A Mistaken Marriage Match2:Generation of Military Counselors Chapter 29 Part1

A Mistaken Marriage Match 2: Generation of Military Counselors

 Chapter 29    The  Elite  Force

Not explaining why they were exposed under the sun for the whole afternoon, no words to pacify their torment, not a hint of feeling apologetic about it, Gu Yun lightly raised her hand pointing at the strange things at the side of the training field said, “Later, divide yourselves into groups of fifty. In front of you there’ s a deep pit, thorny net, single-log bridge, and high obstacle wall. You must jump into the deep pit, come out then pass through under the thorny net, crawl forward, cross the single-log bridge. Those who fall off the bridge have to go back to the beginning. As for the high wall, I  don’t need to say much,  just climb over and behind the high wall are ten bows and ten arrows. Your target is not the bull’s eye but a feather hanging in front of it. Those who can shoot the feather will be able to stay.” A clear refreshing and resounding voice was heard clearly by everyone. They had been looking at those things because the whole afternoon, they have not done anything extraordinary. The soldiers were expressionless, however, on the high platform were few curious elderly men.

The military drill ground was two to three hundred feet* long, at the most front a pit was excavated more than ten feet deep. After the pit, using thistles as a net, it was pulled open just one-foot** from the ground. Underneath the net was a quagmire that one had to creep and crawl, coming out from it would definitely get a nasty appearance afterward. After the net, ahead were ten trunks with the circumference of only the mouth of a bowl lying horizontally across on the ground. At the end of the trunks was a wall twenty feet high or even more standing upright.

(*) – Ten feet are equal to 3.3 meters

(**) – One foot is equal to one-third of a meter

This girl made so many strange things, what use does it have? Suddenly, the three people found the training exercise funny and very interesting. Now, they were watching it avidly.

The Su military soldiers’ were not without martial arts skills so there was no need to even mention of the elite’s martial arts skills, the soldiers all looked very calm. Gu Yun slightly smiled and said, “I know you are the elite of the elites and I have no doubt that you can pass these obstacles but you have to remember there are only ten arrows.”

The audience understood what she meant. Only the fastest ten people in each group of fifty were eligible to shoot, therefore the rest would be eliminated.

Confirming they knew what she meant by their looks. Gu Yun said to Han Shu beside her, “Let’s begin.”

“Rank and file!” Han Shu loudly commanded, the soldiers immediately very orderly arranged every fifty people in one horizontal line formations. The three thousand men lined up very fast and neatly in sixty rows. Gu Yun was secretly amazed, General Su’s troop’s deployment drill was awesome. On a battlefield of large-scale against the enemy, their formation was so precise and quick, making it difficult for the enemies to find a weak point to attack!

Gu Yun was still admiring when the troops had already gone to the starting point of the obstacles. “Begin.” With Han Shu’s command, the first row of soldiers like an arrow shot forward. Everyone understood that if they could not reach the first ten, it meant they had failed.

Fifty people, almost at the same time, jumped into the deep pit. However, when coming out there was an obvious difference in before and after. In the three-meter-long, three meters wide and three-meter deep pit all at once jumped in fifty people. Each man was almost pasted against each other, there was no space for them to run-up. It was basically jumping on the spot, coming out was really not easy. Sure enough, this pit had already pulled apart, making the mouth wider by their pulling and tussling. 

Crawling under the thorns on the mud was not difficult for them. It would only covered them all over with mud and caused a hindrance when climbing the high-end. After running across the single-log bridge, the estimated six meters high wall stopped many men but those with qinggong(1) still flipped over.

(1) qinggong- Martial arts skill which has the ability to move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speed or perform gravity-defying moves.

When all the ten arrows have been claimed by their owners, Su Ren’s Deputy General, Yu Shi Jun, who stood by the wall shouts, “Men behind withdraw!”

All those who were not able to quickly climb the wall naturally were defeated but that did not mean the men lucky enough to get the arrows could pass easily.

The target was two hundred feet away and the white feathers were being blown by the night wind swinging back and forth. The night was only lighted by the fire torches and in the midst of the swinging blaze, there were some who could not even see the floating feathers clearly, let alone shoot it! Gu Yun did not give them time to aim but as soon as the arrow was picked up, it must be shot in less than half a quarter of an hour. Running in front of the rest, the owners of the arrows were already breathless and the swinging of the floating feathers was even more difficult, it is a test of one’s eyesight!

The first round’s result, “In all, no one passed .” Yu Shi Jun glanced at the feather which fluttered in front of the archery target and in his heart, he secretly criticized Gu Yun’s craftiness. Under such a test, how many people could complete the task! In the first round, everyone was annihilated. Moments ago the soldiers were still full of confidence but were finally starting to feel anxious.


The second row of men rushed out. The first man to climb out from the pit seemed familiar, Gu Yun squinted slightly, that was – Lou Yan! In the rain forest, he made a deep impression on her. Seeing that his bones were well-balanced and the force of his muscles was explosive, to get over the high wall was not a problem. It’s just that did not know whether he would be able to shoot the floating feather.

Luo Yan passed through the obstacles all the way with nimble and agile movements, the execution was all neat as Gu Yun expected. He was the first to get the long arrow. Luo Yan took only one look at the distant feather and pulled the bow-string without a hint of hesitation. He released the arrow and the pure white feather was nailed onto the archery target!

Good archery! Good eyesight! Gu Yun was secretly delighted, this guy was a molded talent!

This group performed very well.  There were four men who were able to shot the feathers.

The next few groups were all not bad, Leng Xiao and Ge Jing Yun were also separately selected. It’s just that among the recruits that Gu Yun trained before, it was only the two of them who were selected. Seeing that the race was already halfway through but most of the selected men were basically from Crouching Tiger Camp. Liu Xing sighed in a low moan, “Oh no! The Crouching Tiger Camp is too fierce and we among the batch of new recruits had few opportunities to practice archery.”

The same batch of young recruit secretly sighed with him, “Yeah and not everyone is like Leng Xiao or Ge Jing Yun!”

“No.” Liu Xing muffled in a low groan, “Boss was originally the one training us and after selection, there are unexpectedly only a few of our own people, what a shame! We cannot let the Crouching Tiger Battalion look down upon us!” They had fought so hard to break into these three thousand soldiers selection, they were really not resigned to just lose like that!

“That’s right!” In their row, there were three or four recruits who had spent time at the hands of Gu Yun. They were also not resigned to it but had no strategy left to try on (idiom), “What do we do now, we are really not as strong as them!”

Liu Xing’s eyes glinted with a touch of cunning, lowly laughed twice. Taking advantage that the front was still in the competition, he bowed his head to the few people around him and whispered a few words in their ears. After the recruits around him had heard, they looked at each other for a while before finally pointing at Liu Xing and said, “Okay! Let’s do it! You go!”

Liu Xing pause for a moment then immediately used strength to nod his head hard! Soon it was their group’s turn.

“Begin.” Han Shu gave the command and fifty people like a swarm of bees rushed into the deep pit.

Yet like a miracle, a young figure was falling in and almost at the same time immediately jumped out from the pit. It’s like his body was flying as light as a swallow.

After him, again another man also effortlessly got out of the pit, everybody was dumbfounded. Looked inside the pit only to find two people had used their body for support, allowing them to be stepped on so they could leap out easy. Those soldiers who previously had already lost in the pit were angered, “How could they do this?”

The soldiers’ hearts were displeased but Gu Yun who was on a high platform just lightly raised her eyebrow and smiled as she saw it all. Su Ling all along just watched with his cold eyes. Both masters did not say stop so naturally, the competition continues.

Although Liu Xing and the other two young recruits had a good start against the competitor, the Crouching Tiger Battalion’s skill was after all still higher than them. Upon reaching the high wall, four or five people already flipped over. Liu Xing and the two young recruits tried but they could only jump up to half of the wall.

Seeing another two-person also jumped over. The two young recruits glanced at each other, clenched their teeth and one of them firmed his ma bu(martial arts – horse stance) and the other person stepped on his shoulder, simultaneously facing Liu Xing, they cried out, “Liu Xing, step on!” “Mmm.” Tightened his fist, Liu Xing borrowed the two human shoulders and finally made it onto the high wall. He jumped down from the high place, joyfully rushed over and held the last long arrow. At the same time, Yu Shi Jun said to the people behind, “Withdraw.”

Many men glared at Liu Xing feeling aggrieved. A burly soldier following closely behind him had also flipped over the wall but did not get the arrow. He was unable to stand it and growled, “They cheated. That’s unfair!”

Someone had initiated, those already standing below the high platform who could not climb over began to clamor, “Right! It is unfair!” The scene instantaneously appeared somewhat chaotic, Yu Shi Jun awkwardly looked at Gu Yun. In his mind, Liu Xing truly acted with trickery. Gu Yun did not pay any attention to their clamoring but with a clear and resonant voice said, “Archery.” She gave out the order, the few people holding the arrows dare not hesitate and continued to shoot.

Long arrows were all shot on the archery target but nailed with feathers there’s only three. One of them was shot by Liu Xing.

It was a foregone conclusion. Everyone thought Gu Yun would not bother with that aggrieved burly person but apparently not. Gu Yun suddenly looked at him and calmly asked, “Where is it unfair?”

The burly man believed that he was not wrong, firmly looked back at Gu Yun loudly said, “They all rushed to help one person, of course, he can pass the obstacles but he was not relying on his own ability to pass and to a person with a stronger ability this is not fair!”

Those men who equally lagged behind nodded to express their dissatisfaction.

Gu Yun was not angry and said indifferently, “Just now I had said very clearly, as long as the men got through these obstacles, the fastest ten will be qualified for the archery. Have I ever said that you can’t do it as a team? Why didn’t you ask your team, to work together? They did not choose others but the teammates have volunteered willingly to be his stepping stone.”

The burly man looked at Liu Xing who nailed the feather with one shot and then looked at the several young recruits standing by the wall who did not jump over the wall but was full of smiles on their faces. The burly man was silent and did not answer Gu Yun’s question, his expression also slowly calmed down.

He did not speak but Gu Yun did not intend to give up this opportunity to let them understand what team collaboration was. She pointed at the fluttering feather that was still embedded in the arrow tip and explained, “Understand this, because the last obstacle is a competition of strength of vision, competes in precision and competition instability. They selected the ten in the team with higher probability out of the fifty. After they had identified the ones that had a higher chance to win then they helped to make it happen! I want men that have brain besides courage, one that can comprehend, to see truly what to accept or reject and not just some boorish fellow!”

A bright clear voice echoes on the wide large drilling ground, every word was very clear, not because of how loud Gu Yun shouted but because nobody dared to retort.

The people clamoring for unfairness quietly bowed their heads and became silent. Su Ling could not help but smiled. These husky fellows were with him for many years and had left so many opponents trembled in fear but today in front of her, they were left speechless.

Gu Yun did not even look at them again and to Han Shu instructed, “Continue.”

Han Shu regained his composure, and immediately shouted, “Begin.” Another row rushed into the deep pit. The test was carried out in an orderly manner, sixty groups had spent two shichen (one shichen=two hours) to finally finished.

Looking at the remaining reduced pitifully few hundreds of people, Han Shu gave a long sigh then walked to the front of Gu Yun and lowly said, “Finished, only three hundred twenty men got through.”

Gu Yun nodded lightly as if she did not seem to feel that the remaining people were too few. She smiled and said, “Others dismiss. Those that had stayed, assemble. I have something to say.”

“Yes.” Han Shu accepted the order and went away. This whole night, Su Ling has not even said a word. It was all that little girl at the helm commanding and directing everything. The striking majestic Vanguard and Deputy General were also driven by her. Although Su Yan saw her performance tonight and had developed some favorable impression of her his heart was still not really satisfied, “When did the General Manor change ownership?”

Compared with his irritability, Su Qing generously praised, “This girl is interesting. Can’t say for sure, she might even really be the one we are looking for.”

“I don’t think so, her skill is only with her lips and what’s the use?” Her body was so weak. What was the use of being wise?

“I actually thought this little girl is not bad, better than a brute force. Compared to one that only has the strength and built but does not have a brain, so much harder to bring about great talent.” After Su Quan spoke, his expression was as if one man he was looking at was a resemblance to his description. Su Yan glared and ferociously roared, “I say Lao San (seniority among siblings – San means third), you are saying who has that brute force but does not have the brain!”

Su Quan just laughed off without answering. Su Yan was choked with resentment but he could not vent his rage if he did that it would mean that he was a person of ‘brute force without a brain’.

Gu Yun had a head full of black lines (kind of feels like OMG!). These men were not aware of how loud they were, already middle-aged still fighting like little children. She caught a glimpse of Su Ling only to find him with a calm face smiling at her and looked like he was very accustomed to it. Gu Yun immediately decided to completely ignore these three old men at once, or else she did not know if she could still help and not do something to them.

She turned to the three hundred twenty men that had completely lined up. Gu Yun showed a glorious bright smile and said, “Congratulations, you had just got through the small screening test. Tonight’s actual selection can begin.”

What? What?

That was just a little test!

The soldiers gave a stunning look at Gu Yun and at this moment, for those knowing that smile on her face would make men have an absolutely terrifying feeling. Some men remembered the lifetime’s unforgettable five miles frog jumps and some men’s memory went back in the jungle with those large and plump worms. Even more, some men were unable to make head or tail of the announcement, they were still unaware of what was between life and death.

All eyes were staring eyes at her, she saw many of them had that familiar frightened eyes. Gu Yun was in a particularly good mood and the words that came out were unusually relaxed and lively, “Everyone doesn’t need to panic, tonight’s test is extremely simple.” It was okay that she did not say but once the words ‘extremely simple’ came out, the men that had once worked with her who got betrayed and suffered torment, they all started to have cold sweats dripped down their foreheads. The more relaxed and simple she has said, it would generally be more miserable than death.

“Han Shu.” Gu Yun slightly waved a hand signal towards him. Han Shu was standing close by. He lifts to show what was under a huge piece of black linen.  Beneath the linen was a pile, like a small hill. It is a hill of sandbags.

“Everyone take ten sandbags, tie four on the legs and six around your  waist.” Han Shu shouted so loud that even people in the open areas on the drilling ground could hear it clearly.

More than three hundred soldiers kept the doubt in their hearts and quickly trotted towards the small hill. Tied the sandbags on their bodies and done it orderly without delay. Han Shu saw only less than thirty sandbags left on the ground. In his heart, he had unstated criticism hidden. It was no wonder the test before was so tricky as it turned out from the very beginning she did not intend to let many people pass through.

After waiting for them to line up, Gu Yun then said, “Ten miles away from the camp on the top of Jade Spring Mountain, there is a soldier holding red ribbons. You have to run there and take a ribbon back. There is no time limit but the last ten people who come back are considered volunteers to return back to camp.”

Based on previous experiences, Gu Yun would not set such a simple task. The soldiers were motionless just waiting for her to say more but after a while, there were no further instructions, finally, they only to wait for Gu Yun to elegantly raised her hand. She gave the cue, “Set off.”

Just like this? The soldiers had doubts in their hearts. They had been practicing for long-time, tying up the sandbags to run twenty miles was obviously not a severe training. However, she spent that big vigor preparing sandbags just to eliminate ten individuals? How the others think of her they have no idea, but for Leng Xiao, Ge Jing Yun and Liu Xing even in death they would not believe she would be so good. They knew that they were damned if they just listened to Gu Yun and believed the expectation is just as she spoke.

But even if not believing wholeheartedly, the rest of the soldiers had already accepted the order and started out towards the Jade Spring Mountain. The three men could only do their best to push forward. Soon, the huge drilling ground was left only with the soldiers carrying the fire torch and the few people on the high platform.

The cool autumn night air was blowing stronger especially in the empty drilling ground, the wind was more aggressive. Gu Yun was standing on the platform, her clothing was swaying and her slender body looked as if it could be blown away at any time. Su Ling got up and walked in front of her to block the oncoming night wind. Normally, he did not know how to take care of women and even more so did not know how to show a good will to a woman. It should have been a warm and tender scene but Su Ling’s words poisoned the atmosphere, “How long do you still have to torment yourself around?”

Fortunately, Gu Yun never paid attention to this kind of matter. She replied honestly, “Not so yet.” Feeling the night wind, she looked at the three old men on the side and kindly said, “Several elders, if you are tired, please go back and rest.”

Unfortunately, the old men did not appreciate it. Su Yan in a rude voice and tone replied, “Little girl just mind yourself. We are not tired!”

She has self-invited a scorn, Gu Yun shrugged her shoulders. She sat down on the chair, shut her eyes to rest and did not speak again. Su Ling’s expression was not very good but did not urge her further. On the high platform, a few people sat in a daze for what they have witnessed. She dared not follow Su Ling! Su Yan suddenly got up, raised Su Ren by the collar and pulled him to the back of the high platform in a corner. Su Ren did not struggle and quietly let himself be pulled, with a wry smile, “Uncle Yan, what do you want to do?”

He released the hold on Su Ren’s collar and lowered his voice, “You go and bring Bing Lian here.”

Su Ren’s eyes swept past a touch of radiance in his eyes  but his mouth pretended to ask blankly, “What for?”

“I told you to go, just go!”

Su Ren took a step back and embarrassingly smiled, “How can I hold it!” Bing Lian was extremely cold and not everyone could touch it.

“Stinky brat, stop acting pitifully with me, use the wooden box put in properly and bring here!” Su Yan impatiently lowly scolded, “Quickly, go!”

“OK, I’ll go.” He turned around and the helpless expression from just ago was swept away. At the corners of Su Ren’s lips emerged a sly smile that was unusually dazzling justifying his actions, “Elder brother, I am just trying to help you.”

Su Yan was very self-pleased. He was just about to walk back when suddenly from behind him a low laughing voice said, “Where did you send him?”

With that voice, Su Yan knew who was behind him and did not conceal his plan. Su Yan generously answered, “I want to test that girl to see if she is Bing Lian’s selected hostess.”

Even if Su Quan did not smile, he still had that celebratory face that was full of doubts, “Why are you so impatient?”

“You also saw it, Ling accommodated her in every possible way and extremely liked her! I am just afraid that Bing Lian choosing her as the owner was a news deliberately put out by Ling. The reason we came here was to confirm who is Ling’s fated person! The more we drag, the more troublesome it will be!” Su family’s men mostly were one-track minded and once they had made sure it was that woman, they would not change their mind. If this little girl was not destined to be the fate of Su Ling then they could do some planning as soon as possible!

Su Quan turned his head to looked at Su Ling on the high platform who had been indulging Qing Mo for the whole night. He nodded with a sigh and had practically agreed with Su Yan’s method. For thousands of years, Bing Lian had not chosen a wrong person and this time also, it must not be wrong!

Sitting down on the same high platform, two persons’ eyes unconsciously looked at Gu Yun. Gu Yun sensed that she was in their line of sight but did not open her eyes. She faintly sensed that the reason the three Su family’s elders came was that of her. But she was just but a ‘foreign land gift’ so why were they so bothered and troubled over her. She was suspicious but decided to hold back one’s troops without moving(idiom), quietly observe and act accordingly.  

Before long, a neat sound of footsteps was heard coming from far and near. Gu Yun opened her eyes and saw more than three hundred men with great strength running back. They almost arrived at the same time.

After a run of ten miles weight-distance, most people were only sweating like rain and hurried to breathe but did not look tired. The overall quality was not bad. Gu Yun was secretly satisfied and walked up to the front of the high platform with a clear resonant voice, “Rank and file.”

The troops were not very scattered in the first place so they lined up very quickly and the last ten people removed their sandbags and were pulled out of the next race.

Gu Yun did not waste time to say more, pointing at the muddy pit in front and said, “In order, jump into the mud pit below and come out.”

Jump into the mud pit? What is this test? Gloomy was certain but the soldier’s duty was to obey orders. No matter what dissatisfaction they had in their hearts, they must jump. So without hesitation, a group of big, tall men one after another jumped into the mud.

They had just worked out in a sweat and all of a sudden dived into the cold mud. This will instantaneously shrink the pores of their skin and a lot of people shivered. All the sandbags were mud-soaked and their weight was two times heavier than before. After soaking in the mud, every time the night wind blew, their body would tremble. Not to say the mud was still pasted on the body, that sticky feeling made one uncomfortable.

Waited for this group of elite in a sorry figure to line up and stand properly again, Gu Yun’s clear voice unemotionally commanded, “Your next task is still to get the red ribbon back but the difference is, this time twenty people will be eliminated. Set off.”

Still running?! One can already hear a low grumble in the crowd but Su Ling standing behind her was supportive of her decisions. Even if their fists were clenched until it is broken, they would not dare disobey! With their hearts full of displeasure and grievance, the speed of this group of men walked unusually fast.

Gu Yun chuckled, it was only the second round and they were already like that. There were still more to suffer behind them! This side had just gone away and another side, Su Ren also came back to the high platform holding a wooden box. He was almost throwing it down on the seat that he had sat just now and said, “Uncle Yan, that stuff is here. Awful! It’s too cold! “He was rubbing his red frozen hands and withdrew behind the back of Su Yan. Later, he estimated that his elder brother would be angry.

Su Yan opened the wooden box and an extremely cold air instantaneously overflowed. The silver-white sword blade was blooming and shining smoothly under the moon. Su Yan with a rarely seen good face said with a smile to Gu Yun, “Little girl, pick up the sword.”

Gu Yun stood still and replied indifferently, “Why?” What are they doing bringing Bing Lian here? Gu Yun looked to her side towards Su Ling but he unexpectedly did not look back at her.

Su Yan frowned and impatiently said, “You were just asked  to pick it up then you just pick it up, why to talk so much!”

For no reason they asked her to pick up Bing Lian, it was strange. Su Ling’s expression after seeing the sword became weird. All this did not help Gu Yun but to be more suspicious. She was still thinking about how she should act when Su Ling’s tall figure blocked in front of her. Just from listening to his icy-cold voice, one would know his expression was absolutely fascinating, “I had already said, do not find trouble with her again. Uncle Yan thought I was joking?”

Ling’s expression obviously had a guilty conscience, it was visible that his guess just now was right! Su Yan asked back, “When did I find her trouble? It was merely to just let her pick up a sword, what are you nervous about?”

Su Ling was suddenly speechless and turned to Su Ren, “Ren, send Bing Lian back to Yi Tian Yuan.”

Su Ren immediately shook his head, “One person has another command, who should I listen to! You find someone else to send it, I don’t want to touch it again.”

Su Ren’s voice had just ended, Su Yu at once exclaimed, “Don’t look at me, I also cannot!” Even if there was millennium wood blocking Bing Lian’s part of the chill, it was still cold to death. It was not that he had not suffered losses before from taking it!

Seeing the atmosphere was becoming awkward, Su Qing stroked his long beard and harmoniously smiled, “Little girl, do you think the sword is beautiful?”

Gu Yun walked next to the wooden box, took a quick look at Bing Lian and its beautiful body, she replied with a smile, “It is very beautiful.”

“You pick it up and it is yours.”

It was already mine! Gu Yun’s lips were all along lightly raised but unfortunately, it did not really look like a smile. Her cold voice with a touch of provocation replied, “Threatening, does not work and changed to promise of gain, what a pity it was not attractive to me. You might as well say the truth, perhaps I will consider to pick it up.” Bing Lian was so peculiar, there must be a story behind it. She even time traveled, had experienced and came across the inexplicable things. No matter how bizarre the hidden secrets behind Bing Lian, she will accept it.

“Being a girl why do you have so many suspicions! I called you to take it, also will do no harm to you!” Although Bing Lian was chilly but touching just a bit would not injure her. Ling’s face was all tensed and this little girl was evasive. Su Yan again affirmed to himself that she was not Bing Lian’s selected hostess.

Gu Yun lightly raised her hand and slowly stretched to Bing Lian. Three people were holding their breaths, waiting to see her pick up Bing Lian. Gu Yun’s hands were almost touching Bing Lian when she suddenly stopped, “Say or don’t say is up to you, take or don’t take is up to me!” At the same time as she talks Gu Yun’s slender finger’s direction turned, held down the wooden cover then snapped and closed the wooden box.

“Rotten girl!” She hanged their hearts in the air and still did not give them a straight answer, this girl’s temperament was outrageous! Su Yan was so annoyed that he almost wanted to go forward and break her neck.

Su Ling’s heart was also feeling distressed, she was already angry. If she knew that the old men had done so much to verify if she was indeed fit to be the Su family’s eldest daughter-in-law, she would definitely be very furious.

“Su Ren, take Bing Lian away!” Su Ling said with gnashing teeth. Su Ren heard it with tingling scalp. Was this not to just verify that Qing Mo would be the Su family’s eldest daughter-in-law? Why was it so troublesome! His hands were numb with cold but he could not say no! Su Ren unwillingly walked to the side of the wooden box and was just about to pick up the wooden box when suddenly the whole wooden box fiercely shook. Almost at the same time from the woods around the drilling ground, several chilly silver lights shot directly towards Gu Yun.

“Watch out!” Su Ling was the first to discover the strange happening. He hugged Gu Yun’s waist, lifted up and leaped backward. They only heard three dull sound:



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