A Mistaken Marriage Match2:Generation of Military Counselors Chapter 38 The Heart of Gu Yun

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A Mistaken Marriage Match2: Generation of Military Counselors

Chapter 38 The Heart of Gu Yun

The Prime Minister’s house was decorated, crowded and bustling, red ribbons can be seen hanging everywhere, in the middle of the night the red lanterns were shining, giving an orange glow lighting up the entire courtyards with warmth.

In the main hall, everyone was busy filling the groom with wine, the always cold countenance of Jing Sa was no longer serious and cold, perhaps because today he was too happy. There was a frequent delivery of wine from those he cannot refuse. After the three rounds of drinks, his face was flushed and his eyes were misty. Prime Minister Lou Xiyan as housemaster was only laughing lightly and even with the booing, he did not come to his rescue, other people were naturally more willing to help Jing Sa with the drink.

Su Ling was seated at the main table, holding the wine, somewhat a bit absent-minded, this occasion he will not participate, in general, he never participates in this kind of occasions only after saying congratulations he would soon leave. Today, he did not go, just because the seat beside him was still empty – she had not come back.

He never minds it at all, she saw her sister, the two can chat and that was understandable, he will wait for her.

The voice in the main hall and the front yard was mostly quiet during winter, so rare that on winter nights it was so bright. The cold moonlight was lovely and the red lanterns glow an infectious mood and actually infusing the chill with little warmth. Two people sitting in the corridor of the gallery, unexpectedly appearing were tender feelings on the night wind that was blowing. The winds were blowing through their long black hairs.

Zhuo Qing casually laughed as the two women chat together as in the past after work was completed and with a relaxed smile. “You, how are you? You seem to be very provoked recently.”

GuYun groaned gloomily, coffee in hand will be even more perfect , her back was leaning by the cloister of pillars behind a winding corridor, she replied, “Fortunately, I am amused to stimulated life, if I will be trapped in a house and do not do anything, I guess will become crazy.” Perhaps through the different world getting into the General Government was God’s grace to her. She could not imagine her life doing nothing.

As Gu Yun’s back leaning on the pillar for support, Zhuo Qing turned and sat face to face with her, straight to the point seriously asked: “Do you like him now?” After her observation yesterday, the Gu Yun and Su Ling should have made great progress!

Although Zhuo Qing did not say who the word “him” refers to, Gu Yun was also clear and did not evade or deny, but she confidently nodded. Her hands resting behind her head, eyes betrayed the look of little confusion, looking at the bright moon in the sky, light brows wrinkled Zhou Qing, distressed and with worry.

Qing, now I have contradictions.”

Zhuo Qing produce a smile, ” My heart already has a place but it does not fit the original life? “

She turned her head to her side and saw a calm and steady Zhuo Qing face, Gu Yun Qi always wondered,” When you were married to Lou Xi Yan have you never ever think of it, even from time to time? Did you really let it all go?. ” She admits that she like Su Ling, liked his overbearing gentleness, like his eagle eyes bearing soulful affections, however, she always seems to not to forget she might swap back to the original life at any moment.

Gu Yun, in fact, this issue is easy to figure out. You work with SWAT for so many years, at any time you may die, so was it because of this, you did not consider loving a person or to accept a person? Now the situation is very similar because it is possible to go back, you cannot wholeheartedly love Su Ling? Do not worry too much, just love truly, until such a time you really need to choose, go to consider this issue again. In fact, the choice is an easy thing, just look you which do you love more. “

Love which one? Gu Yun slightly bowed her head, after a long absence silence, with self-ridicule, she chuckled, “This kind of thing you really looked thoroughly.”

Zhuo Qing shook her head and answered, “It is you who do not have the intention to be diligently dealing with it.”

Gu Yun was surprised for a moment, does she has no intention to diligently deal with Su Ling? Yes, she seemed to be. She always subconsciously told herself to go back, she doesn’t even give the recognition of liking him, she did not dare to put her heart on him. Perhaps the Qing was right, just love, there will be a result.

Finally, Gu Yun cleared her thoughts, Gu Yun told Zhuo Qing she understood what she should do when a tall figure rushing from the outside went in, squinting her eyes towards the man, Gu Yun recognized it was Han Shu.

Han Shu was almost running forward and the relative of the house servant who was to guide the way for him was now chasing him on the run, the character of general’s vanguard was simple, he cannot hide things, the heart’s anxiety was clearly written all over his face. Gu Yun felt a dark terror, was the General House in trouble?

Gu Yun got up and shouted, “Han Shu!”

Han Shu saw her and went up straight away and asked, ” Where is the General?”

” He is still in the main hall drinking, there is nothing for you to be in such a hurry,”

Han Shu replies with irritation, “East Sea pirates are rampant, they actually went ashore and captured five villages along the coast, as far as I could see wherever I went there is burning and looting, corpses everywhere, cruelty and violence. Su Yu and I confronted them and forced them back to the East Sea, but we lost to the sea to sea battle, warships were not attacked but sunk actually. “

Ship sank. Gu Yun’s heart thumping violently, ” and SuYu ? ”

Han Shu’s face became more and more serious, controlling his deep voice,” He is missing. ”


Midnight had already passed, in General Government the office studio was still brilliantly illuminated, Su Ling had depressing features sitting coldly in front of the long and narrow table, Su Ren and Han Shu were sitting around the table and Gu Yun was sitting closest to the door, a man over 30 years old was called, he stood with his heads bowed in front of the table.

” Youyi, how did he go missing in the end? “ Su Ling had cold eagle look, his voice was doubtful giving out the oppressive atmosphere.

The man raised his head, he can‘t deal with the icy eyes, his heart beats like thunder, but his voice was steady, ” Lieutenant General Su Yu was deputized to the East China Sea, after five days in there, he happened to encounter pirates that entered the village who looted goods and women . The lieutenant was angry and brought 10,000 soldiers to exterminate the pirates. After the defeat, the pirates returned to the pirate ship then escape back into the sea. Seeing the pirate’s place, chaos, bodies everywhere, making his foolhardiness because he was really mad, Lieutenant General Su put out soldiers out to sea in pursuit, but only ten li off the coast, they were ambushed by pirates and eight skipper boats was stolen in the siege. These pirates do not know where they get their canons; the lost three ships were all bombarded and sank. When we drove past, the ship haf all sank to the bottom, we look around for a long time, did not get news of Lieutenant.

Pirates unexpectedly have canons? Gu Yun unconsciously frown.

Su Ling held his hands tightly, Su Yu is not captured by pirates? “

Captured better than ……   man hesitated for a moment, or truthfully replied,

” We have not received a threatening message or information about hostages from the pirates. ”

If the pirates caught the man, they would coerce them, there was no message, can only show – Su Yu might not be on their hands! Han Shu relentlessly pounding his thighs, angrily! “General, the pirates are so arrogant, if not in addition to destroying Qiong Yue military might, people on the coast have no peace and I will volunteer to kill the enemies.”

Su Ling was silent throughout, just the color of the eagle eyes getting more vicious; he glared at Han Shu’s eyes. Disturb by them, he had no naval experience, why was he flaunting, how can he succeed! At a glance, he signaled at Youyi .

Youyi, you continue.

Youyi caught a look towards the woman sitting at the end of the table, the general government had always been no woman, her appearance here was strange indeed. The General had always been cautious and discrete, Youyi, relatively needing to prod, how Su Ren would answer,

“She is ……”

Before he finished, Gu Yun shouted back, “My name is Qing Mo. ”

Qing Mo who? Youyi had a murky and bewildered look, Han Shu about to answer him,” She is General’s’ wife, you may say it. ” The general handed over to her care even the most elite soldiers, and what else she cannot hear.

General ‘s wife? The General got married? Youyi was surprised and took a second look again, the woman was very thin, wore a simple goose yellow dress, her hair was also very simple, the long fingers were tapping the handle of a wooden chair. She seemed to be calculating and thinking. She looked fairly pretty, but unfortunately pitiful because that pretty face was destroyed by two shallow scars.

   Youyi, glance at Su Ling and the General seemed not to think about it, but also did not oppose the Han Shu’s words. Well, since she was the general’s wife, he had also nothing to be doubtful about. He continued… “ That by the end, the pirates frequently attack the coast, it is not as ordinary pirates. They were numerous and do not lack in a discipline like that of the general pirates. They were well armed and equipped even with canons. The purpose of their ransacking of the village seemed more like a provocation, not just for food and women—- it’s a provocation.”

Gu Yun was pondering, for people to have such a kind of a skill, organized and disciplined as well as weapons, the pirates seemed to be more difficult than bandits.

” Tomorrow, I will be able to present a memorial to the Emperor, we will increase the army and lay siege. ” The always silent Su Ling finally spoke, listening to his voice, was he going there personally? ”

Gu Yun was looking for clarification, ” Are you going to personally lead the troops? ”

Su Ling,” Ah huh “sound.

When’s it ready? ” Su military navy had always been weak, even if he was to go to, he has to prepare. The enemy apparently considered investing in the armory. Gu Yun’s brow was frowning, Su Ren’s face was also obscure, Big brother will go as far back as he expected. Su Yu went to the coast, all because of Big brother and Qing Mo. All these years, Big brother was very serious on him and but also very diligent and very attentive on him, now he was out and in trouble, Big brother’s feelings cannot be imagined.

Su Ling did not answer Gu Yun, and in a cold voice said, “You stay here in the General Government. ”

Why? ” Gu Yun did not understand, he did not let her stay with the suppression of the chaotic thieves, she solved the case on human hostages-rescue and he did not stop her. Why then he would not let her go this time?

I said you will stay.

His voice was bitter without any room for negotiations. Su Ling’s first view at the moment was simply exactly outrageously just the same. Extremely hateful!

GuYun took a deep breath, depressed her chest burning and gradually becoming pent up with anger, towards Su Ren, the icy voice request firmly,

You three, exit first. ” 

They were going out with a smile. Su Ren and Han Shu walked out of the door. According to their past experiences, the two people ultimately will have a big argument, maybe even will work it out. Youyi also stood upright, Han Shu patted his shoulder and said, ” Let’s go.” Youyi was frowning and stood there motionless. Han Shu and Su Ren gave a glimpse at each other and together in mutual understanding, they side strapped the man from his scrutinizing.

Being forcibly pulled to the front yard, Youyi breaks both hands, somewhat annoyed, “Su Ren, what’s this about? ” The General didn’t say anything, how could they listen to a woman’s command and left her out, even as the General’s wife, they have no need to listen to her cry.

Han Shu caught Youyi’s shoulder and smiled.

Have you not heard of a word, yiwujiangyiwu? “

She? ” Youyi, full of distrust, were they joking me? She’s a skinny woman?

Youyi’s face was full of disapproval, they have nothing to say anymore, and by the time he had the opportunity to ‘play’ against Qing Mo, then naturally he will have an understanding of what they were going through.

Inside the study, the two were not speaking, Gu Yun’s catty eyes were staring at General Su Ling and the subject of her glare did not look at her, head bowed down concentrating on reading memorials for the Emperor requesting a combat assignment, if not, he can’t ignore the pair of bright eyes by his own power. Gu Yun suddenly got up, Su Ling holding an ink pen, he thought she was to freak out, who knew Gu Yun just went to the desk, the sound fairly calmly asked,

You do not let me go, there is always a reason for it.”

He looked up and saw Gu Yun standing in front of him, she looked quite calm, her eyes were sharp as a knife in general. Su Ling sighed, facing such eyes, lying seems pointless, she would like to know why just tell her.

He put down the pen, Su Ling with a heaviness replied, “Only on the East Sea of Qiong Yue, Su Military has basically no naval experience in warfare, and if the pirates really burn with more collusion, their aim is not just several small villages on the coast. Pirates fire is very fierce, they are familiar with the sea operations, violent and bloodthirsty. I will not let you go because it is really dangerous. I started at the age of 16 on the battlefield, more than ten years undefeated, I haven’t gone too this kind of battle so I am uneasy. I am not sure of this battle, their weaponry I have not completely grasp.

Because of this? Gu Yun scowled,” In this world, nothing was completely secure. Only in the face of adversity, the still, stubborn and tenacious people can be called a hero. You do not seem to be afraid of dangerous people!

I’m afraid. “

Gu Yun stared at him in surprise, for a moment, too dangerous to the hell with it! Give it a try, why would he say” afraid “?

Looking at the way she was surprised, Su Ling sighed with exasperation and explained, “I am afraid that I do not have the ability to protect you. “

He allowed her to do things he could control, even if she made any mistakes or danger, he could help her clean the aftermath. Not this time. It was not the same. Pirates and the national army was different, there was no principle to not kill. The elderly, women and children were killed, he admitted that what he was really scared about; he couldn’t withstand her having serious injury again.

Gu Yun does not think this was a problem, a long sigh of relief, smiled and said: “I can protect myself. I never wanted others to protect me. “.

“All in all this time I will not let you go, no matter what you say. You stay in the military training, your “Gray Hawk” prototype has been significant, if the training continues, this can soon become your team. As for a short crossbow, I have asked the artisans, and what you lack, there is Su Ren, just ask him. “Su Ling was determined not to let her come. He bowed his head and continued to write memorials, without looking her,” It is not early, go back to rest. “

What he just said sounds like a favor and she was being spoiled. On the contrary, she did not feel respected at all for her ability and opinion. This made Gu Yun’s heart very uncomfortable. She understood that Su Ling was trying to protect her, but she did not ask her if she was in need of such protection. She did not know that in this era the woman was like living in a man created voices and decisions and that kind of world was happiness, anyway, she did not feel happy. If Su Ling needs a housekeeping woman at home, well he should not choose her!

” Gu Yun holds his hand gripping the pen, forcing him to stop writing. Su Ling sighed a little, he knew that she won’t give up so easily, he put down his pen again, simply turned, directly towards the cold eyes of Gu Yun. She said in a whisper, ” Are you worried about me that it would be too dangerous and I might get injured?

Su Ling looked at her with the shimmering eye. Why she was asking?

Answer me. “

Yes. “Gu Yun was intently looking at Su Ling, insisted that she had to be answered.

You know as a person I also know and concerned about the feelings of fear, isn’t it? “

Yes. “She wanted to ask what in the end?

“You know more about that the heart of that person going through danger, there is another one that is powerless and suffering, isn’t it?”

” Yes. “

Since you understand, why I am going through it again?

You – “she meant to say, he was her man? Staring at the GuYun’s serious eye, Su Ling’s heart was pounding, she was to say it? Her confession that it had always been regarded as hard as others call her the General’s wife, but he forced her to stay in the General’s Office, he doesn’t really know her mind or did he? Su Ling was holding his breath, waiting to hear what she was going to say, what kind of expectation was this he has never experienced before.

Su Ling looked her dark eyes, as deep as the twilight in the sea, his eyes were in the midstream of the expectation and tension inspiring her, she took a deep breath and whispered, “I’m worried, too, also care, will also be uneasy, because of the naval warfare, because you are not sure, I would like to face it with you, even if the experience will be dangerous, but no longer powerless, at least we have to protect each other, and help each other’s opportunities. I will never be obediently hiding at home waiting for you to protect the woman if you now want to regret, but also too late. ” Qing said. Let her love and let her heart spoke for the man she loves, so she wanted to protect him.

She wanted to protect him? Su Ling had a momentary trance, since he was sensible, given his responsibility was to protect Qing Yue, no one ever said they will protect him, these words no one would dare say, she said, want to protect him? Su Ling wanted to rejoice, but cannot rejoice, his heart softened, his happiness was up to the brim was bound to overflow.

Long arm stretched around Gu Yun’s waist and held her to sit her on his lap. Su Ling tightened his arms around her. It seemed this was the only way to calm his heart with raging waves, “You are my woman, Su Ling’s woman and this will not change, anyway, this thing you do not even want to think of! ” He will not let go of her and never will.

His arms crossed around her waist, hands almost rub her body, his words of love was always a threat, not ordinary people can stand that, and turning lightly Gu Yun lean on Su Ling’s shoulder, smiled and asked, “Can I go with you? ” He should understand what she meant, right?

You can’t. “The answer was warm and gentle, not cold, but the meaning was still the same.

Gu Yun was sitting on his lap, suddenly her whole person became stiff, from the arms of Su Ling she looked up to his smiling eyes, she punched him on the chest and snarled loudly, “Su Ling, you bastard!” She pushed him away and went straight out and ran.

Damn Su Ling, asked her to play this game! If this girl cannot go to the East Sea, she would not be called GuYun!

Her punches never understand mercy. Su Ling rubbed the pain in his chest, his lips never left that mischievous pleasant smile.


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