A Mistaken Marriage Match2: Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 36

A Mistaken Marriage Match 2: Generation of Military Counselor

Chapter 36 Su Ling Protects His Wife

li is an ancient measure of length, approx. 500 m or a neighborhood of ancient administrative unit of 25 families

The curtain tent opened the next moment; a tall figure appeared inside the tent. In Lou Xi Yan’s reunion dinner, Gu Yun had seen him, Yan Hong Tian, this man even not dressed in robes, had imposing presence that was threatening, that kind of body was high-ranking, the control of power had fostered noble quality and his cold eyes wore a contemptuous look with hands together on his back while standing on the tent door.

In contrast, following beside him was a woman wearing unnecessary clothing and personal adornments that no one can ignore. She does not look like she’s twenty, very beautiful and her clothes were falling to the ground with a body of luxury.

Pay respect to the Emperor and the Empress. “

A room full of people, half kneeling welcomes the emperor, Zhuo Qing, and Gu Yun had no alternative but to also squat down. Glancing at each other, the two eyes have looks of disgust, tacitly bowed their heads, covering their lower lip angle with a self-deprecating laugh.

Stand up.” A steady male voice commanded at once to the people, that voice sounded like giving people an endless sense of oppression.

People got up and he swept a look at the group of people that were crowding into the room, no one was moving out, Su Ling and Lou Xi Yan Lian actually have women together on their sides, XinYue Ning asked impatiently,

Your honor, why people are not saved?”

Going back to the order of courtesy, Dan Yulan truthfully replied, “To answer the Empress, men-in-black grabbed Gao Hong, servants were killed also, within the manor the situation remains unclear. Men-in-black buried explosives on the walls, if the attack went in, that’s a great deal of movement and could anger the meninblack; it will not be good for Gao Hong. “

Now what is the answer to that? “

Assistant Official Chang together with General Su and Prime Minister Lou were discussing countermeasures. “

Dan Yulan replied. Xin Yue Ning was not satisfied, it had been so long and still discussing, what a dumb thing to do! Her heart was not pleased after all is said and done; the Emperor and the Empress can only endure like the others.

Gloomy eyes swept the room of men and women, Yan Hong Tian in a low tone,

What is the identity of the black-clad people? “

Dan Yulan steps forward.

In response to the Emperor, the people are from Ju Ling Island.” (Or Spirit Island in English translation).

So, they are looking for revenge.”

His straight eyebrows now slanting upwards; Yan Hong Tian seemed to be laughing but seemed to be angry at the same time, the low voice doesn’t give away the indication if he was happy or angry.

Rumor has it that the man was violent, arrogant and bloodthirsty. Gu Yun in her six months of observation had a different opinion, Qiong Yue had strong national strength, the legal system was quite clear and bright, and people can live and work in peace. As a monarch, the expansion of territorial war was inevitable, bloodthirsty he was not, arrogant that is yes, his emotion was hard to control and to deal with a man like that, Qing Feng must also racking her brains.

Su Ling and Lou Xi Yan were silent; Dan Yulan meanwhile doesn’t know how he should answer, “Yes” or “No“. Yan Hong Tian look to Lou Xi Yan and continued his inquiry,

What Xi Yan, how do you see it?”

Lou Xi Yan calmly shook his head,

It is not yet clear what they want.”

The squinting grim eyes looked at Su Ling, Yan Hong Tian seeking another opinion,

General Su, your office? “

Su Ling solemnly promised,Su military will do its utmost to complement the Ministry of Justice; Gao Hong will be rescued as soon as possible.

Zhuo Qing wanted to laugh, the two men were able to stall. Dan Yulan listening to them answer and cannot specifically mention that the men-in-black wanted Gu Yun in exchange for Gao Hong.

Before he came, he already knew men-clad-in-black wanted to exchange Gao Hong for Gu Yun, for a woman, they’re colluding and keeping it from him! Yan Hong Tian face was serious; very well, his three beloved ministers’ still has a real tacit of understanding.

The steward has drawn maps, but the first descriptions were in general not detailed. He was quietly just standing in a corner when Gu Yun found him again, stepping back quietly, she came before the steward and whispered, “more drawings? “

The steward nodded, handed her the map he was holding. Gu Yun took the maps to study, the other homes were not very large. This time, the steward had drawn it very carefully, it was a detailed map. Gu Yun bowed carefully studying the map when a simple male voice sounded outside the tent.

News! “

Cheng Hang quickly lift the curtain, and asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter? The Majesty’s Empress was already in the middle of meddling, hope it will not do something that will cause trouble.”

My lord, Gao Fu courtyard gate opened. The men-in-black were detained for a woman to come out.” Officer’s resounding voice reporting broke Cheng Hang’s excessive expectations.

I’m going out to see the defense arrangements. “

Yan Hong Tian walked out of the tent and others can only follow. Leaving the tent nearer the courtyard one li away where the officers and soldiers from Su Ling had surrounded the other courtyards, heavy flint smell permeates the air, no one dares to enter rashly.

Seen from a distance, a courtyard with the door opened, a well-dressed woman grabbed by men-in-black by the neck went just outside the gate and surveying them in the distance. The woman frantically waving both hands and feet, but since her throat was being tightened, she cannot make any sound.

Yan Hong Tian squinting his eyes, “Who is that person?

Mrs. Yu Shi, one of the concubines.” Xin Yue Ning’s heart is now in her mouth and quickly asked, “What are they trying to do?”

Her words had not finished yet, the black-clothed man moved quickly, from his waist pulled out a dagger and put his hand up when it fell mercilessly stabbing the woman’s chest. That woman did not even have an opportunity, her round eyes were open and full of fear. At the thud sound, she flatly lay on the ground, on that place her blood quickly soaked the soil underneath.

Ahh!” Xin Yue Ning shrieked and raised her hand to her chest panting for breath, but the bloody scene was deeply embedded in her head, the woman who fell was her Xiao jiu niang (young maternal uncle’s mother) Ah! Although not a wife, she also grew up with her help watching her family members!

This was too sudden, everyone on the scene has no time to react, they were a li away from the yard, and have seen clearly everything that happened, but was powerless to stop it. Longbow and crossbow shots were not possible, it’s too far. Also, there are explosives in front of them, and this time doing an assault would only force the men- in -black to kill more hostages.

Zhuo Qing sighed with gloom, that man must have killed often, a career killer. The knife pierced the cardiovascular arteries directly, blood loss was great, there will be no plasma supply at once, half of the blood volume of the body will drain away within five minutes and this lady had absolutely no chance to survive.

Gu Yun brows were more and more tightly knit, assailants have begun killing hostages, in accordance with past experience in such cases, they will kill one hostage every once in a while until the authorities agreed to meet their requirements. Gu Yun was also concerned that the events will move towards an unfavorable direction. The black-clothed men have left the body of the woman on the ground, from the back, another arm was holding a six or seven-year-old girl caught like a chicken and lifted his hand towards their direction. With the small girl high and lifted above his head, steady and cold male voice made an announcement.

To you, after an hour if you don’t surrender Qing Mo, the next person to die will be her.”

With that, the men-in-black took a step back, two large wooden doors then closed, one could vaguely hear the little girl’s scream and the woman who fell was already dead.

Scary, Su Ren thought, this man’s internal force is strong, so far away, he was not shouting, yet he can make a half a mile away sound just like talking to one’s ear.

Qing Mo? Qing–Mo!” Panic-stricken Xin Yue Ning was unraveling, the men- in- black were after Qing Mo! Trembling fingers standing next to Su Ling was Gu Yun, Xin Yue Ning cries were practically screaming.

What are you waiting for? Quickly tie the woman up!

Under the order, several palace guards were about to come forward, Su Ling sinking cold voice shouted,


The guards stood still. Su Ling was a high official from the town of generals, unless the Emperor speaks, who would dare touch him?

Imperial guards were timid, Su Ling’s imposing manner was vigorous and Xin Yue Ning stood anxiously and fiercely.

“Su Ling do you want to disobey me?”

Su Ling glared with his icy cold eyes, hiding Gu Yun behind him,

Why did the Queen want to tie her?

Those black-clad people are yelling for her and if she was not hand over, they will continue to kill the hostages. The most urgent task is naturally is to get Gao Hong rescued.

Not far from her was the body of her loved ones inside the manor along with her uncle, Xin Yue Ning may now worry so much, stood motionless towards the guards she shouted,

Still will not touch?!”

Su Ling stood in front of Gu Yun. The guards looked at the Emperor’s gloomy face and who had not spoken, confused what was the proper thing to do?

This time she was not thinking how to rescue, but you want to take another person’s life in exchange? For crying out loud! Zhuo Qing could not stand watching it, angrily,

“How could you do the exchange? Gao Hong has life, is Qing Mo’s life, not life? “

Just after a bloody scene, the Empress’ stimulation was not small, her mood was unstable, the tone was impatient and with indifference,

“Gao Hong is the government third highest-ranking official, the imperial’s best. Qing Mo is just a gift from Hao Yue, is the pillar of the country’s important or a foreign woman gifted important!

In Xin Yue Ning’s opinion, Qing Ling was lucky to get Prime Minister’s love or otherwise where is her place to speak!

So, human life is also divided into subgroups! She wants to make use of Gu Yun, no way! Zhuo Qing prepared for a rebuttal but she caught Lou Xi Yan meaningful glance at her, signaling a hint with his eyes like saying ‘ let the man take care of Gu Yun’, who is now behind Su Ling. Zhuo Qing looked at Su Ling, his tall figure completely blocked Gu Yun, his chilling countenance moment ago at Xin Yue Ning is just now growing more sinister!

Zhuo Qing knew she has to close her mouth this time; this is Su Ling’s turn to act and take Gu Yun out of the predicament using his ability.

The guards would not dare to move on Su Ling. Xin Yue Ning turned to Yan Hong Tian and pleading for assistance.

“Your Majesty, Gao Hong is the court official, he encountered disaster, how could he die?”

Yan Hong Tian’s grimacing eyes slightly narrowed then stared at Su Ling but his lips have raised a smile.

“There is some truth in what the empress said. “

His Su General actually does not like women, right? Today’s a hero of a beauty? Really interesting!

Thought to be the Emperor’s support, XinYue Ning was delighted. She was about to bring back the guards to catch her, Su Ling deep cold voice again is heard clearly,

Empress wants to compare whose life is more important isn’t it?”… “Very well! “

Su Ling turned around, holding Gu Yun’s hand, pulled her to the side and clearly for all present.

“Qing Mo is my wife. General Su Ling’s madame and the eldest daughter-in-law of the Su family. Her life is important and also having the district third official not killed is important!”

Her hands were tightly held by Su Ling, Gu Yun was little stunned, she has been lost in thought picturing the map in her head and pondering how to use the surrounding terrain to assault and rescue the hostages. Whatever their arguments were, she was not bothering about it nor did hear it. So, when Su Ling suddenly announced “she is my wife?”, her pondering mind suddenly awakened and snapped out of her contemplation then slipped to unawareness to ignorance to what’s happening!?

Not only Gu Yun, everyone was astonished by Su Ling’s over and done response. Xin Yue Ning had simply refused to believe the words of Su Ling.

Su general is not so passionate, the world is beautiful, you love a woman and you can’t just decide on your own, you have to get the elders consent for daughter-in-law candidate. Qing Mo is foreign blood and she has a damaged face, even more, you should be after the noble families, she simply wasn’t good enough for the Su family. Su clan elders would not have agreed with General Su’s wish.” Su Ling thinks he can spin a few words and save the woman?

“You don’t need to bother with Su Family issue, Empress. The Patriarch came to the General’s Office some time ago and is very satisfied with Qing Mo and presented her the Su ancient sword, Bing Lian, as the hostess gifts to her.”

Gu Yun was holding the other full-bodied bright white sword on its hilt, the ancient ice sword. The world knew in Su family there are two ancient swords, Red Blood Sword and Ice White Sword. The red blood sword Su Ling had it all the year round by his side but ice smelting sword was seen less. Xin Yue Ning doesn’t believe and in cold protest.

“Who can prove that it is the Ling Li!”

All eyes are invested in Gu Yun and she does not know how to prove it. It was the Bing Lian sword and others clearly do not believe her, if she said “Yes’ that would still be useless. On in then, Su Ling taking from his waist Chuxie and stuck it before everybody on the mud, in front among them, at that moment, Gu Yun’s hands-on Bing Lian actually went off the sheath and out on its own and stuck with Chuxie side by side standing on the mud. Two sword handles are proudly erect. All in front of the body of the red and white swords respectively carved with red blood and ice refining word, those discerning eyes knew—they are the absolute pair.

Even more peculiar is that the people standing on the red side moments after, felt a heat wave struck while standing on the ice smelting side have been shivering with cold.

Who is she? Let me tell you, whoever is at war with her is at war with the Su family. “

Everyone had heard, Su Ling’s public announcements, Gu Yun just stood there, didn’t know how to react in time, hands tightly held in the hands of big hand like a cocoon and feeling the throb of sea waves in her heart at this moment.

Zhuo Qing in the heart was laughing many times. Silently rejoicing, Su Ling looks so handsome and worthy of being the tough guy. Yes! She was not mistaken, only such a man wakes up on Gu Yun! Zhuo Qing head turned to Lou Xi Yan, he was with a light laugh but he was calm. In fact, Lou Xi Yan was also amazed, who said Su General does not understand absurdity, it now appears, and he was really angry for Qing Mo.

Dan Yulan secretly scowled, he already guessed that Su General will not let go of Qing Mo, but he did not imagine he would blatantly have a standoff with the Empress on her account, but also to further it with the use of Su’s family might. Whoa! They have thousands of auxiliary soldiers that advocate morality. There were only among the fighters in the world who worship in Su’s door in the six states. Considering the general circles, nobody disrespects Su generals even on the battlefield, Su Ling argument is the most important. He is respected both in private and home. Su Ling making such a big pronouncement today, not to mention to the Empress, the Emperor will not exactly dare rush to touch Qing Mo without careful consideration.

XinYue Ning’s condescending gaze at Gu Yun was like quenching the sight of poison. There’s a Qing Feng seducing the Emperor in the Palace, making the emperor so concerned for her and getting him not care for other things. Outside the Palace, there was Qing Ling and Qing Mo, turning Lou Xi Yan and Su Ling confused and disoriented. Could be that the Qing sisters are enchantress! Can’t it be?

She would not believe! Hanging bright-eyes, tears dripping, leaning to her side towards the always silent Yan Hong Tian. The Empress sobs and softly complained of her injustice.

The Emperor! Gao daren is your minister and my very own uncle Ah! You might probably want to take responsibility for this chenqie my Lord! Su Ling simply defies the monarch, he offended a monarch!”

Yan Hong Tian still did not say a word, he looks at Su Ling’s eyes for a while that was somewhat different, standing around no less than a hundred people, no one dared to breathe loudly, the atmosphere was somewhat suffocating. Gu Yun finally gained her consciousness and gave a light cough and in a voice without emotion calmly broke the tense atmosphere.

Can I interrupt? Do you want to continue the discussion here of whose life is more important or the deployment rescue agenda more important? An hour is not a long time, after all. “

And she didn’t want to watch a little girl’s life pass in front of her again.

Yan Hong pitiable eyes were shadowy, the gaze finally landed on the short and thin woman, she is not tall like Qing Ling, beautiful clear teeth, she does not have Qing Feng’s refined facial features but she has an aura of cold arrogance. The only thing that gives color to her is the lovely little face however, it was destroyed by her and didn’t have much appeal. He did not understand why Su Ling has a soft spot for her, but facing this quiet firm eyes, he can be sure of is that she really is the Qing’s family and not afraid of death like her sisters.

Yan Hong Tian, walked slowly in front of Gu Yun. Su Ling holds on GuYun’s hand slightly tightened, feeling the power coming from his palm, Gu Yun also grips little stronger, putting Su Ling at ease.

“So, have you thought of a way to rescue? “

A deep male voice does not sound harsh, Gu Yun in her heart once again expressed admiration for Qing Feng, a not light not heavy words have pressed people to fear, that oppression not everyone could bear, OK, perhaps this is known as the King’s Qi? *(qi meaning vital energy)

Gu Yun’s face always maintained her calm composure, “I have an idea that we can discuss together, rather than discussing who is the inferior first.” Her mind had been thinking about the contrast of the two topographic features of the drawings, she thinking opportunities and chances to assault.

Yan Hong Tian suddenly shown a light arc in his lips and then broke into laughter, “Good, today I can count on you, if you can save Gao Hong, I will bestow for you and Su house to be married and the ancient title will be given to you as madam (furen), you will manage the rescue and if it doesn’t succeed this will be considered as a crime.”

Yan Hong Tian feeling slightly awkward, Gu Yun and Su Ling was about to speak at the same time, but she beat him to it.

“Does that mean that from now on the Ministry of Justice and Su military will listen to my strategy?

Su Ling, on her account, has been so blatantly against the Empress. Yan Hong Tian obviously was trying to find fault with Su Ling, she can’t let Su Ling have a confrontation with Yan Hong Tian and annoying him will have absolute much more serious consequences.

Gu Yun was snappy, this is not something Yan Hong Tian expected and was pleased. “Ha ha ha ah!” He laughs in amusement.

Letting Qing Mo do the rescue, how can she do that? First time hearing the Emperor say something like this for defying a monarch’s order, the empress was secretly delighted. Hmp… How can she save? However, the Ministry of Justice and Su generals have to listen to her deployment, uncle then will not be saved! Xin Yue Ning now quickly panicked.

Your Majesty! No! No! How can you believe a girl’s trick, Emperor think twice?”

Yan Hong Tian had decided and no one can change it, even the Empress. Xin Yue Ning rants were beginning to annoy the Emperor and the signs were showing in his facial expression. GuYun can understand the empress mood and eagerly and went to her rescue, and explained secretly.

“The Empress, even if I go, what if they don’t release the hostages? Didn’t you see them kill with skillful manipulation? They will not miss anyone, because they know that, they couldn’t let go of Gao daren. The Ministry of Justice cannot let them put me for exchange because it will only make your relatives die faster. “

“You shut up!

Yan Hong Tian just ignored the sour-tempered woman. Su Ling still tending to Gu Yun for protection. The Emperor was already annoyed by Xin Ye Ning and whatever Gu Yun say will only make her angrier.

GuYun shrugged and closed her mouth, her good intention did not do any good, then if she wants to clamor noisily so be it!.

Emperorrr-” Xin Ye Ning broke again in sobs. Yan Hong Tian had been very unreasonable.

Walking towards the direction of the tent. “Qing Mo, I presume you have to tell us about the rescue methods right?” He already lightly mentioned that Qing Mo will lead the rescue effort! He is firm about it.

The line of people surrounding Yan Hong Tian already left. Zhuo Qing threw Gu Yun a “can you manage to look” glance, because Su Ling’s expression is unhappy, too.

As people are leaving the tent, Su Ling, with a grim face, protests in anger, “You shouldn’t have complied!” The Ministry of Justice is responsible for this matter, even if they cannot rescue Gao Hong, she is also not to be blamed for it, she accepted and if not rescued, the Emperor and Empress can initiate an attack on her!

GuYun found this angry look so attractive for the first time. She moves a little closer to him, she whispered in his ear, “You just look really cool.”

Su Ling did not understand the so-called “cool” what does that mean? But her expression is similar to that of admiration and had made no secret of her appreciation, he had never seen her this way, staring at her, he always had an impression she couldn’t be this expressive.

This man had no sense of humor, Gu Yun was smiling, “Su Ling, you should have confidence in me, will you?” She knew he was going to protect her, she acknowledged that the declaration he made, made her heart beat faster, but she’s not a person who hides behind the man, she had the ability to take on and solve problems.

She seemed confident. Su Ling shook his head with some reluctance, he cheered on, “Go, go.” Just as it’s been decided, let her give it a try. If the rescue did not succeed, he’ll give her remedy.

Su Ling led Gu Yun to the back and she was standing there awkwardly.

“Can you release my hand? “

The eagle eyes briefly glanced at the hands holding tightly but Su Ling still did not let go. Gu Yun growled,

“Let it go! I would like to say a few important instructions to Su Ren!

Not far from them was Su Ren, he saw them at the back but pretended not to see anything.

Feeling embarrassed under the glare of Gu Yun, Su Ling released her hand and run in front of Su Ren. He still a have look of being very busy, Gu Yun was gloomy with anger, patted Su Ren’s shoulder and said,

“Don’t pretend and stall. You return to the manor and get Yu Shijun to bring the Elite troop here, swap their weapon to the new ones we just gave them; within half an hour I’m going to see them.”

Unable to ignore his shoulder that is sore, he gave his attention and turned around.

In half an hour? From here is already half an hour ride back and forth to the General’s Office, also set to lead out an entire army with weapon preparations for half an hour a bit short for time?

Gu Yun insisted and with an additional reminder.

“Yes! Make them run over here, no horses! You go on delaying; their departure will be even later.

Doesn’t allow riding a horse?

Su Ren can’t believe it, he stared at Gu Yun and Su Ling, whose eyes were also not puzzled. Gu Yun ignored him. Su Ling thinking about her command, this was a bit confusing, but he did not ask and the two walked together in the tent.

The two went inside the tent and everyone was waiting for them, Yan Hong Tian and Xin Yue Ning were sitting right in front of the seat of honor, Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing on the right, two empty chairs on the left, next to Dan Yulan, a large table was moved to the corner of the tent .

Gu Yun did not sit down, but directly went to the drawings on the table and hanged the two maps, one on the left and the other on the right without saying a word. Yan Hong Tian is also quiet, so she took this opportunity and started the briefing,

These two maps are respectively the topographic map of the outside courtyard and the map inside of the courtyard. On the topographic map surrounding the courtyard, the building was built on the mountain, streams run through them on which positively has no covering if someone going sneak into the place. It is not possible to strike from here without being discovered and alert the people in black cloth. Over the mountain from the backyard is easier to sneak in and this brook is just across the main hall and behind the study. These two positions are the place where hostages are most likely being held. Also entering the courtyard through brook is faster.”

Listening to Gu Yun’s speaking with confidence, Yan-Hong Tian originally is not optimistic that she is able at all, but after her briefing, what he can say? However listening to her calm tone, a clear mind, not a trace of anxiousness at all and her elegant demeanor, he sits up straight and pays attention to it earnestly.

“The assassins should be around twenty people; there is a den behind a three-story wooden building. The black people must be here to observe the situation around the courtyard and throughout the yard for any movements, so we have to take this sentry post, so they will ‘lose their eyes’. My advice is to send a troop from the mountain and capture the outpost, then take their time and attention using Dan daren out to do negotiations and they will be scattered. In this way, fewer people will watch the hostages and then send another troop through the stream to find the hostages and then converge with the other troop together. When the hostages are rescued everybody will retreat towards the mountain, then army stationed outside can attack.”

In one breath she briefs them of her strategy, Gu Yun sigh, looked up expecting an opposition against her plan.

What I think is probably the case, what do you think? “

You said there were explosives outside the yard? How to attack? ” It is Xin Yue Ning who first ask, although Qing Mo is eloquent, she does not believe her.

“I have seen those explosives that are buried in the ground if people step it on and it will explode. Dan daren truncated more than ten fine sturdy trunks that can be rolled down all the way to the explosives, so after the explosion only then an army can go in after. They cannot storm the yard because they are afraid of noise it will create and will alert the man-in-black. The hostages’ lives are not guaranteed but if the hostages are no longer in the man in black’s control, then dealing with this is not difficult..”

Su Ling also finally understood why Gu Yun doesn’t let the men ride. The three-story blockhouse is a good sentry post near enough to see three or four miles of scope what’s happening. Trees will cover them while walking and will maybe make it not easy to be discovered and more than hundred people riding up, the hoof beats absolutely could not be obscured.

Like Dan Yulan’s strengths has always been to give justice, he seldom has this kind of situation, he acted very cautiously, always frowning and pondering but is not talking. But Cheng Hang behind him began to speak but hesitated, he is but a sixth government officials in the Ministry of Justice, the emperor is just in front of him yielding and flexible. Gu Yun understood his dilemma and directly motioned to him.

“Cheng Hang, what do you want to say? “

Cheng Hang immediately steps forward and revealed his view.

This side of the mountain near the yard while green and luxuriant, the other side is a very steep cliff and the crossing is not easy doing it in less than an hour is impossible. If you say that sentry post is not taken over, entering through the brook it is impossible not to be discovered.

Gu Yun hesitated for a moment and ask,” Topographic maps marked the height of the cliff to be about 23 feet, is this height true?” If it’s not then there’s really a problem.

Cheng Hang thought for a moment and replied, “Yes, approximately that high. “

Gu Yun secretly relieved and smiled. “Then they can go up in minutes. “

“Impossible.” More than twenty feet of a steep slope, climbing it would take an hour more or less.”

Gu Yun looking down brook towards the figure and replied curtly full of confidence.

” That is a Su military might. “

Cheng Hang is at a loss for words. It is said Su military elite is well-known, but it’s really dreadful to such a degree. He secretly looked at Su Ling but his face is confident and calm. Cheng Hang closed his argument and quietly retreated behind Dan Yulan.

Su Ling looks composed but pondering, the cliff is more than 20 feet and even if he does it himself it would take him about a quarter of an hour’s time, she really can go so fast?

By contrast, the most relaxed is Yan Hong Tian. For such a short period of time Qing Mo is able to come up with such a plan with some risk, but still a viable strategy. This is really is not easy, it’s no wonder she dares to speak. Even more interesting is that she seems to be well aware of Su military matters; this will be good when a woman can participate in military affairs. Yan Hong Tian is observing Su Ling in the eyes, he is exploring for hints. Outside the tent, sounded an announcement.

General Su Ren request to enter

Yan Hong Tian quickly said in a low voice, “Come on in. “

Su Ren enters the tent, Yan Hong nodded after the salute. He walked to Gu Yun side and whispered, “Sister in law, the men are here.” Speaking with breath that is not steady, he is puffed for air!

Other people do not know that Su Ren has taken a trip back to the General’s Office. Su Ling knew it is not even half an hour ago, how could he be so fast and he didn’t hear the hoof beats.

Right at that moment, Gu Yun said with a smile, “Let Leng Xiao, Ge Jingyun, Lou Yan Nham come in. “

Good.”Su Ren quietly left and came back followed by three tall burly men, looking at their attires, Su Ling frowned slightly and Yan Hong Tian added an eye with inexplicable surprise and amusement. Dan Yulan and Zhuo Qing, however, have widened eyes and lips that couldn’t stop smiling.


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  20. Thanks for ur hardwork ^^
    It’s became more interesting


  21. Thank you…
    “Whoever is at war with her is at war with the Su family”……..

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