A Mistaken Marriage Match 2: Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 40 The Army Sets Off

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 2: Generation of Military Counselors

Chapter 40  The Army Sets Off 

Early in the morning in the suburbs of the Su Military Camp were 50,000 officers and soldiers arranged in neat formations throughout the army barracks. They were on standby as part of retinue for the siege of the pirates.  Su Ling also had 20,000 troops already dispatched from the South that will join them. For several thousands of pirates, Su Ling actually deployed 50,000 elite soldiers. This showed how strongly determined he is to eradicate piracy.

Gu Yun’s trained hundreds of commandos will also set off to battle except Lou Yan Nham, who is still wounded and was unable to travel. Lieutenant Shijun is the leader and stood in front of the troops. They are wearing strange attires that attracted the attention of the other officers’ curious eyes. Compared to the normal soldier’s 10ft spear and a sword, they carried a crossbow on their arm and silver arrows strapped around their waist and on their feet. They also wear short edged daggers. It was clear the weapons are much more sophisticated and everyone was envious.

The battalion commanders were reviewing the troops when Su Ling stood hand in hand in front of the formation. His face is sullen. Gu Yun is holding Bing Lian standing beside the flagman by the camp and looks extremely happy. Han Shu laughed. A few days ago, Qing Mo had the cold face but now it is the Su General who is festered. These two individuals are really interesting.

Han Shu looked towards the direction of Gu Yun and teased her in a loud voice, “Consigliere daren, you should be standing beside the generals to match your status!” This young girl really is not like ordinary people. She went to eat at Third Prince’s full month feast and came back with a royal seal as Military Strategist.

Han Shu’s voice was suddenly hushed because of Su Ling’s cold eyes. Those eyes were like an arrow that shot at him at once. Han Shu just ‘touched the nose’, dared not to provoke the tiger.

Gu Yun quickly glanced at Han Shu blankly. It was wise to be aware that a certain person’s mouth was stopped. Han Shu had provoked him; therefore, he had it coming.

All the while, Youyi had been on the sidelines observing. He had some curiosity about the General’s wife. Since the Su Military Camp had become another home for her, the soldiers continued to talk about her even on the outskirts of the barracks. Her prestige and reputation were excellent. Even if only half of what they said was true, accompanying the army is not a bad thing.

Su Family elders had returned home today.  To get the master of the house, they stopped by to see them before they embarked.  Gu Yun was dressed in garnet. Simple and chic, coupled with her elegant firm temperament, she was quite dazzling.  Su Quan was full of smiles and beckoned her over. Gu Yun went over and paused for a moment. Su Yan laughed and showered her with compliments, “Qing girl, dressed like valiant. Very good looking.”

Gu Yun really wanted to roll her eyes for those praises but she could not because it would be regarded as disrespectful. Did they not know that training the army in a  Chinese style pao* was not comfortable at all? She just got the garnet outfit to cooperate with the Su military uniform of red battle dress. She switched hers into a darker color for vigor and enthusiasm, nothing more. Although her heart thought otherwise of the compliments, facing the elders’ praises, she could only reply with politeness, “Thank you, uncles.”

TL note: the word used to describe the dress is pao  means gown, after checking there are several style: qipao (choengsam style), paozi (Chinese style gown) or waipao (robe).

Su Qing laughed mildly as he simply stood on one side stroking his white beard. His immortal essence glowed and was felt in the wind. GuYun’s eyes lit up when she saw him and said, “Patriarch, I have one thing to ask you.”

Su Qing smiled and nodded. Gu Yun went closer and whispered, “As for this scar on my face, can you cure it?” Last time, Su Qing had sent a warm current through her palms towards her heart. Was it that so-called qi* (vital energy)? It was really mysterious. Su Ren said his medical skill is very powerful. If he could cure Qing Feng’s face, that would be nice.

Gu Yun mysteriously spoke softly and so Su Yan’s curious ears tried to listen to what she was saying. In conclusion, he was only able to eavesdrop on ‘scar on her face’. He was angered at once and exclaimed, “Ling that joker, called you ugly?! Yan Shu will help you teach him a lesson!” The booming voice attracted a lot of people’s attention to look over them.

Gu Yun lamented and tried to explain, “No, not me!…… “

It seemed to be a Su Family tradition, not to allow someone to finish his or her speech first. Gu Yun is just about to open her mouth again to speak but Uncle Su Yan had continued his crying out, “What is it that you cannot face? What grievances do you have? Say it to Uncle, don’t be afraid!”

Oh heavens! She could already feel the gazes focused in her direction. Gu Yun made a silencing gesture towards Su Yan and hurriedly, “I’m not asking for myself, I am….”

“I never thought you are ugly!”

A deep and serious male voice suddenly sounded behind her. Gu Yun’s back suddenly froze, why is he not busy now? She turned around slowly to Su Ling and glimpsed a look at those complex eyes. Gu Yun explained, “That’s not the case, I……”  now, she really wanted to cry in frustration.

But Gu Yun’s expression right now, in the eyes of Su Yan, was that of a helpless look and grief. A pair of rounded tiger-eyes now stared at Su Ling and scolded him. “For a woman to be pleased and content with herself is to be cherished. Certainly, you have not given her any confidence.”

“Not that! I was just trying to help … … “Gu Yun rhetoric was obviously very weak and unable to be heard because no one was listening.

For a woman to be pleased and content… He was negligent! Su Ling stared at Gu Yun’s two scars on her face and very earnestly said, “I have not really thought the scars on your face are ugly. Nevertheless, you are good this way.”

“All shut up for me!” They echoed one another and now Gu Yun was annoyed.  Staring at the person who started it all, Uncle Yan, Gu Yun angrily said, “I want to help Qing Feng heal her face! In the end, I cannot even finish my sentence!”

This girl’s temper was huge. Su Yan twisted his lips and replied, “Su family can treat sword wounds, it is for internal injuries. For us to treat the scar on the face, we are powerless to do so.”

Frowning and her brows became more tightly knit, Gu Yun whispered, “Really, no more?” In the palace, the physicians were also helpless and now the Su Family also had no cure. Will Qing Feng’s face really be like this forever?

“There is.”  All eyes were now on the Patriarch who was smiling continuously. Su Qing finally said with a smile, “The famous Ghost doctor of Jianghu. He is a legend, not only superb, his Yi Rong Shu* is also unparalleled in the world. General, Yi Rong Shu’s surgery is excellent. He has a solution for these kinds of scars you can try to find him. But the Ghost doctor has character quirks. To please him will not be easy.”

*Yi Rong Shu- easy-tolerant surgery technique

**Shifu -master

“Ghost doctor.” Ao Tian’s Shifu** is it? The next time I have the opportunity of seeing him, I will ask him to help introduce me to the so-called ‘world outside expert’. A little eccentricity is normal. “Thank you Chief, I’ve got it.”

In the distance, the bugle sounded the second horn and the soldiers quickly assembled. Gu Yun stood by Su Ling’s side and said, “Let’s go.” Gu Yun walked toward the direction of the battalion but suddenly a familiar hand clasped her wrist. She turned for it was strange. Su Ling’s face was unusually solemn and he was staring at her with his eagle eyes dark and deep. After a long time, very earnestly he said, “I want to make it clear, I do not dislike you. I genuinely like you!”

Gu Yun was surprised for a moment. He was still thinking about it? She said not to ask, although she has some mixed feelings, there was no denying in Su Ling’s eyes. He was eager to explain the tensions that were made by her vanity. Her warm hands held the back of the big hands and she softly laughed, “I’ve got it, let’s go.”

Watching the two people hold hands while leaving. The three Su family elders looked at each other and smiled. Su family wedding is close by.


The army marched almost day and night for seven days. When they finally entered the East Sea border town outside the city, Su Ling decided to take a detour in order not to disturb the people in the city. Instead, General Su went around the suburb towards the East garrison camp. Along the way, tattered clothed villagers with their families were slowly walking and dragging with them their few belongings. The procession was moving towards the direction of the city.  They were pictures of sorrow, frightened and panic-stricken faces.  Seeing a flying Su banner raised a little hope, but with the army’s marching speed, the villagers can only watch from afar.

These people were coastal village refugees who escaped from their villages. Many of them were elderly people that staggered while walking, but there was no way they can live in their homes anymore. They have lived in their villages for many years and if given a choice they would not leave their homes.

“Is it the Su military armed forces? General Su! Get General Su-” melancholy sounds almost drowning in neat feet and hooves, a sixty-something woman desperately moved toward the direction of Su Ling’s warhorse and nearly fell several times, but she still refused to give up.

 Hearing the call, Gu Yun pulled her reins to a stop and Su Ling also held the reins back.

An old woman came almost tumbling in front of them and threw herself down, kneeling heavily on the rough gravel road, “General Su, you give judgment for us, my lord! My daughter, she died miserably! General Su!” Regardless of who was sitting on the horse, the old woman only knew how to kowtow. She pounded her head and a very grief-stricken voice could be heard endlessly.

Su Ling’s brow scowled and waved his hand toward Han Shu. Han Shu dismounted and ran to the old woman’s side, holding her arm quickly, “Elderly! You get up! “

The old lady’s hands were pulled away but she would not stop and only continued to kowtow. The bright red blood on her head flowed down into the sand. Her tears blurred her vision and her hoarse agonizingly voice cried, “The old man and the girl were dead. They are dead! I am the only person still alive but I can’t do anything!” Working in the sea all year round, her face was wrinkled and deeply engraved in her face is the tragedy she had gone through. The mournful cry was like a barbed knife that tore and pierced into the hearts of every soldier. They had been marching for several days, were already beaten and exhausted but their body at that moment were thrown into grief and indignation.

Han Shu is a big and burly man but was unable to pull the elderly woman. He tried to persuade her with a few words but she did not listen and remained half-kneeling on the floor crying over and over again.

Gu Yun dismounted and walked towards her side to hold her arms. With her brute strength, she helped the elderly from the ground up. The elderly was crying her grief, her thin body trembled. Gu Yun said loudly in a calm voice, “The elderly, Su general will eradicate those criminals so that you can continue your fair and peaceful life.” They now need justice and hope, which perhaps will keep them motivated and give them the power to keep going.

“Su general, help us!” The roadside had been quiet as the army watched the villagers kneeling on the ground.  Their cries turned into howls. Su Ling’s face from the beginning was gloomy but now it turned into brutal anger. Even in his loins, Chuxie felt his anger and beamed a red glow.

“Let’s all get up and take refuge in the city.” Gu Yun helped the old woman and the other villagers nearby, the army continued to rush to the camp and significantly accelerate their progress for a few minutes.


The Camp was stationed ten li off the coast of the East Sea where there were normally less than 20,000 troops in the garrison. If it were not for the rampant piracy, the frontier station would not usher for a high official such as Su Ling. Sighting the Su military flag, garrison General Qiao Lin Feng was already outside the station.

Su Ling dismounted his horse. Skipping the greeting ritual and in a cold voice right away, he instructed the resident general, “Give it to me in the main tent.”

A line of officers went inside the main tent. In a group of brawny men, a woman is particularly unexpected. Qiao Lin Feng went to Youyi and whispered in his ear, “Who is she?”

“The Emperor’s military strategist,” Youyi said it like the inquiry was concluded. He is not surprised to see Qiao Lin Feng’s expression slightly changed. His look was full of disdain. Now is what time? What is the Emperor doing now? Did he think war is a game?!

Gen. Qiao Lin Feng was disgruntled inside, but if General Su said nothing about it, he cannot automatically ignore Gu Yun. Qiao Lin Feng arranged her directly to sit on the side closest to the door. Gu Yun’s eyebrow slightly rose. Although she liked the position near the door better, the resident general was actually ‘on her’. She suspected he was thinking the woman ‘Imperial Military Strategist’, is not to be seen. What a display of human sentiment? Gu Yun carefully observed this person. He looked like he is less than 30 years old, but looked mature. He had dark skin and a lean figure. Gu Yun saw him whispering to Youyi from time to time. This person should be an easy-going general but did not know how to lead a war.

After just settling down, Han Shu released his fury, “Now, how rampant is piracy?!” The further one goes into the army base, the more alarming the surrounding became. The nearby villages were almost deserted. There were beating and looting after the burning and wreckage.

Qiao Lin Feng stood in the middle of the main tent. With a solemn look, he gave his briefing, “Generally every 35 days, the pirates would land near the shore and loot the villages. Our military has troops stationed on the seashore, but the pirates always have the ability to find our weakest places where no troops are stationed. The pirates would burn, kill, loot, and then wander away. We have pursued them on our warships but there is either casualty or the warships do not return. Our army has lost four ships.” As garrison manager, this is embarrassing but the pirates were truly fierce.

“Damn it!” The solid wood table creaked after being swatted by Han Shu. The military is facing issues like this. Those defenseless people in the face of piracy violence, apart from my position, in addition to mercy, what else can I do? Thinking of the fear and despair of the villagers along the way, everyone’s hate resonated inside the tent.

Qiao Lin Feng lowered his head and didn’t continue, however, Gu Yun wanted more information, “What other actions do they do regularly besides piracy? You have engaged in battle with them so many times, how are their strategies and equipment?”

Qiao Lin Feng looked at the woman sitting by the door. She had a clear voice, firm eyes, a straight posture and after she spoke, she did not seem to be so annoying as he had imagined. Qiao Lin Feng retracted. Looking at the seat of Su Ling he answered, “The pirates are well aware of the situation of the sea. In the southwest side of the East Sea has a large reef group. They are usually hiding there. The reef is large and covers a huge area. They have no fix direction where they would come out and thus the reason why there’s no way to intercept them. The pirates use machetes and they have heavy crossbows that need two people coordination to operate. Their battleship is ten feet long, and three feet in width and two-story-high. Currently seen are eight main battleships. Around each ship, have 6 cannons and 16 smaller boats that are three feet long.  When the boats come ashore to maraud, the main pirate battleships remain at sea to monitor the coast and the waters. If they see our warships and soldiers, they will fire with canons.”

Gu Yun secretly wondered, is this the pirates? It’s simply a fleet! The scourge of piracy is likely to be a military trial. If Qiong Yue does not have a capable defense, next time they would not be ‘pirates’.

“Su Yu. Have there been news of him yet?” Su Ling may have known the situation prior to coming here, his face did not show too much expression but it was always consistently firm.

“From that day on, the warships daily searched near the incident area, but there has been no news of Lieutenant General.” Su Yu came only a few days when the incident happened. He did not really have the face to see the general.

“Prepare the warships.” Su Ling suddenly stood up.

Qiao Lin Feng was surprised but quickly recovered his senses, “Yes.”

Gu Yun frowned; he now plans to set out to sea?

During winter, there are strong winds by the seaside. The coast by the military base had a dock that kept 10 big and small warships. Flapping against the blowing wind on each of the warships was the bright red Su flag inserted in the bow. Gu Yun gawked at the size of the ships. She mentally compared them to what she had seen in the Original World of Ship Exhibit. The naval vessel was not any steamship, but the pure wood quality of hull and the iron wrought sheet forged had a completely different feeling. The large dark garnet sail folded neatly and stacked under the high mast. Gu Yun could not imagine the appearance of the inside when it is opened up. It would be inconceivable how grand the atmosphere was. This gave her an exciting feeling.

Standing straight before the warships were over 1000 officers and men. The cold sea breeze cuts like a knife. Their faces were frozen dark red, but they remained motionless.

The wind was too strong, Su Ling asked in a loud voice, “East station, how many troops and warships do we have?”

Qiao Lin Feng answered, “There are 16 ten-feet-long warships that carries cannons. There are 12 others and 5 ten-feet ships following the warships. In total, there are 23 ships. They are all anchored on the coast to guard against pirate attack so locals nearby have time to flee and resist. Originally, the East Sea garrisons had 10,000 people, but in the past three months after resisting the pirates, they are left with 3000. The vice general had brought 20,000 officers and men but because they are all unfamiliar with the marine life and sailing, they were tasked to guard the shore for now..”

The Su Military was invincible in the interior. The Emperor knew that if an invasion of Qiong Yue was to occur from the East Sea, the Su Military could easily handle the situation once the opponents entered the inland; therefore, there had always been fewer issues in the East Sea. In previous decades, the East Sea coast has always been calm. Who could it be to want to emerge as a group of murderous pirates suddenly?

Qiao Lin Feng followed behind Su Ling and asked,

“Where did the general want to go “

“Let’s see the rock reef.”

“Yes.” Qiao Lin thought Su Ling would go to the place where Su Yu went missing to look again. To think that he will go to the rock reef instead, the respect he had for Su Ling in his heart deepened for just a few minutes. Qiao Lin Feng said respectfully, “Please.”

Su Ling did not bring many people out to sea for company. Only Han Shu, Gu Yun, Youyi, Leng Xiao and Qiao Lin Feng. He had intended to dispatch only one warship but in the insistence of Qiao Lin Feng, two warships were added as escorts.

  The ships sailed against the strong winds, then it gradually enhanced the speed of the ships.  Gu Yun stood on the stern fencing and looked at the layers of white waves surging. Her heart was filled with an inexplicable sense of uneasiness. She was unfamiliar with naval warfare especially in this time period where the ship could only be manipulated by the sailors rowing the boat and the wind. She did not know how to manage the sails. She went down to the ship’s bilge before the ship set sail and observed. There are 60 sailors that were controlling the boat’s speed of turning and going against the flow. On each side of the hull, there were eight forts. Each battery consisted of four fighters that were responsible for filling explosives and adjusting the firing direction. The ship was equipped with dragging. It was a kind of improvised gun that could reach a range of about 800 meters. Each one took 3-5 minutes to be reloaded with explosives. In this way, when an enemy ship was in close proximity, it was harder for such a big ship as this to turn around and escape. Whoever was skillful in handling the vessel would have more knowledge of the sea, have better strategies and have a higher chance of winning.

The Su Navy was weak and the stationed navy had only 3,000 soldiers remaining. Even if Su Ling brought 50,000 people, these people were unfamiliar with naval warfare, let alone manipulate the warship. Just like Qiao Lin had said, those soldiers could only be stationed on the shore, waiting for the pirates ashore, and then capture them. If the pirates do not land, there was no way the Su Military would be able to capture them.

Gu Yun rubbed her pained head because of the strong breezes. “Boss.” Leng Xiao’s voice sounded behind. She looked and saw him holding a navy blue thick cloak. Gu Yun wrapped her shoulder with the cape. Leng Xiao took a step back and said, “General said for you to put it on.”

She felt warm suddenly, Gu Yun subconsciously searched for the tall figure. She looked towards the bow and saw him standing against the wind talking to Qiao Lin Feng. He looked very dignified. His eyebrows were slightly frowning like scimitars. His eagle eyes were watching the sinking cold sea in the distance.

She wanted to believe Su Ling had already determined the chances of engaging in a naval battle were low but as the spiritual leader of an army, he could not show any fear or discouragement. Gu Yun was worried Su Ling was carrying too much pressure. She tightened the body cloak and went towards Su Ling. She silently stood behind him and did not bother them.

Qiao Lin Feng said pointing, “General, the covered reef. Rocks are exposed on the surface is rare but a huge reef is hidden at the bottom. No vessel could easily be familiar with the rocks.”

In the broad sea level, the big waves did not calculate in a big way. Qiao Lin Feng referred to that large area of waters and except for the several big or small group of reefs visible above, there was nothing special. However,  this is where one cannot be seen at first sight and where one cannot see the danger. Han Shu’s clear and resonant voice broke in, “Can a boat be designated to go in to collect data of the several reef points for benchmark and for several people to go into the water to draw the  reef topographic map?”

Did he think it was like drawing a topographic map of the hill? Gu Yun shook her head and smiled before saying, “The possibility is very low. Even if the water character is excellent, officers as strong as an ox and have the ability to go down in one breath, must come up after a half quarter of an hour’s time. The light is very weak after three feet drop onto the seabed. They must understand the direction they are going at all times. Most importantly,  what is revealed about the hidden reef depends if it is neither high tide nor low tide.  It changes constantly then it is impossible to even find the original reference point.”

Qiao Lin Feng just found that the thin woman was standing behind them. He had no idea and was secretly surprised that this 16-year-old woman had some great insights.

Han Shu, after listening to Gu Yun’s advice was unwilling to accept it and angrily said,

 “So, just let the pirates hide inside then?”

Gu Yun shook her head, sighed, and whispered, “In accordance with the aggressive style before, the pirates cannot hide out, but understanding their activity pattern, we are more passive.”

Gu Yun’s voice fell and the soldiers standing on the platform responsible for sea watch suddenly panicked and shouted, “General Qiao Lin Feng, mile reef we spotted three pirate ships!”


“A pirate ship!” Qiao Lin Feng was stiff and quickly grabbed his spyglass from his waist to look. Three prows appeared from behind a giant reef. Seeing the relationship between the ship and the wind, he could tell they were going at full speed. The prows were flying with crescent flags flying proud and high. Qian Lin Feng broke out in a cold sweat. It was the pirates!

After putting down the spyglass, Qiao Lin Feng urgently shouted, “Herald, and withdraw at once!”

 Qiao Lin Feng rushed to the front pole sailing helmsman and shouted, “Right full rudder return, quick!”

Youyi also moved and rushed to the door at the end and growled, “Retracement of the right line! Quick!”

Gu Yun frowned. As a resident general stationed in the East Sea for so many years, upon seeing the pirate ship, the man should not panic like this. On her side holding steady was Su Ling using the spyglass to observe the pirate in the distance. He did not scold Qiao Lin Feng’s confusing command. Su Ling is just looking while the ship drifted close to the pirate ship. Gu Yun didn’t understand his ideas.

Qiao Lin Feng was panicking and scrambling unlike Han Shu, who was very testy and pointing at Qiao Lin as he cursed, “What are you so afraid of! They have three ships, we also have three ships. You are escaping without fighting. Do you covet life and fear death? What are you doing and you are my commanding general?”

Han Shu scolded and Qiao Lin Feng’s face became unpleasant. Qiao Lin Feng heavily replied, “These pirates have battle siege formation. Now you see three. Later, you will not be sure which direction several pirate ships will emerge. Once you are surrounded by them, it is hard to get rid of them. The end of life and death  doesn’t matter, but with General Su, what mistakes can you afford to bear!” Su Yu was so pushy and willfully entered a duel with the pirates. In the end, the result was that they did not know whether Su Yu was alive or not. For General Su Ling to be in a sea accident if he got killed, how would they deal with the blame? No one would be forgiven!

Han Shu did not remain feeling disgraced by Qiao Lin . When Su Ling’s safety was involved, he could not say anything. With that, he turned to the back and could only grunt.

Qiao Lin Feng ignored Han Shu and continued to call out, “Returning at full speed!” The Ship had successfully turned around. The always-silent Su Ling suddenly put down the spyglass and in a cold voice said, “It’s too late.”

Right in front of them, ships with two machetes on the flag emerged blocking their retreat path.

Under the blue sky, a gorgeous blue figure leisurely leaned against the ship railings bored and watched two teams face off in the distance. Yang Ge smiled softly, “Gee, Su Military and pirates are playing up again.”

 Yu Xiang picked up the handy spyglass. With a casual glance, Yu Xiang sat up straight. Yang Ge and Yu Xiang, laughed, “Su Ling! He even came; this has turned out to be more amusing.”

Several people on the deck of the cabin heard their waves of laughter. Wuji still dejected. His face was covered with indifference. Beside Wuji, there stood a beautiful woman wearing a black robe over her body. It didn’t make her look mediocre but more elegant. Circling her wrist was a green snake poking its head out which quickly shrunk back when the howling winds blew.

Half leaning against the door was a man dressed in a red suit, particularly garish against the vast sea. Looking not far into the distance of the encountered situation, Mu Yi’s cold and cloudy appearance made one want to tremble inexplicably.

Wuji’s cold face had no expression but it failed to conceal his interest and pleasure in his tone as he spoke, “The brave tigers of the dry land is estimated to fight the dragon in the sea.” General Su’s three warships were besieged by pirates, it will be difficult even if they desire to escape.

Boom! It was the loud sound of the canon. The pirates bombarded the right stern of the Su military ship.  It burst instantly into a cluster of bright flame.

After a while, Su warships also counter-attacked with the same rumble of canons.

“They are fighting!” Yang Ge gleefully cheered, “The generation of illustrious Su name as God of War will die at sea!” In the last encounter, Su Ling and that good wife ruined his whip. This debt, he will get a proper payback!

It’s Su Ling and ‘she’ came. Mu Cang put down the spyglass. After pondering, she said in a husky, dark voice, “Row left bank at full speed.”

Left bank? Wuji was surprised for a moment and anxiously shouted, “Leader! Which side do you want to help?” Pirates, we have no enmity with them and without injustice, Su military is like our plague. We have to evade at least. Why tread this muddy water?

Mu Cang stood on the bow. Her impassive face didn’t reveal her thoughts, but the deep bright eyes were staring in the direction of the Su warships.

The clansman raised their sail and the ship sailed towards the front of the battle. Yang Ge did not understand the leader’s intentions. He swiftly asked, “Princess, Su military has harmed us enough to the point of being miserable. Why do you always want to help them?” Yang Ge spoke fiercely while glaring at Mu Cang with malicious eyes. He moved around Mu Yi, the evildoer man. Since he attached himself to them, the leader became so strange.

Wuji patted Yang Ge’s shoulders and whispered, “Princess is naturally like that. Go ahead and let people prepare for flint!” To save lives in the past, a fierce battle was unavoidable and they did not have cannons on their ships. Hoping that the flint is sufficient to cope with the pirates’ counter-attack, after all, they are not warships.

Despite their unwilling hearts, they could not defy the commands of the leader. Yang Ge walked into the cabin and muttered, “The good thing finally came to an end with difficulty, now why bother to walk into the trap! The pirate’s firepower is so fierce. This is not to rescue their own people but to be captured!”

Mu Cang could clearly hear Yang Ge’s complaints. Her eyes looking forward remained firm but her hand unconsciously touched the Emerald Green Snake on her wrist. This was what she thought or was restless about when they made some action. Mu Yi walked slowly to her side. The cold look on his face was gone. In a soft voice, “Pirates are good at sieges of war. The Su military is best to be rescued from the rear, and there’s no danger of an attack if you can disrupt the pirates. Give Su military a breakthrough opportunity through offensive fighting.”

Even just by casually standing on the bow, the man in red robes attracted everyone’s attention. The people wanted to ignore but it was impossible. Somehow, a swell of anger welled up in her heart, Mu Cang angrily shouted, “I don’t need you to teach me what to do!”

His elegant eyebrow rose slightly. Mu Yi answered with a smile, “Well, Chief, I will just watch them and just have a good look!”

Though Mu Cang wouldn’t admit with her mouth that Mu Yi’s meddling had help, when she ordered the crew, the strategy was still according to his argument.  Mu Yi cast a sidelong glance to that always-lonely face. His thin lips smiled gently. This woman was awkward and stubborn but in a way was also really cute.

Mu Cang turned her back and did not like to look at the man on the bow. The man was laughing with coquettish charm; she hated men that were rascals, they are very annoying!

Shells around the warship exploded. The hissing seawater was splashing onto the deck and the ship shook violently to the point where it was very difficult to stand on the boat. Facing Leng Xiao, Su Ling yelled, “Protect her!”

“Yes!” Leng Xiao went to Gu Yun’s side and picked up a rope and tied it onto the fence for her to clutch. Gu Yun reluctantly stood up straight and was secretly curious. The General Su warships required a few minutes of time to reload their shells but why are the pirates attacking nonstop? Why are their shells coming on so fast?

Suddenly a shell hits the stern and the solid wooden stern blackened. Flames spread along the railing toward the center of the boat. The choking smell of gunpowder and the irritating mist and smoke after the explosion filled the entire deck.

The stern was damaged by shelling and a large pirate’s firepower is concentrated in this ship, Qiao Lin Feng urgently called, “Flags officer! Ordered the converted array, vertical line up! “

No!” Qiao Lin Feng the voice has not fallen when Su Ling exclaimed, “Horizontal arrangement, west side breaks through!”

A resident general and another was the general of the whole army. The flag officer gawks and did not know who to listen to. Su Ling then furiously shouted, “This is a military order!”

The flag officer punched with a shiver,  in fear and quickly signaled the movement according to Su Ling’s order.

Qiao Lin Feng advised to Su Ling, “General, your safety is the most important! “

Su Ling picked up the spyglass to observe intently and stared at the pirate ship in the distance and simply ignored Qiao Lin Feng advise.

Gu Yun had to help in persuading Qiao Lin Feng , “General Qiao, vertical line up appears to be protecting Su Ling, but in reality, it is not. The three warships vertically, 48 Fort, only 16 at the enemy. When the enemy fires how could we match the attack! If the lips are gone the tooth will be cold, so if the two warships are sunk it will leave only this ship alone which in this case there is no way out.

Qiao Lin Feng glanced at the pirate ship that surrounded them and then took a look at the young woman whose eyes showed no fear. There is also  Su general who is ready for any sacrifice! Moving into the chamber of artillery, Qiao Lin Feng shouted, “Westside breaks through, to battle!”


Han Shu, Qiao Lin Feng, and Youyi all helped to hoist the sail while Gu Yan stood on the deck and continuously observing the way the pirate fleet marched. They were constantly transforming their position. Gu Yun suddenly realized that their gunfire will not break, not because the shelling time was shorter but they staggered the attack and shielded each other in coordination. One attacked, while one was reloading. No wonder. They were using melee attack! Gu Yun’s eyes stared forward and shouted, “Leng Xiao, carbon block for me and paper.”

“Yes.” Since the discovery of carbon being a better writing tool than the brush, Leng Xiao has been carrying a small packet of paper around his body. He searched in his arms for a while until he found it. Leng Xiao passed the carbon block to Gu Yun. She opened the paper but there was no place to write on. With Leng Xiao’s hands on his knees, he bowed down and said loudly, “Write on my back.”

“Good!” Gu Yun was not long-winded. She put the paper on Leng Xiao’s back, wandered in the bow to draw the pirate’s sailing rules and formation.

Su Ling put down the spyglass and his eagle eyes looked sharp. He lifted a command, “Qiao Lin, transmit orders. Eastside, main attack middle most among that ship.” He also noted the crisscross navigation secret of the ship. When the boat was traveling in the middle of the formation, they have to bomb the enemy’s ship, which is when the ship cannot attack.

“Yes.” Qiao Lin went to the artillery chamber and commanded the direction of the attack. The three ship’s firepower was concentrated in the middle pirate ship. With predictable results, the pirate ship in the middle was sunk, but their ship was also broken. The vessel was full of traces of gun shooting and burnt black marks.

As they prepared to attack the pirate ship, suddenly Han Shu was pointing to the waters on the west side, “What are those few ships?”

They looked and saw six vessels without turrets that were slightly smaller than their warships silently approaching behind the two pirate ships. Onboard a vessel at the forefront is a woman.

Gu Yun whispered, “Is that her?” The rainforest girl. She had played with that woman in green before. There–following behind her… Wuji… Yang Ge and….. Mu Yi?? Gu Yun gawked. Carefully squinting. It is really him. He was enchanting outwardly, wearing red clothes that only simpleton man will dare to wear. Looking like a ‘neat freak man in a red bikini!’ These bandits, why are they here at sea. Mu Yi…how did he end up with them? What was even more puzzling was that they were here to help them or add insult to the injury?


Gu Yun was still guessing their intent when Mu Cang led the six vessels onto the west side and surrounded the two pirate ships. Their small ships, although had no cannons, in their deck they had a row of small trebuchet for ‘artillery’. This small stone machine was normally used for throwing stone was now used for throwing blasting explosives. The power was not as big as shells but quite effective. Nonetheless, it was equally lethal the moment the explosives fell on the deck and cabins.

The pirate ships were under siege in the west. Three ships were left to the east side of the two but the pirate ships still refused to give up and fired their focus entirely on Su Ling’s ship. Qiao Lin Feng was surprised and yelled, “These pirates do not die?” This time, they have no chance of winning; they should withdraw and go for covers? Why struggle?

Su Ling sneered, “They flushed me to come here.” Su Ling had suspected all along that these were not pirates. At that moment, he knew his guess was right. These people’s priorities were clear. Their purpose was to sink the ship together with his life.

While the fighting was going full swing between the parties, on the observation deck, the lookout suddenly shouted, “General Qiao, ten miles outside, we discovered five ships coming this way.”

Is it a pirate ship?” Qiao Lin heart turned cold, if other pirate ship reinforcements arrived, they will lose this battle.

“No, it … … it is Ju Ling Island boats!”Ju Ling Island boats, he would not make any mistake. They had a dark hull, black sails. Their bows did not hang any flags, but the ships exude the kind of dark dreary aura, even seeing it only once could never be forgotten.

In the distance, the five black sail ships were arranged into wedge formation such as a bat, rolling towards their position swiftly approaching.

Ju Ling Island, also taking part in the fight, Qiao Lin Feng spitefully tapped the mast and cursed, “Damn it, those who should not come, all together have come!

Ju Ling Island why? Su Ling and Gu Yun were not far away. She was still drawing the pirate ship formations intently. Su Ling suddenly turned back to Qiao Lin who was standing behind and said, “Full attack west of two pirate boats, find the gap immediately evacuate at full speed.”

“Yes.” Qiao Lin sighed; he thought his Su generals insisted on dying in the end!

Su military wanted to leave but the pirates were not giving them any opportunities. Stepping forward, while the  Ju Ling Island ships with black sails gradually approached and lined up, they focused on the dark cannons aiming in their direction.

If both opponents were to fire at the same time, Su General’s dilapidated ship warship will be sunk immediately. Su Ling pulled Gu Yun to the other side of the ship and called Leng Xiao. Gu Yun shook her head in disagreement. “If the warship is hit, you jump into the sea with Leng Xiao, swim to Mu Yi over there and he will save you!”

Gu Yun shook her head and tightly pulled Su Ling’s hand. She took a deep breath and calmed herself down before saying, “Now is not yet the time. When the pirate ship crosses and the Ju Ling Island is in the middle, the pirate ship and our ship can keep in line, then……”

Gu Yun was not able to finish her speech when a sound of rolling cannons sounded very loud. It did not hit them, but the pirate ship? There were more than a dozen shells fired and the pirate ships turned into flames. Even the sails were caught on fire. People on fire were jumping from the deck into the sea.

It was an instant tactical reversal of battle, Qiao Lin Feng was stunned for a while, then whispered, “They helped Su military unexpectedly? Odd!” When stationed in the East Sea, from time to time the Ju Ling Island ships sailed out to the sea. In the days that everyone was minding their own business, that was not a problem as long as there was no violation of the Qiong Yue maritime laws, but if the court had arrest warrants, they will have to chase. Ju Ling Island people were living on the island and were always in and out of the boats. They were sea dragon. Su home military may not admit but many times Ju Ling island people were put to jail.

The ships with the black sails were coming toward them all the way. Gu Yun squinted her eyes and saw a man in black on the prow of the ship. The silver hair was fluttering and dancing under the sea breeze. The man—looked so familiar! She grabbed Qiao Lin’s spyglass. Gu Yun took a closer look.

 “Ao Tian?” Why he is here?

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