A Mistaken Marriage Match 2: Generation of Military Counselors Chapter 35 Heavily Armed Part 1

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Feudal society is a military hierarchy in which a ruler or lord offers mounted fighters a fief, a unit of land to control in exchange for a military service. The individual who accepted this land became a vassal and the man who granted the land became known as his liege or his lord. (Source:https://web.cn.edu/kwheeler/feudalism.html)

A Mistaken Marriage Match 2: Generation of Military Counselors

Chapter 35   Heavily Armed 

Part 1

Gu Yun excitedly pulled Su Ling to Yi Tian Yuan. She pushed open the door and was immediately stunned. The original trees in the courtyard still stood there but most of the leaves had fallen off. The bare branches looked desolate and ridiculous. The leaves that survived were wrapped in ice and the melting ice water fell down like rain. The courtyard lawn was miserable like it was rained on unexpectedly. Water from the ice covered the courtyard about half a meter high and was spilling over the threshold.

Gu Yun was bewildered by the courtyard’s condition which caught her by surprise.

Looking at the way she was dumbfounded, Su Ling laughed, “Are you sure you want to go in?”

“Oh my goodness, what has it done in the end!” She had thought Hua Ting had seen the worst of Bing Lian but after seeing Yi Tian Yuan, she now knew which of the two places was insignificant. She then looked over at the ice-covered window and door frames and quickly walked towards the interior, wanting to know how bad the situation was inside the courtyard. She lamented and with a wry smile, “Where am I going to stay tonight?” It should be that no one can possibly live in this courtyard for the next ten days…maybe even for half a month, right?

The melting ice made the floor wet, so holding and pulling Gu Yan a few steps back, Su Ling’s deep voice solemnly said, “You pulled me here to just say this? Rest assured, I’ll arrange your accommodation if you want to live in Ling Yun Pavilion. I don’t mind.”

“I mind!” She stared at Su Ling’s teasing black eyes and was going to fight if she had to go. In addition, this mess was his fault. She would have understood if he had said it from the beginning, then the matters they had to deal with now would not be so much. In her heart, she was worried about how to handle Su Ling. Suddenly, Gu Yun‘s palm was pulled back by his hand and he took the crossbow into his arms.

Before they arrived in front of the courtyard, she pulled out the ice sword from her waist and said wickedly, “Bing Lian! I don’t care what method you use but give me back Yi Tian Yuan, or you’re dead!

The sword beamed a white light weakly but Gu Yun ignored the response and protested loudly, “Hurry!” Su Ling’s smiling eyes were swept with laughter and Gu Yun’s eyebrows lightly rose at Bing Lian before softly laughing, “Of course there are other places where you can run.” She didn’t believe that not far from Yi Tian Yuan, Ling Yun Pavilion would have survived. Perhaps now, one can also catch a fish there.

Su Ling’s face was unyielding and pondered that this woman was really vindictive.

When Gu Yun issued an order, Bing Lian could only oblige. A luminous beam gleamed from the surface of the sword’s blade and Gu Yun began to feel the sword vibrating fiercely in her hand. The strong jolt shook her until she was unable to cling to the hilt and had to let go. The sword from her hand slid and stopped at the center of the courtyard. It turned clockwise and along with its rotation, it gathered the water with it and also melted pieces of ice. It then brought the fragments into the middle of its spinning body like a tornado. It was not normal because, at that moment, there was an explosion of a stunning windstorm in the courtyard. Gu Yun came across the blowing wind and could barely keep her eyes open. Her wrist was dragged by a warm strong hand and was pulled back a few steps until she saw Su Ling’s tall figure emerge in front of her.

He did not hold her in his arms but just stood in front of her. Gu Yun looked up and saw Su Ling with his back to her. His tall body was used to block the spray of water and crushed ice that flew in their direction from time to time. She rarely hid behind men. He had been silently protecting her and that silent action warmed her heart.

After the squall, the just flooded yard was now dry. The water and ice had disappeared without a trace. Although the lawn was destroyed with only a few leaves left to spare, if it was to be compared to how it had looked earlier, this was really much better. The feeling at present was that Yi TianYuan was the most comfortable place in the General’s Office.

Su Ling turned his body and glanced slightly at the head of the woman behind him who was crooning,

“You are so cruel hearted! Ling Yun Pavilion too.  Do what you have to do to tidy it up now!”

Bing Lian was extremely obedient. Only Yi Tian Yuan became dry and was now the only place in the General’s Manor that can be relied upon. If one was to take a step out of the Yi Tian Yuan’s courtyard, everything beyond would be wet. Gu Yun really was the perfect match for Bing Lian.

Gu Yun inclined her head to inspect the courtyard that was now really clean. Bing Lian was probably tired now as it was quietly lying on the stone table in the courtyard. Passing Su Ling, who currently bore a look of depravity, she took the Ling Li sword and caressed it. She said with a smile, “Bing Lian, you have worked hard. Rest now.” She turned her head to meet Su Ling’s sad eyes and with a plaintive look, Gu Yun laughed, “Well, don’t you have Red blood? Put fire and the ice will be melted, the best is to burn it entirely clean!” A Schadenfreude ** just a moment ago. Hmmp!

** Schadenfreude (SHädənˌfroidə)** Chinese idiom (xing zai le hou ) taking pleasure in other’s misfortune

“Mo’ er–” The slightly heavy voice sounded a bit dangerous.

Gu Yun’s smiling face collapsed immediately, “Stop, I said don’t call Mo’er.” Su Ling’s sinister eyes flashed. His mouth was halfway to say a word but Gu Yun immediately exclaimed, “Don’t call me Madam!”

She seemed to detest being called Mo’er and he had been called out for it. Her body and spine stood upright, like a ‘cat whose tail has been stepped’. Nodding his head amusingly, Su Ling no longer teased her and replied in a gruff voice, “Well, Yun.”

GuYun was secretly upset. Why is it that, when Su ling called her Yun, her heart would always have a slight shiver? When did her heart become so sensitive?  Quickly hiding, she grabbed the Ling Li sword and turned inside the manor, leaving Su Ling hanging in the courtyard. Su Ling did not understand what just happened and why she was angry. Women’s thoughts were really hard to figure out.

Su Ling entered the manor and noted the outside was better than the inside. Thanks to Bing Lian, other than a few broken chairs, the other things in the manor were still in good condition.

From the chamber, came the sound of cabinets being rummaged through. Su Ling looked in passing and saw Gu Yun squatting beside the table next to the bed looking for something eagerly. Su Ling asked, “What are you looking for?”

No answer.

Gu Yun continued rummaging for a good long while before lifting a roll of paper from one of the many cabinets. She excited laughed,

“Found you! Come and look.”

Su Ling walked up behind her, wondering what it was that she cared about. Gu Yun carefully spread the paper roll to show Su Ling. The unfolded paper scroll was not long but held separate drawings. Due to the incident, the night before the images was now somewhat blurry.

“This is what?” Su Ling could see a picture of a weapon drawn on the paper, but it was not an ordinary weapon he had seen before.

“A gear.” The drawings were blurred and because many fine lines could not be seen clearly, Gu Yun had to explain to Su Ling so he would be able to understand.

“Longbow, crossbow arrow, sword sticks. These will be used but what they need is something more suitable for their weapons. These are my designs of portable weapon accessories. They consist of small crossbows that will be able to perform continuous launchings of arrows, short arrow reserve bags, puncture-proof vests, multipurpose dagger, long ropes, and portable medical pouches.”

Although the pattern was blurry, one can still see the very fine and unique things such as the multipurpose dagger. Between that and a regular dagger, they were very different in the way that the introduced dagger had a jagged blade on one side. This kind of knife could slice through a blood vessel. Although it had a shorter blade length than the regular dagger, the lethality was stronger. With this dagger, if it was used to stab someone’s chest, it could be fatal to pull the dagger out. Su Ling was fascinated for a long time before he turned to look at Gu Yun to ask, “These are your drawings?”

Her weapons were not new, but the characteristics were a variety of weapons combined. They were short and pithy.

Gu Yun nodded and asked, “What do you think of it?”

Su Ling did not rush to answer her question. Instead, he pointed to the vest in the drawing and asked about its uniqueness. She answered,

“The material of the puncture-proof armor vest should be similar to that of their helmets and armor.”

But when she drew it, she felt it was more like clothes and not entirely solid.

GuYun shook her head, “Ordinary armors are heavy, rigid and impede the flexibility of action. Iron armors could be easily seen and they are not suitable for reconnaissance, attacks, assassinations, and other kinds of missions behind enemy lines.”

Not a common armor? Su Ling then asked, “Then what do you want to use to make the special armors?”

“A material that is good and tough and will work well with cotton and wire.” Modern soft body armors were usually made with high modulus PE fiber but in this era, it was impossible and could only use alternatives.

Su Ling glanced at her drawings on the table and asked, “You mean thin gold wires woven in layers will be put on the armor?”

“Gold thread?” Gu Yun widened her eyes in surprise! She had said wire. Although the toughness and ductility of gold were good, this style was too extravagant. Could it be done or not?

He pondered for a moment and finally nodded, “We can make a few of these things to try them out.”

Gu Yun was speechless, “One hundred pieces! The General’s Office was rich?” She was thinking to have each commando be equipped with one. Not for them to look at works of art. Did he understand her intentions?

Gu Yun looked surprised and Su Ling laughed, “More than you think.” She had thought that the General’s Office was just living off with court salary.

Really? Gold will be used to do it? Gu Yun looked earnest. She frowned deeply and her eyebrows wrinkled together. Su Ling was thinking if she still had concerns when Gu Yun suddenly said in a serious manner, “Can I request some money?” If she had known the General’s Office was so rich, she should have asked for five hundred and twenty liangs a month for her salary from the start! Regret!

“I can’t.” Su Ling laughed, “Say two hundred twenty?  But if you become the General’s wife, all the money in the General’s Office is yours.”

Glancing at him with a fierce look, this man was getting worse! Gu Yun grabbed another drawing and directly changed the subject, “This is a very good weapon here. The crossbow firing range should be farther than the longbow arrows in order for the striking power to be strong. Ordinary crossbows are far too big. To raise it from the ground take too much but if it can be narrowed down to a foot long and be able to launch five short arrows, it would be a highly portable lethal weapon.”

Su Ling was a person who originally loves weapon, so when she said serial launching, he was immediately intrigued, “Condensing the crossbow can be made by craftsmen, however, launching continuous arrows with this thing, what is this?”

One can see at the core that this general indeed a worthy general. Gu Yun replied, “There’s a thin piece of metal shrapnel attached to the bow and crossbow which is crucial for launching. It must be comparably tough and hard. Do you have a way to make this?” She did not know how the smelting technology of this era was but knew steel will not work. This piece needed to be out of pieces of iron that were thin and tough enough.

“Give me the drawings and draw it again for me. I will let the casting room find a solution.” He himself was not sure, but if the smith did not come out of the Su military casting division, no one can make it within six countries.

“Good!”  With Su Ling’s approval, Gu Yun was very happy and readily laughed, “I’ll finish it as soon as possible and you also need to urge the casting division to do them quickly.”

She was more and more of a person, Su Ling exclaimed with a smile,” I know.”

Just two words but the manner was drowned with favor and Su Ling had uttered them so casually. It seemed meeting her requirements was a pleasant thing to him. He had heard that spoiling a woman was addictive. It might be true after all.

“Qing Mo.” Young voices sounded from the garden outside.

Gu Yun replied, “Come in.”

A young man jogged to the front of the manor and his eyes were wandering around, secretly surveying the place with an amazing heart. Yi Tian garden was truly a magical place. It was the first one frozen with ice and it also quickly melted! Seeing Su Ling, he immediately stood up straight and called out,


The young body stood stiffly but straight. Gu Yun found this funny and asked,” What is it?”

“Prime Minister Lou furen brought a man and a woman here. They said they want to see you.”

Zhou Qing is here? Gu Yun excitedly asked, “Where are they?”

The young man quietly glanced at Su Ling and hesitated but replied, “Now, only the front yard has thawed out so the door guards can only keep them waiting in the front yard.” The General commanded that no person shall enter the General’s Office, even if that person was the wife of Lou, the Qing Mo sister.

Gu Yun nodded, “I understand, I’ll go out.” After all, with the General’s Office looking like this, she really didn’t know how to explain if she was to be asked. Gu Yun got up when Su Ling suddenly said, “I will go with you.” A man and a woman should be Ao Tian and Ye Mie.  Although at that time, Su Ling knew the reason behind why Gu Yun had to be stabbed and he had already agreed to it, Su Ling could not forgive him still. Moreover, Ao Tian is a person from Ju Ling Island and he did not want Gu Yun to get close to him…

Gu Yun did not know what Su Ling had in mind so she just casually replied, “Sure.” Then they walked side by side to meet the group.

The two men walked side by side toward the front yard. In the open yard, even though the ice had already disappeared, the ground was still wet and the chilly atmosphere could still be felt. The area where the grasses had long been frozen to death, there were scoured snow and muddy flower beds. Several trees that should be in its season were like century-old evergreen. Their branches were currently bare looking like a yaosibuhuo. Zhou Qing and Gan Jing looked around the interesting courtyard. Ye Mei and Mobai stood apathetically, blind to the strange sight. GuYun sighed and thought, they really were a perfect match. Extremely calm and collected.

Zhuo Qing’s eyes slightly brightened up at the sight of Su Ling and Gu Yun appearing together. She walked up and smiled, “General Su is also here.”

Su Ling nodded slightly and replied, “Prime minister.” Ao Tian actually did not come. Su Ling breathed a sigh of relief at the same time and began to wonder the purpose of Ye Mei for this visit.

The corners of Zhou Qing’s mouth curved into a smile as she pretended to be surprised and asked, “Since when did it become so special for the General’s Office to entertain a guest on the road?”

Gently rubbing the wet bough, Gan Jing dryly laughed, “Not only the hospitality, but even the manor’s decorations are also particularly out of the ordinary.”

Gu Yun and Su Ling understood them but pretended not to hear, Zhou Qing folded her hands into her chest and with a faint smile, she asked, “So, we are to talk here?”

“That…” Gu Yun winked at Su Ling. He was the master of the General’s Office and should make up a reason to block the group from coming in.

“The General’s Office –” Su Ling spoke, although he understood what Gu Yun was implying, he did not feel the need to lie to meet anybody. In general, sometimes having a gathering cannot be arranged immediately. There was no reason not to let them in? It did not matter to him what the other two people felt, but it was a different matter for Zhou Qing because she was Yun’s elder sister. With their sister’s feelings, there was no absolute benefit in offending Zhou Qing.

Su Ling was at a loss for words. He was not able to follow Gu Yun’s perspective.  Zhuo Qing’s radiant eyes narrowed at the odd-looking yard. In the past, she had been in and out of the General’s Office several times and today, there was no trace of the beautiful green lush vegetation in the front yard anymore. There must be something wrong with the two of them or the General’s Office had a big problem!

“The General’s Office is being repaired!”GuYun clenched her teeth and added, “Which is very messy and not convenient to entertain you. We will find a hut or a place to sit down and chat.”

“Repairs?” Gan Jing strangely stared at Gu Yun’s earnest face.

“Right! The repairs! “Gu Yun nodded calmly and replied, “It will soon be Chinese New Year so we are making the ornaments decorative and festive.”

Zhou Qing, decoration? She cannot hold back her laugh! She knew at a glance Gu Yun was lying. Zhou Qing did not ask but smiled, “Oh, that’s how it is? Well, let’s go out to chat.” Zhou Qing took the lead in the General’s Office and Mo Bai and Ye Mei coldly turned around to leave with her.  Gan Jing didn’t know if he would believe it or not, but he could only follow Zhou Qing and left. He was at the General’s Office but didn’t have the courage to take a closer look.

Gu Yun secretly sighed. This lie was too clumsy and she hated herself for it.

Su Ling suddenly bent down to whisper in her ear and said with a smile, “You lied with calmness. That’s admirable!” Now for more than a month away to the New Year, decorate? Bet for her.

Who was it that she had lied for?!   Still teasing her! “Shut your mouth!”  While talking, Gu Yun swung her elbow hard and fast. Su Ling groaned inwardly at the hands of her. This woman was really ruthless. If she continued to do this, will he have internal injuries?!

Ye Mei arrived outside the gate and turned her head to witness the “flirting” going on between the general and Gu Yan in the courtyard. In her bright eyes, there was a touch of darkness and she became sad… Senior brother had no chance after all.

Several people were sitting in a wine shop near the General’s Office in a single room. Gu Yun straightforwardly told them to sit down and asked, “You came to ask me something?”

Zhou Qing looked on her side towards Ye Mei. She was dressed in a red and gold mask that completely covered her face, hiding her expression. Gu Yun’s questioning look swept across the room towards Ye Mei wondering if she would be able to find a trace of expression or anything.

Gu Yun suspected that it was Ye Mei who intended to meet with her when Ye Mei suddenly got up and walked to stand in front of her.

Su Ling was sitting next to Gu Yun. His body was still. Face as usual but resting in his hand under the table was Chuxei.

Gu Yun didn’t know what it was Ye Mei wanted but she also subconsciously got up to greet her. She could not see her face behind the golden mask, but she saw a pair of pure eyes. Although it looked very cool, it was sincere and forthright.

Gu Yun hadn’t even got the chance to ask Ye Mei what happened when Ye Mei’s body suddenly bowed. Ye Mei was half kneeling on one knee in front of her.  Gan Jing, this time stood up and with a deep voice explained, “My sister and I, wanted to thank you for saving her life.”

Listening to Gan Jing’s explanations, Gu Yun’s heart sank. Ye Mei had come to say thank you. Gu Yun did not step forward to help Ye Mei, instead, Gu Yun took a step back. Smiling with a calm voice, Gu Yun explained, “Saving you…you don’t have to thank me, there were a lot of people who worked together, I did not save you.”

Gu Yun obviously did not accept her thanks. Ye Mei slowly stood up straight and pulled down a brocade sack from her waist and placed it on the table. She then pushed it to the front of Gu Yun.

Ye Mei had never opened her mouth and Gu Yun speculated that she may not speak. Next to Ye Mei was Gan Jing and so Gu Yun asked, “What is it?”

“This is the compounded elixir which my master worked to modulate to treat knife, sword cut, and other wounds. It has wonderful effects and can also help to promote the internal force.”

Gu Yun didn’t pick the sack and said with a smile, “Thank you, but my injury has been much better. This drug, take it back.” Increasing internal force? Gu Yun laughed to herself. She had never had a force! To mention what she ate last time, those big dabu pills Su Quan gave to her, she didn’t feel that sense of physical energy. What did occur though was her shedding nosebleeds for two days, and she’d never again believed anything they said about pills

“You don’t want it?” Gan Jing’s eyes lit up and his hands and feet quickly stepped forward to grab the brocade on the table, but one hand was faster than Gan Jing.

Looking plaintively at Ye Mei, Gan Jing said, “Sister, they say no, wouldn’t it be better for me!” Master’s elixir, will sell a lot of money!

Ye Mei ignored Gan Jing, determined and put the brocade sack in Gu Yu’s hand. Gu Yun doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This one’s temper was also really twisted.  Ye Mei thought she was supposed to pay back until death.

“You don’t eat or keep it, my master, known as the Ghost physician and his medicines are priceless. Senior had asked for it. You may not have the opportunity to get it in this life! The next time you have an accident, the medicine could rescue your life. “Senior asked for it, he had to kneel for three days and three nights. He also went to Shade of Dark to get a lotus for a pill then trades it for the medicine yet she was still ungrateful.

This remark was spoken in a rush by Gan Jing.  Gu Yun was used to death in the past and felt nothing but Su Ling’s face immediately became gloomy. He was now looking at Gan Jing with eyes like a pair of a sharp knife. Even though he was still sitting, that pressing force was enough to terrify anyone.

Gan Jing cursed accidents, therefore, Zhou Qing also wanted to kick him, but only in her mind.  She was scared of Su Ling’s direct action and noted this man was not to be trifled with!

Gu Yun also felt some heaviness in the room and quickly changed the subject, “Yes, Ao Tian?”

Angrily sitting down, Gan Jing did not care to answer Gu Yun. In response, Zhuo Qing ruthlessly stepped on his foot under the table. Feeling the pain given to him by Zhou Qing, he gave her a stern look and replied, “He went to the gathering on Ju Ling Island.”

“Why?” Wasn’t Ao Tian eager to escape from there?

“Sister’s poison has been suppressed by the masters, but for the final antidote, he must get back to Ju Ling Island.” It was locked in the heart and if dispersed excessively, it was too sinister and ruthless. If there was no cure, although sister will not die, each month she would have several painful moments of a torn heart…

Gu Yun was slightly annoyed, “You let him go alone?!”

Hearing Gu Yun’s accusing tone, Gan Jing suddenly blew up, “He quietly left a note and went. Who could have stopped him?! What place do you think Ju Ling Island is? Do you want to go? Even if we want to accompany him, we can’t get into the place!”

This woman was obviously Su Ling’s woman but also wanted to manage senior’s business!

Ao Tian certainly didn’t want to implicate others and so he left on his own alone. However, he rushed to Ju Ling Island on his own. Wasn’t that walking right into a trap? Gu Yun frowned and Su ling’s face became more and more miserable.  Zhou Qing was secretly fed up by this silly woman who did not see that the man on her side was drowning by the sea of acid.

“You don’t have to worry. They looked for Ao Tian to return but they were too late. They’re not able to contain him. How are things?” Zhou Qing felt this assurance was weak. She lightly coughed, pulled out from the sleeve a red invitation card and passed it to Gu Yun, saying, “This is for you.”

As soon as she saw a similar style from the previous one, she knew clearly it was a wedding invitation. Gu Yun asked, “What?” She already had two weddings?

Zhou Qing lightly laughed and was speechless. Gu Yun opened it, exclaimed, “Xi Wu and Jing Sa?” She knew they were a couple, but half a month? Was that not too hasty? Gu Yun asked with a smile, “Do you have a need to rush it?”

Zhou Qing shrugged helplessly replied,” No way, it cannot wait.”

Can’t wait? Gu Yun asked in a low voice, “Shotgun marriage?”Forgive her gossip, the phrase “can’t wait” makes people speculate a lot.

Zhou Qing did not say what it was and did not say no, but the smile on her face gave the answer.

Su Ling marveled, a bestowed order to get married?  When did the emperor bestow a marriage decree for Lou Xi Wu? Why was he not aware of the process?  Why did he only know the process of how to bestow an Imperial bodyguard?

Gu Yun laughed out loud. Tsk tsk. She clicked her tongue and spoke, “Unexpected Jing Sa started so fast! And sure enough, one cannot be fooled by appearance!” At one point she thought Jing Sa was the kindhearted man. Who knew he would so ‘quickly eat and wipe dry’.

Zhuo Qing shook her head and smiled, “It’s not what you think.”

Gu Yun frowned. She thought there was a child that’s why the couple had to get married. Now that Zhou Qing said that Jing Sa eating Xi Wu was not the case…what was what? Zhuo Qing’s smiling face was now wrinkled together. Gu Yun suddenly had a spark in her and cried, “Xi Wu!!”

Zhuo Qing collected herself, winked and smiled at Gu Yun, “Remember, in brief, come to drink on the wedding day.”

Look at the expression Oh, oh …  Xi Wu ate Jing Sa! Gu Yun commended her, not knowing what to say, she smiled, “You may rest assured that I will attend the wedding.”

Looking at Su Ling, Zhuo Qing, “Su General, a favor.”

“I’ll come too.” The dialogue between the sisters always left people scratching their heads. He was a bit jealous of their good rapport.


The winter wind was not biting but the wind blowing in his face had a little sting. In the forest, after the training field, one tall figure and one petite figure walked side by side in the misty darkness. A man with a dark-colored cloak draped it on the woman’s shoulders. He did not say a word and just kept on walking ahead without any care for the companion.

Her body suddenly became warm and so Gu Yun took the cloak off the shoulder and said, “I’m not cold.” This kind of weather was not cold and she is not so weak.

Su Ling did not stop to look at her as he continued walking but with a deep voice, he coolly replied, “Cover-up.”

Gu Yun’s eyes side swept a look at the somber man. She was perplexed and asked, “Are you angry?” Since the afternoon, he had a gloomy face. They had gone to the camp together in the evening and stayed there all night but not once did he say a word.

She knew he was angry but didn’t understand what it was that was bothering his heart. Was it because of the closed training just now? She had said she did not allow anyone to watch the training. She had a feeling she must have offended him in some way in the afternoon. GuYun sighed in the darkness. If it was in the past, she wouldn’t even care about his strange temper, but now she suddenly wanted to know his mood.

“No”.  He answered in a cold voice without emotion and his steps became faster.

A lie! Gu Yun simply stopped and asked, “Why?”

Su Ling strode forward but Gu Yun did not move. It was a quiet night and her bright eyes stared through the dark back in the dark that was drifting away. In her heart, she was disappointed, was he gone? Gu Yun thought he was going to disappear in front of her when the harsh man came to a halt.

Gu Yun looked up, went over to where he stood and persistently asked, “Why are you angry?” She didn’t like to guess the reasons for his anger at the moment.

This time, Su Ling had no escape. His dark eyes stared at her as he slightly raised his face. In an icy cold voice, he said, “You’re anxious for Ao Tian.”

Gu Yun in a low voice, naturally replied, “I regard him as a friend. Of course, I’m nervous.”

Gu Yun was calm and dazed. Su Ling spent the afternoon sulking, depressed and angry! This was about the woman’s sentiment between man and woman. Sluggish in his movement, like a man who threw away his spirit, he took so much effort to make her understand his mind. Maybe now he didn’t know Ao Tian had a variation of her affection.

Thinking about it, Su Ling’s face finally began to ease.

Gu Yun wondered why he suddenly mentioned Ao Tian. His face alternated from gloomy and then clear… … GuYun said with a smile, “Are you jealous?”

Su Ling face became stiff, Gu Yun chuckled. The original proud harsh man was jealous and his jealousy was not small.

Gu Yun couldn’t contain her laughter and Su Ling’s dark eyes slightly squinted. Neither admitted nor denied. In a deep voice, with obvious discontent, he coldly said,

“In the future, your attention should not be placed on other men”

Gu Yun was puzzled and laughed, “And it should be placed where?”

“What do you think?” A dangerous whisper was heard, indicating Su Ling’s warning.

Unfortunately, Gu Yun who does not fear death, replied back, “I do not know–“

–her words were not even finished yet when Su Ling, agile like leopard figure, raided her. Gu Yun felt the hot lips on her and her eyes widened immediately. Su Ling’s face was so closed to her and making everything blurry. He was overbearing and his hot breath was exceptionally clear. He put his hands on her waist, held her tightly and slightly pulled her close to him. Two bodies tightly glued in the same place and through the thin material, they could feel each other’s heartbeats.

“Hmmm!” Gu Yun even forgot to breathe. When she finally needed to catch a breath, Su Ling finally left her lips. With a dark voice, coming from a man with an unstable mood, he whispered in her ear, “Do you know now?”

Her lips were still burning with heat and her chest felt like it was ferociously pressed. Her mind was asking her questions but the hot breath seemed to remain on her lips, resounding like an echo. Her lips were numb to feeling and her heart right now was still in trembling. After lingering for a moment, Gu Yun finally gathered back her composure. Her mouth gasped for air and was oblivious to the sounds around her except her own mind. He… he actually kissed her!

“You do not–” Gu Yun’s curse was not yet finished when her waist was caught and once again being embraced by warm arms. Instantly she was surrounded by his breath.  Gu Yun panicked and wanted to step back, but her waist tightly held. She struggled desperately to move backward but lost her balance…


Su Ling, afraid that she will get hurt, flipped her and caught her on the way down to the ground with his body.  Two people fell with a thud on the withered grass and Su Ling lie on the ground. His hands were still around her waist and Gu Yun‘s body was partly riding on Su Ling.

He kissed her! GuYun was enraged out of embarrassment. She grabbed Su Ling’s cheongsam and cried, “Later, I am the only one allowed to kiss you first, only then you have permission to kiss me! Hear me! Otherwise–“

Su Ling’s dark eyes were smiling. Looking at her with leisure, his deep voice was somewhat of a haze,


Otherwise … … GuYun’s face blushed all the way to the ear. Good heavens! What was she talking about? She let out a scream and realized that the majority of her body was now infamously sitting on Su Ling’s thighs! Gu Yun now only wanted to stand up, but the hand on her waist was firm and refused to let go. Su Ling in a hushed voice said with a chuckle, “Well, I’m waiting for you to kiss me.”

Watching him look expectantly, Gu Yun had an impulse to die at that exact moment. No! It was the urge to give Su Ling his death! Her face was burning hot as she pushed Su Ling’s hand and shouted, “You’re going to let it go!”

Su Ling unwillingly released his hold, allowing Gu Yun to immediately get up and turn to go. However, Su Ling remained laying on the grass. He smiled and said, “Look up.”

His expression was full of excitement. Gu Yun looked up to witness a crescent moon hanging in the inky darkness along with the dimmer stars. Gazing at the whole scenery, there was a lost lone branch of lush foliage embedded in the night as a whole. The entire heaven was like a composed painting of splash-ink. It was like a picture of freedom at will. She knew stars in the summer night sky were beautiful but surprisingly, bleak winter night summer night stars are beautiful, he of all the people had been fascinated by bleak winter nights. Gu Yun could not help but praise,

“It’s beautiful.”

She was lost in the scene in front of her that took away all her worry.  Gu Yun sat beside Su Ling to enjoy this rare night sky. Under the moonlight, her head was propped up by her hand. Her slender neck, her little chin constituting a perfect arc, the scarring on her face in the dim night was not too obvious. Those red glistening moist lips; warm and soft. The memory of that brief kiss returned and Su Ling was in a turmoil. Hurriedly moving his line of sight as she watched the desolate stars, Su Ling gently laughed and spoke softly, “It is very beautiful.”  Simply beautiful but inferior to another pleasing beauty.

In the winter evening, cicadas were not making night calls. There was only the sound of the howling night wind coming from the forest. The wind blew their hair and clothes in disarray. There should not have been a full moon and bright stars for the two people to take pleasure in. For quite a long time, their irregular heartbeat slowly calmed.

Gu Yun’s head inclined to her side as she looked at Su Ling, who was lying flat on the ground with Chixue used as a natural pillow under his head.  Gu Yun asked in a soft voice, “Where are you going with Red Blood?”

“Well, for so many years I get used to it. You might as well bring Bing Lian around.” As a military man for many years, it had become a habit for his weapon to be with his body at all times. The threat to his life was numerous.

She sat on her knees with her hands on her lap and asked curiously, “Is there a story behind  Bing Lian and Chuxie? Can you tell me? About your Su family stories?” A talking sword was beyond the scope of her understanding. She was really mystified.

Su Ling sat up straight to see Gu Yun’s bright eyes. He whispered, “Do you want to hear?”


Su Ling’s eyes flashed a hint of hesitation. She laughed then said, “Can’t say it? Ok, let it pass.”

No. For you, it’s fine.” Su family history was not shared to outsiders, however, she will be Su Ling’s wife so it was natural that she should know.

He glanced at the ground towards the quiet and calm Chuxie. Su Ling then said with a silvery voice, “Bing Lian and Chuxie are a pair of ancient swords. Ice and fire properties that mutually reinforce each other. They are only weapons. No intelligence and certainly no spirituality.”

Having finished this sentence, Su Ling’s brow gradually wrinkled. He paused for a long time. A pair of swords that had no spiritual intelligence? Suddenly, in Gu Yun’s heart, a strange feeling of thrill arose. This story may be the story Su families tell to avoid the mention of the past.

Finally, Su Ling continued the story…

Su family ancestors, for thousands of years, all helped to assist Ming Emperor of Zu Chang clan, as their own responsibility.  More than a thousand years ago, the world was not like it is now. It was divided into several countries before it belonged to a clan. The clan chief or patriarch will divide the fief*. (It is a piece of territorial land in exchange for military service); and grants them to his sons. The sons controlled and manage their fiefdom* accordingly. The next clan chief was only named when the first one was dying. The Eldest Prince took advantage of the Zu Chang patriarch’s long illness. He colluded with the clan that practiced demonic or evil magic, the MoZu clan, and attempted to murder all the other Princes. He became the world’s poisonous tyrant. The Eldest Prince’s thirst for blood became his second nature. If the world fell into his hands, surely all life would plunge into a terrible darkness. The patriarch of Zu Chang passed away but before he died, the Su clan received a secret imperial order to support the Third Prince to take over the position as Patriarch. Since then, the Su family supported Third Prince several times in the fight, but they also became the Eldest son’s death target.

 * Fiefdom- land held as a vassal in feudal society

Gu Yun was listening attentively; she neither urged nor interrupted him. Su Ling looked very serious about the account related to Bing Lian and Chuxie.

Under the Mozu clan’s banner, they had called back the soul of the deceased in collaboration with the Eldest Prince. This evil spirit race was also absorbed or took the soul of any living creature within a mile distance. These living creatures became the walking dead as they turned into evil corpses.  Thus they became the Mozu clan’s Legion of the Dead. Only an ice refining sword with its strength together with red blood, the combination of these incompatible elements, would have the power against the Mozu Clan. However, in order for the two swords to move, they still needed someone to hold them and the person must be able to enter within the scope of a mile without losing its soul. The swords would not act on its own so it was almost impossible to have a chance to destroy the Mozu Clan and its legion. No man with a living soul could resist the demonic magic of Mozu. That is unless a human soul was poured into the blade of the sword to make it act on its own.”

Gu Yun’s heart became frightened. The feeling of creepiness and agitation crept in and she asked, “How do you import a human soul into the swords?”


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