A Mistaken Marriage Match 2:Generation of Military Counselors Chapter 33 Su Ling Confessed

A Mistaken Marriage Match 2: Generation of Military Counselors

Chapter 33   Su Ling Confessed

The best color protection at night is darkness, which wrapped around the woman curled up in the corner.  At the same time, a man was standing on the end of the lane hidden in the darkness. He had never seen her like this, looking so forlorn and confused, so different from her usual high spirit and assertiveness, lips pursed into a harsh smile that makes people move and the keen deep eyes which makes one lose his senses. Tonight, why is she so sad?

The dark eyes silently stare at the woman curled up and sitting in the distance.  He attempted several times to approach her but at the end, he could not take a step. In his hand is the efficacious medicine he begged from the master, hoping to make her injury heal faster. He has waited at the General’s House on his feet all day but has not mustered enough courage to walk in,  perhaps just let Gan Jing, who has more ability to carry and give it to her.

He does not know how to deal with her. The sword that pierced her chest at that moment also pierced his heart. Even if she proposed the plan, even if she is still alive, still she shouldn’t exchange her life for Ye Mei and took the sword into her heart.

He knew that he had no qualifications to appear by her side, but tonight, she is so sad and lonely if only he can stand by her side?

The shadows hidden away in the dark finally stirred, but at the same time, a string of running hoofs shattered the stillness of the night.

Ao Tian squints toward the black horse that is fast approaching like lightning. It quickly came to his side and stopped nearby, at last beside the huddled lonely shadow. The horse rider is Su Ling!

Hidden under a bitter heart, Ao Tian’s shadow moved deeper and took a step back. Gu Yun heard the loud sound of hooves, raising her eyes to the tall figure, she has been pulled up from sitting on the ground. The next moment, she fell into the warm but overbearing embrace.

Gu Yun returned to her senses and struggling quietly exclaimed, “Let me go! “

His thick body leniently surrounded her in his arms and with the hushed tone he was so eager to know,

” Why did you go away without saying a word? “

She walked in a dark alley and this night his heart has been hanging, it feels empty and each time he went to the wrong location, he was afraid he missed her. Is he not good enough for her? Why didn’t she just question him, but to leave quietly, also is to say, has she not perceived in her heart his intention and understand his feelings?

Su Ling’s gruff tone made Gu Yun gradually calm down in her heart but then she got angry again and snapped,

 “I have nothing to do with you. Let Bing Lian help you to choose a better one! “

She was really angry because of the Bing Lian thing. He was wrong before. Su Ling hastily explained,

 “I did not intentionally deceive you. I just thought this is no big deal–“

 GuYun probably is not aware that she is throwing a tantrum, appearing like a woman who lost her temper due to lack of concern and attention, only that, hers is just way more intense. This moment her appearance was like a ‘cat whose tail was trampled upon’. Su Ling has not finished and she has been bluntly sarcastic.

 “Yes ah, it is a woman, no big deal! A woman, who didn’t make any difference to you! “

” That’s not what I meant! It’s just a sword, you don’t have to pay too much attention to it! “

Su family was so concerned so much about the sword, now she also links her understanding to that? In their hearts, a sword will be able to control Su Ling?!

Don’t pay so much attention? GuYun looked at Su Ling‘s profound deep black eyes and asked earnestly,

 “Good, then let me ask you if it is not the sword, will you let me have free access to the General’s Office? Will I get those favors and even let me stay in the barracks for training? … … ” She took a deep breath, Gu Yun finally decided in her heart to ask what she most cared about,

” Will you be anxious about me?  Will you also regard a special fondness for me?”  

He really did not expect that the sword has such a big influence on her, initially he did not say it, is because he was afraid after she knew she will feel awkward and if he knew this, he would make everyone shut their mouth! But if he didn’t explain, that she absolutely won’t let go, so he sighs answered truthfully,

 “I really wondered why Bing Lian chose you, so I didn’t pay attention to it. Your training has nothing to do with the sword.  I’m nervous because you–” Su  Ling eyebrows unconsciously wrinkled together, he’s a known chauvinist, so to say sentiments of love, ahhh, too irritating and awkward, what he was doing to her, didn’t she really get it?

Gu Yun’s heart from the moment she asked has been hanging and her eyes did not blink. Perhaps it is because of this unprecedented care and tension.  She was watching Su Ling’s moment of hesitation and awkwardness and she was speechless.

Her heart was bitterly stabbed in pain! He did not say it? That she will help him to say,

“Because Bing Lian is the one who elects the Su’s daughter-in-law since I do not look very repugnant and you can put up with it, therefore, it doesn’t matter! “

“Qing Mo! “

 Su Ling was so worried about Gu Yun’s outbursts. The emotional explosion of harsh words and tonight’s short temper had worried him so much that he encircled his hands around her waist and held her tightly. Gazing towards her equally cold eyes and with a repressed voice he said,

“In your heart,  am I this kind of man? “A casual compromising type not considering the feelings of others! If he was willing, he could have taken a wife and group of concubines, also why would he wait until today to let her question and mock him like this?

GuYun’s heart twisted a bit but her hands would not surrender. She knew that he is really angry and his hands are clenched tightly. He observed her coldly and when he could not see those pair of dark eyes. Su Ling got more irritated and would not allow her to escape and growled,

 “Answer me. “

He actually growled at her! He never said something to her about Ling Li sword things, he deliberately shrouds it in secrecy, even in this moment, he has not properly explained himself, in the heart she was aggrieved,  GuYun roared back,

 “You never thought of letting me know from the beginning what kind of man you are! “

That always firm and bright eyes, a layer of mist was covering it at the moment, she did not cry a rain but that faint haze, enough to dampen all of his anger. She is not fit to cry and she is not allowed to cry. Generously large clumsy hand-held Gu Yun’s back, clumsy but very soft, the deep male voice was slow but very strong to her ears,

 “The woman has always been troublesome in my eyes, if I don’t like it, let alone the sword chose it for me. Very much so, even the monarch cannot compel me to marry anyone! I’m anxious about you. I want to protect you, trust you, all because … I… Su Ling  loves you. I like you for who you are, I want you to be my wife for me…for  Su Ling,  not only as a hostess of the Su, home of our ancestors in the General’s Office”. With that, Su Ling suddenly relieved.

GuYun was frightened by Su Ling’s affection which comes suddenly to defend and explain himself. She was confused and just stood there. She can’t say what’s in her heart because she couldn’t think of anything, her brain was all over the place just processing what he just said.

GuYun rarely has any dull and silly moments. Su Ling happily embraced her in his arms, slightly lowered his body and whispered in her ear, “Am I clear? Would you like me to say it again? “

His warm deep breathing in the ear was giving her a tingling feeling. Her brain was having a collapse when she finally gained back her composure, her face was burning, and she did not know herself that his face now doesn’t look frightening. She only knew that her heart was racing like crazy, the clear and rapid heartbeat make her have an erratic breathing. She forced herself to inhale but she was surrounded on every side by his breathing.  She was starting to have trouble breathing.  Gu Yun panicked and wanted to get out of his arms,  looped at the waist but her hand was trapped and can’t back down, she wants to move but she can continue to stiffly stand there. She doesn’t know how she should react.

Su Ling spoke again in a deep tone, “How about you? “

Gu Yun absently lifting her head, she met Su Ling’s incomparably earnest eyes. She inexplicably asked.  ” What? ”

” What do you think? How do you like me? ” Su Ling’s eagle eyes obviously cannot masks his expression. He was full of anxiety and anticipation.

Gu Yun gawks at him and in a moment of stupidity, her wit left her! Who, Oh, is someone there to defend me or someone else to answer him immediately?! Su Ling intense look was observing her. Gu Yun’s mind was cluttered. She lived more than twenty years and this is her first time to be in chaos.

GuYun’s rabbit’s eyes appeared like he frightened her and she did not say a word. Su Ling, the longer he waits, the gloomier he looks, his heart slowly calmed down, however, his hand around her waist tightened. He was still overbearing but careful not to hurt her and in a soft voice asked,

” Do you not like me? “

Watching Su Ling’s obvious disenchanted eyes and grieved,  GuYun without much thinking immediately replied,  ” NO! “

After she finished her word, GuYun’s face blushed. Oh, my goodness, what she just said! So eager to deny that she was shameless! GuYun immediately bowed her head and afraid to look at the Su Ling’s face while  Su Ling embraced her tightly in his arms, she bowed head felt very light on his shoulders. GuYun is lamenting at her own gaffes and did not notice Su Ling’s ecstatic eyes.

He was surprised then observe the “tender” woman curled up in his arms. He instantaneously understood, “I get it, what it’s like.” The woman was reserved. She is shy.

Ah? Listening to him he sounds very happy and confident, GuYun at a loss she lifts her head. Su Ling has a big dazzling smile on his face. Such laughter absolutely does not appear in this serious face only because she said the word  “NO”.  Let him laugh joyfully. GuYun was about to say something but it was destroyed by such a pure smile.

He had asked her why she didn’t like him, her heart quickly told her, no! If it is not like then the opposite should be like, right?  His lip raises a sweet smile, leaving his hands on her waist he held her tightly in his arms. This heart’s slowly rising feeling is happiness? Just holding her in his arms was a reassurance and satisfaction. Just holding her tight. Suddenly, Su Ling frowned with brows tightly knit, why she’s so thin?? Nearly all bones. Su Ling slowly relaxed his arms and pulled up from the horse’s back a cloak and he wrapped her up in a cloak. In winter, she went to go out at night wearing so little!  Su Ling’s face full of tenderness suddenly changed.  Gu Yun who is watching him and was bewildered, man’s thoughts are really not easy to guess.

Taking GuYun ’s hand, Su Ling turned his horse, ” Let’s go back. If you don’t go back, Bing Lian we don’t know what it demands that it plays crazy or what sort! “

” How is it? “Actually, all this year, the sword and Gu Yun have a good companionship and it’s devoted to protecting her. He was sincerely grateful and really liked it, but tonight the sword is really furious and there’s no good appearance to it.

 Su Ling in an annoyed deep voice, “Thinking that you don’t want it so loses its temper. “

” Tantrum? ” GuYun was puzzled that Bing Lian was indeed very spiritual, but it’s a sword, how would a sword lose its temper?

Su Ling face look uncomfortable and replied, “You go back and you will know. “

” You tell me first! “Gu Yun is really curious.

Su Ling pretending to be mysterious shook his head, “I’m saying nothing. “

He does not know what the General’s Office look now. Certainly not good.

Su Ling doesn’t want to tell her, Gu Yun got mad and doesn’t want to climb on the horse.

Glaring and urging with him she said, “Quickly. Come on! “

Su Ling laughed, ” Not saying! ” Is she acting like a spoiled child?

“Su Ling! ” GuYun replied angrily with a growl. Su Ling was still unimpressed and just raised his eyebrow. GuYun pouted her lips with a slight smile in a low voice says,” … … Do not want to … … tell me! ” Hump,  don’t want to say, how about a torture!

Aww ouch! – Su Ling drew a gasp of air in pain! This woman really is cruel. His finger almost snapped!  Glaring at GuYun’s triumphant face. Su Ling’s eagle eyes slightly squint, suddenly a  dangerous raiding atmosphere came over Gu Yun. GuYun wanted to take a step back away from him but she was too late.

“Ohhh–” GuYun screamed in alarm, he, he, he actually dragged her hands and put her whole body on the horseback sat her across him face to face! On the entire horse ride, she was straddled on Su Ling’s leg. He clung to her waist tightly. Sitting stiffly, her body falls forward towards his chest, she put her hands on his chest to create a space between their bodies, such a posture she has to tolerate!

“Su Ling you bastard! “

The woman’s curses and a man’s vigorous deep chuckle echoed through the quiet alley. The night where the moon wasn’t clear suddenly brightens up. Under the moon, two people on a horse cast a long shadow and their horse walks leisurely and carefree, the hoof beats drifting away, scream and low laughter from time to time slowly fades away. It was a warm cold night. 

Until the two figures completely disappeared on the lane and the joy of laughter completely stopped,  again came out the lonely shadow that was still standing there. In his hand, the porcelain jar was crushed into pieces, sharp tiles pierced into his palm one by one. The blood is dripping down along the finger in the cold blue stone board, leaving behind the place, as a  heart war casualty.

The black horse stopped in front of the General’s Office once again and this time they were met with obvious sluggish movement and averting defensive actions, careful not to make a wrong step lest they fall.

 Su Ling dismounted then he helped Gu Yun get down the horse. The door guard was shivering as he took Su Ling’s reins, “General”  –however, the youth was almost driven to tears when he saw Gu Yun came back with him.

GuYun was confused, what is this situation? Standing outside the General Office were the guards wearing thick cotton-padded jackets, nevertheless, they were still standing tall and straight but the hand holding the weapon had apparently frozen red. White smoke appears when a person exhales. The General’s Office heavy doors were tightly closed, doors were bright and transparent while a drift touch of white fog comes out sporadically. To the side was livid Su Ling and GuYun gawking blankly and asked, “What’s going on? “

Curse Bing Lian, the sword really want to freeze up the General’s Office! Su Ling’s teeth rattled. GuYun suddenly had an enlightenment then exclaimed, “Bing Lian?! It’s incredible, isn’t it?

Su Ling bitterly replied, “It is in a fit of anger, you find a solution how to restrain the sword, or at dawn, it would be difficult to end. ” All have become frozen including the doors and he can’t imagine inside appearance of the manor was like then.

Gu Yun nodded clear, “Where is it? “At dawn, if the ice does not stop, the people from the outside will see and rumor will come from all directions.

“Yi Tian Yuan. ” Ling Li sword was thinking of making the General Office like Yi Tian Yuan as a whole. Su Ling’s teeth started to chatter again and if so, he must do something to melt it!

Two men went up the steps to push the door open but the ice on the door was slippery and they guessed, the door had been frozen too. The two could not push it open until several other men watching rushed over to help. Seven or eight men pushed hard the heavy door when finally it slowly opened.  The sound of the creaking ice was harsh to the ear, hence they were only able to open one-meter wide seam because it won’t budge anymore.

Su Ling advanced with GuYun behind him. They went into the manor and she amazed by the incredible sight! Su Ling holding the Chuxie which was trembling slightly and the consequences of excessive force was that a section of the blue veins nearly burst out. Gu Yun swallowed her saliva thinking if she was Su Ling by her estimate a blood vessel already burst out… …

 Covering the ground was ten centimeters thick ice and all the grass below were frozen like stone, the leaves on the trees were left bare and on a vigorous stems slender icicles condensed, the shafts could be used as murder weapon. The stone mountain fixture in the middle of the court was not spared also, now it looks like an iceberg. To find the path inside one must be familiar with the layout of the manor. GuYun suspected that the General’s Office now was ice and snow world.

To tell the truth, the scenery was quite beautiful but GuYun was really not in the mood to appreciate it. It was so cold making one’s blood froze. Su Ling’s thin cloak cannot block the wind and GuYun was shivering when suddenly a generous warm hand of Su Ling held her freezing hand.

“Go to Hua Ting (Reception Hall/Flower Hall). ” The two walks and run towards nearest reception hall. The farther they go, the penetrating chill is more bitter, the wintry atmosphere was suffocating that the air you exhale instantly turns to frost, it was a blood-curdling scenario.  Gu Yun cannot help but secretly remind herself not to provoke Bing Lian!  This is too terrifying.

Finally,  the two men went to Hua Ting, the door was firmly closed but there was a reflection of the flame glowing from within the room.  Su Ling forced to open the ice-covered wooden door which came the voice of conversations. Suddenly, the door was forced open from the inside, GuYun felt a pain on her shoulder and the next moment she was being carried into the room by Su Yan.

Su Ling released GuYun’s hand then picked up a large mink coat from the chair and draped it over her body while he picked up another long buckskin jacket for himself. The very thick fur gave her relief letting her breathe slowly for she was freezing inside and cannot say out a word.  As she slowly sustained her breath she carefully observed the surroundings.  The housing has two large pile of fire and the flame was burning intensely but sustains no thermal heat, nonetheless, it was somewhat still better than standing outside. Surrounding the bonfire beside Su Yan were the entire Su family, Su Ren , Su Quan, Su Qing and even Su Pan who was missing for several days also came back. In such a cold environment, there is one person not huddled by the fire, he was curled up sitting in a corner of the ice wall. He is no other than Su Yu.

She glanced at the reddened eyes for less than a second, his eyes looked clearer, and he should have sobered up from the liquor.

The heavy large hand landed on the shoulders of Gu Yun, Su Yan eagerly said , “Girl, Ah, good, you’re back. Bing Lian has been crazy, you go over and stop it; you alone can get it! ” The Patriarch  who went to see Bing Lian was almost frozen and now she was their last hope.

“She can’t. ” Before Gu Yun could answer, Su Ling refused ,” She cannot go forward, it is hard to walk and it is so cold, everything in the manor was frozen.”  There’s no color of blood on her face furthermore he can’t let her brave hardship and dangers.

“What should we do? ” Who let Bing Lian go crazy?

Su Ren has a difficult expression,  looked at  Su Qing, “Chief-“

Su Qing thought for a moment and replied,  “You try to call it. “

Gu Yun  nodded ,” OK. “

” Bing Lian! “

No response.

“Bing Lian! “


Gu Yun made her voice bigger and louder.  “Bing Lian!!”

Still no response.

“Bing Lian!!!”

Still Nothing.

GuYun shook her head with expression of frustration replied, “Nothing, I may be too far away.”  Su Ling said within half a mile she can summon the sword into her hand, but from HuaTing  to Yi Tian Yuan was definitely more than half a mile.

Su Qing said with a smile, “If the heart calls , the other heart should be able to hear it. ” Bing Lian dependence and recognition is beyond their imagination, maybe between her and Bing Lian the connection was far more than that.

The heart? Gu Yun frown, mental telepathy? Continually been so mysterious? Gently closes her eyes and refuses to abandon any hope! GuYun cried over and over again in her mind,  ‘Bing Lian….. Bing Lian ….. Bing Lian….. Bing Lian ‘– after she called several times and there is no movement,  GuYun became impatient,‘ hear me then quickly rolled over to me!’

Still no response.

She opened her eyes, GuYun reluctantly went back to Su Qing. She just wants to say she has tried when suddenly a glare of white light coming from afar in a flash comes closer. Everyone didn’t have time to react when a formidable force broke the closed doors and windows, suddenly a dazzling light entangled in a snowstorm hit with sweeping momentum,  all the people inside the room including GuYun was forced to retreat few steps.

Tonight,  Bing Lian was crazy, for fear that it injured Gu Yun, Su Ling tried to move in front of her to protect her, but when he was about to move his feet, a fierce icy cold currents attacked him, Su Ling reaches to block  it however he was thrown ten feet away, no one could go near Gu Yun, even Su Ling wants to stand beside her but can’t.

Bing Lian surrounded  GuYun with pure white halo, Su Ling fears for her and also would like to come forward, but he was grabbed by Su Qing indicating that he would care for her.

GuYun was bravely facing Bing Lian. Su Ling finally stopped on his tracks. Gu Yun and the ice sword standing opposite each other with the hilt of the sword hanging in front of her. Gu Yun naturally grabbed the handle.

Shhhh….when the hand grasps the handle of Ling Li sword, Gu Yun felt a cold chill rushing from the blade it’s very cold!  Whenever she touched Bing Lian during those times it was not cold at all. GuYun can feel the ice sword is having a temper, even if her palm has been frigid that it began to tingle in numbness, she didn’t loosen her grip on the hilt but instead held it tighter.

After the battle, Bing Lian’s cold aura was getting weaker and GuYun was secretly relieved, damn, if frozen for a moment more her hand was estimated to be ruined!

Why you don’t want me? GuYun’s heart has just relaxed when a young child’s voice resounds, it seems to be very far also seems to be very close, with a little mood of interrogation, not terrifying, but the tender delicate voice coming to have extremely strong affection.

Is it talking to me? A sword? Gu Yun ignorant at first but she calmed soon, since it can have a tantrum, talking was nothing strange, right? Isn’t it? The world is really crazy.

Why you don’t want me? Gu Yun did not answer, it was clearly discontented. Gu Yun replied with astonishment, “Who doesn’t want you?! “

You told me not to follow you! Gu Yun tried to explain, and also do not know how she would explain to a sword only perfunctory replies, “I’m upset, I need to take a walk. “

Fortunately, it didn’t take offense anymore, little voice said, “So, it’s not you really don’t want me? “ Gu Yun replied without hesitation: ” No. “

You guarantee! “Well, I promise I won’t stop you, okay!” After seeing this match today, she dare not? It is absolutely ready to turn her into an ice block.

Ohh! Ok, I’m so tired! Bing Lian has been pleased with the answer and at last, it was satisfied. The dazzling light slowly faded out, it no longer suspended in the air, but lying in Gu Yun’s hand.

Prior to this moment, it was a display of majestic power, and what, in the next moment the sword appeared to be useless? Gu Yun thinks it’s funny, “it deserves to be, “fussed all evening throwing its energy and cannot be tired?

 The white halo upon the Ling Li sword disappeared followed by the fading of icy cold air however the ice around was still there. Nevertheless, the ice present was not that kind of fierce winds. It was less bitter.

Gu Yun was holding the Ling Li sword in hand when she looked behind her, she saw this group of people gawking at her with complex expressions.  SuYan was surprised and asked, ” You can you talk to it? “

GuYun’s felt magical, smiling she replied, ” I don’t know. Did you hear it? ” The voice was tender, misty and ethereal, but still very clear.

All at the same time, shaking their heads. Ah? That was really so fantastic? Gu Yun asked Su Ling,  ” Do you speak to Chixue? “

” I could not hear the voice but can feel out its meaning. “

” Oh. “Gu Yun was disappointed because she would also like to ask him if the cool red blood sword voice is also so cute?

Doors and windows were broken by Bing Lian and all around were irrigation and wind, Su Yan wrapped the jacket a little tighter and cried, “All right, all right, we stop talking now. Cover the people being frozen to death and find a solution to Bing Lian’s mess now! “

Gu Yun looked wearily and glanced at the sword hanging over her shoulders, it weakly flashed a white light, then calmed again, waited a while and saw no signs of melting ice on the ground. GuYun said in a low voice, “Bing Lian? “

After listening attentively, Gu Yun’s complexion becomes somewhat strange then she coughs lightly, brimming with laughs, “Well, it said it consumes too much, now the source of energy has not sealed.”

Did not have the strength? The manor was full of frozen ice, how we will deal with it? GuYun pointed to Su Ling’s hand holding the Red Blood sword and smiled, “Chixue should be able to do it. ” Didn’t the sword have a thermal heat of blazing lava? Heat melts ice faster! All eyes turned to the red sword, but what a pity, it did not respond.  Su Yan wasn’t hopeful, he said, “I think it is impossible. Chixue was not stimulated, there’s nothing that can stimulate and inspire this energy! “

Looking toward the door and outside the surroundings full of ice, after scrutinizing the situation, Su Ren pondered of this big headache and asked,” So, now what? “

Su Yun shrugged and comforted them, ” The sun comes out. “

“Eh?” He said it very lightly! The winter sun will be able to melt the feet of ice out until when?! After assessing the situation, the icy road now is inferior to the knife incident. Gu Yun step back and smiled, “Oh, it’s so late, I’d have to go to the barracks, and Oh, today will be a busy day! ” Pronounced her alibi at the same time fled out of manor in a hurry.

Su Ling smiled and shook his head, she has escaped. Looking back, his eyes swept to the decadent curled up on the corner, it was Su Yu, in a cold voice he called, ” Su Yu, to the library. ” With that, the tall figure walked to the study not waiting whether he can keep up or not.

Su Ren gave a worried glance to Su Yu’s clearly stiff body and his heart can’t help but also be alarmed because the three brothers had lived together and looked after each other for so many years, this should not create an estrangement between them because of Qing Mo .


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