing sideways she saw a man sitting next to her. His hand had a piece of cloth and on his feet stood two basins. His face was full of stubble. His eyes were staring at her hand and he doesn’t know what on his mind. Although Gu Yun had both a sense of feelings of familiarity, she slightly looked up because she wanted to see who the person was. But her slight movement affected her chest injury and the excruciating pain almost drove her to tears.

Her movement had finally attracted the attention of the person and he suddenly turned his head. Gu Yun immediately found herself sinking at a pair of sea deep of black eyes. This pair of eyes were too excessively familiar but Gu Yun cannot believe those eyes in front were that of high-spirited and sometimes domineering Su Ling. Looking at his eyes, it was full of grief and anxiety. His heart inexplicably shivered at the sight of another eye and he couldn’t believe she had fully awakened. For a moment, he only stared at her and did not say anything. Gu Yun hesitated then called out, “Su Ling?” She was unconscious for a few days and what happened in between? How he ended looking miserable like this?.

Gu Yun knitted her brows and attempted to open her mouth to speak. But her dry throat can barely make a sound. She saw Su Ling’s dark eyes looking at her for a moment. He did not say anything. He then suddenly got up and ran out of the room. Gu Yun was wondering, until she heard the sound of a banging coming from outside, followed by the sound of footsteps and people talking.

Once she woke up, Gu Yun fought hard not to lost her consciousness. She tried to hear clearly what was going on the outside the room which at the moment the door opened and in between the door came in the most familiar figure.

Zhuo Qing rushed to Gu Yun’s bed in a haste, ” How are you feeling?”

Casting Zhou Qing a sidelong glance, ” It was pretty bad. This dry lips are killing me.” Gu Yun replied, “it hurts a lot and your medicine? They tasted – too bad! ” In the past, she was also injured in hospital but this time it was excruciatingly painful.

Zhou Qing cast her a look as she wasting her strength making an effort to complain. Zhuo Qing’s heart finally fell to the ground. She fetched a spoon of water to Gu Yun lips with eyes close to tears. Gu Yun‘s mouth refused to open. Gently she replied to her, “Actually, I picked up this dying life to save it. Remember, I am a forensic examiner!”

Seeing that on the clear eyes drops of glittering tears start falling, Gu Yun’s lips slightly smile and chuckled. “Qing, thank you,”

Zhuo Qing with stern face stiffly fed Gu Yun with water using one hand. This woman, the very moment she woke up made her cry! Before another spoonful of water reached Gu Yun lips, she asked about the scene just outside. Zhuo Qing whispered, “OK, less talk, more rest. Besides me, also you should thank another person who took care of you. Someone took care of you for three days! This person waited for three days not stepping out an inch and refusing to leave! “

Refused to leave! Gu Yun immediately showed an embarrassed look across her eyes. She did not know what her heart would feel.. warm… thankful … .. happy…. Or mad. Looking at Zhou Qing’s back, she did not notice the shadow of Su Ling standing behind. Gu Yun asked,

“Other person?”

Zhou Qing mouth could not hide a smile and asked, “Dizzy,”


Someone passed out? How could this be? The loud noise outside that she heard just then was not… it was because of ……him? Gu Yun felt a chest pain and tightness in her heart! She needed to get some rest for a while. She will sleep for a while.

Just a little bit!

Near the bedside stood a bowl of water and a slender arm was trying with difficulty to reach it. Her fingertips have almost reached the edge of the bowl

…and just need little more effort to reach it!

Gu Yun ‘s upper body cannot move yet but she was desperately stretching her hand little by little closer to the target. This two days she found a small girl taking care of her. The girl was very careful and very responsible. No matter what, when she woke up her two clear eyes was in front of her. But Gu Yun was not used to having a person guarding her, especially when sleeping. The thought of someone with unblinking stare guarding her while sleeping would make her die!

Now that she finally got the people out and she wanted to get back on her own quickly. Now, she just wanted to drink some water and she would prefer to be self-reliant.

Got it!

Gu Yun face celebrated with a big smile, although it was such a small movement it made her breathe heavily and her forehead also emerged a thin layer of sweats, she was very happy. The bowl of water was somewhat full. Gu Yun carefully carried the bowl and when victory was in sight, the door from gate brushes suddenly opened. Gu Yun turned to look and immediately gawked there – —

—at the door a man, a lean body standing uprightly, dressed in a dark silver gown, cuffs, and skirts with gold and silver thread embroidered with a cloud pattern. Around his waist he was wearing a jade belt, foot trodden with riding black boots, ink black hair with a crown, low-key in a trace of luxury, an aura of a noble and people who may look at him will not be helped but be attentive. The daylight from the window shines behind his back dimming his face. Is it Su Ling? He seemed to be thinner and normally if he was not dressed in a battle dress he would be dressed in a black gown. So, she thought he really did not come to see her. She kept staring at him until she forgot what she initially intended to do.

As soon as Su Ling entered the room, he saw this daredevil woman had stuck out half of her body bravely trying with all her strength to get the small short bowl. Her face was pale and white without blood, very stubborn temperament indeed. Does she have a death wish? His heart was very annoyed. He walked into the room and his tense look instantly vanished into thin air! Su Ling strode to the bed, picked up the porcelain bowl with his hand and using the other to raise her shoulders to straighten her up.

Gu Yun sighed under those familiar strong arms and gloomy dark face as in the past, although he had a different get-up, he was still that overbearing person! Su Ling even though feeling annoyed,  his hands carefully scoop a spoon of water to her lips.

Gu Yun subconsciously shrunk back, she has such a strong personality and to her to be feed by other people especially him, it was just too embarrassing,! Gu Yun lightly cough and said, ” Let me do it myself,”

Su Ling simply ignored her and continually placing the spoon before her lips. She does not drink much, not as much as she would like too. Gu Yun pursed her lips. She cannot escape or beat him because he was stronger than her. She was really at a disadvantage!

After he silently feeds her, Gu Yun shook her head after few spoonfuls of water. Su Ling put down the bowl he decided to sit down on her bed. The bed edge sank a little because of the sudden weight. That made the narrow bed even narrower. He was sitting on the edge of near her leg almost sitting on her lap. What was even more strange was that he was sitting there saying nothing. The pair of eyes can not see the deep emotion of the eyes staring at her. She thought he wanted to say something, so she waited for a moment but he just looked at her straight. Gu Yun frowned slightly and said, “Today, is not a day of celebration? How come you are still here?”

Su Ling deep black eyes slightly narrowed, a low voice softly asked, “Are you catching up on me?”

Err.. – Gu Yun was speechless pretending not to be caught off guard she casually replied, “I thank you for looking after me these days. I’m all right now so you go busy yourself with your own things.” She heard that he took care of her for three days, although in her opinion Su Ling does not need to do so, this person did, she always want to express her gratitude.

With her relaxed tone and magnanimous facial expression full of gratitude, it is only right for her to be grateful. She really did not have the least bit of feeling for him?

Those ink black eyes were locked on her. Gu Yun suddenly feel a little suffocated, shook herself out from that stare. Su Ling has become very different before he would often stare at her but she has been able to calmly look back confidently but inexplicably this moment she could not dare look straight to those pair of eyes. She was afraid to accidentally bring out the storm brewing inside. A little carried away, Gu Yun hastily said, ” Su Ling, I’m not so familiar with that look. Do you have anything you would like to say to me?”

After she said this, Gu Yun regretted it at the very moment. What was her problem? What was it that she wanted to hear from him?

“I truly wanted to say something to you.” His low voice sounded in her ears. Gu Yun was startled turned her head, not expecting Su Ling’s face was actually very close. She turned and her lips just landed on his ears unintentionally.

The light breaths spraying after her ears and pleasantly those warm lips were pasted close to his ears, her unique chilly breath blowing, His body stiffened as if it were hit at selected acupuncture points in general, he could not move, all his senses seems to have become exceptionally keen at this moment. Su Ling felt all his blood were rushing to his head..

Gu Yun did not expect such a situation so in a momentary flash she quickly retreated. Too much movement affected her chest wound thus she grimaced in pain, “What a rotten luck I have today! “

The voice of one in pain finally awakened the tranced like Su Ling. Watching her hand holding on the chest, grimacing, Su Ling worriedly asked, ” How? Where does it hurt?”

Gu Yun shook her head and closed her eyes in embarrassment. Today everything was so wrong and she can’t believe this was happening!

Is she shy? Su Ling’s lips hooked out a beautiful pleasant smile that smiles full of curiosity. The smile was short-lived and said, “These two days I will be busy, I will not be able to have the time to see you. After three days, when your body is little better, I will and take you back home to General Manor. “

He was letting her know that he was so excited already, and everyone clearly knew the situation except for her. It does not matter, he will wait for her heart to grow a little better and then he will let her know what he wanted to say to her!

“Oh.” Gu Yun muffled in disappointment. Su Ling doesn’t want things to be difficult for her. He pulled the quilt to cover her and turned to leave the room.

Gu Yun opened her eyes with the stunned look at the tall back that vanished. Her brain has always been astute now her smart brain becoming ignorant and sending her a weird signal, did she just kissed him a moment ago?.

Fainted! What a coincidence ?*

Accident, everything is an accident.

( *-she convinces herself that she just fainted so the unintentional kiss that happened)

After two days.

Su Ling really did not appear. She has gradually forgotten that nerve of an embarrassment of the big accident. Lying for so long, Gu Yun had been restless, although her chest still bursts some waves of pain, it had not affected her movements and now the pain was around her waist and her lying down makes her whole body uncomfortable!

One hand stroked her chest and another supporting her to prop herself up on the bed. Gu Yun slowly sat up straight. She put on the shoes and was ready to move up slowly when a cold female voice angrily cursed, “You do not want to live well and return to General Su’s ordeal again. I do not want Su Ling roar at me again! “

Gu Yun looked up and saw Zhuo Qing.

“I am better and if I do not move about I will rot!”

Blankly looking at her, Gu Yun was still going its own way to the next action with her feet on the ground and she slowly got up.

Zhuo Qing was scared half to death and quickly approached her and holding her shoulders she was forced to sit back on the bed, “I know you not playing small and strong. Lie down obediently for me, if you don’t cherish yourself but you will make other people nervous! “

” Fine !- “Gu Yun wailed.

Zhou Qing was pressing Gu Yun’s shoulders forcing her back to bed. She pulled a pillow so she can lean comfortably with a low-teasing smile, “Why? Are you shy?”

Shy a ghost!

She stared at Zhuo Qing smiling face. She looked like she owed her an explanation. Gu Yun scolded, her, “You did mention to him that I will die right?” These days Zhou Qing was almost crazy, it was clear from time to time she was making fun of her. When she sees her all she wants to mention was Su Ling, even to the girl who was taking care of her said that Su Ling was infatuated with her! If they say anything more and the next time she sees Su Ling it will be embarrassing and awkward! Here’s a group of fellow wanting a world of trouble!

“To him? Who is it?” Zhuo Qing feigned ignorance by asking the rhetorical question.

“Hump …! It’s too late to play the fool?!”

Gu Yun’s angry pale face got a little blush which made it looked a little healthier. Zhou Qing sat down on her side of the trunk and said solemnly, “Yun, I want to discuss something with you.”

Gu Yun glanced up, “Say it.”

Zhou Qing look was so earnest and there must be some important matter.

“After this operation, don’t use the self-injury capture to make an arrest be it the enemy one thousand or eight hundred. Although, Ao Jie was arrested that night and Ye Mei was saved, the truth were finally revealed. But this time you also become a visitor to the gates of hell. If you died, Ao Tian does not want to live, then Su Ling will not be able to feel better on his own and will go insane. All the people will not be better off! And I … … “Zhuo Qing did not go on. Every time she recalls of her dying look; her hand will shake and her heart will tremble. Although she understood the Yun, one time was sufficed!

Zhuo Qing covered her eyes with her palm to hide the terrified look. Gu Yun sighed, “Sorry, am I just … ..,.” she wish to explain but felt it impossible to say anything. She was just thinking of how she would unlock the case, declare Ao Tian’s innocence and bring the real killer to justice but she really ignored their feelings. But if she chooses again, will she not change her mind? She does not know.

Zhou Qing grasps the hand of Gu Yun and sighed with a smile,” I know you have your own beliefs and norms, but also a little later to consider the feelings of those who loved you, okay,”

Nodding slowly, Gu Yun replied, “I know.”

Gu Yun perceived what she said and she did not say anything more. Zhou Qing smiled, “You really have this day where Ao Tian and Su Ling are miserable. “ Especially Ao Tian when he did not know if he hurt Gu Yun when she was just trying to help him!

Gu Yun somehow reminded of Ao Tian and thought that she hasn’t seen him for so many days. Thinking that he had run into some accident she anxiously asked, “ What happened Ao Tian and others?.”

“After you got injured, the following day he came to see you and left after knowing your okay. I heard that Ye Mei has been poisoned by Ao Jie. Ao Tian left with her to go find the master of detoxification. “

“Oh. “, secretly relieved, “All is well then”.

Ao Jie was really treacherous and he gave Ye Mei a poison!

” As for Su Ling, I don’t have to mention, you yourself have seen it.”

Gu Yun was like a rare beautiful flower. When it comes to police operation she does a really wonderful work, accurate in case analysis, IQ was very high but in the emotional things… she was a wood!

Gu Yun face stiffened, the moment Su Ling was mentioned. She understood but hesitated for a moment then Gu Yun whispered, ” Qing, me and him impossible?”

“Why?” Zhou Qing was confused. “ You really don’t know a good one when it comes. Su Ling’s temperament sometimes will put one on the edge but his heart towards you, can’t you really feel it? Su Ling is not good in expressing his emotions, he doesn’t easily get excited but once he got into it, he is absolutely passionate and sincere.”

What was she not satisfied with ? Or she was too slow to understand the mind of Su Ling? 

Zhuo Qing looked to her like an idiot.

Gu Yun was silent, “Do not look at me like that. I know now!”

She knew from the beginning! Well, she does not expect that Gu Yun in this regard was keen! Zhuo Qing out of curiosity, “He is not good enough that you do not like him?”

She folded her hand, Gu Yun frowned and whispered back, “Qing, you know, I never gave up looking for gossip disk, I want to go back .” Here the monarch was supreme, the male power respected the legal system lags behind and those things do not suit her at all.

Zhuo Qing silent for a moment and asked,” What I am asking now is do you like him?”

Gu Yun doesn’t know what to say. Do I like Su Ling? After a long while, she answered the question, ” I do not know.”

You do not know? Zhuo Qing got angry, ” I am irritated by you! Do you clarify first yourself if like him, handle the things that can be done before considering the impossible task!”

“There is no need to suffer for a reason !” roared Gu Yun, now also angry, “Since I’ve decided to go back and what is the point of asking the question? “

Zhuo Qing took several deep breaths  and considered the idea of strangling her to sink the idea slowly,” If you do not like him, then you can directly exclude him from your plan and considerations; if you like him, we must take into account this factors, you are not afraid to go back, but if you discovered your heart was left with him, when the time to regret it will be too late. Understand! “

Gu Yun looked grave and did not look back at her.

Zhuo Qing knew that she was at a loss, she doesn’t know if she wanted to cry or to laugh but grabbed her by the shoulder, Zhuo Qing exclaimed, ” Can you not put a little bit of brain capacity and ponder more in this kind of thinking,” then Zhuo Qing was silent.

She despaired. To impress or move this stone (meaning Gu Yun) towards Su Ling was a vast task ahead!

The shoulder that was pinched suddenly hurts. Gu Yun pry opened the fingers and then shouted, “Please, I have just one life. I woke up suddenly found the world has changed, gotta let me adapt to it.”

Casting a sidelong glance at her, Zhuo Qing was not optimistic about her, can only pray for Su Ling to be firm enough!

“Lady, General Su came.” Servant outside announced.

Zhuo Qing said with a smile,” He came, now you can figure it out”.

Gu Yun called in a low voice, “Hey – Zh…..” she just left with no sense of obligation!

Zhuo Qing waved her hand to her. She had not turned and pulled open the door, however, Su Ling was already standing in front of the door.


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