A Mistaken Marriage Match 2:Generation of Military Counselors Chapter 32 So That’s How It Is

A Mistaken Marriage Match2: Generation of Military Counselors

Chapter 32  So That’s How It Is 

 “Why are you avoiding me?”

Su Yu slightly lowered his head, Gu Yun could not see his face clearly only heard him lisps, “I did not.”

As he spoke, Gu Yun’s brows knitted tightly together. Su Yu was heavily inebriated with liquor, he must have drunk a lot. He kept his head down and ignored her. Gu Yun was puzzled, why was she being treated like a nuisance and curiously asked, “Have I offended you?”

Gu Yun was just asking him casually, but Su Yu was like a hedgehog, every thorn was stretched straight and his hoarse voice was almost shouting, “I said no! Can you not appear before me in the future?”

Su Yu was roaring but it also aroused the curiosity of Gu Yun, “Why?”

“Nothing, I just don’t want to see you! Go away!” Su Yu pushed her while he was talking. Her chest wound had almost healed, although she was pushed, it did not hurt a lot. However, Gu Yun had clearly started to be impatient, “What liquor was it which made you this crazy?!” Gu Yun shoved away his hand that was still on her shoulder, she decided not to listen to a completely drunk man’s nonsense.

Gu Yun turned around, suddenly there was a pain in her wrist with amazing strength. Gu Yun gasped in pain while looking back, Su Yu tightly grabbed her hand that had no intention to let go. She silently cursed, this stupid brat wanted to crush her hand ah!

Gu Yun was considering to give him a punch to sober him up. Su Yu suddenly raised his head and seeing the face in sight made Gu Yun jumped in fright, her hand that had already clenched into a fist was paralyzed.

He drank so much that his face was reddish black. He always had a bright and clean face but now it was full of stubble, bloodshot eyes that were dark and dull was as if staring at her but it was drifting badly. The thick smell of alcohol permeated the air around them, Gu Yun’s expression darkened instantly. What the hell is with Su Yu? He was pretty straight, handsome and good-looking. She did not see him for only a few days, why was he so messed up?

Gu Yun wanted to withdraw her hand and lead Su Yu back to his courtyard to rest. However, he seemed to have been too drunk and a complete mess and could still grasp her hand so tightly that no matter how she tried to draw back he would not let go. Finally, Su Yu might as well pulled her hand and firmly pasted it on his chest. Gu Yun was surprised and did not have enough time to react. Suddenly Su Yu abruptly threw and released her hand like a madman, stepped back in panic and growled in a frantic low yell, “You are eldest brother’s. You are his!”

It was already a precarious walkway and in a few steps, Su Yu staggered and tumbled to the ground. He was falling almost directly backward, lying flat on the ground he kept muttering words that were not clear.

Gu Yun had never dealt with drunks before. Formerly when her squad had a dine-and-dance, a group of people competes at drinking, she generally would not get drunk. When the end was near, she would leave straight away. She absolutely would not clear up the mess. Looking at the man who had collapsed on the ground, she felt helpless. She intended to call for the night patrolling soldiers to carry him back. When she walked past him, she heard Su Yu kept on mumbling something about Bing Lian … …Why … … You … … and such.

He all along knew about the hidden secret of Bing Lian, Su family’s old men refused to say it, she could find out from Su Yu. Gu Yun squat down beside him and carefully listened to what he was mumbling.

“Why Bing Lian have to select you? Why you?! Bing Lian—–“

On and off for a long time, he was grumbling like this. Gu Yun still did not quite understand. Taking advantage of his drunken confused state, Gu Yun asked in a low voice, “Bing Lian chose me, did it have any special meaning?”

Su Yu’s eyes were closed and moved his mouth, blurt out a few words. Gu Yun was listening attentively but it was not clear. She was disappointed and about to leave, Su Yu suddenly sat up and started to act crazily. His bloodshot eyes were staring at Gu Yun, not like in a trance anymore but glaring straight at her. His eyes radiate a confuse and complex rays of light, this made Gu Yun a little apprehensive for a while. Su Yu finally opened his mouth, “Bing Lian chose you, you are eldest brother’s wife, you are eldest brother’s woman, I cannot, I can not……” like you!

To late to say the last two words, his collar had already been grabbed by Gu Yun. She stared fixedly at him and asked irritably, “What did you say, whoever Bing Lian choose, that person will be the wife of Su Ling?”

Su Yu suddenly laughed but his dreadful laughter was unsightly. Gu Yun still refused to release him, forcing him to confess, “Say it clearly, if you don’t make it clear today, I will not let you go!”

Su Yu was aggrieved, he peered at Gu Yun with bloodshot eyes, he sneered derisively said, “For thousands of years, Su clan’s eldest daughter-in-law was chosen by Bing Lian, whoever was selected no one could object. No matter whether the woman is beautiful or ugly, clever or stupid, as long as she was selected, the Su clan’s descendants must agree. You were chosen by Bing Lian, I don’t even have the opportunity to compete. You understand it now!”

It seemed that in order to vent out his emotions, every sentences from Su Yu’s mouth was yelled loudly. It was difficult for Gu Yun not to hear it. The last sentence of Su Yu’s confession, she did not have time to process because the first sentence were severely hammering her head and ruthlessly shots her in the heart.

Be it beautiful or ugly, clever or stupid, as long as that person was chosen, the Su clan’s descendants must agree! Su Ling also thinks so too, right?

She unconsciously released the hand that was holding onto Su Yu’s collar. Gu Yun muttered, “You mean, it doesn’t matter who? If Bing Lian did not choose me then Su Ling absolutely would not pay any attention to me at all!”

The moment Gu Yun let go of Su Yu, he snapped and fell onto the ground again. He was guffawing and said, “So many women around eldest brother were beauties! He does not lack woman, never lacks!”

Yeah, she remembered the first time she met him. How insufferably arrogant he was and miserly mean to even look at her. When she fought with him in Ling Yun Court, when he saw her holding Bian Lian his eyes were filled with surprise and rage. It turned out that he was trying to protest with Bing Lian’s choice and after that he was in a hurry to leave. He was in a hurry to leave because he felt aggrieved? It was all because of Bing Lian!

Gu Yun always wanted to know the secret behind Bing Lian. Now she knew, why was she so uncomfortable? Her heart was muffled, she felt breathless!

Su Ren could hear Su Yu’s yelling from afar. He saw Su Yu lying down and Qing Mo is half kneeling, pushing and pulling each other. His heart thumped with fright, in a panic he shouted, “Su Yu!” Three steps as two big steps, he sprinted over to them and used his strength to drag back the drunk Su Yu. He was peering at Gu Yun’s uncertain face as he busily explained, “He is drunk, don’t listen to him!” Damn, how much did Yu actually drink?

Gu Yun gazed straight at Su Ren, with an eager tone asked, “Bing Lian’s selection choice will be Su clan’s eldest daughter-in-law. You were so polite to me at the start, Su family’s elders were good to me afterwards as well as Su Ling even looked at me differently. It was all because Bing Lian had chosen me, yes or no?”

Su Ren’s heart sank, Yu as expected had said it! He wondered how he should answer that. He hesitated, “In fact—–” 

She could see his hesitation and Gu Yun said word by word, “I. want. to. hear. the. truth!”

To be overly acute was also not good, she was too smart ah! With a sigh, he grudgingly replied, “At the beginning it was because of Bing Lian had chosen you but now we were all really sincerely fond of you!”

It turned out to be true. Gu Yun’s complexion suddenly paled, she did not say anything more, just turned and walked away.

“Qing Mo!” Su Ren wanted to chase but the entire person of Su Yu was hanging on his body, he couldn’t move. Watching her slender figure walking away with a trace of rare unusual cold indifference, Su Ren’s eyes quivered. Supporting the very drunk Su Yu, he scolded, “Brat, you had brought back a big catastrophe!” If elder brother knew about this, she had peel off a layer of his skin! (meaning she had already found out the hidden secret)

Gu Yun was walking towards Yi Tian Yuan and he constantly replays in her mind. Su Ling’s every anxiety, from disgust, anger, disregard and indifference, to the later recognition, even care and like. She recalled the attention and even the acceptance, it all seemed subsequently was related to Bing Lian. If not because of Bing Lian, he would not accept her advice in the suppression of the gold thieves, he might not have listened to her opinion, might not listen to a foreign woman said a word more; If not because of Bing Lian, he would not even let her, a woman, train his Su army’s elite soldiers. If not because of Bing Lian, that day would he still say the phrase ‘I am willing’?

With a desolated heart, Gu Yun entered into her room. She took a glance at Bian Lian that was hanging on the wall, gently taking it down, she held it in the palm of her hand. She used to feel very comfortable with the cool atmosphere before tonight but something is different now. This coolness seemed to leap into her heart, making her heart felt chilly.

Stroking the white blade, Gu Yun asked in a very soft voice, “All was because of you?”

Lonesome voice sounded so lost for the first time, when she asked this question, her heart was suddenly painful. This kind of pain was different from the pain of the stabbed wound, it unexpectedly made her swayed slightly on her feet. She gripped tightly onto Bing Lian in a cold voice asked, “Why must you picked me?”

Gu Yun sneered, she had always mistakenly believed she was very special. She thought this person was genuinely fond of her character. So, actually, as it turned out, it was merely Bing Lian who had chosen her nothing more. In the eyes of Su Ling who she was, was not important. It’s no wonder that he would accept a broken face, it was no wonder that he was patient with her arrogance, it’s no wonder that everyone was being nice to her at the General Manor!

So it’s like this — Merely like this — Why picked her?! She did not need to rely on a sword to get herself to be liked by others, she don’t want! Snapped, Gu Yun threw the sword back into the box, turned and left.

Bing Lian lying quietly in the wooden box seemed to have sensed something was amiss. The sword sprang out of the box and was blocking in front of Gu Yun. It seemed like it was in an act of goodwill and beckoning her to hold it. The white sword shines in the moonlight, its beauty normally enthralled her. Unfortunately at this moment, Gu Yun did not have the mood to appreciate it. She coldly and indifferently said, “I did not belong here at all, you should not choose me!” She wanted to go back! She wanted to return to her originally era! Passed over Bing Lian, Gu Yun continued to leave. Bing Lian steadfastly followed her. Gu Yun did not even look back and lowly roared, “Do not follow me!” Her brain was in a mess, she just wanted to be alone!

Bing Lian halted and did not leave the room. The moment Gu Yun stepped out of the courtyard the sword was shaking violently, its owner did not want it anymore! Blindingly bright white light illuminated the spacious room, cold air of white fog in a flash swept over the entire Yi Tian Yuan.

Gu Yun appeared late at night at the General Manor’s door, the entrance guards were startled and asked, “Miss Qing, it’s so late already, you still have to go out?”

“Mmm, casual walk.” She also did not know where she wanted to go, perhaps really just a walk. Presently it was only to leave this currently made her felt suffocated and heart breaking Manor, maybe only then she could calmly think. Gu Yun might as well help herself, the General explained before of her free access in and out of the General Manor. They also dare not stop her and could only watched as Gu Yun stepped out of the door.

The younger guard think it was still inappropriate and whispered, “The General had not come back, must or must not report to the lieutenant?” 

The older guard thought for a moment and replied, “It’s better to report.”

The youth nodded and ran towards the inner Manor.

Nobody noticed, there was a dark figure closely following behind Gu Yun.

Late-night streets, the pavements had no street lighting and the alley had no moonlight, a pure black horse and a man on the horseback was riding into the night, one could only hear the hooves from far and near, the sound of the horse was not in a hurry. Su Ling holding the reins, his mind was still thinking of today’s news on the East China Sea.

The east side territorial waters often had pirates plundering ships but because Qiong Yue’s basic cargo did not take the sea route, the emperor had no plan to intercommunicate with the neighboring island and there were also little confrontation with the pirates. However, in recent months, the pirates unexpectedly had repeatedly disembarked many times. They killed, burned and looted in small towns, the small towns were raided. Our army navy’s adviser are weak, they had pursued many times but it escaped every time. Su Ling with the officers and the ministers discussed the whole evening. They decided upon writing a petition to the emperor. Definitely, they have to ask the emperor to dispatch troops and to strengthen the East China Sea.

Su Ling was still wondering which troops should be deployed to the East China Sea. Chi Xie on his waist suddenly become hot, strange white light emitted in the dark night. It was magnificent and bizarre, at the same time the blade was abnormally shaking violently. Although they were separated by clothing, he could actually still felt the scorching heat.

Chi Xie rarely had such an intense unusual performance, that dazzling white light got Su Ling even more alarmed, what had happened to Bing Lian? He thought of the matter that Su Ren said in his report. Su Ling’s surging heart uncontrollably tightened. The people from Ju Ling Island were seriously so ferocious, even Bing Lian and the shadow guards could not protect her? He tightened his hold on the reins, Su Ling braced the horse’s body and the steed as if also generates master’s urgency gave a long neighing sound, the dark black form like a sharp sword sped along, went through on the roadway .

Rapid hooves sound attracted the attention of the entrance guard. He looked up and at a distance, a shadow was galloping very fast. In just a little while, it was right in front of him. The person on the horse immediately pulled the reins, the steed gave a long neigh and stopped in front of the General Manor’s door. Upon seeing clearly, the guard immediately greeted, “General!” General’s expression was dignified, the guard was hesitating how to say that Miss Qing had left the Manor. Su Ling had already nimbly dismounted and threw the reins into the guard’s hand, hurriedly went towards the Manor.

Su Ling had just entered the door when he met with a solemn Han Shu who also appeared to be in a haste. Han Shu gave a long sigh of relief, “General, you finally came back.”

Su Ling was worried that his guessing came true, with some impatience in his tone, “What’s going on?”

Han Shu with a weird expression said, “Something had happened in Yi Tian Yuan, you faster go and have a look.”

Things really went wrong! Su Ling’s brain automatically remembered the scene when the sword passed through her heart, a chill swept through his body and his complexion suddenly turned paled. Han Shu oddly looked at Su Ling breathing heavily, anxiously asked, “General, what happened to you?”

Han Shu’s resounding voice snapped Su Ling’s sanity back, looking at Han Shu other than his strange expression there was no difference as usual. With his character, if Qing Mo was attacked in the Manor, he should not have such a look. Su Ling forced down his panic and disturbed emotion. While walking in the direction to Yi Tian Yuan in a fast pace, he asked, “What actually was the matter?”

Following the footsteps of Su Ling closely, Han Shu frowned with a blank face replied, “I did not know why but within the vicinity of Yi Tian Yuan, it was strangely frigid. I was actually going to go in and have a look but when I walked into the yard, my whole body was almost frozen stiffed. Considering the freezing cold, I had to come out first. I did not know if Miss Qing was in the room but if she was then it’s going to be troublesome!”

Frigid? Even though Bing Lian was cold but not to the level where people could not go into the yard. Su Ling also could not understand but it was not a night attack, half of his worries was put down. However, his footsteps did not have the slightest intention to slow down.

When the older guard came back after securing the horse, the shadow of the two had already disappeared heading into the Manor. At this time, the younger guard who went to report rushed back and before he could stand still, the older guard asked anxiously, “Did you see the General just now?”

The youth shook his head replied, “No.”

“Lieutenant Su?”

The youth felt defeated replied, “I could not find him, he was not in his yard.” He also went to the study room to find but also did not see Lieutenant. He undoubtedly did not go out, how could he be missing?

The night wind was howling but the older guard is sweating anxiously, “I thought just now I heard Vanguard Han said that there is some problem that happened at Yi Tian Yuan , is it not with Miss Qing who was living in there?”

“What do we do now?” The youth was also becoming nervous, if knowing that this was the case, just now no matter what they would not let Miss Qing go out of the Manor!

With his fists clenched, the older guard kept his heart crossed said, “You stay here guarding, I will go look for General at Yi Tian Yuan to report that Miss Qing  went out of the Manor.” Withholding information was an even greater sin!

“Mmm!” The youth broke out in a cold sweat, quickly nodded. The older guard began to rush towards Yi Tian Yuan, the more he walked further in, he felt a chilling cold coming out from the Manor forcing its way into his heart and he unconsciously trembles.

When Su Ling and Han Shu hurriedly arrived at Yi Tian Yuan, they were so startled by the scene in front that for a moment, they were unable to move a single step.

On the wall higher than a man was a thin layer of ice, on the roof tiles, there were more than two inches of icicles. Lush tree leaves in the night with the wind blowing. Swinging leaves should be making rustling sounds but because the leaves were frozen at this moment, it makes strange noises like waves of stones knocking each other. Yi Tian Yuan as a whole was covered in ice and under the moonlight, it was like glistening fantasyland.

Outside Yi Tian Yuan, the night patrolling soldiers watched the spectacle. They were all stupefied, stiff and motionless standing in front of the yard bewildered, trembling and shivering.

Su Ling was the first to regain his composure and walk towards the courtyard door. Han Shu stared at the icicles on the wall, he could not help but bewilderingly cried, “Oh, good heavens! Just now when I came, there is no icicles yet? It is only November, how could there be such a strange thing!” Qiong Yue was located in the South, the capital was the most warm and pleasant place to be. Only on New Year for a few days more, it would float a bit of snowflakes. When would you got to see such a scene?

Su Ling walked to the door and the door suddenly was opened from the inside, a surge of extremely cold air came out at once. All people standing near the door unconsciously shivered! A tall figure patting off the ice flakes on his body was cursing while coming out, “Wants to freeze me to death!”

The sight from outside the house revealing that the yard inside was illuminated by a dazzling white light. There was half a foot of thick ice on the grass, the windows and roof were full of icicles. The ones standing outside the courtyard could feel the cold penetrating their bones. To place oneself inside, one could not imagine what it was like. Su Ling quickly approached, “Uncle Yan, is she in there?”

Su Yan quickly closed the courtyard door while rubbing his stiff fingers, shuddering, replied, “That girl was not here. We did not know why Bing Lian got crazy. Anything less than ten feet away was all frozen into ice and that dazzling white light was blinding. I did not expect Bing Lian’s abilities to be so strong, if not for my internal strength for more than forty years keeping myself warm, perhaps I could not even get out!”

“She’s not here?” Then where did she go? Su Ling pushed open the door, he wanted to go in and find out more. For Bing Lian to behave this way, the sword must know something and what happened to her.

The moment he opened the door, the chill that came out was even more biting. Su Yan shrunk his neck unconsciously. He was grabbing Su Ling’s sleeve and cautioned him, “Ling, don’t go in, something was not right with Bing Lian tonight!” Over the years, although Bing Lian had always been cold if the Su family wished to touch it, it would only chill through their body. It would be fine if it was only the chill,  but it’s frostbitten that they were suffering tonight! When he got closer, rather than just a convergence of cold air, the chill was more abundant, turning everything near it into ice. If he did not have the agility to leap away, he would have been frozen inside.

Su Ling frowns, his heart had a bad premonition breeding inside, she must have had met with a mishap or Bing Lian would not be like this. Holding Chi Xie firmly, Su Ling replied, “I have Chi Xie, it will be alright!” The more it was like this, the more he needed to get in. Scrutinizing at Su Ling’s scarlet sword, Su Yan eased a little and finally let go of his sleeve.

Su Ling stepped into the yard cautiously with his backhand shut the door. Bing Lian that was inside the room seemed to be induced by their arrival and the gleaming white became even more dazzling. At this moment, the always quiet Chi Xie also began to be uneasy and vibrated restlessly. The hilt gave a stream of warmth to Su Ling through his palm that blocked the biting cold. It helped Su Ling to approach smoothly to the frozen cabin. 

Su Ling forced open the door and saw the huge room had no signs of fighting. The sword was suspended in mid-air, as Su Yan says, less than ten feet around everything was all frozen into ice and become an empty cylinder. Under the dazzling white sword, the reflection from the ice was even more blinding.

Su Ling resisted the sharp cold wind and entered the room, anxiously asked, “Bing Lian, where is she?”

It was fine if he did not ask. Unfortunately, he had asked and immediately Bing Lian got infuriated. Across the ten feet thick ice, Bing Lian suddenly flew towards him. With the sword’s movement, the ice also moved. In an instant, Bing Lian carrying extremely cold vital energy with ruthless strength was pressuring towards him. Su Ling was surprised after a leap back he cleaved the red blood sword in his hands. The scarlet sword’s vital energy like a lightning struck the ice block. Bang— The block of ice was impressively divided into two. However, Su Ling and Chi Xie did not gain anything from it. The stuffy pain in his chest reminds him that the counter attack’s vital energy almost nearly made him suffer internal injuries and Chi Xie after that moment ago was still shaking!

Su Ling’s eagle eyes slightly squint, he still wants to move inside but Chi Xie suddenly crossed and blocked his path, did not want to let him proceed even one step. Away from the fragmentation of solid ice, Bing Lian also seemed to be not convinced and released cold air like crazy. Those broken ice had actually started to build up little by little again and it seems Bing Lian does not intend to stop. Su Ling thought deeply for a while and decided not to proceed and turned to leave the room.

He had just opened the door and was immediately pulled out by a big hand. Su Ling was not only covered with ice, even his hair and eyebrows were sheathed in ice. His breath brought out white fumes of mist, it was cruelly visible that the room was frosty! His distressed appearance gave a perception right away that even with Chi Xie, it did not add any help!  Su Yan quickly helped him pats down the ice on the body and anxiously asked, “How?”

Su Ling with a dark somber expression replied, “Bing Lian was in a violent anger. I also could not approach it.”

Without any further explanation, he asked perplexity, “Qing Mo and this, what actually is happening?”

He did not know what was it! She was missing, Bing Lian was strangely mad for no reason. Su Ling was compelled by the situation to directly get angry.

At this time, Su Quan and Su Ren also came to the front of Yi Tian Yuan looking at the situation. Even Su Quan who was always smiling, at this moment, looked very solemn. Su Ren’s low voice suddenly resonated, “Qing Mo knows about the matter of Bing Lian selecting a wife.” After lingering in anxiousness for a long time, Su Ling now knew the core of the problem.

She knew it already? “Who told her?” Su Ling glared at Su Yan. Su Yan took a step back and answered quickly, “Not me!”

Su Ren signed in a low voice explained, “Su Yu got too drunk tonight, he happened to met Qing Mo, he haphazardly said some things in his heart without choosing the words, but……” He also had been negligent. To a proud woman, how could she stand to be just a sword-like-appendages? (sword’s attachment)

Su Ling’s heart sunk, She’s gone? As if to confirm his suspicions, the older guard on duty from awhile ago quickly step forward and said, “Reporting to the general, Miss Qing went out of the Manor half a shichen ago.” (1 shichen=2 hours)

“Where did she go?”

Su Ling’s angry roared frightened the guard, with a pale face and trembling replied, “She…she…, she said she wanted to take a walk and we dare not ask her.”

“Damn! Why did not you ask her where she was going? Why did not follow her!”

Su Ling’s restless temperament not only really shocked the guard but also everyone in the presence was surprised by his rage.

Being too concerned loses one’s composure in chaos, Su Ling apparently already had been at a loss, Su Ren quickly analyzed to him, “Elder brother, she had Su clan’s shadow guard’s protection, she would be alright! When the Chief comes back and summons the shadow guard, you would know where she is.” Shadow Guard protects only the Su families and only accepts the Chief’s orders. Su Ren was very calm but Su Ling did not have such a good cultivation, still feeling anxious about her, after all the one missing is his woman.

“You stay in the Manor and wait for Elder Qing. If you have news of her immediately send people to stop her. In any case, must find her whereabouts!” At the drop of his words and regardless of their reaction, Su Ling turned and sprinted out, leaving a group of men who had been swept by his anger still stood there in fear.

Staring at the tall figure who went like a whirlwind, Han Shu understood clearly. General’s flurried appearance, he had seen it for the first time. It was self-evident that Qing Mo was treasured in his heart. He then turned to look at Su Ren who was equally solemn beside him and asked, “What should we do now?”

“She did not ride a horse, she should not be far away. I will wait here for the Chief. You divide your soldiers into small squads and search. Even if you had to flip the whole capital also must find her!” If she could not be found then third younger brother would have to suffer, even if the elder brother was willing to let him off, he might force himself to death. 

Han Shu nodded and replied, “Well, I’ll go now.”

“Han Shu.” Su Ren suddenly called him, thought for a moment and said in an accountable way, “Be prudent, don’t want to set tongues wagging!”

Han Shu patted his chest, “Rest assured.”

Just after Han Shu had spoken, there was a snapping and creaking sound in the night. Everyone looked towards the direction of the sound, the ice on the walls like vines slowly began extending to the ground. The clear transparent ice was very beautiful. But it swallowed everything along the way on the ground as it comes, it made them feel terrified and creepy inside.

Seeing the ice climbing towards their instep. Su Ren had a rude awakening and yelled, “Back!” Everyone who was surrounding outside Yi Tian Yuan hurriedly stepped backward, staring at the progressive extension of the ice on the ground. Su Ren’s face began to pale, he lowly shouted towards Han Shu, “Faster go!”

“Oh!” Han Shu came back to his senses and dashed to the training field barracks. Bing Lian’s fury extended in all directions, night patrolling soldiers were scared if this Miss Qing did not come back, will the whole General Manor be frozen?

General Manor’s commotion and chaos were in a heap but Gu Yun was not aware of the circumstances.

Gu Yun slowly walked along the quartzite alley. She looked up and could only see a few clouds covered the dim stars, even the moon was not clear. The road was also dark in front and it seems like an invisible road, she walked slowly step by step. Her heart from a moment ago was of anger, then later disappointment and to this moment of confusion. Perhaps in such a quiet night only her footsteps and heart sounds are clearly visible.

She did not know how long she had been walking because she did not know where to go? This was the first time she did not know what she had wanted.

She was 17 years old when she enlisted in the army, at 19 she was elected to enter Armed Police Special Force Reconnaissance operation, field operation, round up, rescuing hostages and anti-hijacking … … She could not remember how many times she had performed the tasks, until the age of 24 when carrying out anti-terrorism implementation mission, her right lung was shot by SOAE caliber sand eagle gun, the half lobe of lungs was removed. She had to retire from that department but she requested for transfer to the Criminal Investigation Brigade. The assessments were all excellent. She got an extremely high detection rate, solved many cases and a variety of tasks were done very well.

In this patriarchal society world, she thought she could rely on her own strength for recognition. However, the results, in the end, it was all herself thinking that she was infallible but in fact, she was just a sword accessory. In their eyes, perhaps who she was as a person was not really important at all.

At this moment she just wishes to know, the one who usually roared at her but always complied with her, impatient but would silently accompany her to take her medicine, always indifferent with solemn eyes but will say awkward things like ‘ I am willing to ‘. Was it because of that sword? Did he liked her or just habitually recognized the tradition of the clan?

Her footsteps were heavy, Gu Yun leaned her back against the cold stone wall. She slowly sat in a corner of the alley, hiding in the dark with her head gently on her lap. She slowly closed her eyes.

She always thought that she didn’t care, but now why her heart feels so bitterly unbearable?


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