A Mistaken Marriage Match2: Generation of Military Counselors Chapter 30 The Mystery of the Ancient Swords

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 2: Generation of Military Counselors

Chapter 30    The Mysteries of Ling Li Sword 

Loud curses and wild screams resonated continuously from the training field. And waves of laughter were occasionally heard in between those miserable cries. However, the laughter was interrupted by a low voice calling.

“Elder brother.”

When Su Ling and Gu Yun turned around, they were met with a solemn expression from Su Ren standing in the distance.

Loosening the hand gripping, Gu Yun and Su Ling came closer to ask, “What’s the matter?”

Without much change in his facial expression, he replied, “For whatever reason, we have not sent them yet. We are still waiting for you to take a look.”

Su Ren quickly glimpsed past Gu Yun and sent a quick eye signal towards Su Ling. Both brothers were looking towards her. Su Ling said to Gu Yun, “They have been tormented by you miserably all day long. Formal training will start tomorrow, so you had better go and take a rest now.”

Gu Yun laughed, “I got it, so leave this to me. Just go deal with the issue at hand.” Su Ren rarely displayed distress, but this time had a serious look. It seemed like the military had some urgent matter. Su Ling nodded and no longer dilly-dallied. He turned around and walked out of the training field. Just barely passed the gate, Su Ling immediately asked, “What’s the matter?”

“The men in black from last night are people from Ju Ling Island (Spirit Island). The goal of their raid was to get a hold of Qing Mo as a bargaining chip, and threaten us to release Ao Jie.”

Su Ling with an icy voice replied, “Not happening.”

Ao Jie killed inhumanely; not shredding him into pieces was merciful enough. Su Ren’s face was very solemn. If only the matter was not serious his face would not be so. Su Ling stopped and asked, “What could be worse?”

Su Ren in a low voice explained, “Ju Ling Island hosts a competition to elect a new island leader every ten years, and only silver-haired descendants are eligible to participate. Ao Jie and Ao Tian are the sole members of their sub-branch that have silver hair. If Ao Jie dies, Ao Tian will become the last important hope of this clan. Ao Jie’s children are not silver-haired. For the silver-haired blood to have a chance at the leadership battle, they would have to rely on Ao Tian and Ye Mei. Nonetheless, they are reluctant to kill Ye Mei. Therefore, the only way they could coerce Ao Tian is by kidnapping Qing Mo.”

Su Ling immediately understood Su Ren’s concern. In other words, there would be more and more attacks, such as last night. Her life could be at risk at any moment.

Su Ren did not go on because the gravity of the matter became very obvious.

The fiery glow in the dark eyes of Su Ling was blazing. On his angular cheeks, a trace of the prism was reflected on his jaws because of his clenching teeth. Witnessing such, Su Ren secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He started to feel fear for the people who weren’t afraid to challenge his elder brother.

Sure enough, Su Ling’s cold voice instructed Su Ren. “Send the men caught last night to the Ministry of Punishment and ask Dan Yulan to execute Ao Jie by chelie (T: chelie is a capital death punishment where the limbs and the body are pulled apart by 5 horse-drawn carts). Deploy a thousand soldiers to guard the prison by the General’s Office. When the time comes, execute at once. We cannot fail this.” He despised most was being threatened, particularly using human life to threaten him. And this time, they’d even dare to use Qing Mo’s life to threaten him!

Su Ling paused for a moment and said, “Please ask the clan chiefs for three shadow guards to protect Qing Mo.”

Su Ren’s heart skipped a beat. For a moment he was stunned, and then he replied, “Yes.”

Elder brother regarded Gu Yun this important in his heart? The Su clan’s shadow guards were to exclusively guard only family members. Qing Mo’s position as the General Manor’s mistress was evidently solidified. It wasn’t only because Bing Lian selected her, but this time, it was that elder brother had his mind locked on her.

Su Ren’s depressed mood suddenly uplifted. A smile slowly creeped up on his lips. In fact,he was very worried that the sword would select somebody his elder brother rejected. According to Su Ling’s temper, he would never compromise even if the decision was made by the sword. Qing Mo was truly the chosen one.

The next morning, her body started to feel how much she had overworked her weak self last evening. Gu Yun stretched out her arms and accidentally pulled on the wound. Because of the almost unbearable pain, her mouth started gasping for air. Holding the side of the bed to sit up straight, she suddenly sensed small movements outside her room.

Gu Yun lightly got up and went to the Bing Lian sword wooden box side. She called out, “Who is outside?” Because of her injury, she couldn’t act rashly. If the person outside heard someone shout, she hoped that they would leave.

“Young girl, are you awake? Come out, I brought you something good.” Gu Yun was stunned. Wasn’t that the voice of the strange old man?

Relieved, but at the same time, Gu Yun had a bad premonition. What did he want with her?

Putting on her coat, Gu Yun opened the door. Su Yan was sitting on the stone bench. When he saw her, he waved happily in her direction. Gu Yun reluctantly walked over as she stole glimpses of the object on the stone table. There was a bowl of golden-yellow greasy liquid. She subconsciously took a step back and in a low voice inquired, “What is it?”

Su Yan proudly smiled, “Medusa Red Ginseng Chicken soup! Taste it. I guarantee it’s delicious. It’s also good for the body. This old man Su Yan is distressed to see you so skinny!”

It was fragrant and looked delicious, but it could be ‘one who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions’. Gu Yun crooned, “You are not going to intoxicate me, are you?” She couldn’t forget the first time they met. Back then, he suddenly grabbed her with his palm for examination. After that, having seen her in danger, he still chose not to do anything.

In the elder’s mind, this girl liked to refuse as if her life depended on it. She just loved to reject people. Su Yan curled up his lips and said, ”What nonsense, Uncle Yan loves you dearly and is very distressed lately.”

Distressed? Goosebumps crawled up in her arms.

“Chicken soup doesn’t work. ” When Gu Yun was about to leave another unwanted male voice called behind her. Gu Yun turned and behind her a mountainous plump figure has emerged, showcasin“Chicken soup doesn’t work.” When Gu Yun was about to leave, another unwanted male voice called her from behind. Gu Yun turned and behind her a mountainous round figure had emerged, presenting something on his hand to her. “Uncle will give you a shiquandabu pill. Eating this will guarantee that your wound will heal faster.”g on his hand something to her, “Uncle will give you a shiquandabu pill, eating this guarantees your wound would heal faster. “

Gu Yun hid well how surprised she was. He had such a huge body but could move silently behind her. This old man shouldn’t be underestimated.

Glaring at Su Quan who tried to steal his thunder, Su Yan jumped up and yelled, “Your dabu pills or whatnot are extreme supplements. People with ordinary physical bodies can’t withstand it, but my chicken soup is for warming the body from the inside.”

“Do not pretend like you don’t understand, dabu pills are the most effective treatment for internal injury!”

“She doesn’t have any internal injury!”

“Whatever, your chicken soup doesn’t work!”


“STOP!” Seeing how the two old men were about to fight, Gu Yun pointed to the chairs on the other side of the table and said, “The two of you, sit down.” Both of them looked at each other and coldly snorted, but since Gu Yun had asked them, they obediently sat down.

Gu Yun sat opposite to them, and put the chicken soup and so-called dabu pills down on the table. Then, she shoved them towards their respective owners. Gu Yun frankly said to them, “I always give a room for doubt. I always believed that a good pie would not fall from the sky. What is it that you want? Say it frankly to me.”

Su Yan in his heart was unhappy but was afraid to yell at her, so he only muttered, “Young child, your suspicion feels so heavy in my heart. Isn’t this thing good for you?” Her body was like a bean sprout after seeing her for the first time and it made such a beauty look kind of unpleasant. He knew this little girl did that because of his foul temperament earlier, but he wouldn’t even think to hurt her! But why was she being so vengeful right now?

“Spit it out!” The snappy command made the two people squint their eyes as they smiled. Then Gu Yun impatiently asked, “Why do you want to be so nice to me?”

After being pressed a little impatiently by GuYun, Su Yan carelessly replied,” You are our virtue-like clothing, one of our people. If we are not good to you, then who would?” Su Quan quickly smiled in agreement and nodded.

Gu Yun frowned, “Who said I am Su’s daughter-in-law?” Their expressions didn’t look like they were lying. It was not like they had any other objective, but how had they settled down on the idea that she was Su’s daughter-in-law? Su Ling? That was absolutely impossible! They just openly rejected her yesterday.

“Ha, ha, ha!” Su Quan laughed without hesitation. “Also, let me tell you that the Bing Lian sword will follow you.”

Bing Lian?! Gu Yun seemed to be getting a clue. They did only become strange after she picked up the sword. Still, Gu Yun said with a smile. “This Bing Lian sword, why would it be following me?”

” Of course— ” Before Su Quan could say anymore than two words, Su Yan clamped down on Su Quan’s shoulder with his big hand and suddenly in a loud voice interrupted his words, “Oh, it was almost dark, and the belly is getting hungry. Time to eat. Let’s have dinner!” Su Yan said while he constantly winked at the other Su elder. Su Quan finally remembered that Su Ling warned them last night about how this girl must not know about the sword. If she learned about the truth behind the Bing Lian sword, it would make a small issue to quickly erupt. Even worse, Ling would fly into a rage.

Gu Yun was dumbfounded. If Su Yan’s eyes kept blinking for a little longer, wouldn’t he just go blind? Such obvious “hints”. Su Quan finally picked up the signal and got up after him. He smiled, “Time for dinner.”

The two dragged each other out of Yi Tian Yuan courtyard. Gu Yun stayed and stared at the stone table. Her face shifted into serious mode. Su Yan and Su Quan’s kind intentions were absolutely genuine. Out of nowhere, they cared for her way out of their character, and all of this seemed to have started from the time she picked up the Bing Lian sword. Her heart made several speculations, but every guess sounded more absurd than the next.

Gu Yun was alone sitting in the yard. She was analyzing the situation. The change in the customs, the change with Su family elders attitude started with the Bing Lian sword. This discovery about the Bing Lian, the Su family’s attitude was indeed very different. It seemed like the pampering was given thoughtlessly in a casual manner. Just because she did not feel cold when she picked up the sword, so they left their very own treasure and gave it away? This seemed to be an unacceptable reason for itself. What was the real reason then? As she was still trying to knack her brain for an answer, a servant cried out in the courtyard. “Qing girl, the general has invited you to the Flower Hall for a meal.”

After she gathered her thoughts, Gu Yun answered, “Got it,” though she remained seated for a while. Then, Gu Yun took the dabu pills on the table, wrapped it and tucked into her waistband. As for the chicken soup, she did not even drink a drop.

When she reached the reception hall, the table was lined with dishes. Su Ling was the only one at the table. The elders, Su Yu, and Su Ran also disappeared. Gu Yun walked past when a boy in a blue shirt suddenly greeted her.

“Congratulations, young girl.”

The shrill voice sounded weird. From the looks of his age, he should have sounded differently. It should have been deeper. Did he just congratulate her? What for? Gu Yun gave a questioning look to Su Ling. Su Ling heartily laughed. Seemed like someone was in a pretty good mood.

Watching the person’s every mood was the small eunuchs unique skills. The young eunuch quickly said, “Qing Feng, today at noon, gave birth to an Emperor’s dragon son.”

Birth? They went to Dome Mountain and for the time the pregnancy would be only a total of eight months. Even if the relationship was from the time she entered the palace, this time it was unlikely to be full-term. Gu Yun said, “Is it an easy childbirth? Are they both safe?”

Little eunuch nodded immediately and said, “Yes, both mother and son are at peace. Your servant is here to deliver the good news.”

Gu Yun couldn’t help but worry about the premature birth, but as long as they were safe and sound, all was well. Gu Yun was just relieved, but unfortunately for the eunuch, she completely forgot that he was standing there.

Su Ling gently raised his hand, behind the uncle, with a prepared bag of silvers handed it to the hands of the small eunuch.  He smiled and said,

”Thank you, fathers. The servant will resign.”

Secretly heft the money bag weight, the small smile blossomed under the eunuch. General Su gave very generously.

Little eunuchs happily went out of the Flower Hall, Gu Yun was also in a very good mood. She went over to Su Ling sat down and asked, ‘” Can I go to see her at the palace?”’ The last time in Zhou Qing and Prime Minister  Xiyan’s banquet, she had seen  Qing Feng but the two have very little time to talk. Gu Yun remembered the look of determination of the woman, the stubbornness for her man scared her and also worried her. Although they were not really sisters, that does not interfere with her concern about that kind of woman.

Knowing that she’s impatient, Su Ling to appease her laughed, “Not right now. On Prince’full moon dinner for the ministers, I can figure out how to make you meet. “

” Ok. ” Gu Yun did not make it difficult and did not want to embarrass Su Ling. Su Ling wave to a servant before her for a soup to be served. They seemed to have very few opportunities like this to eat alone. Su Ling quietly enjoyed their time alone, each dish he would clip into her bowl. The tenderness makes the servants just watch foolishly.

The moonlight seemed to be cooperating, the atmosphere was lovely   but it was a pity one novice servant, who simply haven’t spend under a month on the manor, before she realized her blunder, she was spooning the soup for Gu Yun to sip asked, “Those who were caught last night, who have confessed?  Who is the mastermind? “

Su Ling dished a meal on hand, put it in his mouth and thought for a while. After evading, he replied,” It is the people from Ju Ling Island, Ao Jie was sentenced and punished by chelie. It is because I am part of the investigation and the operation, that they are looking for revenge. People have already been turned to the Ministry of Justice and let the ministry process the matter. “

“Mmm.”  It’s for the best, Gu Yun also feared that Su Ling will use illegal punishment, although he was the General of the Government Office, but not the law-enforcing departments, after all, he caught a big group of people in his family’s place and was not very good after all. Listening to him to say they were delivered to the Ministry of Justice, she also did not ask further.

Su Ling secretly sigh. Gu Yun suddenly raised her head and put down the spoon. With the bright eyes shining with under the  light and with an abnormal soft voice,

“Oh yes, the Bing Lian, there is something that I should know about it, right? However, I do not know the story. “

Su Ling’s heart tightened, just now, who and what did she say?

Gu Yun looked at him with mesmerizing look and lips with no smile. Su Ling did not know how much she knew and wouldn’t dare deny. He made a light cough and asked,

“What do you want to know? “

His eyes have flashing light and his lips unconsciously sip. What made Su General so nervous? Gu Yun in a calm voice with some provocation laughed in a low voice,

“You are avoiding my question? “

” Is nothing but a sword. “

Su Ling said this, but his whole body was very stiff, his eyes avoid looking at GuYun, his vision only focused on the food in her bowl. Gu Yun did not eat or speak. Two bright eyes were staring at Su Ling’s faint expressionless face.

“Pa!” Su Ling put down the chopsticks and quickly sets off,

” I have to do something, you eat first. “

He just said those words and quickly left. It was not that he was not open to the questioning and would have not been afraid even if she had guessed correctly, but her enigmatic appearance makes him uncomfortable. When did he concern about her feelings and her emotions? Damn it!

Gu Yun did not stop him, hand supporting her chin, silently gazed at the one on the road in a hurry, her clear eyes slightly narrowed. He did escape, but why?

Bing Lian must have some secret.

Early morning, when the moon and the sun were still on the horizon simultaneously, giving the sky rosy-colored clouds.  This dawn, the stars were glowing with splendor. It was too beautiful to behold. In the woods, where originally the birds should be heard singing in the morning together with the insect’s noise, but because of the arrival of a hundred people, the forest appeared exceptionally quite.

Gu Yun was satisfied with the selection of these people, few in numbers but unstoppable. The hundred stood so indifferently but their spirits were already trembling.

Standing in front of them, Gu Yun calmly said, “Let’s call it Qing Mo’s training time, you call me Boss on the line. Starting today, you will receive one month’s training.  A month later, people can stay will become a full member of the team and only then I will tell you the team’s name, what are you going to do, who belongs to. What you need to do now is, how do you make yourself–to stay! “

They were listening, the physiques were as before tall and straight, above that physiques, were resolute faces who do not have any expressions. Gu Yun was aware that for this group of soldiers they don’t need to be ominously fierce or harsh in appearance.  Their concern must be to join this troop so diligently.  So, in order to bring out their outstanding abilities, they’re therefore must be tamed, one cannot act with undue haste.

“You are the recruits, a small number of people I had, my way of training you a heard little. What you heard is just a drop in a bucket. This is my request for recruits like you and I will be more strict. I know some of you are already major-general and will be,  but no matter how high the previous positions you have, here you start at zero. I only look at the ability. “

In response to her was the usual silence. GuYun did not mind and exclaimed, “Yu Shijun. “

“Yes.” He was standing behind her, Shi Jun moved forward one step, opened a piece of paper handed to him a moment ago. Taking advantage of the hazy dawn, he was yelling loudly, “Period from  maoshi  (5 a.m. to 7 a.modern time) goes to drill, shoulders with 20 kilos sandbags,  jogs 20 kilometers, completes 100 push-ups, 200 sit-ups, the 500 frog jumps. At Chen Shi(7 to 9 a.m ) breakfast, after eating , starts training the weapon operation,  lunch at noon,  weishi(1 to 3 p.m)  begin physical ability special practice, youshi( 7 to 9 p.m) returns, three-quarters for supper. Period of day from youshi( 7 to 9 p.m) summarizes the performance of the day and to discuss the situation. Period of day from 7 to 9 p.m three-quarter cultural studies, period haishi(9 to 11 p.m). turns off the lights, then rest.”

While Yu Shijun was announcing the schedule of the day, Gu Yun had been secretly observing their facial expressions, perhaps a jump on the night pits, they already have a lot of mental preparation, except for some people frowning, it started to slowly and unconsciously tighten beyond business as usual.

Gu Yun smiling slightly and hope at the end of the training, you can be tall and straight, quite unruly!

Gu Yun broke into cries of “Leng Xiao, Ge Jingyun. “

” Yes. “Two men stood in the last row, Gu Yun beckoned to them, two people ran up.

“Later show the team what are pull-ups, what are push-ups, what are sit-ups, what is a frog jump.” GuYun was fortunate to have this two made effort to succeed and to pass. She was hurting now and really don’t know how she will be able to demonstrate it to them.

Leng Xiao and Ge Jingyun , went to do the demonstration one by one training the new recruits, at the leap-frog time, Gu  Yun saw the familiar disdain and annoyance though hidden very well, but did not escape her eyes. When the demonstration ended, Gu Yun nodded to them and they returned to their ranks.

“Breakfast before training, you must do this every day, in five days there will be a change and the intensity will increase. “She also did not know their abilities, but only the average intensity of a commando training can be used so they can adapt quickly.

“Lastly  let me put down some several points of  discipline, first, I just said of training plans and time, all must strictly comply ,  coming to training  lazy or late,  I don’t  have to say anything just immediately leave; second, don’t question my command, don’t ask me why, just obey, and to absolutely obey; third, do not reveal anything you learn in here, each word or sentence you hear or get treat it as a military secrets. “

According to her and Su Ling, it was set from the beginning, the Elite Force will not be attached to any of Su military battalions, but an independent army. Keeping a secret should part of their practice!

“Understand? “Gu Yun called asked.

“Understand! “The answer was uniform ROAR.

Gu Yun slightly frowned, “What are you waiting? “

” Yes. “

Now is the time to run in the training program. The trainees will run with sandbags, like punching bag tied around them, front and back with the rope, then run towards the hills for five miles. Looking at the so-called training in his hands, Yu Shijun hesitated for a while, or could not help but cried,

‘Qing Mo-‘.

With  two words, Gu Yun  brow slightly knitted  looking at him frowning, Yu Shijun quickly called her again,

“Boss! “

Gu Yun  face was back to business as usual, he continued,” Today is the first day of training, the General House always give them the adaptation process, step by step would be better.” After he finished what he said, she was momentarily surprised, this was coming from a  person who she expected to have followed the training program on how to proceed?

Gu Yun said coldly, “Yu Shijun, Su Ling put you to assist me with trainees.  I do not want you to be the first one to challenge my order. If you can’t stand the way I train, I can get Su Ling to get another. ” She said the words slowly and clearly, that there was no need for explanation.

Standing straight, Yu Shijun loudly replied, “I’m sorry, that’s not what I meant. “

Standing stiffly with a closed mouth, Yu Shijun silently stood behind  Gu Yun.

Gu Yun can ignore his emotions. If he was afraid to disobey her orders just because Su Ling gave him orders. But she does not want  a “ deputy- of- lip service “ either, then slowly  she turned around, looked at Yu Shijun on the eyes and asked,

“You thought too, I am ruthless to them?”

Yu Shijun simply did not answer, he was just standing straight as a pillar.

Gu Yun gently shook her head and said, “That’s because you don’t understand the significance of their existence. What they will face in the future are the most dangerous and important missions. During the mission, with a slight minor mistake, life could be gone and could jeopardize the overall plan. If they can’t bear the training intensity, that would indicate that they do not fit in this team to stay, eliminating them now could save their lives in the future. “.

These Elite Force will be facing the difficult missions, all have the possibility to die, let alone that person who originally does not have that ability.

Yu Shijun bowed his head slightly catching  Gu Yun’s determined look,  his heart slightly tremble and he can’t understand how a woman so young will have that determined pair of eyes.

After recovering her sight  Gu Yun turned around watching them carrying the sandbags back to back running towards the hill. She said dismissively,

“I feel bad too but let them sweat more now, later they will perform tasks of less blood.- one cannot be tenderhearted! “

She made it very hard, Yu Shijun sounds feel a warm heart, loudly and firmly replied,” I get it. “

The early morning training sessions nearly paralyzed their limbs, especially the moment of the most despised leap-frog, 500 down, afterward the limbs they walked with were “soft legs”. Gu Yun did not continue their distress and followed according to the schedule, so they went back for breakfast.

Training time on weekdays was done before breakfast began.  After a practice round, it was more rigorous now. Not only their limbs were soft, but they couldn’t eat or drink either from tiredness. GuYun eat breakfast with them, watching them eat so little. She said nothing and they just ate three steamed buns and drank a bowl of porridge.

After breakfast, a line of people returned once more in the forest in a formation. They discovered on the ground according to groups were piles of various weapons, it looked sketchy, there’s the bow, the crossbow,  knife, sword, spear, shield, ax, hoe, halberd, mace, pick-ax, fork, brocade rope belay and so on. It can be said to be about 18 weapons and does not lack anything. In front of each weapon pile stood a person,  the height and degree of stoutness were of all sorts, there was also a skinny old person about fifty years old or something.

Gu Yun saw them for the first also gawked, she let Yu Shijun look for in the military weapon and each item of weapon to be played by the best person, they have to come out and join the training. She had not thought actually that they get something unexpectedly unusual,  really each of them had their strong points.

Lightly coughing, Gu Yun exclaimed, “Yu Shijun, let them draw lots for grouping. “

” Yes. “

According to the results after drawing lots, there were thirteen groups of ten, there was a group of only eight people. They are grouped accordingly to stand ready, Gu Yun said, “You get different units in the military, their own common and familiar weapons might play a norm kind, but so far not. I ask you to use any available weapon and use them good! “

” While on duty, though isn’t likely that you don’t have a weapon, but just in case if you don’t carry any, you can always wrestle a weapon from the hand of the enemy. After you took the weapon it can be only of best use only if you are familiar with it. This for your next five days of training. You will be given five days to explore and practice and on the fifth there will be an evaluation.  The group with the lowest score, that group will each get 10 points demerits.  In addition if one out of the group as long as there is one that did not pass the evaluation, this group similarly will get ten demerit points.. “

Deduction of points for the lowest group that they understand, but why have a person who does not to pass, the group also must demerit the ten points?

Gu Yun’s face slightly darkened when she can sense that there were some who wants to protest and not convinced, but given just she said of discipline, no men dare make a sound, they just stuffed it in and depressingly proceeded to select a weapon. In her vision, she was scanning the group members going back and forth. Liu Xing with a group, the men apparently angrier because they saw him a “cheat” to get through and has no fundamental capacity. For the group, since he was with them, they thought they were doomed to suffer points. ” Gu Yun did such in order to sharpen their team cooperation’s ability, what a pity at present these people do not have this concept. She did not say anything in a low voice issued an order.

“Grouping exercise.”

” Yes. “

Each member have to learn the use of a weapon for half an hour than trade it for another one, they have to take turns. Gu Yun made it this way to test their ability who can instantaneously accept new things. In a group, there must be one or two people already familiar with a particular weapon so it will be easier for them to learn faster. If they knew how to collaborate and teach each other, they have the highest opportunity to win.

Unfortunately, not everyone can understand the intention of  Gu Yun, (meaning they don’t teach each other), after an hour later-

“STOP!” “

Gu Yun growled, everyone stopped playing their weapons. Gu Yun walked next to a sturdy man and in a low voice asked,

“What are you doing here? “

” Practicing the mace. “

The officer answered for granted. Gu Yun bitterly bit her teeth and in anger, “My instruction is to understand the characteristics of the weapon’s strengths, how to use it with the maximum damage! Every kind of weapon is like a knife to fight and defend. Are you able to understand or not?! ” The higher-ups have policies while the lower-downs always find their own ways of getting around them.** (Chinese idiom) This was a policy and these men were finding ways around it! They were called to study how to be intimate in employing the weapons, to use a knife with the same effect as a long sword! It was so simple and she has to find someone to ask them why!

They need to watch out, cannot be lazy cheats, the men wailing in their hearts  still shouted in unison, “Yes!” “

” Again! “GuYun yelled,”  Who “ fishes in troubled water (Chinese idiom)”*,( meaning taking advantage of the crisis for personal gain) , move to one side to leapfrog me a thousand! “

Frog jump a thousand? It’s dying!

Suddenly, the huge forest was alive again, can be heard is the intersection of the weapon sound,  Klang! Klang! Klang! Though some movements were strange and awkward however no one dared to play devious. Gu Yun took a deep breath before easing the discomfort of the chest. This yelling and shouting were really very laborious.

From a distance, a domestic servant was running towards Gu Yun and on the side murmured,

“Qing Ling, Lady Lou coming. “

Qing? What’s she doing here?  She thought for a while, Gu Yun said, “Let her wait. “Servant nodded and was about to go back, catching up Yu Shijun said,” Boss, why didn’t you meet her, I will watch the line. “

Gu Yun flashed him a look  and before she can speak, Yu Shijun patted his chest and promise,

” You may rest assured that I will never be easy. I will be relentless. “

He said the words deliberately and squeezed into fists. Gu Yun laugh and glanced at the group of a man practicing, many soldiers already look  honest, she nodded and said,

“Good, do not let me down. “

Yu Shijun immediately replied,” Absolutely won’t! “

Gu Yun threw in a” watching- at- you “look, turned to follow the domestic servants to leave the forests. Behind her, she could hear Yu Shijun harsh growl from time to time. Gently, smiled unconsciously thinking the military really is cute.

Back in Yi Tian Yuan, Gu Yun saw Zhuo Qing was lounging on the bench, with a steaming cup of tea on the table, next to a plate of pastries. Her hand cupping her cheek. She looked up the tree to practice the cross bars, one hand hanging on the bar and another holding a pastry. She was taking a bite slowly. Seeing her pleasant look, she will make many people jealous, Gu Yun cannot help but tease her, “What brings you here? “

Zhuo Qing look towards the courtyard, Gu Yun was leaning against the gate, hands folded on her chest and a serious look on her face, the black neck suit makes her more slender and if not accompanied by her cute face, Zhuo Qing want to scream” so handsome, so hot “! Injured last time, Gu Yun has been lying down and she didn’t notice that at closer scrutiny, Qing Mo’s body seems to be growing a lot, in fact, this is just natural. Qing Ling and Qing Feng were of tall stature, no reason for the youngest to be dwarf.

Throwing the pastry into her mouth, Zhuo Qing laughing, “Your recovery was good. I was so worried about you. “Yun is not dead, like a cockroach, for only half a month, she is alive and kicking again .”

What’s this comment? Gu Yun walked over and snappily replied, “You want to see me dead, not alive? “Gu Yun was covered with tiny beads of sweat on her forehead, this coming fall also she must sweat again, she must go back to her work out.

Zhuo Qing hummed, “Your body is good, but don’t overdo it. “

Gu Yun smiled and did not comment, ” Did you have something for me? Go ahead. “

” Nothing. Why, can I not find you? “

This woman was changing the topic she could sense. She grabbed a piece of cake, with no scruples about her entire image, threw the whole piece of cake into her mouth. Gu Yun groaned and replied, “I am always not a narcissistic, “. She can come and labor during the time of honeymoon as for her, she did not have the luxury to gossip idly.”

She blankly gave her a look, Zhuo Qing sternly said, “Qing Feng gave birth to a son two days ago and you know it. “

” Well. ” Casually nods.

“It is premature. “

” There is a hidden situation? ”  The word was clearly emphasized that in all likelihood there was something hidden behind this.

Sure enough, a clear nod replied, “She was premature because she fell down the stairs. “

Gu Yun cold brow become extravagant,” Did they find out who did it? “

Zhuo Qing exclaimed,” Do you think it’s that easy. She gave birth to a son, There will be more danger in the future. I heard that Tim Yan Hong sons until today have a thin survival, mostly died. ” Harem things, she did not really understand. The last time she went to the palace, she almost died. Qing Feng living inside the harem, it won’t be easy.

“What we can do for her? “Harem Qing Feng, even though she could help to check what happened but she has no qualifications to intervene.

Zhuo Qing shook his head, “We can’t, Lou Xi Yan and Su Ling can. ” She and Gu Yun, comparing their lives together at present era, they were only relying on Lou Xiyan and Su Ling as asylums to help Qing Feng, they do not have this capability.

Gu Yun does not know what to think. She was silent for a moment.   Zhuo Qing continued, “only if the Lou’s and Su’s standing behind her, to protect her and the child. “

” What do you want me to do? “

” Persuade Su Ling, on behalf of the General’s Office to send a big gift to newborn Prince. ” She has been married and Xi Yan, ministers naturally knew that she and Xi Yan was standing behind the Qing Feng, but the relationship between Gu Yun and Su Ling was not clear. However, delivering this ceremonial gift, in fact, what cannot be said, just let those behind -the scenes- evil manipulator be a little bit frightened, hoping that this can help  Qing Feng and her child to be given a space.

She was clear about the meaning of the idea, although the palace of things she never understood, but also she understands that a general openly supporting a prince on behalf of what, the meaning of this may be to keep Qing Feng, but is it possible not to bring trouble to Su Ling? Looking  up to Zhuo Qing, Gu Yun said awkwardly,

“I am not sure.”

Tapping  Gu Yun’s shoulder, Zhuo Qing laughing,” Lou Xi Yan and I already reached an agreement. Soon as you by all means when Su Ling is mentioned is not without reluctance ” She felt pity for Qing Feng, but more about Gu Yun and hope this incident will not become a knot in between her and Su Ling.

“Well, yeah ” Gu Yun nodded lightly.

It was noon, and Zhuo Qing arose, and said, “I’m leaving, you take a rest. “

” Well. “Gu Yun also stood up to send her but turning her head smiling through her shoulders said,” Don’t worry, Mo Bai’s outside waiting for me to get me back safely. “

” Well. “Gu Yun no longer insisted, just watched the elegant figure on the road disappeared in front of her. She had a strange feeling, Zhou Qing has been very well-integrated into this era, she now adapted herself into the identity and perspective that before was not clear, she was a Lady Prime Minister and the sister of Qing Feng.

What about her? She craved so much the police training and investigations. It was because only then during that time she could think to be still herself. She could act and perform as the original GuYun. That was that kind of life she was familiar with before and she still wanted to go back, but does she?

Today, after the conversation with the Zhou Qing, her mind was scattered, GuYun went to the grass to lie down, using her hand as pillow on the back, staring straight at the top of the crown of the tree, behind the soft straw pad, her back felt a little itchy, even less very comfortable. The sun cuts into numerous leaves of light, mottled on her body, her eyes were beamed directly by a bunch of light but she did not block it. In front of her was a vast expanse of white, like her mind at this time.

Gu Yun somewhat not to be able to pull out oneself if she wanted to go back and have been thinking continuously. But why at this moment she somewhat hesitated. Here she does not have anything that will make her reluctant to part with, rightly so? As if an arrow had hit her, everything was not the same anymore. She thought not only because of Su Ling, she has also started to change from her original self?

Shadow fends off the dazzling light, Gu Yun saw big hands in front of her eyes, fingers, and palms thick as a cocoon, clean and generous, Gu Yun instantly broke from her trance. She wanted to grab this hand and when she did, her ears heard a low whisper,

” What is so amazing? “

The hands she was holding was a big hand, warm but not soft. It seemed that each joint contained power and when she caught it she obviously feels it stiffened. The sound of light whispers timely called back her sanity. She turned her head to the side to see Su Ling sitting, his body beside her and she caught whose hand! Quickly, she let go Su Ling’s hand. Gu Yun sat up straight,  embarrassingly enough to describe her feelings now, especially the pair of deep black eyes were looking at her. Her heart was racing on its own and extremely fast.

Su Ling quickly withdrew his hand. The warmth of her fingertips seemed to still remain on his palm and he now regrets why he did not grab her by the hand and let her slip away.

“What are you thinking?”’

Kind of lost look. A look that of a grieving heart.

Gu Yun lowered her head, slowly calming down her messy heart, think of Zhou Qing trust, she doesn’t know what to do so she can only whisper,

“It’s nothing. “

Lie! Maybe she can sharply distinguish between expressions of others hiding emotions, but she was not good in disguising herself, if not what made her distress so greatly, why a determined woman like her would show that look?

As she talked, comfortably lying on the grass, as if were consumed with her looks, Su Ling continued to chase and asked,

“Why don’t you say it? Hesitating is not your style. “

Gu Yun softly laughed and asked,” In your eyes, how can I? “

A laugh. Su Ling relentlessly says,

” Too proud to the point of arrogance. “

Don’t you? Don’t know who yells at every turn, if it weren’t for her bones hard enough, he didn’t know she would have ko been broken several times! Even now, lying on the grass, he was more moderate and continued to be so overbearing in an authoritarian way, Gu Yun shot back,

“It takes one to know one. “

Su Ling did not deny that deep voice asked and still does not give up,

” Still don’t want to say? “

Gu Yun tightened her lips and smiled, she thought for a moment. Su Ling rarely do not pressed on issues again after some thinking  Gu Yun replied in a low voice,” My sister came to see me just now. “

Su Ling did not interrupt her and just waiting for her to go on.

“Qing Feng, she suspects-” she paused for a moment, Gu Yun with a smile explained, “we sometimes between the sisters used to call each other names. ” Calling Qing as an elder sister she has been embarrassed, even telling people who asked about the sister’s ages that she was a lot younger than her actual age, she’s really not comfortable with it.

Su Ling nodded and he doesn’t really care about appearances. Gu Yun continued, “Qing Feng, suspected preterm delivery was started deliberately. “

Su Ling slowly sat up straight. His dark eyes slightly gathered but he still did not say anything. Gu Yun went on,” Yan Hong Tian’s interest in her is not only unable to protect her, but give her a lot of trouble, she gave birth to a Prince, but I am afraid she will not only live for this boy, but even their small life will also be taken together. “

At this point, Gu Yun stopped. Wondering if she should continue to talk about the next topic.

Su Ling looked at her solemn face and with a smile, he said in a low voice, “Didn’t you think that the emperor was so incompetent and if he wants to protect  Qing Feng, then he won’t injure her. “

Gu Yun has a different thought, coldly groaned, ” Is the problem lies with the Emperor’s sincerity in protecting Qing Feng?  Also, there was so many infighting between the women in the harem that was hurting in his eyes, but the death of one of two women for him was just like swapping life for another. It wouldn’t matter.  I’ve heard many of his children died, was it a natural disaster?”

She does not believe in coincidences, and neither do believe that there were so many accidents.

She was not without a point, the emperor thought also and few people have guessed, perhaps it was only Lou Xi Yan who can peer into one or two.

Gu Yun sat in silence with a wishing look. Su Ling has always been harsh, this time his thin lips smiled and said, “Tomorrow, I  will send a golden cast yazi sword to the newborn Prince as a present from the General’s Office.” He finally knew why she was so upset. Qing Feng was her sister, she wanted him to help her sister and the nephew, but too shy to say it.

“Yazi? “Gu Yun didn’t react.

“Yazi is one of the nine sons of the Dragon after he kowtowed he would rise to slaughter, so much meaning is on the weapons to deter the enemy. “

Listening to Su Ling explanation, Gu Yun brows instead of being relaxed become more tightly knit. Su Ling controls the two-thirds military power of  Qiong Yue . Sending this beast represents hostility to  Crown Prince, as soon as the clear-sighted person looks at the apparent profound meaning if the people who take the trouble to play has annoyed temperament, the general office then was looking for to really a big trouble? Gu Yun shook his head and replied,

“ You are to produce something too excessive, the real meaning is also known to all people……”

“You are considering about me?”  Su Ling cut in before she could finish, his tone was anxious.

Gu Yun speechless and look at the scalding hot eyes opposite her. Her eyes begin to drift, “I was worried about the happenings in the General’s Office! “

Gu Yu ’s answer was adequate but a cramped expression was Su Ling’s, his mood was slightly better. Did she finally felt his affection, right?

” You rest assured, the little prince is originally a dragon child, but the General House is an official place of the military. Sending the Yazi is not inappropriate. Moreover, the Empress family of influence is strong enough, if the position of the Crown Prince falls into its hands perhaps the landscape much exchange ownership. I and  Prime Minister Lou Xiyan supported Qing Feng,  so there can be a balance of interest in relation to which the emperor will not only happy to see. You  don’t worry.“ Su Ling paused for a moment on a sudden turn,” But if Lou Xi Yan is all gotten rid of, I can’t just sit on the sidelines. “

‘If Lou XiYan is gotten rid of, he cannot just sit on the sidelines – ‘Gu Yun thinking of the words, she was silent and her face was blushing more. Lou Xi Yan was a fine husband for Zhou Qing, to help for granted that he could no sit only on the sidelines means what … …

Is this tantamount to confession? Gu Yun was obviously had no experience of dealing with this situation, falteringly replied,

“Actually, you do not need to be so accommodating to me. “

After finishing this sentence, Gu Yun suddenly feels something’s improper for just what she said. Does she want to get Su Ling to confess? If he’s really interested in her, she’s not going to force him to say it?

She wanted to cry but there were no tears. In a tense mood and she simply bowed her head thinking, hundred of sight for the net, in the end, it’s better to be deaf.* (Chinese idiom)

In fact, this moment not only to Gu Yun’s chagrin, but Su Ling also somewhat ignorant. He lived for so many years and in his life, few unusual women appeared and disappeared. If in the former, he finds the woman who says a few words annoying, he would not deal with them. The honey phrases he absolutely cannot say but now facing such a question, he did not know what the next sentence should be and how to say it better. Feeling stuffy he muff out,

“I am willing to!”

I am willing to? Gu Yun was stunned and gained her composure, looked up at Su Ling.

Willing to what? Willing to accommodate her? How did this become this bizarre! They looked into each other with wide-eyed look for quite a while.

Gu Yun with a pair of eyes staring at him, Su Ling’s heart become tight, thinking his answer was stupid a moment ago, under the swarthy skin shows blushing which becomes exuding dark red, but not too obvious. His heart was obviously nervous to death and his face was a look like others owed him hundreds of thousands of appearances. Gu Yun ripped a smile then laughed. She didn’t know he also has a cute side.

The exaggerated smile and laughed broke the ambiguous atmosphere a moment ago. Su Ling’s face doesn’t look pleased.

Coughing lightly with a light smile, Gu Yun branches to a different topic,

“Why are you back so early today? “

Angered by that smile and laugh by Gu Yun, Su Ling answered coldly,

” It’s training on the first day, I check back but the training instructor goof off! “

” I-….”Gu Yun was going to explain, but then changed her mind, she was truly absent and without authorization and was very wrong, there’s nothing to explain, Gu Yun seriously answered,

” I’m sorry, there will be no next time. “

He just wanted to tease her casually but she was very serious.  Su Ling quickly recovered,” I’m just teasing you, you don’t take it seriously! You’re not fully recovered and you want to practice what. Just arrange on the line and do not do hands-on. Su Ling have hundreds of thousands of troops, I have no time to train there. “

GuYun was still with a serious face and silent. Su Ling was anxious,

“Do you hear what I say? “

Gu Yun got up, took off from her clothes and hair grass clippings, an appearance of totally didn’t hear him say anything, let alone responded. Fearing that she exerted so much effort and that the recovering body just collapsed again. Su Ling habitually shouted,

“This is a military order! “

GuYun holding a withered grass, lips have a playful smile and moderately teased,

“Who is arrogant, Su General? “

Year round in the military giving out such order, he was very used to it and now blurting it out without thinking, Su Ling was a little embarrassed. His face was not happy.

Tigers must be occasionally good in pushing and pulling, now afterward he was angry, then she had to clean up the mess. Gu Yun said to him with a smile,

“Late lunch soon passed. Su General, do you want to see your soldiers practice? “

Su Ling was still sitting on the ground and those eagle eyes were staring straight at GuYun.

Gu Yun raised her eyebrow and chuckled,

“Not going? “

Su Ling reluctantly got up to leave.

Two people walked side by side towards the mountain. Silent all the way. Gu Yun secretly bit her lip. Who was going to tell her how to get along with him to make her comfortable?

They reached the training ground, only to see a group of brawny men flat, lying straight on the ground, leaning on a tree, weapons scattered everywhere, everyone was so tired, some eyes were closed, some people eyes looked straight above the trees with an empty look.

Su Ling gently raised his eyebrows, a faint smile and asked,

“This is what you come up with a new way to train? “

Maybe he misunderstood her, she lay in a daze in the Yi TianYuan and soldiers in the woods also in a daze?

Gu Yun felt the flames rushed straight from the heart on to her head. A roar through the sky,

“Yu Shijun!!!”


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