A Mistaken Marriage Match 2: Generation of Military Counselors Chapter 39 The Military Strategist

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 2: Generation of Military Counselors

Chapter 39   The Military Strategist

The General House Hua Ting Pavilion (The Flower Hall)

A man wearing a blue eunuch service uniform comes to a stop at the front step of the central hall. Perhaps it was out of habit. Perhaps it was because he wanted to exploit the chance of standing in front of prominent generals. or perhaps in this room, the atmosphere was kind of weird. The eunuch bowed his head down and respectfully announced,

“The Emperor has prepared something! Tomorrow the emperor’s son reaches his full month. The whole body of the ministers are invited and courtiers. Please, Su General and Qing Mo enter the Palace for a feast!”

Gu Yun was standing next to Su Ling. Her face has no expression but it was covered with a “don’t mess with me’ aura. Su Ren and Han Shu were standing far at the door. The Emperor had already approved  General’s written memorials sent him. Su Ling’s mind was preoccupied with planning: they had already discussed military supplies and preparations and were ready to depart in three days but they didn’t know a palace eunuch would suddenly announce an imperial decree and especially want Qing Mo to attend the celebration.

The entire Hua Ting Pavilion was now flooded with the smell of gunpowder. Gu Yun was holding Bing Lian and was also ready to leave. They cannot hide away from her, not even from a distant point!

Su Ling gently reached up and said to the Eunuch, “I got it. Tomorrow we will be there. You go back and report the completion of your mission, ok!”

Yes, servant resigns.” Taking advantage of the situation, the eunuch immediately withdrew.

Han Shu and Su Ren moved aside and watched the eunuch leave. After they have stood on the side for quite some time and still didn’t move, Gu Yun made the first move, leading her in the direction of the door.

Su Ling grasped Gu Yun by the wrist and she paused without looking at him. Su Ling exclaimed, “Still angry?” He was worried about the safety of Su Yu and had spent great efforts searching for his whereabouts. These days, he had been busy with military things and she seemed to be even busier every day in her training but she had not mentioned any of the things going on there lately; and again, she never let him have a good look.

Gu Yun was pulled slowly but she resisted and answered dryly. “I’m busy, if you continue to say that the army will not allow me to engage in the sea war, needless to say anymore, your meaning has been expressed clearly enough.”

“Qing Mo!”

Behind the low yell, the tone was filled with frustration and anger but she didn’t hear it as she already left Hua Ting Pavilion. Han Shu was listening to the ricochet of her footsteps and whispered,

General, did Qing Mo really agreed to comply to not go to the war at sea?

 Su Ren went back to the desk, sat down, and shook his head, “I don’t think so.

Both hearts were sorrowful. Han Shu added, “Ah, I also do not think that Qing Mo is this easy to give up!” His eyes swept over to Su Ling whose complexion was close to the color of a liver. Both mouths shut close trying to avoid the General so he would not vent on them his anger.


Qiong Yue is not cold during the winter. The banquet was held in the Imperial Palace garden. The royal garden, even without the colorful flowers in spring and summer, the place did not look desolate. Instead, the lush evergreen trees in winter add a great deal of vitality to it. Tonight there were many people from third rank ministers and above invited to the feast. Among them were the Minister, his wife, and daughters. This scene was like having a broad view of the past and seeing the magnificent changes in clothes. Su Ling and Gu Yun were arranged in the main seat on the right. Opposite of them were Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing. After the two men nodded in understanding, they respectively drew away their eyes. Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun had a look of silliness and boredom on their faces.

The Emperor’s arrival.

Soon the eunuchs’ shrill cries were heard coming from the distance. The clamors in the garden suddenly quiet down. Gu Yun’s eyes squinted towards a woman with Yan Hong Tian. The middle-aged woman looked well pampered all her life, bedecked with jewels and the color of her face was arrogant. The Imperial Consort and Qing Feng were walking behind them, squeezed at the back of the line. The lady with  Yan Hong Tian must be the official empress dowager. According to Su Ling, that woman is the palace queen mother, Empress Dowager Lou Su Xin.

Your Majesty long live, long live the Empress Dowager, may the Empress and the Qing imperial concubine live happily and safely.”

Yan Hong Tian and the party of ministers walked into their seat of honor. The synced cry of all the ministers scared Gu Yun. In this garden, to have a little more than a hundred people be able to chant unanimously, it goes to show they trained on a daily basis. 

“All rise up.” Yan Hong Tian was in an excellent mood today. With a wave of the hand, he sat down in his seat.

“Thanking the Emperor,” and everyone went back to their seats. Gu Yun searched for Qing Feng amidst the Royal Family. The Empress Dowager and Empress were sitting around Yan Hong Tian, while Qing Feng sat on the Empress’s side. The child was being held by a wet nurse, who is not sitting behind Qing Feng, but rather arranged to sit beside the Empress Dowager.  The Empress Dowager played with the little prince from time to time and Qing Feng could only watch from afar.

Gu Yun saw Qing Feng awhile back. From the memory of her, she was tall and thin. Her bones had a trace of arrogance and stubbornness. Now that she has just given birth to the child, she had put on weight. Her sharpened face became a bit rounded and not so sharp as before, but peaceful overall.

“Today is the Emperor’s child’s full month, Zhen has hosted a feast for my ministers. All my ministers no need to stand for a ceremony. Accompany Zhen to drink this cup.” Yan Hong Tian raised his cup and all the people followed the toast and cried, “May Emperor be overjoyed, Qing Imperial concubine be overjoyed, hail the Third prince.”

It sounded like a cookie-cutter congratulations. Gu Yun didn’t know how not to trouble Yan Hong Tian but she was bored and impatient. Originally, she thought that today she can look at the child and chat with Qing Feng but now it seemed impossible. Gulping the wine in her hand, she whispered, “When can I leave?”

He calmly clipped a piece of cake into a small dish in front of Gu Yun and said, “It’s still early.” He thought he was the one impatient but now it was hard to imagine what she was going through because she was more sick-and-bored of this kind of social interaction.

Gu Yun grabbed the pot and poured herself a cup of wine. When she raised her cup, she heard Su Ling with a slightly heavy tone in her ears, “Drink less, the drink is strong.”  Her hand paused for a moment but continued gulping the cup of wine. Su Ling’s eyebrows curved, wrinkled, but never stopped her. Gu Yun’s venting had been going on for long enough. It was already six days but she still had not given him a good look and continued to ignore Su Ling. He was already having a bad expression and has been having an unprecedented sense of frustration more than ever before.

Although Gu Yun drank that cup of wine, she did not refill her cup. Across, Prime Minister Lou Xi Yan was talking in whispers with her sister. Gu Yun sat her cup down and held her chin, looking very bored. In front of the garden was a large area of the big lake. Under the bund were the reflections of small lanterns shimmering on the surface of the water. The maids put little paper boats with a little ardor burning candles on each and set them sailing. The boats slowly sailed, going a little far from the shore because of the push of the small waves. The flickering of the lit candles in the water, it was a very beautiful scene.

Recently, piracy in the East Sea is rampant. Su General will be bringing an army to lay siege of the bandits. Zhen will borrow today’s banquet to bid farewell to General Su until he returns from triumph, then Zhen will give the General another celebration.”

Gu Yun was lost in her thoughts as she watched the boats move on the lake. Upon hearing Yan Hong Tian’s sudden announcement, Su Ling suddenly stood beside him and replied, “Thank you, your Majesty.”

“Respectfully wish Su General a speedy victory.” Eyes were focused on Su Ling and the small woman beside him.  Gu Yun could feel the eyes from all directions. She must sit up straight and slightly bowed her head pretending not to see all the strange looks.

“Su General is going to set off for war; Miss Qing presumably must also travel with the army during the expedition. What a marital harmony. It really is enviable,” Xin Yue Ning’s clear resonant voice exclaimed.

The clear female voice resounded suddenly and all the visitors were lightly stunned. The ministers looked at each other but no one dared to answer. Since ancient times, there was no precedent for women to follow their husband to battle, but the person who spoke was the Empress. The ministers who were toasting decided to sit down quietly and observe.

Yan Hong Tian poured more wine. His dark eyes watched with little interest but looked at Su Ling with pleasure. Su Ling’s sinister face now started to look hostile and inclined his head to Qing Mo. Lou Xi Yan and Zhou Qing caught a glimpse of them and were contemplative.

In this group of people, the most affected party was not the person involved. It was Qing Feng who was sitting at the Empress’ side. The youngest sister had always been very delicate since childhood. How can she survive the journey with the army? For Empress to suddenly say these words, she surely harbored an evil intention.

The empty garden was peculiarly quiet. Lou Su Xin, with little condemnation, answered, “Ridiculous, Empress this remark is simply scandalous. How can a woman follow the army to battle!”

Xin Yue Ning, instead of stopping, doubled down on her initial comment. As she continued, “My Imperial mother, the Emperor has already promised to bestow marriage between Su General and Qing Mo. As the General’s wife, following him to battle against common enemies, it will be legendary.” The moment the word got out, the officials were secretly surprised.  Lou Su Xin was displeased and looked directly at Yan Hong Tian to interrogate him.

“Your Majesty, what is the matter with the marriage bestowment?”

Su Ling was holding large military power. To bestow a marriage it should be given to a Princess of the Imperial Palace or infanta*. When did it turn to a gifted foreign woman?!”   

* infanta –born owner of a region or nation

Yan Hong Tian slightly lifted his cup and the eunuch immediately stepped forward and poured more wine. The golden light around the cup of liquid glistened and Yan Hong Tian smiled, “Su Ling and Qing Mo fell in love with each other. The Su elders were favorable to it. General Su is the pillar of the country, and naturally, Zhen has to bestow him his marriage.”

Su family elders were also satisfied with her? Lou Su Xi finally looked the other way to the side where the head of the woman was. She was too thin. Her cheeks, like her sisters, have two scars. Fortunately, quiet and fairly delicate. Since Su family elders recognize her as a daughter-in-law, she had nothing to say.

After recovering her sight, Lou Su Xi said proudly, “Even if she is General’s Furen, since ancient times, there has been no reason for the wife to follow him to battle. If she could, all the soldiers in the army and their wife can go too?  That will cause chaos especially if a physically weak woman wants to go!”

Xin Yu Ning leaned forward and pretended to smile mysteriously, “There were so much you don’t know, mother, Qing Mo is not an ordinary woman. She is different.”

Lou Su Xi frowned and knitted her brows, “How different?” She’s so skinny. Qing Ling and Qing Feng have better bodies!

Qing Mo is not only familiar with the art of war and martial arts, rather than implicate Su General; she can actually help the general. In the previous time, if it were not for Qing Mo directing the rescue, Gao Daren would not have been able to escape the scheme.” She turned to pat the back of Qing Feng’s hand after saying this.  Xin Yue Ning was pretending to complain, “Sister is really at fault. If your little sister had these kinds of skills, why did you not explain earlier.”

Qing Feng’s face looked a bit pale. So, this was originally developed because of Gao Hong’s rescue incident. She only heard that a gang of bandits was holding Gao Hong in the courtyard and threatening to exchange his life with Qing Mo, but Su General refused to hand over her little sister and the bandits killed the second mistress. The Empress had always been petty and narrow-minded, no wonder she wanted to embarrass little sister. Although it was not known what happened, Qing Feng forced herself to calm down before replying,

“Elder sister overpraises. Qing Mo doesn’t practice martial arts but she has been active since childhood. The flowery kicking and boxing cannot be called martial arts and she doesn’t understand military strategies. Perhaps it is because of her fondness in playing chess but that’s the only way she can join gatherings. She likes to talk so much and say things but she is young and does not know the etiquette and doesn’t know about the military. Also please in return, may Empress Dowager and the Empress do not take it as an offense.”

Xin Yu Ning crooned a cry and softly coughed, “Younger sister is exceedingly modest, but this palace experienced and had seen Qing Mo’s ability. The Emperor had witnessed it too. Younger sister, are you saying that Bengong, the Emperor had seen it all wrong?”

Qing Mo’s natural disposition was timid. Her body was very delicate and she did not learn about martial arts or weapons of any sort.  Watching her beloved youngest sister looks so frightened that she wouldn’t even dare lift her head. A wave of anger rose inside Qing Feng’s heart, “Chenqie do not dare…” while gnashing her teeth.

These two persons’ interaction had enough undercurrents that would surge up violently. Lou Su Xin waved her hand impatiently, “All right. A young woman should be composing poetry and painting, practice zither and play go or chess. Why would a girl brandish a sword and spears, to compete with a man?”

Qing Feng was secretly relieved. Inwardly she was at a stretch and that the matter will be concluded. Who knew that Xin Yue Ning had an iron heart and refused to let go of Qing Mo. Facing Lou Su Xin and gently cuddling her with flattery,

“Imperial mother, young Qing Mo is a woman but her ability surpasses that of a man, otherwise, why would Su General have a special fondness for her and have a sentiment that is rooted deeply? Today is a joyful day and Third Prince’s full month, why not let Qing Mo do a presentation for Imperial mother at the end?”

A woman that is better than a man. Lou Su Xin was looking at the frail figure and still could not believe, but the Empress seems to have high esteem for this girl. The Empress Dowager was persuaded and looked at Qing Mo, “Well, Aijia ( addressed herself), also want to know how she excels against her male colleagues.”

Gaining the approval of the Imperial Mother, there was no disagreement from the Emperor. Xin Yue Ning was proud and happy. With a smile, “Chenqie also heard that Qing Mo’s fighting techniques are very amazing that even seven or eight strong men cannot  get near her body.” Qing Mo was in the middle of doing something in the forest. She is under Su Family’s protection. Today in this palace, she doesn’t believe that she will dare to oppose in front of the government officials.

“No joking, seriously?” Lou Su Xin said, after the unusual motivation, “Aijia really wants to experience!”

“People come in.” Xing Yue Ning softly whispered and eight burly imperial guards stepped forward. Fighting with these people, even a man would not be able to withstand a few of their punches. Let alone a woman! The Empress clearly wanted the youngest sister’s life! Qing Feng cannot deal with it anymore. She got up and walked in front of Imperial mother, half-kneeling to intercede, “Qing Mo is only a teenage girl, how can she withstand such sparring?!”

Lou Su Xin, at this time, also had some hesitation but before she can open her mouth, Xin Yue Ning had already stepped in. She grabbed Qing Feng’s arms and held her up and comforted her, “Younger sister why so troubled? Look at how your sister is composed. You, as the elder sister, must not be too modest.”

Qing Mo kept her head down. For Qing Feng, she seemed to be frightened. In the eyes of Zhuo Qing, Gu Yun should have other plans, that is why she is not talking so much. Even Qing Feng threw her a look asking for help but Zhuo Qing just shook her head gently to her, hoping she can calm down.

Zhuo Qing knew Gu Yun’s skill and ability, but Qing Feng didn’t know. Seeing even big sister also refuse to help Qing Mo, Qing Feng had to clench her teeth to seek help from the man who- – – the man who would always do any means possible to compel her to admit defeat and beg for mercy, Yan-Hong Tian.

 Xin Yue Ning was holding the backhand of Qing Feng.  Qing Feng walked around to Yan Hong Tian’s side, took a deep breath, with two knees kneeling, “Emperor—“

What a pity she only just opened her mouth, Yan-Hong Tian single-handedly caught Qing Feng in his arm and embraced her waist. He raised her up, “Zhen also wants to experience the insight of a woman, especially the elegance of beauty. Beloved Princess, it is not necessary for you to be anxious.” He also wanted to know, finally, to what degree Su Ling would undertake for Qing Mo, and also find out what ability the skinny woman can do.

Eight brawny imperial guards occupied the empty space at the center of the banquet. They looked like they can casually break the arm of a person. The eight men were scrutinizing Qing Mo, and Qing Feng’s heart quickly jumped, but Yan Hong Tian was holding her waist tightly. She ignored the pain in her waist, desperately struggling and wanted to move to Qing Mo unless she dies.

This was going too far! Su Ling suddenly got up angrily and a cool delicate hand tugged down his wrist. Su Ling did not get Gu Yun’s silent body language and glanced at her. She slowly got up and stood side by side with him. The head that was bowed all the while slowly lifted up.

The petite figure stood next to Su Ling. She looked delicate. The small face was sober and the two scars didn’t make her appear dreadfully hideous but it was more of a pity. The Empress letting such a small woman fight with eight burly guards was just too vicious. Fighting was the norm for the women in the harem, but taking another’s sister to vent out is somewhat excessive.

After seeing Qing Mo’s thin figure, Lou Su Xi thought about it, she also found it impossible for the match with the eight burly guards. She was about to cancel this field competition but she caught a glimpse of something that actually should not appear in the body of an emaciated female body which shocked her.  A pair of firm eyes that looked straight into one’s soul. One would be awed with the imposing manner that pressed up to the will of the human and let the heart unconsciously become scared. A woman should not have such a gaze.

Gu Yun’s cold eyes swept towards the eight guards waiting at the distance. The corners of her lips raised a satire smile. Looking at the seat of honor, each one wore a different expression. She broke into a laugh. Her clear and resonant voice said with a smile, “As elder sister say, Qing Mo did not train with any master. It was just playing flowery kicking and boxing without any substance. In the previous occasion, we have rescued Gao daren because the Su Family army was all well trained. Su Ling gave us good guidance. To say a woman excels against a man, which certainly is not the case.”

Qing Feng secretly sighed. Little sister in the General’s Office was good. For at least a year, she developed the courage to speak in front of so many people with eloquence. At Gu Yun’s side, her humility was giving Su Ling a bad premonition, and sure enough, Gu Yun had suddenly evolved the subject. Gu Yun welcomed Yan Hong Tian’s enigmatic eyes with slight provocation and asked,

“There is an army expedition plan, however,  should today I will be able to prove that I was not physically a very weak woman, by grace will the Emperor grant Qing Mo retinue?”

Yan Hong Tian readily laughed, “If you win eight guards with a knife, I will allow you to go with the army!” She was not lacking strength in her arm, but it is impossible to win eight imperial guards. If he remembered correctly, for more than a month ago, she nearly died because of a wound. He knew of this because the palace physicians almost always went by Lou Xi Yan’s manor. Previous serious injuries, coupled with disparities in power between men and women, if she can win, let her go for it.

Good trick, meaning that if not all eight people were defeated, she would still lose then? Gu Yun now laughed indifferently, “It’s a deal?”

“The King’s words are to be taken seriously!”

Gu Yun nodded with satisfaction and got up to go where several burly men were standing. The General’s iron clamps pulled tightly around her wrist. Gu Yun turned to look immediately at Su Ling’s angered and flame-shrouded eagle eyes. Her wrist was hurting. Fortunately, he did not make any effort to loosen his grip and she was unable to break away. Gu Yun sighed woefully and whispered in Su Ling’s ear, “Rest assured, I am not stupid to go against them. You let go of my hand first. If I’m really in danger, then you can come to rescue me in time.”

Gu Yun was full of confidence. Civil and military officials, without exception, were looking at them. Even though his heart was angry and annoyed, Su Ling could only grant it. She’d better not get hurt, or otherwise later he will shut her inside the General’s Office and would not even let her take two steps out of the front door.

Gu Yun gave him a warning stare and only then did Su Ling finally let go of her hand.

Gu Yun got up and walked to the middle of the empty space. Standing beside the eight imperial guards, the thin figure could only reach their chests. Gu Yun nodded to them calmly and their demeanor was extremely polite. The eight imperial guards were a little embarrassed. The ministers began to rally and in commotion. What was there to compete? This does not even compare. If each of the guards throws her a fist, would that little girl have a life left!

Gu Yun stood opposite the guards and was in no hurry to begin. She turned around. Facing the people on the main seats, “Today is Third Prince’s full month celebration. There are so many ladies present and killing is ugly. Besides, eight of them together, it would be unfair, if one on one, it would take too long. I have a better proposal. Both with eight people at the contest and still able to prove that the subject ‘isn’t without strength to truss a chicken’ and by no means inferior woman.

Qing Feng’s waist was still being clutched by those hands and being pulled in to keep from struggling. Holding a cup of wine, Yan-Hong Tian smiled, “How would you like the contest?”

Pointing to the lake with little boat lamps drifting away and scattered all throughout the water, Gu Yun said, “In the lake, the water lamps are so attractive. It would be better to compete with the eight guards in archery. I will be alone in my group and eight of them in their group. We will take the seat of honor as the middle line. Assign someone to put out a hundred more river lamps on the surface, and the competition is exactly a quarter of a joss stick. When the time comes up, whichever side of the lake surface has fewer lamps shining would be considered the winner. How does the Emperor think?”

“Eight people together? Are you sure?” He had witnessed her archery skill when rescuing Gao Hong and he had seen nothing like it, but should she suggest challenging eight guards? This motivated Yan Hong Tian to be in high spirits and he didn’t believe that someone could have such an archery skill of extreme proportion.

Qing Feng’s heart was welling up and did not have a moment of peace.  Finally, competing with archery. Even if she couldn’t win, she would not get hurt, but why does she have to challenge the eight guards together? Little sister, she is strange and she couldn’t understand her!

Her insolence perked up Yan Hong Tian’s curiosity. Gu Yun already estimated that the emperor would agree to her proposal. She continued, “Certainly, but I am used to handling a crossbow, crossbows with a short arrow.  Bows with long arrows can also be differentiated quickly and the outcome is easier to see between victory and defeat. I wonder if I could borrow the crossbow from the Emperor that General Su Ling brought into the palace today?”

Su Ling had sent the small crossbow that required less effort for a woman to use. Yan Hong Tian did not have any opinion and readily commanded, “Come, bring the crossbow from the study to here.”

Yes.” One guard quickly ran in the direction of the royal library.

Su Ling’s eagle eyes were sparkling. His tight mouth finally raised a very shallow smile. No wonder when the Empress was clamoring, she just lowered her head without a word. All the while, she had been pondering about countermeasures. With the bursts of the short crossbow, her chances increased considerably. This was a good strategy, both to resolve the Empress’ problem but also to travel with the army. Her calculative thinking had indeed paid off proficiently.

Put the lamps!” Yan Hong Tian gave the order to the maids holding lanterns in the distance. On the lake, the lanterns were placed to the left and right sides respectively, all a hundred small lanterns.  After a while, the lanterns on the lake were swaying beautifully, but at this time the crossbow had not yet taken over and the lights had gradually drifted away from the shore. Gu Yun was leisurely enjoying the beauty of the lake. She would be using the crossbow that would enable her to reach a longer range than the long arrows, thus the lanterns drifting further away were more favorable for her. On the other hand, the eight brawny guards’ faces became more and more serious.

Your Majesty, the crossbow and arrows are already here.” After a while, the guard was holding a tray, on which stood a four-inch-long small crossbow and a long fabric belt. On another tray, was a row of more than two inches of silver short arrows.  * (TL note- I am guessing 2 inches silver arrows are the burst)

Give it to her.” Yan Hong Tian added a wave of the hand and the guards holding the trays ran in front of Gu Yun.

Gu Yun simply picked up the cloth belt and put it around her waist. She simply checked her weapons again after the shorter crossbow and with full of confidence,

I’m ready, begin.”

Eight brawny guards also picked up a bow and arrow and a carrying quiver. They lined up on the shores of the lake with Gu Yun. Eight brawny guards stood on the right side; Gu Yun stood on the left.

Quarter of an incense!” A little eunuch’s hand held a small part of the short sweet incense. He held it high and lit it in the view of the masters on the main seats. At the aroma point, the eight bodyguards quickly took their bow and arrows and fiercely shot the lights that have floated a few feet beyond the lake. Long arrows ‘wish- washed’ into the water. The target hits were obviously not much.

Gu Yun skillfully drew short arrows from her waist. All seven were neatly arranged on the crossbows. She raised her crossbow and her soulful eyes slightly narrowed. They only heard the sound of a short brush in the air. The arrow pierced the night sky. Almost at the same time, seven water lights submerged into the lake. Everything happened so quickly. Not only were the government officials were tongue-tied, but the eight guards that flanked along with her also looked with widened eyes. The crossbow actually burst!

Gu Yun frisked again for arrows and fished out seven short arrows from her waist, Crossbow, arrows, then seven little lanterns again disappeared into the lake. Shooting moving targets at night was her strong suit. Slowly swinging lanterns on the lake was for her. This was nothing difficult. Those guards’ fighting skills may not be weak as their power can be alarming, but shooting at night, it was unlikely her enemy would have a chance to win. She would win the set!

The lake in the winter night was persistently windy. The short sweet incense soon burned up and the eunuch shouted, “Sweet incense, finished!”

When the eunuch’s shouts rang, Gu Yun had three shorter crossbow arrows that have not been fired but she immediately pulled back her hand. Even so, looking at the significantly darker left side of the large lake, it was clear who the winner was.

“28 remaining on the left.”

“41  remaining on the right.”

The results were evidently clear. Gu Yun had not only won against eight Imperial guards but she won it beautifully.

Gu Yun was holding the bow in her hand while everyone was staring at her. Looking at the deep black eyes that narrowed from the main seat, she asked Yan Hong Tian with a smile, “Your Majesty, did I win against eight of them?”

In the huge garden, more than a hundred officials were surprised and admired. Not only were they staring at the lake but also at the shore where the petite figure stood. Even the Empress Dowager smiled with satisfaction, “Sure enough women are better than men!” (Editor: It may also be—Sure enough a woman better than men!—But I was totally WOMEN POWER in my head so I went with the whole crew rather than Gu Yun. She won’t get mad. Hehe.)

Xin Yue Ning almost crushed her silver fangs. She had set out to make a fool of this woman tonight, not to let her show off! Seeing Yan Hong Tian’s dark eyes getting stronger with interest, Xin Yue Ning quickly complained, “Your Majesty, her weapon and the Imperial guards used are not the same. So is that not opportunistic, is it not unfair?” If it were not for the weird crossbow, she simply cannot win!

Fair? She and her fairness!  Glancing at her side, their arms were thicker than her thighs and legs thicker than her waist. Gu Yun sarcastically said ” Gongyushanji.*. It is a prerequisite, even on the battlefield. Palace also couldn’t ask for its enemies to choose for the weapon. Nevertheless, they can use a more conducive weapon, right? I just opted for a more conducive to mine and besides it was initially said in the contest that whoever shoots down more little candle lights wins. The rule does not require the imperial guards to use the same weapon. Or in the Empress’ eyes, eight strong men against me, a small woman is called fair?”

Gongyushanji,* (meaning a worker wish for a perfect or improve tools)

With this remark, the officials watching began discussing among themselves in their seats at once, then broke away only to look at the eight men standing beside Gu Yun.  The buzzing noise was almost drowning her. Comparing this disparity, fair words immediately became a byword, and then turned into a joke.  Xin Yue Ning was suppressing her breath. Her heart was embarrassed and chose not to attack anymore but only angrily stared at Gu Yun who was standing at the side with several people, thinking in her heart, “A crowd of dog slaves. Get lost and you will get a payback from me!”

Most people marveled at Gu Yun’s amazing archery skills. Yan Hong Tian was clearly more interested in the weapon in her arms, “This new weapon, the crossbow, is the Su military’s?” A few days ago when Su Ling presented a tablet for the memorial, he casually mentioned on the throne that Su Military built a new weapon and had sent a copy into the palace that morning. He just looked at it roughly and assumed it was a small crossbow but surprisingly it was a powerful weapon!

Gu Yun looking indifferently at Su Ling in the distance and shouted, “Yes, it is.

Gu Yun’s sad eyes look apathetically at Su Ling’s and his heart was suddenly stunned. Su Ling hesitated in supporting more than a hundred crossbow be sent over to her because the thin shrapnel needed a special Feng Xi stone. This stone was extremely rare and to do more than a hundred, he needed support. They could always recycle but he also needed the power of national force to search for them. This was the reason why he deliberately presented the crossbow to Yan Hong Tian.

Did she choose this reference method just for Yan Hong Tian to see the power of the shorter crossbow and to help look for Feng Xi stones? If that was really the case, then her mind was more meticulous and careful than him.

Gu Yun caught the splendor of Yang Hong Tian’s eyes. He suddenly laughed and howled, “Sea battle, siege, and suppression of piracy, I appoint Qing Mo as Military Strategist!”

“The Emperor!”

“The Emperor!”

In the middle of the screams and shocked reactions of Xin Yu Ning and Lou Su Xin, the government officials present also drew a deep breath.   Sending Qing Mo to war and appointing her as a consigliere, this was so ridiculous. Since ancient times, there had never been a woman strategist. This does not make sense!

All night, Lou Xi Yan watched from the sidelines. His face gently raised one eyebrow. Su Ling was quite unruly. If he wanted Qing Mo to set off with the army, he did not need to tell anyone directly about it. Qing Mo asked the emperor to allow her to go because Su Ling did not let her go, but now the Emperor appointed Qing Mo in front of the officials as a military strategist. In the end, it was clear Su Ling was torn apart.  No wonder when he heard the two words, ‘military strategist’ he stared at Yan Hong Tian’s eyes, spewing fire.  

Questioned by officials or opposing, Yan-Hong Tian seemed to have been accustomed by it and he replied,

 “The Emperor’s words cannot be broken.

All mouths were blocked by the Emperor’s statement, ‘words cannot be broken’, the Emperor had said the word and it was not a trifling matter.

Gu Yun generously replied, “Thanking the Emperor.”

So, Gu Yun was not only in the army but also won the title of Military Strategist.

At the end of the palace banquet, Qing Feng had already returned to the Palace courtyard, reminiscing all that occurred in the evening. She was still confused. What happened this year? Qing Ling, her eldest sister, always hated to see blood but suddenly became much admired as an autopsy expert of the Criminal Division. Now even a weak and had always been the delicate sister also became a military strategist! They grew up together, lived together for more than ten years as sisters?  There was a sense of fear in her heart, but of doubt in her heart. She could not tell anyone about anything. At any rate, they are her only family and closest relatives

Outside the palace gate, two elegant figures walked slowly into the night. Zhuo Qing laughed, “Are you really that brave?” Fortunately, her heart had been trained to be strong and calm, “The Empress, I estimate she must hate you to the marrow of her bones.” The incident about Gao Hong last time has been a misunderstanding. The counter-retaliation tonight that she gave to Gu Yun got cheaper. She didn’t hate her. She just felt she was strange.

Gu Yun shrugged and apathetically replied, “She hates me to the marrow of her bones, I don’t care. She cannot hold me. I figure,Qing Feng at the Palace, her life is not easy.” Obviously, she was not able to hold her child all evening. The Empress was also hostile to her. The Empress Dowager does not favor her.

.” Zhuo Qing also replied with exasperation, “Yan Hong Tian is currently good with Qing Feng. I guess, because of the child. The second, I think the life she has in the palace is more difficult and dangerous than we have.”

Gu Yun suddenly remembered something and asked, “Can you fix the scars on her face?” Qing Feng was extremely beautiful, but the scar on that crystal clear beauty scarred her. If she could be cured, absolutely, she would be the most gorgeous in the harem. What man doesn’t love beauties? Even if Yan Hong Tian’s interest in her weakened, there was no way to put down such a beauty. Although both disdained the idea of relying on flesh for maintaining the feelings, in the midst of the beautiful women of the harem, looks was a woman’s most important asset.

Zhuo Qing shook her head and exclaimed, “If it were in the modern era, plastic surgery, skin grafting is a possibility……”

We wanted to do something to it.”  If the cure was not possible, to make it look not so obvious is all right too?

Well.” It was very late.   Lou Xi Yan and Su Ling had been waiting at a distance for a long time.

This naval battle was very dangerous that’s why Su Ling will not let her go. Zhuo Qing was unable to express her fears but pat Gu Yun’s shoulder and said, “Come back soon, be careful of oneself.”

She felt a little warm in her heart. Gu Yun smiled back, “Don’t worry, I will.

They didn’t say anything afterward. Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Yan’s carriage came.  Gu Yun turned the horse and left alongside with Su Ling.

Some sentiments and worries do not need to be mentioned, because each one has already collected them in their hearts.



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