A Mistaken Marriage Match2:Generation of Military Counselors Chapter 28 The Su Family Elders

Chapter 28 The Su Family Elders

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Take note: Translator is not a Mandarin speaker. I don’t read nor speak Chinese besides Hao and Nee Hao, grammatically challenged also. So, what you see is what you get. This is just for the love of the series.

A Mistaken Marriage Match 2: Generation of Military Counselors

Chapter 28 The Su Family Elders

If looks could kill, Zhuo Qing guessed Gu Yun’s eyes behind her must already stabbed her into pieces. Her lips gently smiled to Su Ling and nodded, “General Su, you’re just in time. Her body is not much of a problem, you can take her away.” With that Zhuo Qing gracefully waved out the door. Su Ling today was unusually very polite, assisted her through the door.

Gu Yun took several a deep breath. She was fuming mad inside. This Zhou Qing! Once she fell in love and got married, that marriage has plundered all her intelligence and now she wants a follower and digress me to the same level!

Su Ling entered the room and saw Gu Yun sitting on the bed. Her face was bursting with unusual expression, other than that her spirit looked great. Su Ling sighed deeply. He never imagined that this woman would turn out to be the person he would missed so much. Thinking about the past three days. For the first time,  it felt like those three days was a like eternity. In his spare time, this woman’s appearance dominated his mind, he would think about her, always hope and praying that she was doing good. This was a totally strange feeling, first time a feeling was absolutely defeating him. He was so helpless and doesn’t have the strength to fight…

“You … …”


Both opened their mouths at the same time, robbing each other of words but then kept silent. Gu Yun didn’t know what Su Ling was thinking. Right now, she felt very embarrassed! Both were silent for a while until Gu Yun took the lead in breaking the deadlock,

“Let me talk first.”

Su Ling’s eyebrows slightly rose thinking her look was particularly serious. He looked at her seeing her earnest appearance and was curious about what she wanted to say. Lightly coughing, Gu Yun lifted her head, stared at him straight in the eye and asked,

“Do you like me?”

Su Ling was surprised for a moment and immediately his expectations rose but also some disturbing emotions came. Did she finally have feelings for me? Gu Yun seemed to be able to still see through the eyes and read people’s minds. Su Ling replied in a low voice,

“What do you think?”

Gu Yun frowned and thought back for a while before replying, “Should be it.” After waking up, she could feel Su Ling’s difference. His hot deep looks made her more and more uncomfortable. She was sure Su Ling liked her.

Should be? Right? Su Ling suddenly had mixed feelings of loss at this time. He rarely had interactions with women; therefore was limited in his knowledge about whether a woman should be shy or worrying when faced with such knowledge. But with Qing Mo, instead, she graciously asked whether he liked her and moved to bring it to a conclusion with calmness and rationality.

Was his understanding of women lacking? Or was she special to this extent? Or he didn’t really appeal to her? Su Ling’s face was so complex, he appeared helpless and very worried. Gu Yun hesitated for a moment and asked,

“Or did I got it wrong, you do not like me?”

Su Ling’s heart turned cold. Didn’t he showed it obvious enough. In Qing Mo’s clear eyes he saw doubt and uncertainty. He sighed to himself, what kind of woman did he fall in love with? He wanted her in his life but it seemed like it was basically impossible for him to make her see and feel how he felt. Su Ling in hopeless submission answered,

“You did not understand me wrong, I liked you.”

It could have been a very beautiful confession but Su Ling had been tortured mentally by Gu Yun.

Her heart was gently surprised for a moment. Knowing was one thing. Listening to him say it was another matter. Gu Yun bowed her head for a long time before she said softly,

“I do not know if I like you, I needed more time.”

In fact, she was not completely sentimental how things were unintentionally or had not thought toward in that aspect. Her energy was placed in other things, not thinking if that special person for her was really Su Ling? Gu Yun slightly looked up, her eyes immediately fell into a pair of tranquil black eyes, like a quiet sea surface without waves. Without reason. She was nervous, will he throw a hot temper or will he reply indifferently and say nothing?

“Don’t let me wait too long,”

He answered in a deep voice, filled with deep frustration and a hint of drowned love. Gu Yun was secretly relieved. Maybe she could put the decision in the hands of time. She could give the decision when he comes back home from his sacrificial offerings to the ancestors, which may take several months. She could take advantage of this opportunity to think about it if she liked him in the end.

Gu Yun was still busy secretly organizing her affairs in her mind when her light body was picked up by a pair of strong hands.

Gu Yun exclaimed, “What are you doing?!” Protecting her chest wound she dared not move, but to be held in that way was very strange.

Su Ling prudently replied, “Back to the General’s Manor.” He knew that this little woman in his arms had a keen mind. She was sharp, vigorous and resolute. But only in love and pertaining to affection did she make people confused and distressed. But her slowness was also good because she was so slow in that aspect and will not be able to pick up the signs. She would not be aware of those ‘crazy bees chasing after the butterfly’ just like Ao Tian, he was not just a little bee but he even had wings of a feather!

“My foot is not disabled!” Gu Yun was distressed, looking at the handsome face who was now laughing. She wished she could pat his eyebrows with her palm and erase that look.

Stopping outside the gate, Su Ling looked at the annoyed woman in his arms. He laughed in a low voice, “You can’t get out of bed to walk now or do you like being carried out?”

—-Carry….. outside?! Biting hard…the root of her teeth almost snapped. Gu Yun, while gnashing her teeth, spit out  two words, “Walk faster–“

Gu Yun stiffly lowered her head with worry and ignored Su Ling. His mood was actually especially good. It was good that there were not many servants in the courtyard to witness this. Zhuo Qing had good intentions and did not also come out to tease her. Gu Yun’s face finally relaxed a little.

Out of the yard, Gu Yun saw a large navy blue carriage parked at the door. She suddenly thought of something, glanced up at Su Ling and said, “Oh Yes! Did you make any early preparations? In ten days, I have to select special forces officers.”

Su Ling glared at her and coldly snorted, “You are not doing a thing of that sort!” She was left only with half a life and she wanted to train now!

Gu Yun was helpless, “I will just choose officers and this is not to start training with them.. Celebrations were over and the training of new special forces should go on the agenda.”

“That’s not urgent at this time. That can wait.” He was only anxious that time Gu Yun was excessively bored and always thought of running about outside the manor, that’s why this training of soldiers was proposed. While he also had some expectations to what she called special troops, but now everything was not as important as her body.

“You can wait but I can’t wait!”

While the servant pulled back the curtain, Su Ling gently put her down on the carriage. With a confused look on his face, Su Ling asked, “What are you so anxious about?”

“I owe you ( TL: the IOU again..)  thousands of silver coins, I remember,” Gu Yun replied naturally. Su Ling’s expression suddenly became stiff. He clenched his fist wishing he could grab and bite Qing Mo. –

Gu Yun decided to crawl inside the carriage ignoring the thundering shout outside. The debts were to be accounted and not to be taken for granted.

In the General’s House,  Yi Tian Yuan (Heavenly Courtyard)

After the last fight, the courtyard was totally trashed by General Su Ling and Ao Tian. After renovations, it had shown some human touch. The huge courtyard finally had a decent table and chairs that one didn’t need to sit on the ground. The trees were burned up in the yard. General Su got some people to move few old trees from the mountain and the dense shade covered almost the entire garden. The shade in the yard was very comfortable and everywhere you look there was a sight of lush green trees. Quite beautiful but Su Ling was not known for these aesthetic taste, something was strange!

Besides the brand new jade square table and a bowl of medicine that has cooled off, there sat a man and a woman looking at each other.

“Haven’t you been busy recently?” Gu Yun humphed.

“Truly, I am not too busy.”

Gu Yun lamented, “You have nothing else to do?”

“If you can be like a little darling and drink the medicine out, I’ll have more time to do other things.” He did not know that the medicine that needed to be taken three times a day would be so hard to put into her mouth. But his patience was getting better.

“I am healed.”

There’s no room for negotiation. Su Ling insisted, “The doctor said you have to take this medicine for half a month.”

“If I drink, you let me go?”

After a low sigh, Su Ling compromised, “Only on the platform.”


With that, Gu Yun grabbed a medicine bowl without wrinkling a brow, drank the concoction in one gulp. She puts the empty bowl down and looked to the side of his chin. After being bored looking at it for a long time she asks, “Shall I asked to prepare things ready?”

Slowly sitting up and stretching his waist, Su Ren laughed,

“Already prepared.”

For more than ten days, this pair often had a stalemate over a bowl of medicine for one or two hours. Although the final concoction would end into the mouth of Qing Mo, it always depended on big brother’s compliance for certain conditions. Su Ren was curious to what extent his big brother had really spoiled her.

Gu Yun nodded with satisfaction but still did not set out actually. Steadily sitting on the stone stool her index finger suddenly tapped. No one knew what’s in her mind.

Su Yu came inside the courtyard from outside training field just to see the laid-back attitude of Qing Mo and was unable to restrain his burning anger.

“It’s almost shenshi (3-5pm). The soldiers were basking in the hot sun for two hours, you are still not moving and not selecting?”

Although it was autumn, the sun did not go down yet, it was still high in the sky. Su Yu had to wait in the training field all afternoon and she was unexpectedly enjoying the cool air under the tree shade to chat!

Gu Yun looked up at the sky’s lush foliage but one can still see the glare of sunlight. She replied in a low voice,

“It’s not yet the time.”

“Waiting for the sun to descend the mountain again!”

Gu Yun smiled and boldly replied, “That’s what I am waiting for is for the sun to descend the mountain.”

“You requested the soldiers lined up in formation at noon!” Su Yu was furious, and her body was also not good. He did not approve of her to select soldiers under the sun, but if she wanted to choose in the evening why then request to line them to a formation at noon? Will that exposure in the sun will demonstrate the top form!

Gu Yun looked pensive and rightly replied,

“The tests should continue on. The soldier who cannot bear the sun is not the soldier that I want!”

Su Yu was slightly dazed and glanced at the face of his Eldest Brother and Second Brother. Did they know it had been a test until dark by Qing Mo? Su Yu’s heart under the indifference impulse was depressed. He turned around and left the courtyard.

Su Yu gently shook his head. He was older than the Qing Mo, but compared with her, how it seemed so impetuous. He met two of the three Qing sisters, wondering about their parents in the end, he questioned what kind of character they were to raise such a daughter!

Su Ren was given the responsibility to observe. Gu Yun graciously let him watch. He seemed bored and so she asked, “Su Ren, is Miss Yu back yet?”

Su Ren gathered back his composure saying, “After the celebration performance she went back. The case was closed. She has no reason to stay here.”

“How did she perform?”

Thinking of that day. Yu Han Dan against the wind sets up the appearance above the platform. The way her clothes fluttered about as she was swirling…Su Ren’s mouth unconsciously clicked and said, “Very good.”

Gee, this click of the tongue and the ‘very good’ had more profound meaning leering Su Ren. Gu Yun said with a faint smile,

“It is a pity that day I have not been able to watch it. Pick another day to invite her to General’s Manor, what do you think of it?”

Su Ren was surprised at the moment. Ah, get anyone… If she wanted to invite her why ask him? He faintly felt something was wrong and the matter did not suit him. He got up and found a reason to be excused, “I want to go to the training ground to see if its preparations are done appropriately.”

Su Ling felt funny. This woman was like a rare and beautiful flower. She was so keen on other’s sentiments but insensitive of her own!

Su Ren had just walked out of the courtyard when they heard a screaming voice, loud from afar,

“Big Brother!”

Su Ling got up and looked at Su Ren. His heart had a bad premonition about this. Su Yu, even with his nasty temperament, would not be this rude.

“Big Brother! -“Big Brother! -“Big Brother!”

Su Yu hastily called with a flushed face as he came crashing back to the General’s Manor.

Su Ren stood by the doorway and had the look of shock and anxiety on his face,

“What happened?”

“Yan* ! Yan!” Su Ren looked at Su Ling anxiously, “The old man came!”

( *Yan- meaning uncle from the father’s side)

Su Ling’s face was frozen, “Why is he here?”

Su Yu cried out another tragic news,

“Not only the Eldest Yan but also came Yan Hu …”

“The man is busy why did he come…,” Su Ren exclaimed glancing at invincible Qing Mo .Very well .. this will be a very lively busting.

Three men were standing at the gate with the look of apprehension. Gu Yun’s elbow was at the table and her body was half lying comfortably as she laughed watching the interesting scene,

“May I ask, who is to come that should not come? Who are such important persons that these three Su generals are frightened this way?”

Gu Yun was left behind.

With a low roar, a man as tall as a mountain appeared in the court,

“Brats, running so fast! Wanted to warn every one of my presence!”

Su Ren was caught by a generous large palm that slapped him on the shoulder while Su Yu was shot to the chest and did not dare to cough up. He muffled a simmering cough until his face became red as a liver. And for this person, Su Ren’s tall sturdy posture was instantly dwarfed a lot. No wonder they dare not speak!

Gu Yun sat up straight with her very thin body and looked at the man’s appearance. It was full of beard such as one can barely see his face. A pair of intense tiger-like eyes, thick body, with very loud and sonorous voice. If not for that gray hair she would think that he was only 40 years old.

“Good fun and how it all came together in this manor?”

The voice of one Elder could put a person in a moment of trance, it was captivating. Gu Yun in her mind, as the prestige goes, a plain clothes robes, white-haired old man appeared in the courtyard, the aura of immortal winds, unspeakable elegance, thin, as if a gust of wind can blow him away, the bearded man stood next to the uncle who looked like a strong mountain in sharp contrast , this was something to behold!

Following the white-haired old man – was another person?

Gu Yun was stunned. The man didn’t look too old about, 50-something, but he was covered with extra bulges, he was round like a ball, with a big smile on his face, much like the Maitreya Buddha. Gu Yun was wondering, of this three human, their build was really distinct, she wondered about their characters and in addition to the bearded uncle and two others, they really did not look like the Su families.

“Not happy to see us?” asked Uncle that looked like a Buddha.

For the three Su Generals, his voice did not make them relaxed. Instead, as soon as they heard the gentle mellow voice, their whole body shook.

Su Ling was the first to react. He laughed, “Uncle, you said you have worked hard all the way to the front office, take a break by drinking tea. I already ordered someone to prepare the guest rooms.”

“It is the most sensible!” High as strong as the beard Yan Hu said, starting from beginning to end showing an expression that he was not pleased. “Su Ling, don’t be like someone who gives us these old fool look!”

Su Ling pretended not to see him annoyed and said dismissively, “Head of the clan elders, Chief  Su Qing, Quan Shu and Yan Hu.”

“Hmm…” The white-haired old man smiled and nodded he did not mind Su Ling’s cold tone and dark face.

“Three uncles came from afar, I do not know what is the matter.” Su Yu thought it was especially strange this time because the three of them came together. Normally, two of them together will not even come to simply visit them.

“Why? Will we come for nothing?” Yan Hu roared. Su Yu shrank like a chicken immediately, “Certainly not. I was simply just asking.” For humor’s he wanted to say ‘Yes’  but though he was not afraid of death, his shoulder however still hurts like hell and totally bruised.

Yan Hu  looked at Gu Yun avidly asked in a loud voice,

“Who is this ugly servant girl?”

Ugly girl! Gu Yun gently raised her eyebrows. In her heart, she was only indifferent and not at all angry. If she replied it was like acknowledging she was ugly! Gu Yun did not say anything. Yan Hu was unhappy and walked towards her.

For fear of Qing Mo annoying Yan Hu, Su Ren went quickly to smooth things over,

“She is–“

He only said two words and did not know how to continue. If he said she was the Royal Emperor’s gift, he estimated, Qing Mo will hate him to the end. He couldn’t say she was brother’s woman lest he wanted to die faster!

Yan Hu walked towards Gu Yun. Standing by her side he asked,

“Girl, what’s your name?”

Gu Yun politely stood and replied, “Qing Mo.”

“You are Qing Mo?”

He swept her a look. Her entire body was only half of his chest. She was so thin that she can be broken by a simple touch. Yan Hu’s obvious surprise ran across his eyes. Gu Yun did not know why he had that look after hearing her name. The next second, however, the generous hands grabbed her shoulder to examine her.

Gu Yun, quickly stepped back and swerved to avoid his hand. His palm strength was not light. In the past, she could accept that like nothing but now she had an injury and has managed to heal the wounds. To be patted by him, the wound will open once again! Zhou Qing already desperately did the utmost to save her!

While Yan Hu’s hands tried to grab the petite body a second time, suddenly a shadow so fast moved across from the side. Su Ling’s tall figure crossed in front of the petite figure blocking that palm happened to fall on his shoulders.

Su Ling forcefully carried the heavy palm. Yan Hu thoughtfully recovered the hand back. Su Ling quickly turned to check on Gu Yun and saw the hand clutching over her chest. His brows knitted together and his face paled. Su Ling’s heart burst forth and anxiously asked,

“Mo Er,** how are you? Did your chest hurt?”

(Mo Er ** Er after a name is a call of endearment meaning child or like “babe”)

Mo Er? Gu Yun’s burning chest pained terribly. What Su Ling just called her— ‘Mo Er’? . She wanted to shout a damning curse word and thought that the way he was calling her was to hide her from the old man who by that time already withdrew his hand. She estimated to have pulled into the wound causing the pain. No one in this Su family was gentle. Their moves at every turn, though elderly or young, were all very boisterous!

Seeing her disorderly breaths and not giving him a reply, Su Ling anxiously growled,

“Su Ren, quick send for a physician!”

Su Ren nodded and was about to go out when Gu Yun suddenly yelled,

“This is nothing serious!”

She took a deep breath and stood up straight. The wave of pain had begun to disperse. She waved her hand and insisted, “I’m alright!” If a physician were to come he won’t be doing anything but say that this injury was nothing to be serious about.

“Really nothing?”

Su Ling was not assured. In order to ease his mind, Gu Yun raised a faint smile. A smile like a soft gentle night breeze which will inexplicably make a heart tremble. She didn’t have to smile like that … Su Ling thought crazily in his mind.

Yan Hu saw the exchange and couldn’t bare with the stupid type. Su Ling was looking like ‘a silly soul’ looking at her. Fearing that other people cannot hear him, he casually said,

“Where did you find this sick dispirited ugly woman? Su Ling, your judgment is getting too bad!”

He did not hit her but she displayed that faintly appearance and on the table also had a medicine bowl. Obviously, this girl’s young body was weak.

For Yan Hu’s evaluation, Gu Yun had no comment. However, Su Ling apparently did care about the matter (being a weak ugly girl). He held onto Gu Yun’s cold hands. Her dark eyes filled with chill and somewhat little uneasy, but she didn’t say anything. These people were Su elders and Su Ling would take hold of their sense of concern and act with some discretion.

Gu Yun sat down on a stone stool. Su Ling did not look at the elder. The stool already adequately represented the tone of what he meant,

“You come to live here, but don’t trouble her please…”

The other two elderly Su gave Qing Mo a glance but their looks fell again on Su Ling who was now beside the woman caring for her. She was able to escape Yan Hu’s examination but still obviously by no means was a weak person. Su Ling can’t be with that kind of women! This is just too bad. They fear Su Ling’s affections for her have already rooted deeply.

Today, everyone was caught in a surprise, Yan Quan Shu  was annoyed and scolded him,

“He is your elder, dare you to talk back to Yan Hu  “

Su Ling ignored him, facing Gu Yun he whispered, “Go lie down for a while?”

Gu Yun looked up at the sky, the setting sun falls gradually and it began to darken. She shook her head and replied,

“It is nothing. I’m pretty good. It’s about time to go to the training ground.”

Su Ling said nothing. He held her hand and squeezed it tightly. Gu Yun quickly said,

“Only on the high platform, I promise!”

Against Su Ling, she was more and more experienced. He’s like a proud lion with a smooth mane and one had to be able to talk him into things smoothly.

Sure enough, Su Ling did not look so good, but still left the group of people and helped her out of the courtyard. He intended to ignore them! Yan Shu leisurely pedaled behind  the two high backs still standing stiffly straight and asked,

“Where are they going?”

“Uhh…!” Su Yu hesitated. Was he going to say they are going to select soldiers?

One’s shoulder suddenly felt heavy. Uncle’s smiling face was very close,

“Yu, you are the best, there are interesting things happening and you did not tell us?” The voice’s gentle sound was giving Su Yu goosebumps.


Su Yu immediately decided he might as well don’t tell them or don’t know what trouble they might do.

“Huh?” All eyes narrowed into slits and their faces displayed unbelief..

Su Yu smiled and continued to play to fool them, “It’s just training and that sort of thing. You also know that training is very normal in the General’s Office.”

Su Yu looked to Su Ren and with a smile, “…and what do you have to say?”

Su Ren readily said, “Nothing!”

These three bastards. They were conniving together alright, try deceiving them! Su Yan was angry, Su Ren suddenly remembered something and said,

“Hmm.. Yes, Bing Lian has selected a hostess.”

Yan Hu glared with his eyes, “Of course we certainly knew. What do you think of us, old bones? We came here to make that happen!” Really? When did they idle and come all the way here with no purpose!

With a stiff smile on his face, Su Ren said, “That small girl is Bing Lian’s choice”

Su Yu just shrugged.

“No way. It is Impossible!” Yan Shu Quan with a shocked look. Bing Lian chose a very inferior one this time! This time Bing Lian simply selected a weak but beautiful woman! Although Su Ling’s mother was not a martial arts expert, at least her body was healthy. If this tiny woman had become Su Ling’s wife, bearing him a child would be difficult!

“Something is not right. The race emblem** recent frequent changes showed that Bing Lian has not been this excited after a hundred of years. The Qing Mo girl was not likely to control her appearance but there must be something hidden.” Su Qing looked up, shook his head gently and scanned around with radiating eyes trying to read someone’s eyes, wanting to see some clues from that face but no matter what Su Ren was just smiling back at him.

**(i,e Bagua–eight trigram disk which is also the clan’s Coat of Arms)

They have come this time entirely because of Bing Lian. It has always guarded the Su mistress but only guarding. This time it was different, it seemed to be excited that they can’t help but come to find out. They heard Emperor Ling sent a woman called Qing Mo to the General. At first, they thought it would be her; but after seeing her thin physique, he did not believed she could stimulate and control the power of Bing Lian around.

Yan Shu Quan picked up Su Ren by the collar and crooned him to tell him the truth,

“Ren, you are not telling me that body like a child is worthy of Bing Lian?” Isn’t her body cold enough as she was?!

Su Ren smiled and opened Yan Shu’s hands and said, “The three uncles, come along with me, wait a little while and see if she is unworthy then you’ll find it yourself.” He remembered the battle formation on the training field and the touch of a weird smile appeared on his lips.

“What does that mean?” The three men looked at each other blankly.

Yan Shu chased behind the other elders who rushed to the practice field only to see the huge open space and several thousands of soldiers densely standing there. The entire field was in complete silence and somewhat frighteningly peaceful. The sun had already descended the mountain and the ground had no torch so the expressions on the soldiers’ faces on the field were not clear. Even so, thousands of men have an aura of elite indifference and pushed hard to breathe. What was even more peculiar was that one can faintly feel some resentment and wrath.

Those small eyes were squinted, narrowed and then squinted again before finally seeing the tall dark figure of Su Ling standing on the platform. The elders were looking at Su Ren on the side smiling and asked, “Ling is going to train? You young brat, why did you call us for?” They were not very interested in training.

Su Ren was silent. Yan Shu spotted Su Ling. But also on the platform wiping about was a touch of a petite shadow. His face immediately turned black. When did the Su General Office start training woman?!

“Su Ling-what the hell, spoiled a woman but it should not be spoiled to this point! No wonder why men have resentment in their hearts!”

“Hmm, Yan Hu, since we are at the topic to talk about it, it best not to call her woman as in woman- woman to her face, or –”

Su Yu coughed two times and did not go on. Now, he gets goosebumps as soon as he hears the word woman. That one time when he shouted to her like what uncle was doing now he was truncated on the face. The appearance of a weak child was gone!

Su Yan Hu without hesitation replied, “or She will get me?”

To avoid further misery, Su Yu and Su Ren thought it would be more clever to say nothing anymore.

There was an inexplicable bewildered look on Han Shu’s face all afternoon. His irritation level was not small for the consequences of facing an opposite mind. His emotions were getting low so he exclaimed to Gu Yun, “In the end what do you want to do? It is already dark.”

Gu Yun lightly laughed, “Ah, chant fire.”

Han Shu did not understand what she was thinking and was beyond being annoyed but still carried out the order and shouted,


Han Shu pointed the torch and the training field immediately lighted up. Lighting the training field also lighted up the faces of three thousand men full of steely resolved looks.

Gu Yun raised her eyebrow gently as she observed the good physiques that had been exposed to the sun all afternoon. She noted the men were still quite energetic as their posture was still upright and unstoppable. There was no trace of them losing their breath yet. She understood, for those three thousand men, Han Shu, also took some pains. No wonder he was so distressed with them.

Gu Yun slowly got up but her wrist was tightly held by someone. Su Ling’s dark black eyes were coldly watching her. Gu Yun sighed, this man really is difficult! Reluctantly curling her lips. Gu Yun explained,

“I will just tell them the rules and be rest assured. I can’t do that on the high platform.” She was not crazy because she also cherishes this little life.

Su Ling eventually loosened her hand but in his heart, he started to regret. Thinking back to that time, how could he propose to let her train? Looking at her incomparably earnest appearance, she looked like she was taking this very seriously. Su Ling, therefore, had no choice but to follow her.

Gu Yun went to the front of the high platform. Her sparkling jade-like eyes slowly swept onto the training field. She saw faces casting chills and resolute looks. They have been working off their anger for a long time on this sandy training field. Even if they didn’t do anything, their looks could frighten you; but Gu Yun’s lips had no appearance of frivolousness or recklessness. Instead, there was a feeling of excitement. Six months ago, they were a group of coward youngsters. Now, she was really looking forward to their performance.

High on the stage in his blue suit with his long hair tied high on his head, was Su Yu. He was also standing before the group of iron face men full of calmness.

Yan Shu pointed to Gu Yun and asked, “What is she doin’?”

Yan Shu was secretly observing alongside Su Qing. He slowly stroked his long beard as they looked at Gu Yun full of inquiry. Su Ren snickered but did not answer Yan Shu’s question.

“Three uncles sit down on the high platform and watch it slowly.”

Su Qing nodded in interest and cheerfully smiled but Su Yan Hu’s face was upset.

Su Yu brought the two men in high-profile standing on the side to sit down on the platform. Su Ling turned around and saw their presence then gave them a meaningful glance. The three pairs of complaining eyes zoned onto Su Ren, who was avoiding their gazes and looking around like following a flying bird pretending not to see. Behind them was Gu Yun watching the eye “battle’ and thinking to herself, of all places, why have their eye competition here.


Character Index for Elders:

Su Qing   –    the chief, thin man with white hair and very long beard

Su Yan Hu – bearded burly uncle, like a mountain like  stature

Su Quan Shu – the chubby uncle that looked like Maitreya Buddha

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    • There is a link for 3 MTL’S at the about page. You might want to consider checking it and use the ebook.. For me I just want to finish the book for my leisure and sharing it. If you could point to me which part I could revisit and researched it again. As for editor, my sister who used too be a reporter isn’t willing to do it for me for free. I can send you the raw copy if you would like to volunteer editing if not it is a Wysiwyg.


  10. Plz Plz Plz Plzzzzz!!!! help translate A Mistaken Marriage Match: Record of Washed Grievances!! it’s only like 3 chapters left and its killing me that there is only that much and it was dropped. T.T so sad

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  11. Su Ren and Ye Mei? Why, I’m all for it! Su Ren should be with a cool lady, not that two-faced woman from before!

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  12. Wow! Awesome translation for a person who don’t speak or read Mandarin! It’s mind boggling coz you have done an amazing job!

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