A Mistaken Marriage Match2:Generation of Military Counselors Chapter 41 Part 2 Pirates Showdown

A Mistaken Marriage Match 2: Generation of Military Counselors

Chapter 41  Pirates Showdown Part 2

The sea’s scenery at night and day were entirely nothing alike. The soothing clear blue water during the day at this moment turned exceptionally ferocious. Behind every wave seemed to be a dark black hole that will swallow everything next to it, even the sound of the waves on the concealed reef was harrowing. The entire scene tonight was dreadful.

Behind a large reef, parked a boat obscured by the shadow of the night.  Two women were standing on the bow, quietly watching the battalion of warships floating not far away.

Gu Yun exclaimed in a whisper, “Alertness was very high.” There were four or five individual inspections on each of the warships; they visit the deck and cabin respectively, and the stern was being guarded by someone. She could only see one side of the situation. According to Mu Cang, two ships were moored and in the middle were boats, where the guard must also be very close.

Mu Cang replied also in a whisper, “Plugging all the cannons are out of the question but it will be great if we will be able to plug at least the thirty cannons of the five warships closest to us. It will be remarkable.”

Gu Yun nodded and said, “Let’s get started.”

Mu Cang instructed the two people behind and said, “Yan Ge, Wu Ji, mixed the fruit and leaves and stems of the banana tree.”


The deck was filled with banana trees with fruits and leaves. Dozens of Shui Mu people were peeling the fruit and blending the stems and leaves. The viscous liquid was filled with prepared big bamboo flasks and finally sealed using hot wax.

The sealed tube is open on one side and Yan Ge could not help looking at the fifty fine men standing in front. They had a barrel of water that was being poured on their body spoonful by spoonful. Legend has it, this is because they are afraid they will not be able to stand the low water temperature of the sea that will result in body cramps or heart paralysis. He did not quite understand what cramps and paralysis were but he really admired this group of men.

The sea at night was much colder than during the day. He was wrapped with his coat and yet still cold. Little of him was exposed to the outside but his ears and fingers have long been frozen stiff but the fifty men were not complaining. They did not hesitate to pour a spoon of cold water over their heads. Everyone’s body raised a touch of white mist. Even so, their faces shared the same expressions of determination.

Even Mu Cang cannot help it but be pleased and admire. Su army was really a Su army, such a strict discipline, fortitude, and courage. It is no wonder that they are invincible! No wonder Qing Mo dared to say to do a night tour at sea!

Gu Yun came before them; all movements were unified when they put down their spoons and solemnly stood to wait for her order.

Gu Yun pointing across the ship, said in a whisper, “There are 30 cannons across the opposite side, your task today is to pour the mucus that is inside the bamboo tube into the pirates’ cannons within a time of only two-quarters of an hour, understand clearly or not?”

“Yes.” Neat and simple answers were heard, obeying her without objection.

“Get ready, define your goals.”

In commado training, Gu Yun never gives them a task. She only tells them their duty and she did not teach them how to do it. She needed an all-rounded excellent special force. They must be able to draw up their own tactical plans, communicate mutually with each other, and not only do individual combat but combat as a team also. Besides that, also coordinate all operations together, this time was the same.

Gu Yun gave out the command, 50 of them proficiently fell into a file.

The bamboo tubes have all been filled and each man was carrying a tube, a bundle of rope and stood in line at the front of the boat waiting for Gu Yun’s last command.

“Remember, only two-quarters of an hour, you must complete the goal.”


Looking at the direction of the young figures, Gu Yun’s heart burst in pain. She knew how cold the sea was, how far their targets were, and what was two li away, but failing to sabotage the pirates’ cannon, that will make it difficult to have any chances to win tomorrow! As a soldier, they had no choice. She had no choice.

She slowly walked up behind them, Gu Yun said in a low voice only so they can hear the sound, “Come back to me alive!”

The always-stern voice obviously choked up. The soldiers did not turn their heads; faces were directly looking towards the boundless, serene and cold night. A warm current moved through their heart.

“Let’s begin.”

Gu Yun gave the order and the dark shadows jumped from the bow without a hint of hesitation as one sunk down into the freezing sea.

Yan Ge could not bear it and ran to the bow looking down into the raging waves. He could only faintly see their heads fluctuating up and down furiously and approaching towards the ships in the distance. The cold wind blew on the body cutting like a knife. Yan Ge unconsciously shook for a moment. Whether the men will have the ability to plug the cannon or not, solely this kind of valor and together with perseverance, there can only be respect.

Time went by and Gu Yun’s heart was full of apprehension. Even though she tried putting all efforts into keeping it steady, she could not hide the worries written on her face.

Mu Cang took a spyglass and handed it to her, Gu Yun nodded at her with appreciation.  She raised the observation mirror and in the vast ocean, she cannot see any silhouettes, nor any movement near the pirate ships. Soon, it would be for two quarters. Gu Yun was worried about their safety but also worried the mucus would be solidified. If they were unable to get things done on time, then the operation would be a failure and the men would also be affected by this bone-biting cold.

Gu Yun was fearfully restless when suddenly she was disturbed by Yan Ge’s voice, “Whoa, really good!”

Gu Yun looked carefully and saw a section of the rope thrown up from the surface, with a hook on one side firmly on the turret. Followed by a dark shadow along the ropes and all the way to where the shadow was climbing, the shadow climbed onto the turret. With feet hooked to ropes to stabilize the body, immediately he took out the bamboo tube from behind and rapidly searched for the mouth of the cannon and soon pulled out. Then they went down the ropes again, by brute strength shook the rope and it fell into the silent sea. They acted very fast, clean and a total of not more than five minutes.  It was calm again around the pirate’s ship. The night patrol inspections that went back and forth on the deck did not pay attention to the end of the chamber nor checked down at the bottom cabin.

She put down the observation mirror. Gu Yun’s face was not expressing happiness yet but her brows were wrinkled. She needed to wait until the task was complete before being happy.  She gave them the cold training, endurance training and was confident that they were able to swim past the ships, but the biggest challenge was to swim back.

Gu Yun stood on the bow, hands tightly holding the icy fences, eyes without blinking, and vigilantly staring at the surging of the sea surface. Every minute seemed very long!

Finally, struggling to swim forward and appearing in front of Gu Yun, at this moment, her heart was more excited to see them rather than seeing their task completed. Standing next to the rope ladder, they climbed up to the bow when Gu Yun reached out her hand to pull them one by one. Her warm palm had cooled almost paralyzing her heart.

The soldiers who were already on board were wrapped in a thick blanket, curled up on the ground shaking. Under the night sky, they were pale blue and their breathing was intermittent. Gu Yun’s heart throbbed in pain once again, her eyes were hot, and her tears welled up. She threw her head up to hold the tears from falling down, and finally, under the calm mood, she counted them. Gu Yun’s face changed and anxiously asked, “Shi Hu and Fang Hong?”

Slowly the soldiers recovered but were also at a loss. They had furiously swum back but everywhere else was very dark around. They simply did not know if there was someone nearby.

Gu Yun ran back to the bow, wide eyes stared at the stormy sea, cold water. If they still did not come back, I’m afraid –

Leng Xiao and Ge Jingyun also came close to her, staring at the sea, trying to find any traces.

After a few moments, Leng Xiao pointed not far, whispering in a low voice, “There they are!”

Two men were being tossed up and down several times by the waves, to a point they were almost overcome by the waves. Fan Hong seemed to have temporarily lost consciousness and Shi Hu carried him on his back, exhausted, cold, his feet also started to get numb. They were in fact very close to the bow, but by the way, it looked, it was impossible to climb a rope ladder!

Leng Xiao threw down his quilt and said, “I’ll give them a hand.”

“I am going to also.” Ge Jingyun also followed the rope ladder on the bow.

You don’t launch.” Two hands were seized by Gu Yun. Their hands were ice-cold and not like a human’s hand, even their jaws were shaking now. Dark purple lip color implied that their hearts had been severely deprived of oxygen. Once again, how could she let them go! If they don’t get well, four people will be dead!

Gu Yun shoved them and climbed down the rope ladder. Two people have left a surprise, “Boss!” Only when experienced by oneself, did one know how cold the sea is!

She grabbed two ropes tied to her wrists, then Gu Yun threw them the other end of the rope and said, “You can rest assured that I go down and tie a rope to their waist, you’ll pull them up later!

Leng Xiao quickly, “Let me go!” Even so, she would have to also soak in water for a while!

“That’s an order.”  Gu Yun said. Time was running out and she needed to get to them. She climbed down the ladder all the way. Seeing Gu Yun, Shi Hu, who had started to slack in the spirit suddenly woke up, sobered while carrying Fang Hong on his back and continued to swim towards the direction of the rope ladders.

Seeing Gu Yun climbed down the rope ladders, Mu Cang also went to the side of the ship, and the chilly eyes rose with a touch of admiration. This woman had courage, military strength, strategy, resourceful, scheme, and a kind heart. To subdue the heart of Gray Hawk, the matter will come sooner or later.

Mu Cang turned back, facing Wuji she whispered, “Make few pots of fire inside the cabin.”

Wuji nodded. Yan Ge smiled, “I will go as well.” Her favorite dauntless guys, she just thought that the girl had such courage and boldness. Well, about their previous misunderstanding, now he does not care if she cut off her whip at all!

Gu Yun went down to the end of a rope ladder, Shi Hu had to swim nearby, Gu Yun said loudly, “You hold, Shi Hu!”

Gu Yun jumped into the sea. She found that the sea was colder than she imagined. The surging waves were very difficult to deal with making it hard in approaching Shi Hu. When she finally swam to their side, she tied Fang Hong’s body that was temporarily paralyzed then tugged the rope. After motioning that, the top had been tied up, the rope was pulled up slowly carrying Fang Hong with it.

“Shi Hu, to you.” Gu Yun tied the rope on his body, Shi Hu pulled the rope, and said, “I can climb up. You let them pull you up!

If he gets angry now his air will be less, so long-winded. “Cut the crap, don’t move, the aging mother is freezing.” At the same time fastening ropes, Gu Yun had once again tugged the long rope, Shi Hu was pulled.

Gu Yun’s hands started to freeze. This meant she can no longer delay, she struggled to swim to the ladder, grabbed the rope with a long sigh and then climbed step by step.

On the deck, Gu Yun’s whole body was wet, pale white and awkwardly shivering non-stop. Mu Cang grabbed a quilt beside her and threw it at Gu Yun. She coldly said, “I want to return, you go inside the cabin, don’t block my way.” 

Gu Yun came into the cabin and a burst of warmth swept her. There were several fire braziers lying on the ground and the warm flame was dancing. Gu Yun smiled slightly. The Patriarch was indeed a patriarch. The way to express her goodwill was also cruel.

Gu Yun and Mu Cang went directly onto Ao Tian’s ship and did not meet with Su Ling. She did not want Su Ling to see her distressed appearance and her look of embarrassment. In order to avoid letting the pirates discover their ambush, warships must be hiding behind a reef before dawn, so they would have to start in the middle.

Not drinking.” Another bowl of ginger tea was passed over. Gu Yun had to refuse; she already drank two bowls!

She felt so stupid. She should have gone back to the camp and put on new clothes then find Ao Tian. Now, not Su Ling but Ao Tian was staring at her. Ao Tian did not say a word to her, but this whole evening she would practice her ability to make discerning judgments!

Light sneeze. Gu Yun said with a smile “I will sleep, at dawn, you wake me up.” She immediately leaned against the couch with her back to Ao Tian; she didn’t want to face his distant face all night.

There was no sound from behind for a long time. After a while, a mink coat gently covered her body then, the sound of a door closed.

Gu Yun slowly turned back. Left alone in the cabin, she wanted to close her eyes to sleep but could not fall asleep. Perhaps the fur was too warm, or was it really hard to fall asleep? After tossing and turning, Gu Yun was finally fell into a deep sleep. When she opened her eyes, the rays of sunshine had penetrated the window blinds into the cabin.

Gu Yun hurried over and opened the window. Despite the bright light outside, the sun was just rising from the sea. It was not too late.

Gu Yun went out of the cabin to the deck of Black Sail. It was very large, larger than Su military warships of the General but all were built using dark wood with black color giving out a feeling of depression.

Ao Tian stood on the bow, towards the direction of the sun. The sunlight in his silver hair looked like it was dyed pale golden yellow, very beautiful.  Ao Tian suddenly looked back at her and gently waved. Facing the sun, Gu Yun cannot see his face, but he was laughing.

Laughing? As if, she didn’t see Ao Tian laugh! Gu Yun moved closer. This face was very indifferent, he was not even smiling perhaps it was her wandering.

“Su military coming over.” Ao Tian’s deep voice returned Gu Yun back to her senses and she raises her eyes to see a single team of the fleet.

She picks up the spyglass. It was indeed the Su military fleet to lure the pirates. They are sailing very slowly. It was too far away. Even though the scope of a spyglass, Gu Yun could not see the specific situation. Now, they just have to wait for the pirates to take the bait. As soon as the pirates swallow the bait, they can start.

Past one hour, the sun began to head. Gu Yun became impatient and anxious. Was the damage to the pirates’ cannon discovered so they were not coming out?

Consigliere.” The estimation was too long, Youyi was also nervous; he went to Spirit Ship from Su warship looking for her. “If the pirates didn’t come out,  what do we do then?”

Gu Yun pondered for a moment and was about to answer but then from a distance, coming out from the hidden reef group were six warships and dozens of boats slowly moving towards Su Ling’s fleets.

Youyi laughed excitedly, “The pirates finally came! I will now go back. I will get the sail ready.”

Wait! “Gu Yun suddenly stopped him. Her weak expression caused his face to suddenly change, “Why only six warships? Where are the other four? Where are the pirates’ other four warships, what they are doing?”

Looking at the wistful Gu Yun, Youyi whispered, “Wartime Consigliere is now past?”

Gu Yun was speechless for a long time, just Youyi thought that she had no idea when Gu  Yu calm voice faint replied, “Wait. Pirates have only six warships, Su Ling should be able to handle it! “

Mantis is unaware that who will be used, it depended on who was the praying mantis and who was the sparrow!

On Gu Yu’s side of the control, they were heated and ready.

Su Ling knew that there would be a siege and was prepared but the pirates had only deployed six warships. Even if they matched very well, the battle would not account for many advantages. In particular, two of the pirates’ ships had been tampered with and they would not know that until they try firing a shot.  When they know this, they would have no choice but to quickly turn around the bow of the ship and the side that was working against Su Military Warships.

The passionate hands and feet of pirate ships dispatched the two ships, so the remaining four ships were only single-handed war vessels.  Gu Yun was pleased the battle odds were great!

The Pirates should not be accounted also as too easy, however, their opponent was the Su Military, thus it will be tragic. Just when Youyi was trying to persuade Gu Yun to support, three miles away from them, suddenly came out another six warships and more than 10 boats. Gu Yun got scared, how were there six?! Mu Cang didn’t really figure out the Pirates’ number.

Seeing the front of the warships, Youyi felt glad but did not dare to act rashly otherwise they would be ambushed by the pirates!

This was all a raid. Looking to Ao Tian, Gu Yun said, “Full speed ahead.” With so many ships at the same time to the siege of Su military, things could only be worse.

Youyi came down from the Black Sail and went back onto the Su military ship. With a clear voice, he ordered, “Full speed ahead.”

The Su military warship and Black Ju Ling Island ships sailed rapidly toward the fierce battle circle.

Two teams were getting closer to war. The Black Sail and pirate ships grew closer than the distance between them would allow the pirate ship to use their cannons against them but they seemed to only ignore their existence and kept rushing to their target, Su Ling.

Ao Tian’s cold voice said, “They  don’t intend to defend only to attack and also die doing so.”

Gu Yun cursed, “Damn it!” The pirates must have been aware of the three ship’s cannons being blocked. With the only artillery available, they chose to attack only Su Ling instead of defending and the pirates would rather die to kill Su Ling? Exactly, who were they?

If the pirates attacked Su Ling, all firepower would be concentrated on him. He was in a very dangerous situation.  Gu Yun quickly ordered, “Catch up, concentrated fire, shelling on both sides of the vessel.” As long as you don’t let them build a pack, Su Ling would not be under attack from all sides.

The better, “Ao Tian nodded and the Black Sail rolled fast ahead. A wedge of five black ships formed again, like bat wings. Both sides of the ship’s cannons on the pirate ships attacked


“General, watch out!” A cannon’s centered bow violently shook the whole hull. Han Shu pulled the mast and quickly yelled, “The Pirates fired so hard!”

Do whatever it takes and get on with it.” Su Ling picked up the spyglass, separated by a layer of smoke after the explosion to see Black Spirit Island ships sailing and Su military warship. If they could just hold on for a quarter of an hour, they should be able to come.

Putting down the spyglass, Su Ling was in front of Mu Cang’s boats. They had thrown a lot of explosives and were able to sink a lot of the nearby boats. If these explosives could be thrown to the pirates’ main battleship, even if they were unable to destroy the ship, they would be able to kill a lot of the pirates.

Su Ling says loudly, “Qiao Lin, give the order to approach the pirates closely so we can cover Mu Cang’s ship while she throws the explosives directly to discourage the ship from moving forward.” 


Qiao Lin stood at the bottom entrance and shouted,” Left boat-“


But they were hit in the middle of the mast and a stout pole broke then smashed down onto the deck and bow. Qiao Lin was about to speak but when he looked up it was too late to avoid the falling mast.

Ah!” The mast pressed heavily on his chest, but with Su Ling holding Chuxie on the other side of the mast, Qiao Lin was able to breathe.
The pirates fancied this opportunity and aimed their crossbows at Su Ling’s vest. Chuxie flashed red reminding Su Ling of the danger but he could not let go. If he was to let go, Qian Lin’s life would be gone. 


“Shew!” Arrows whistled through the air but Su Ling could only tilt his body slightly sideways to avoid them. He was able to manipulate his body to avoid the arrows aimed at his chest but the result was he was heavily pierced above the arm.

Mu Cang was not far from him and saw the entire thing. Her heart tightened but saw the pirates continue shooting their arrows nonstop. Mu Cang quickly raised her bow and arrow towards the enemy. With one shot, the arrow struck the middle of the pirate’s throat!

Bing Lian shook fiercely. Scared, GuYun wondered if Su Ling had an accident? Gu Yun took the spyglass and focused on the smoke-shrouded figure of the ships. Amidst the ruins, she was searching for Su Ling.

General!” Han Shu yelled, coming from the stern and saw Su Ling holding Chuxie carrying the bulky mast. The mast had drippings of blood under Qiao Lin, the General’s left chest ..glu..glu.. blood was flowing out!

Su Ling was fighting back the pain and bravely clucked out blood with a deep voice saying, “Pull him out!

Han Shu bowed his head and placed his hands on Qiao Lin shoulders and finally dragged him out. Su Ling wanted to let go the mast but then he heard a roaring in his ears and then the foot deck collapsed. Su Ling’s tall figure with the heavy mast violently crashed into the sea.

Su Ling!” Gu Yun finally found Su Ling’s figure and saw this whole cruel scene.

That very moment, Han Shu and Mu Cang immediately jumped into the sea and scrambled to swim to where Su Ling fell but the surging waves quickly swallowed Su Ling.

Gu Yun was holding the spyglass gasping and her hand shook uncontrollably. Her mind was engraved with the image of blood on his chest in the biting cold water with the mast crushing over him. She could only place her trust in Han Shu and Mu Cang to save him! After the explosion, smoke-filled the entire circle. Gu Yun only wanted to see clearly whether Han Shu and Mu Cang were throwing themselves into the water to finally make the rescue even if it would be difficult. 

Her tears were flowing without her knowing and her heart was like ‘covered with an invisible hand anxiously grabbing her heart tightly to stop’. Her insanity was going to the extreme. She had been very careful with her emotion but as it turned out, she had already left her heart in his body!

Looking at her eyes silently rolling out with tears and failing to hide her grief, Ao Tian’s cold voice said, “I will send you over.”

That is of no use.” Firmly grabbing the mast, Gu Yun managed to stabilize her body. Mu Cang and Han Shu have to save him. She was useless now. The only thing left for her was to help him win this battle. Those who hurt him, these people, they won’t be able to run!

She took a deep breath and the cold voice said, “To the flag-officer, order the Su military warships on the left and behind to tighten the encirclement!”


The left Su military ships gradually approaching to the center and surrounded the area. Most of the pirates’ ships have already been sunk. Su Ling had been seriously injured and fallen into the vast sea. Seeing their goal has been accomplished, the rest of the pirate ships abandoned attacking their opponents and aimed to retreat by attempting to break out of encirclement into the covered reef area.

Want to escape! It’s not that easy! Gu Yun grunted, “The next warship, retreat blocking their return to the hidden reef area.”


The warships quickly responded. The column firmly stood in front of the pirate ships blocking the water inlet going towards the hidden reef.

Pursue!” The Black ships gave a blistering chase and the Su military ships were not allowing the pirate ships to run also. Soon the fleeing four pirate ships were blocked in between the Su Military Warships and the Black Sail. When the pirates had battled Su Ling, they had already lost massive amounts of ammunition and their ship’s hull was also dilapidated. The pirates at this time, have already spent their force. 

Gu Yun, without mercy, declared, “Open fire!”

At the order, the Su military ships and Black Sail opened fire at the same time The broken vessels of the four pirate ships were almost ripped apart. Soon, the rest of the wreckage was engulfed by the surge of the waves.

Ao Tian had never seen Gu Yun have such a sinister and vicious facial expression before. The way she was now looking at the pirate ships was as if she wanted to destroy them repeatedly. It was difficult to calm the fury in her heart; perhaps even her sadness.

“That was great! We won!” The cheers of victory came from the other ships but Gu Yun was not feeling joy. She felt strength had been suck out of her and her heart was going to rupture. Su Ling! What happened to him? Now she desperately wanted to see him! Just to see him! She held Ao Tian’s hand and quickly shouted, ” “Ao Tian, I want to go back!”

Her icy fingers tugged at his hands tightly and her dim eyes were filled with anxious anticipation. Ao Tian’s dark eyes masked his pain and whispered, “OK, I’ll take you back.”

The Black Sail turned around heading towards the chaos of a war zone. Looking through the mass of destruction for a long time, Gu Yun was finally able to work out which warship to look for to find Su Ling.

She ran onto the deck of the warship to where the bow was surrounded by many soldiers. When they saw her, they let her pass.  At the center of the deck, Su Ling lay motionless. A touch of blood was seeping bit by bit from his body and slowly flowing down. Gu Yun’s mind went blank. Very slowly, she squatted beside him. His face was pale and his eyes were closed. Gu Yun spoke with a trembling voice, “Su Ling.”

He would no longer respond to her nor look at her with his grim face. Will not yell at her nor anger her to her wit’s end but always compromise to her favor in the end. Her hands gently stroke the pale eyelids and her tears uncontrollably fell down on his forehead.

And soon! Gu Yun’s hand stiffened. His face is warm! Gu Yun’s hand touched the neck artery and discovered the pulse is regular. Her heart that sank to the bottom now had a glimmer of hope, he’s not dead!

Just then, Su Ling eyelids fluttered a bit and slowly opened his eyes. In fact, the arrow did not hit home but the severe pain made his spirit fell into a trance and down into the icy water. He had regained his consciousness once in the water but his right arm was injured so he could not swim. Luckily, Han Shu and Mu Cang swam to his side in time, pulled him up, and brought him aboard. Han Shu had left to look for a physician and because he had lost too much blood, he was tired and lethargic so he decided to sleep for a moment and now woke up to see Gu Yun crying like that. Seeing her cry, Su Ling was thrown into confusion. She was weeping for him–Su Ling’s heart this time is flying to the extreme but his heart is distressed also because she was feeling deeply hurt and it was not good. Struggling to sit up, Su Ling lovingly wiped the tears from her face and softly whispered, “You do not let me die, how dare I die!” [Editor’s note: I’m not sure if he’s joking with her or if the dialogue was supposed to be “You did not let me die so how could I?” Both still sweet in their own ways]

He is still alive! Gu Yun wanted to punch him; he feigned death and made her so sad, so frightened and so hurt!  She grabbed his robe and suddenly the petite body leaned forward and kissed Su Ling’s pale lips.  Su Ling’s eyes stared wide open..she.. she! She actually – 

The pleasant soft breath slowly spread on his lips and after a brief surprise, his hands wrapped around Gu Yun’s slender waist and regained the initiative. Under the watchful eyes of the soldiers surrounding them, the two kissed and hugged each other. The sortie was followed by the deafening cheers, whistles, boos and the sound reverberated through the blue sky.

Mu Cang turned and silently left the bow away from the voices and talks like ‘bubbling cauldron”. She owed him her life ten years ago, today she returned it and now they were even. As she disembarked the ship, Mu Cang saw a dark aloof shadow with the spread of loneliness turning around and walking towards the Black Sail. The ship slowly and quietly left.

The pirates were eradicated and the army returned to the coast. Gu Yun helped Su Ling off the boat.  As the two people stood, a soldier trotted towards them and gave them the report,  ” Madam Consigliere, a man claiming to be from the Prime Minister manor wants to see you.”

Prime Minister’s mansion? Isn’t Qing right? Gu Yun said, “Bring him here.”

Shen Hou waved his hand behind. Standing in the distance, a man wearing common clothes promptly came forward, called respectfully,

” To see a young lady.”

Are you the one from Madam Lou that has come?

“Yes, the young lady I was waiting nearby. Once the pirates were eradicated, I have to give the young lady the news.

Gu Yun frowned and quickly asked,” What’s going on?

“Third Prince died.”



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      • Book 3 indeed is such heartwreck.
        I’d rather love mischievous scene but still lovey dovey between Qing Ling and prime minister in book 1. Or rude banter but stubbornly enough between Qing Mo and General Su Ling in book 2. Not love hate but hurt each other like in Qing Feng and his Majesty in book 3.
        By the way, hope we’re not too rude by discuss other booksin this session.

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      • It’s ok , its coming to an end so they’re looking forward for the third book.

        Liked by 2 people

  7. revenge are going to be in full bloom for the Qing sister with the death of Qing Feng son’s and let all those hidden hatred form to full pledge search and expose of those plan it…
    thank you….for the translation

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  8. Thank you very much for your hard work! She finally kissed him! And in public! But poor Ao Tian. I love Su Ling, but I also have a soft spot for Su Ling’s love rivals.

    I’m so sad that this story is coming to an end soon. I love it so much that I’m having mixed feelings about it ending soon.
    By the way I feel that your translation for this week was faster than the last two weeks. Thank you very much for the speedy translation. And I know that there’s actually a book for Qing Feng and for the kids of the 3 sisters. If you could, would you please translate the one with the kids? Somebody did a translation, but it’s not really a translation, more like a summary that looks like a translation.

    Thank you very much. Love you

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  9. Aaah!!! huhuhuh remembering the death of baby Zhi-er T^T I’m soo heart broken when I read Qing Feng’s story! But I still love this novel! ehehehe Woohoo! Gu yun! you go girl! XD

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