A Mistaken Marriage Match2:Generation of Military Counselors Chapter 37 To Rescue the Hostages

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A Mistaken Marriage Match2:Generation of Military Counselors

Goshawk)-A large and powerful dessert bird of prey known for its strength. This is the original translation

Chapter 37 To Rescue the Hostages

Three serious, determined, strong, and righteous men stood in front of long fashionable curtains. The soldiers have been sweating profusely. It was obvious they were subjected to an intense physical activity just moments ago but their aura was not chaotic nor breathless. They maintained their composure. Even if everyone in the room has a status of nobility, their face had no trace of fear or intimidation on their countenance. Yan Hong Tian seemed to be very satisfied with them. Even if the newly arrived men did not kneel to him, he was not angry. Instead, he was staring at them with great interest for their strange military outfits.

As the Elite Force of the Su Military people, they were not in the ordinary armor and battle helmet. The dark green shirt was tightly fitted without a dragging feeling. The upper part of the body wore a padded light jacket. They carried their crossbows on their right shoulder and on their hips, they have a four-inch wide belt. If one was to look closely, neatly arranged above the belts were short arrows with a crossbow. On one side of the belt was a roll of fine hemp rope. On their left thigh, there were two bands strapping a strange looking short dagger hooked to a handle on style. Their footwear was not made out of ordinary cloth but was a pair of short leather boots.

Although everything on them was Qing Mo’s idea, Su Ling had also help prepare for them. Seeing them stand there wearing the outfit and being armed for the first time, Su Ling was taken by surprise. In everybody’s eyes, this outfit looked rather different but Zhou Qing felt pretty familiar with them. She couldn’t help but to laugh in her heart. Why didn’t they add a touch of grease paint on their faces, like a real field army?

Gu Yun was quite satisfied with the speed of the soldiers. If today Su Ling was able to show her the bursts of the short crossbow, the get up would be perfect.

All the attention was focused on the three of them and Gu Yun called for everybody’s attention and asked,

“I have already briefed you the rescue plan, does anybody have any objections”

Yan Hong Tian recovered his sight and the thin lips smiled lightly,

” I have already said, the rescue is your responsibility.”

Well, he said so, will it also mean there is no objection now? Or she didn’t have time to spare on discussion and explanation.

Putting behind the Emperor’s lack of concern, Gu Yun stared at the topographic maps on the table. She lifted her right hand and the three soldiers followed the sight of the pointed index finger. The three people immediately walked towards her at once in the direction she came and stood behind her. Gu Yun pointed to the plan on the table and instructed in a whisper.

“The topographic map, memorize it.”


Three movements and consistent steps marched forward at the same time. They stared at the two maps to observe it carefully. As they were studying the map, Gu Yun informed them of the situation.

“There are about 20 bandits with five hostages in their hands. The three adults, a man and two women, and two children. General location is the den or the main hall for the hostages. Ge Jingyun, you lead a squad of elite through the stream and into the courtyard. You will search for the hostages in the study then the main hall. If they are not in front, go to the rear all the way down.”

“Leng Xiao and Luo Yan Nham. You both with each squad of people, go across the mountain and into the yard. Leng Xiao, you are in charge of covering for Luo Yan Nham and his team. Luo Yan Nham, your squad’s task is to take the three-story building that is being used as a sentry post. Then find Ge Jingyun’s location converge in the study. If you find the hostages, immediately withdraw towards the mountain. Understand me?”

Three people quickly note the things they need to remember, looked and with clear voice replied, “Yes “

Gu Yun turned to Dan Yulan and gave him his charge.

“Your honor, you stay in front of the main entrance. After two quarters, demand a dialogue with them. Try to stall for time. When you see the red flag flying on the hillside, it indicates that the hostages have been rescued. You will then launch the attack.”

“Good, but I am afraid the men-in-black people will demand to see you before they’re willing to negotiate. Are you staying in the tent to take care of things?”

He has seen what this young girl can accomplish in the cases she handled and now she is directing the army like a norm, but looking at the way she appeared now it seems she is not staying inside the tent.

Sure enough, Gu Yun’s brow wrinkled up after hearing his question. Su Ling didn’t expect her to be staying in the tent for her to succeed in the operation; however, she did not aim to assist on the part of the negotiation either. He hoped in his heart that she stays in the tent which was more secure.

Zhou Qing had been quiet all the while just listening and all of a sudden said,

“The rescue plan is Qing Mo’s design. She being in front of the command would be more appropriate. Talking to them half a mile away, the black-clad men would not know how the person looks. Even though they clearly can see, they are not truly sure. The scar is the most obvious characteristic. I will pretend to be Qing Mo, so you should be able to temporarily stall the men-in-black.”

Gu Yun was surprised for a moment. She looked at Zhou Qing who returned her look with a smile. In Zhou Qing’s eyes, it was evident she insisted on helping because she hoped to save the innocent children. The old man watched the two women look at each other’s face. Gu Yun was against it but she swallowed it down and only whispered her concern.

“You have to be careful. No matter what they say, you are not to get close to them.”

Zhou Qing answered back with a smile, “Ok.” Gu Yun saw Lou Xi Yan standing beside Zhou Qing. She has him, surely she will not be thinking of doing something dangerous.

Su Ren, you help Dan Daren.” to protect Qing Ling. Fortunately, it was unnecessary for Gu Yan to say the last phrase because Su Ren already understood and simply responded,

“You can rest assured.

“Hurry up, each to your task and stations.”

Half an hour had passed and the task can no longer be delayed. Gu Yun took the lead out of the tent and the three other burly soldiers followed.

Yan Hong Tian, Su Ling, and Lou Xi Yan seemed dispensable. (TL note…no participation is needed for these three highest-ranking officials of Qiong Yue!. )

Su Ling was also ready to go out when Yan Hong Tian suddenly stood up and went after him.

“I’ll go with you.”

Since the very beginning, Xin Yue Ning wanted to interfere and quickly advised,

Your Majesty, no! No! It’s too dangerous, you can’t go!”

Outside the tent was the thin silhouette unquestionably being followed by the three full-bodied soldiers. This picture seemed really interesting. Yan Hong Tian glanced at Su Ling with a smile of great interest.

“If a woman can go, why Zhen (referring to himself) is not allowed to go? “

Yan Hong Tian, after speaking, is in an extremely good mood and walks out of the tent.

Your Majesty!” Xin Yue Ning was really flustered. If the Emperor had an accident or if something went wrong because of this incident, Xin household can’t take up this guilt for the offense. She had already persuaded the Emperor but he was not listening to her. The Empress thought of somebody that can persuade him. Ahh, that was Lou Xi Yan and that body was just beside her. Sitting motionless on the chair, Lou Xi Yan was not moving a fraction of an inch or opening his mouth. She had to approach him and find someone to blame for her predicament.

“Prime Minister, the emperor is braving hardship that might harm his body, you, how can you not give advice?”

Lou Xi Yan face was calm as always and innocently answered,

“The Empress is personally discouraged that you can’t change the Emperor’s mind? The Minister too is powerless…”


Xin Yue Ning was fuming mad. She will be ill if she doesn’t vent out her frustrations. The person, whose opinion about the world mattered the most for Yan Hong Tian, was absolutely Lou Xi Yan. Now, he was pretending and putting an air with her! Xin Yue Ning was now gnashing on Lou Xi Yan but she couldn’t do anything about it. While the Empress was half dead angry, outside the tent, Yan Hong Tian was calm and composed while watching a bunch of mighty, brave and burly soldiers earnestly listening to a little woman, whose height only reached their chest, giving orders.

“Later, divide into three squads. The squad leaders are Ge Jingyun, Leng Xiao and Lou Yan Nham. Respectively, pay attention to their deployment and coordination and support one another. This is neither a test nor training, this is a real rescue. And do I need to say more, you should know what I mean.”

She finished her orders with a calm unflinching tone that sounded like an ordinary day. In the case of forming a squad or team, she had deployed them with the best compatible team consisting of excellent skills. She did not have to remind them about her execution because this scenario had already been anticipated and calculated for half a month. This was now the time to put them to practice.


Neat responses and powerful. More than a hundred men quickly split into three squads, Ge Jingyun took one squad to bring them to the upper part of the stream. Leng Xiao and Lou Yan Nham took two squads and trotted separately towards the direction of Mount Hou*-*literal meaning: mountain behind.

Yan Hong Tian journeyed naturally but he cannot be by himself without assistance. Four Imperial front guards would certainly follow him and he avoided this group of soldiers walking on foot and rode the horse towards the mountain cliffs. However, when he got there Leng Xiao and Lou Yan Nham were already commanding the soldiers to tie the knots of their ropes.

Yan Hong Tian was secretly surprised. These soldiers’ speed was good and fast. He had just left a moment before they had but his entourage had not yet arrived in advance with their horses.

Gu Yun dismounted from the horse and looked over the surrounding terrain and rock wall. Just as Cheng Hang said, the rocks were very steep and mostly made of naked stone. There were no trees or vines to be used for leveraging; however, the structure between the rocks was suitable for climbing.

Soon enough, the long knots were finished. Lou Yan Nham and Leng Xiao Gu waited for Gu Yun’s signal. She slightly nodded and Leng Xiao Gu and Lou Yan Nham tied one end of the rope to their waist and started climbing the rock walls with their bare hands, two people with different techniques but were very quick all the same. Soon they reached the summit and fixed their ropes by tying to the top of a tree. The two people shook the rope and after receiving the signal, the next person began to climb.

It is no wonder that she says Su army needed only a quarter of an hour to conquer the rock wall. They were using the relay system. At each dangerous and difficult place, someone will stay alone to help the next person upward. It was good mutual assistance and all seventy people were on top of the summit in a short matter of time. Yan Hong Tian looked at Qing Mo who was close by. Her countenance was calm. There was no joy or arrogance as if what these soldiers did was ordinary and today’s performance was just as expected.

She could feel the pressure from those forbidding eyes. Gu Yun went to see him. She walked to the front of Su Ling and said in a whisper,

“You accompany him and back up, I’ll go and check.”

“Well, be careful !”

She had always been a hands-on person. Her battle training was good at climbing and she was even stronger now. This was Su Ling’s perception of her. Ahh! Sure enough, Gu Yun turned her back and but did not use the convenience of using a rope, but found another path and studied it clearly. The thin and petite stature was not cut out for the men’s route; but with her light skillful movements soon, she was standing on top of the summit.

Yan Hong Tian’s dark eyes were affixed to the scene before him. Tsk.. Tsk.. after the click of the tongue he laughed.

“Nice skill. Did Qing Mo practice martial arts?

He absolutely never thought of that emaciated little girl had extraordinary unique skills. Qing Mo, what other skills does she have that also will make him pleasantly surprise?

Su Ling automatically replied, “Somewhat.

You taught her to train?” He could see that she had the ability of some variety and she somewhat knew how to deploy a troop. Looking at those soldiers that were so submissive to her, he was certain she must have drilled with them and practiced on ordinary days. Su Ling’s lips unconsciously smiled. He wasn’t the one who taught her how to train, but she was the one who helped him train! But he does not want Yan Hong Tian to know that. Showing too much of her ability was not necessarily a good thing for her.

Su Ling’s face was dazzling with the touched of pride. Yan Hong Tian teased him non-stop and only replied with faint smiles.

“So, you like this woman.”

No wonder why for so many years, the General’s Office did not have women. These officials’ Jinzhiyuye** or the so-called peerless beauties really do not have the means to meet this kind of “delicate” requirements.

** Jinzhiyuye is government authorities’ young ladies the so-called nobility or could also refer to peerless beauty which literally means descendants of the imperial family

Su Ling did not take Yan Hong Tian’s teasing to heart so with a wishy-washy response,

“Your Majesty, please.”

He looked up and glanced at the treacherous and steep peaks of the mountain. Dark eyes across became a little excited, Yan-Hong Tian suddenly remembered something,

“I haven’t been moving my physique. Do you want to have a ‘dodo’ contest?”

Yan Hong Tian was talking with a serious look in his eyes. Su Ling saw that he was earnest and he answered excitedly,


Two people looked with tacit understanding and started. In a flash, two tall figures climbed onto the escarpment. Su Ling used the androgenic force in full strength. Each time he pedaled a step, he was able to jump more than twenty feet. Yan Hong Tian was winning with the light body movement. His body was almost not touching the rock, but using his body’s upward force method to climb. The two people reached the top at about the same time, but Su Ling was short of breath and his face was red. On the other hand, Hong Tian’s breath was also a little chaotic.

When Yan Hong Tian had not ascended the throne, they often did this together. Always standing on the top of the mountain, but after he ascended a decade ago, they did not have any chance to play. He remembered his childhood. Su Ling laughed,

“Your martial arts has not left uncultivated.

It took a while for him to catch his breath, Yan-Hong Tian laughed, “I used to be faster than you.”

It’s been a decade since the last contest with Su Ling. In this afternoon of this winter, the sun was warm. Two men looked at each other and smiled as they remembered the times when they were young. Finally, at this time, the four imperial guards also followed to the top of the hill. Yan Hong Tian face was already relaxed as usual. The bodyguard to the emperor noticed this because his mood did not seem to be good at the foot of the mountains. Then they caught sight of Qing Mo silently walking halfway towards the direction of Mount Hou, trotting on the mountainside with a serious expression on her face looking down.

Standing in this position, one can clearly look over the courtyard’s situation. There were five men guarding the front courtyard but there was no one patrolling the ancestral hall and the study. Gu Yun’s attention was on the small building surrounded by six men. Sure enough, the men in black invested their attention to it and regarded this place as important. There should be someone inside.

Luo Yan Nham with about more than 30 soldiers had encircled the small building. The men in black were scattered. There was a good possibility to take them down one by one. Most importantly, they must be taken down silently. If the front courtyard guards find out there was an abnormality or something was unusual, the hostages would be in great danger!

Yan Hong Tian continuously watched several dozens of men near the small building. Their movements were somewhat a little strange. First, two or three men went in. They gestured some strange hand signals, as if like this can carry on the communication with the person behind them without alerting the guards. Afterward, a group of three soldiers followed them, who moved close to the target. A person then attracted the men in black from the front and as they turned towards the sound of the movement, the preceding soldiers quickly got rid of them by strangling their neck from behind. The dagger was quickly and ruthlessly used to pierce the neck, cutting the vein in the neck, giving the man- in -black his instant death. Three people then, with joint forces, towed the corpses to the woods located at the back of the courtyard. The succession movements of these three people were coordinated with tacit understanding. Short and immediate. They have resolved the lookout outside the building. It all looked the same as nothing extreme ensued.

Swish and swish! Two crossbow arrow shots resounded. Hidden by the window on the third floor and armed with arrows, were the men-in-black crouching down guarding the place. The two arrow shots instantaneously killed them. It was Shi Hu and Leng Xiao. Two arrows shot. From Leng Xiao’s location, the target was easy, but from Shi Hu’s location, to shoot the goal required extreme accurate archery. Gu Yun’s stare focused at the side of Shi Hu. She always felt that the person had a lot of potentials. In the past, when the unauthorized raid plans were changed, could there have been a reason?

Leng Xiao and Shi Hu addressed the sentry post. Lou Yan Nham’s squad also successfully resolved and secured the small building near the man-in-black. All the best, Gu Yun was secretly relieved everything was going smoothly. However, at this time, within the main hall, suddenly there was a noise followed by a child’s screams. One of the men-in-black took the little girl out of the main hall. He walked all the way to the front door.

Gu Yun rose in alarm.

What are they going to do? It is not even an hour!”

The assassin  is dragging the little girl went outside. Dan Yulan met up with them at once. Standing beside him, with her hands tied behind was Zhou Qing. It was too far away to hear what they had to say. Gu Yun only hoped that they could rescue the hostages as soon as possible.

From the stream, several dozens of soldiers sneaked in and quietly entered the other courtyard. The sentry outpost of the three-story building was taken over by Lou Yan Nham and Ge Jingyun’s squad’s execution was very smooth. The two squads now converged in the study to work together towards the main hall.

Thirty or forty people were now besieging the main hall. The result cannot be doubted anymore. Soon, Ge Jingyun was helping four people from the main hall. Gesturing to GuYun, Liu Xing, reported:

Boss, hostages in the main hall, had rescued the four.”

GuYun signaled back:

First bring the rescued hostages to safety.”

She waved, but her eyes never left the little girl at the door. How to rescue her?

Under the soldiers’ escort, Gao Hong finally came to the foot of the mountain. Gao Hong was a slightly overweight middle-aged man about 40. He was wounded in his right leg and a towel was tied over the wound. The bleeding did not seem to stop and his face had started to have a disparity of green and white. He was ready to faint. The soldiers leaned him against the foot of Mount Hou. He looked up and saw the others standing on the hillside. His eyes were a frenzy and then unto consciousness, he knelt hastily,

The Emperor has come to see also!”

The Emperor himself actually came to save him! Gao Hong’s heart unceasingly flagging spirit seemed to become alive again.

Yan Hong Tian glanced at his injured leg, with a feeling of sadness, “You may rise, to rest.” The soldiers had successfully rescued Gao Hong. This was a success for Qing Mo; but looking at the way she was now, she seemed to want to save the little girl. This was simply an impossible thing, will she rescue or not rescue?

Gao Hong also saw it but dare not speak. He shrunk beside the tree with blood oozing from the wound on his leg.

Leng Xiao put down his crossbow and turned to Gu Yun frowning and deeply tangled.

Boss, the little girl is now in their hands. If we call for assault, the girl‘s life will be lost. If we do not attack, the explosives outside will not be cleaned up. The hostages also cannot be delayed. If we can’t get out, Gao Hong is going to die.”

Liu Xing’s hands held a red flag. He was embarrassed but asked, “The flag is holding two lives, is it not?” Liu Xing threw the flag into the dirt. He was unwilling to play. If the flag was waved, the child will definitely die.

Gu Yun scowled and pondered. The little girl’s cries could be heard coming from the front yard. Mournful and alarmed. Now the situation was a little more complicated. The backyard was now under their control. There were six other men-in-black in the front yard. On the edge of the wall, there were three. By the door, were two. There was also one holding the child standing at the door. Storming in was an easy thing, but to save the girl from the hand of the black-clad man was extremely difficult!

Gao Furen heard the storming attack initially planned and yelled at Gu Yun,

What are you waiting, let people outside attack, Ah! “

Already weak Gao Hong is also following the call, “Oh yeah, let them rush in!”

The young Concubine Shi held a little boy in her arms, tears blurring her eyes, weeping and crying out, “Lord, Pearl is your daughter!”

Gao Hong heaved a sigh without a word. Gao Furen was sternly scolding and pointing at Concubine Shi, “She is nothing but a concubines child. Is the masters life more important or is her life more important?!” Concubine Shi did not dare to answer, only silently weeping on the side. Her misty eyes looked back and stared at the distant cries of the child.

Gao Furen was watching the tactical team and they are not moving. She rushed on her own to grab the flagpole and was about to raise and wave, but a handheld down the red banner. Gu Yun sneered in anger. Sure enough, as expected of the whole family, if you do not belong to them, other people’s lives were nothing in their eyes!

Gao Hong stared at Gu Yun with disdain,

What are you doing?!”

Gu Yun took the flag with force. Gao Furen stumbled onto the ground. Gu Yun simply declared,

The childs life saved mine!”

Gao Furen, the one that was just pushed a moment ago went to Gu Yun and the eyes froze and shivering in fear,” You, you, who the hell are you?!” What makes her act unruly in front of the Emperor and Su General now?

Gu Yun did not pay attention to her and threw the flag into the hands of the soldier standing on the side. She turned toward Leng Xiao and the squad and called out some names, “Shi Hu, Leng Xiao, Liu Xing, three of you go upstairs and lie low to ambush. Myself, Ge Jingyun, Lou Yan Nham, we will attack the front courtyard. Before we go in, you settle the three people on the sidewalls and I will go to the front. Ge Jingyun and Lou Yan Nham, after you have accomplished your mission, follow me to the front!” The assault will not be from the outside, we will strike from the inside!

Yes.” Several men seemed to be very pleased and excited. A soldier’s duty was to obey orders, but they also have sentiments. Nobody would like to watch a child’s life be sacrificed. Now the boss told them to rescue therefore they will do it with all their heart.

Action!” Six people checked their arms and went down Mount Hou. Gu Yun suddenly felt cold air in her back for a while. When she turned to look, Su Ling’s deep grim eyes were staring at her but the other five burly men were already down the mountain. Gu Yun smiled at him and reassured him,

Ill be careful.”

She did not wait for Su Ling to speak when the petite figure ran very fast down the mountain.

Staring with a faint smile was Yan Hong Tian with a dozen officers quietly watching him. Su Ling wanted to go down to grasp Gu Yun and bring her back and scold her severely, but at present, he cannot lose control.

Gu Yun’s squad successfully crossed the backyard. Leng Xiao prepared for an ambush and they entered the house. Gu Yun, Ge Jingyun, and Lou Yan Nham moved forward slowly to the courtyard.

Between the frontcourt and main hall, there was a high wall and a low wall. The squad hid behind the low wall where they can launch and successfully rescue the hostage, without disturbing the men in black in the front courtyard. All the men in black excelled in martial arts. For fear of arousing suspicions, Gu Yun did not dare rush from outside the wall so they continued to watch the situation in the front yard. The gate was opened so they were able to see a black-clad man pulling the hand of a girl. From here, they can hear the contents of the negotiation between the man and Dan Yulan.

Dan Yulan, you send the person over and I will release Gao Hong otherwise I will kill her now.”

The man- in -black was already impatient and it was visible the negotiations in front had already made him dissatisfied.

There is a bomb nearby how can I send her?”

Dan Yulan’s assertion from far away sounded a bit hazy.

Black people thought for a moment and replied, “The people staying there, command your people back to one li away.”

“No, you have to release Gao Hong so you can take away Qing Mo.” Dan Yulan insisted which apparently angered the man-in-black.

Bargain first for her corpse.” Black caught the girl’s skirt, took a few steps forward, she was thrown in the air. The explosives buried in the ground would kill the girl immediately.

Mother! Niang-” the little girl’s cry was hoarse. Dan Yulan nervously looked back from time to time but did not see the red flag signal. Did the rescue of the hostages fail? The woman with bowed head stood quietly behind Dan Yulan. Zhou Qing’s heart was beating fast and she was very nervous. Even if they launched a strike now, there was no way to save the child.

Originally, she can see the black-clad person’s back but now behind the low wall, she can only see the lower hem of his clothes. Listening to the tone of his voice, Gu Yun could feel the man-in-black’s mood was already irritated. Her heart tightened. Toward her side, she gave two people a “ready for attack” gesture. The two men nodded and clenched their hands on the dagger.

Gu Yun turned around; Yan-Hong Tiang followed the direction of the building rather than the gesture. In a split second, three short arrows were fired straight to its intended target coming out from under the walls towards the front yard hitting three men-in-black’s eyebrows. At that moment, GuYun, Ge Jingyun, and Lou Yan Nham tacitly rushed into the front courtyard. The left side and right side men-in-black guarding at the gate were alerted after the shots and moved forward from behind shouting. In the next moment, daggers also slit their throats.

GuYun was finally out in the front courtyard. With a crossbow in her hands, she stuck it out the door aiming at the man-in-black’s head. She was about to let go of the arrow but the man sensed something was wrong. He turned around at the same time grabbing the little girl’s back and set her in front of him. Gu Yun immediately controlled her strength at the very last second. The short arrow was not released but the man-in-black discovered her.

The man-in-black stared at the petite woman in the courtyard. His face concealed the surprise in his heart. How did she get in? Since she can approach silently behind him, he had guessed his other companions were probably dead by now. Knowing that he had to fight by himself now, his countenance did not show any fear. He observed the woman had two scars on her cheek, a pair of sharp eyes looking at him indifferently. The man-in-black suddenly understood that he was staring at Qing Mo. The chilly voice called out, “You are Qing Mo!”

Gu Yun did not acknowledge the statement; she threw a meaningful glance toward the stealth hiding on both sides of the gate. Lou Yan Nham and Ge Jingyun responded with a wink and they did not rush but waited for the opportunity to act.

Two men nervously stood close to the gate. On their foreheads appeared a layer of sweat. Su Ling at this moment was also frightened and jumpy. The men-in-black’s purpose of the trip was Qing Mo. If the man-in-black projected her to be Qing Mo and propose for the exchange with the little girl, she will definitely agree. Su Ling could no longer keep his cool. In the next instant, a tall figure ran down towards the foot of the hill.

As soon as he left, Yan-Hong Tian’s bitter eyes slumped. Su Ling truly has extremely deep feelings for Qing Mo. It was not at all good thing for him. As a General of the heavily on-hand army command, he should not have such obvious flaws!

Put down the crossbow.” The little girl was always made to stand in front of man-in-black using her as a shield. If she doesn’t shoot a fatal strike, if she put out the arrows in a rush, but if she doesn’t strike, the little girl was in a more dangerous position. Gu Yun’s brain processed fast but did not put down the crossbow in hand.

Put down the crossbow!” This woman was dangerous. Just the pair of eyes can make people feel scared. The man-in-black’s hold on the child’s neck suddenly tightened. The child was swallowing her cry and no longer cried aloud. With his hand’s strength, her face began to turn from white to dark red.

Gu Yun took a deep breath, slowly squatted down with crossbow in hand. She slowly moved, giving the impression of her willing to place her weapon on the ground. The man-in-black was secretly pleased; he leaned slightly sideways to the movements of Gu Yun on the ground, half of his head stuck out.

At this moment, GuYun’s harsh countenance crossed her eyes. As her hand stretched, the crossbow she was holding had been placed on the ground. The half-kneeling position was unchanged. She lifted the crossbow and put the arrow at one go. With just the sound of ‘swish’, one short arrow directly pierced the man-in-black’s right eye. The arrow protruded through the eye socket into the hindbrain. Entirely into the skull and he died at that moment.

In a blink, there was a reversal of the situation between lives. Everyone present was stunned and didn’t return to their consciousness right away. Even on the hillside, the Emperor, inside his sad heart suddenly called out “good“! She was cool as a cucumber. She had caught the opportunity. Her agile movements. This woman really has the ability. It is no surprise then that Su Ling regarded her with special fondness. If it was a man, he would be rewarded with the title of vanguard; but being a woman, even with the best skills, she could only be put to good use only from behind the scenes such as a strategist.

The arrows had killed the man-in-black. Gu Yun took a long breath in and a sigh of relief, but the next moment was unpredictable. She was shocked; her heart jumped!

The man-in-black was dead, but he clasped the little girl’s hand and did not release her. Before the shot, the man-in-black was hugging the little girl and now as he was falling back towards the direction of the front courtyard, his dead body would directly crash in the open space full of buried explosives.

Oh, no! Gu Yun quickly rushed forward, Lou Yan Nham was the one closest to the door and with quick speed, he stepped and flew before the falling upper body of man-in-black, grabbing the little girl’s waist, pulling her in his arms, and snatched the girl in a flash, boom! Boom !– – the explosives detonated.

Lou Yan Nham!”

The enveloping dust simply would not let anyone see anything along the path. Gu Yun still felt the need to rush to the courtyard and was feeling her way in but she cannot find the familiar dark green shadow.

Lou Yan Nham!”

The power of explosives was greater than she imagined. Lou Yan Nham lay on the floor with his limbs and back covered in blood. Many stone tablets were deeply embedded in his flesh. The smell of blood and the smell of explosive powder permeated the air. This was hardly a good place to be in. Gu Yun did not touch him, only stayed by his side calling his name over and over.

Lou Yan Nham, Lou Yan Nham, how are you, Lou Yan Nham!?”

Lou Yan Nham lay on the ground unmoving. Suddenly, he stirred weakly. Gu Yun’s heart that seems to have temporarily stopped beating finally shuddered and the feelings came back slowly. The puncture-proof vest protected his organs and he was still alive.

Lou Yan Nham seemed to want to roll over. He moved with difficulty, revealing a delicate little hand under his body, he protected the child under his body. Gu Yun held him gently on his shoulder and said, “Do not move recklessly!” Ge Jingyun arrived around Lou Yan Nham, Gu Yun whispered, “Watch out for the tender spots and hold him up.”

Ge Jingyun and Gu Yun cautiously lifted Lou Yan Nham shoulders. Under the refuge of Lou Yan Nham’s body, the panicked and frightened little girl was lying on the ground unharmed. Gu Yun hugged the child and helped the child to get up from the ground. The blast of explosives scattered the mist and dust causing a miasma. Dan Yulan’s voice was heard calling from a distance, “How are you?” He was with Zhou Qing at one side and untying the rope that was bound around her wrist while staring at them anxiously. Gu Yun shouted back in an orotund. “Get rid of the explosives immediately! We need a doctor at once, there are two people injured!”

Leader.” Dan Yulan put up his hand and before long, from a distance were running a group of six men, carrying three sturdy tree trunks coming their way. The men-in-black on the ground would have been blown beyond recognition. Gu Yun held the little girl tightly in her arms that were shaking like a leaf in the wind. Don’t let her see this bloody scene. Looking down on Ge Jingyun, she whispered: “Help Lou Yan Nham.”

Yes.” Ge Jingyun was tall and strong enough to carry a man easily but now Lou Yan Nham was bleeding everywhere. Ge Jingyun did not know where to put his hands. Lou Yan Nham suddenly raised his head slowly, looked at Ge Jingyun’s worried face and in a hoarse voice to almost inaudible, very clearly and with a laugh, “I wont die to become number one!”

With that, he wanted to stand on his own, Ge Jingyun refused to make him move so much and quickly stepped forward to help him up and into the courtyard.

Entering the courtyard, they came just in time to catch the sight of the general nervously embracing ‘boss’ tightly in his arms, as if he missed her for a very long time. ‘Boss’s’ hands were also hugging the little child!

Lou Yan Nham was helped to the front yard, just to see this scene; Ge Jingyun was embarrassed to go over.

Gu Yun was also embarrassed. When she went into the courtyard a while ago, she was quickly seized by Su Ling and before she could speak, she had fallen into his broad chest.

Su Ling, on the way down to the mountain, saw Gu Yun deal with the man-in-black; and then heard the thunder of the explosion. His blood almost froze at that moment. His mind was spinning when he saw Gu Yun appeared covered in blood. From Mount Hou to the front courtyard took him less than half a quarter of an hour. Su Ling’s heart had experienced the depths of suffering. Only holding Gu Yun now was the assurance that she is alright. The knowledge that she is safe eased his heart.

Going through the chest injury last time, GuYun had been in a coma and did not know what happened around her. After she woke up, Su Ling became very strange. This time, Su Ling’s eyes had an expression of deep pain and undisguised fear that her heart also felt the severity. Gu Yun hurriedly explained, “Im fine, it is Lou Yan Nham that was injured.”

Su Ling glanced at Lou Yan Nham sitting on the ground and covered in blood. He walked through the floor and left a line of bloody footprints on the ground. The hand around Gu Yun tightened again. If she was a bit closer to the child, will she be the one dying right now? Su Ling swore that henceforth, he would never again indulge her. His heart is really, not that strong.

Su Ling’s countenance was very dreadful. Gu Yun realized that this really frightened him. She wanted to say something to him when a sound of loud explosions came from outside the courtyard. Gu Yun quickly covered the little girl’s ears and the next moment her ears were covered by a pair of large strong hands, a faint warm feeling came from his palm. Gu Yun slightly rose. Su Ling’s face still dark and his heavy chest tightly guarding her.

The ground outside the courtyard trembled and shook all that it could be shaken. The deafening blast was loud. Billowed smoke was choking people out of breath. This was Gu Yun’s first time in this situation, her mouth unconsciously grimaced.

The dust gradually dissipate and an anxious voice was heard calling from afar,

Pearl, my child!”

That was of the young woman from earlier. Gu Yun put down the girl in her arms and the child immediately dashed towards the direction of the young woman. The young women hugged the child tightly in her arms and her tears were welling up uncontrollably. In front of the yard is Da Yulan with the physician and officer Yan Hong Tian who came down from the mountain.

Pay respect to the Emperor.” Entering through the back courtyard, the bailiff and Officer’s first order were salutations. Gu Yun stood there frozen; however, with some look of disdain, this time, should the people not be saved first?? Gu Yun turned to see Lou Yan Nham, Yan Hong Tim who can’t afford to ignore a bunch of knees, instead went to her and asked, “What is the teams name?”

Gu Yun was stunned for a moment. She had not thought of a good name. She caught a glimpse of the man who always stands by her side and Gu Yun replied,

“Birds of Prey.” Su Ling’s Special Force is worthy of the name.

The Birds of Prey. Yan Hong Tian gave Su Ling a thoughtful glance and suddenly laughed, “Todays rescue is because of Qing Mos ability. I will deliver on my promises.”

What promises? Gu Yun had entirely forgotten about this one thing but when she reflected about the incident, to bestow a marriage order was really and truly clear at that moment. Yan Hong Tian was already swaggering out of the courtyard escorted by officers. Gu Yun snorted contemptuously when did her marriage turned for someone else to meddle with?


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