A Mistaken Marriage Match2: Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 42 The Imperial’s Bad News

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A Mistaken Marriage Match2: Generation of Military Counselors

Chapter 42: The Imperial’s Bad News

In the early spring season in the capital city of Qiong Yue, signs of the arrival of spring were abundant.  Early morning at the city gates, there were steady streams of people going out and coming in. A black canopied carriage entered through the North gate into the city. The carriage drove towards the garrison command as customary to stop for inspection. When the carriage occupant lifts the curtain, the commander, instead of stepping forward respectfully, withdrew immediately. The carriage anxiously dashed all the way to the Prime Minister’s House. 

Inside the carriage was Gu Yun looking at the side of Su Ling, whispering to him and persuading him, “I’m going to see her if she is good but you return to the General manor to rest.” She needed to come back to the capital but Su Ling must also come together with her because the military doctor advised them to take advantage of the medical skill of the physicians in the capital. These days, he had been tormented because the wound was a little inflamed. The man was so stubborn that even eight cows would not be able to pull him to the doctor. 

They rushed and traveled day and night and now they were really exhausted. In spite of that, Su Ling still had the courage to ask, “Would you like me to arrange for you to enter the palace?”

Gu Yun thought for a moment then shook her head. “Not yet, let me ascertain first what really happened.”

The carriage suddenly stopped. Gu Yun opened the curtain and looked. It stopped in front of the Prime Minister’s House. Su Ling understood she was anxious to know what had happened and also did not have much to say and whispered, “Ok.”

She opened the curtain again and Gu Yun did not forget to remind him, “I will be back to the General Government immediately, ask the doctor to treat your injury, you know right?”

Su Ling nodded with a smile; Gu Yun was at ease and got down from the carriage.

Gu Yun walked to the gates of the Prime Minister’s House. A male servant greeted her at the gate and Gu Yun said, “I want to see my elder sister.”

Miss Qing, please get inside.” He did not need to inform Madam Lou of Qing Mo’s arrival for the madam had already informed them in the morning that they would be attending an urgent matter. 

The servant took her to the Lous, entered the manor, and saw Zhuo Qing sitting on a stone bench near the lake. Eyes staring into the distant horizon as if in trance, she seemed to be thinking about something…

Gu Yun walked up behind her, no pleasantries and simply asked, “What the hell is going on?”

Zhuo Qing was startled and turned to look. Standing behind her was Gu Yun with a serious and deadly face. She looked terrible and exhausted. Rushing the journey back to the capital must have been difficult indeed.  She patted the side of the bench and motioned for her to sit down then Zhou Qing replied in a whisper, “The palace passed the message to say that the infant was having high fever on the second day after the first month. The fever never left the child since then and on the seventh day, he died.” 

Gu Yun sat down beside Zhuo Qing, and in a deep voice said, “Did he really die of illness?” This was certainly suspicious. If he really died of illness, Zhou Qing wouldn’t be so anxious to get her back.

When I got the news, I immediately went to the Emperor’s Palace and rushed to Qing Feng Hall. When I got there, the child was already dead. The baby’s fever was most likely caused by pneumonia with the poor medical condition of this era. Respiratory failure leading to his death is not impossible. When I arrived, the body had been frozen. His face was dark and had blackish purple lips. The seven symptoms of death due to acute respiratory failure were all present, but I found the child’s hand fall relaxed on his sides and according to the child’s accompanying maid, she did not hear the child suffering from shortness of breath, difficulty in swallowing and he was not even crying. The child died so quietly. It doesn’t feel right. If death is due to acute respiratory failure, it should be very painful. The child should be struggling and will cry vigorously and he shouldn’t have been so calm.

You mean, there is a possibility that the child did not die of illness!” Sure enough, the death was questionable.

Zhuo Qing reluctantly shook her head, “I don’t know. The child was too small, there may have been other complications to cause death, and now I cannot do pathological testing nor autopsy. The child’s cause of death will not be conclusive.”

Where is the child’s body now?

It has already been buried for more than half a month ago. Children who die were not given big funerals and were buried as early as five days before the Royal Cemetery.

Gu Yun frowned, “Things are not yet clear, how can they hastily bury the child?”

Zhuo Qing rubbed her forehead. These past few days she had been having a dull pain on her forehead. She exclaimed, “All of the court physicians said the child died of illness and the child did have a high fever for a few days continuously. In Qiong Yue, every year countless babies die of a high fever. In their view, the matter is clear.”

She knew Zhuo Qing was under a lot of pressure. Gu Yun asked with a soft voice, “Did you find something else on his body?” There was no evidence but she only hoped the body left traces of clues. 

I only had enough time to make the preliminary examination because that moment,  the Queen Mother, the Emperor, the Imperial Empress, and the Imperial concubines all came. I simply never had an opportunity to approach the child’s corpse again. If not for Qing Feng who discovered the child’s death and sent a messenger to inform me immediately, I might not have been able to see the child’s body at all. Actually, I checked again carefully the value of preliminary inspection and it is not big unless they let me do the autopsy exam.” But this is something impossible; she does not have any evidence, even if the child’s cause of death is really suspicious, the Imperial family will not allow the emperor’s son to be dissected.

The child died so suddenly. After hearing the news, Gu Yun’s heart had been continuously stifled and unbearably suffering. Thinking of the most heartbroken person in the Palace harem, she was worried and asked, “How is she now?

Zhuo Qing shook her head and sighed, “It is bad.” In half a month, she had become emaciated and did not resemble a human form anymore.

“I would like to meet her.

Zhuo Qing nodded and got up, “Yan Hong Tian asked me to show solicitude for Qing Feng’s  bereavement and he allowed me three days into the Palace at a time to chat with her and this day I happened to arrange a visit, let us go together


In Zhuo Qing’s hands was Yan Hong Tian’s Imperial token. The two women smoothly entered the Palace and made their way towards Qing Feng’s Hall.  This was the scene in the courtyard when they got there: under the tree was a small baby cradle and beside it was Qing Feng wearing white silk. Her long hair was not strung together and she was half kneeling beside the cradle and staring inside, she looked lethargic. Standing by her side was a servant named Fu Ling accompanying her.

The servant saw them coming and she bowed slightly, as though afraid to startle Qing Feng. Fu Ling said with an extremely gentle voice, “The Imperial Princess, Lady Lou, and Miss Qing are here to see you.”

It was just half a month ago, seeing her now it was like seeing a different person. She has an angular thin chin, dull eyes, pale face and frail body that seemed ready to faint. A burst of sadness swelled in her heart. Gu Yun called her in a whisper, “Elder Sister.”

For a long time, Qing Feng was slow to turn and her gaze stayed on Gu Yun’s face for a long time before recognizing who she was. Calmly, Qing Feng spoke, “You came back, sit down.” The hoarse sound was very weak, almost carried by the wind. She did not cry nor indulge her grief by clamoring, just ignoring all the people and things around her. Gu Yun softly comforted her, “The dead cannot come back to life, you grieve but do not put your own body to ruin.” 

Qing Feng acted as if she had not heard anything and continued to stare at the baby’s crib, without blinking and from time to time, a smile would rise on her lips. That smile, however, was nothing but of bitterness.

Gu Yun’s heart suddenly flared in fury. Who was so vicious that even a small child was not spared and the mother was tormented by such a state! If it was really a homicide, she must seek justice for the child.

You come here for a minute.”

Fu Ling did not understand why Gu Yun called her, but Qing Feng did not stop her so she had to go along with Gu Yun and went to the other side of the courtyard. The two women continued and Gu Yun’s deep voice asked, “Who was the first person to find the child dead?”

Fu Ling stared blankly and replied in a low voice, “This servant.”

Anything that you know and observed on the day of the incident, you say it once again. I want to know and don’t leave any details out.

Fu Ling hesitated for a moment and turned around to look for Qing Feng who was not that far away. Gu Yun moved to the side to block her line of sight and whispered, “Speak the truth.

Gu Yun’s tone of voice was just normal but it carried a momentum that people dared not disobey. The servant paused and thought about it for a long time. After a while, Fu Ling replied in a whisper, “After the full month party, the Third Prince was infected with a cold fever and the physician came to the Palace Hall at zishi (9-11am) daily to diagnose and to treat the Prince. Early that day, not yet sishi, court physician Hu Tai came…..”

Not another word. Withdraw.” Fu Ling did not say another word. Qing Feng gave her a scolding. Fu Ling got scared and her complexion slightly changed and quickly backed out.

Qing Feng had a livid face. Apparently, her expression was no longer indifferent and she seemed to be repressed in her mind some kind of clear clues. Gu Yun walked up to her and asked, “Why won’t you let her talk?

She turned her head to the other side, Qing Feng wouldn’t dare to meet Gu Yun’s gaze. She replied weakly, “The King’s son has gone and I don’t want this matter to be mentioned again.”

She apparently perfunctory, trying to evade in words and actions, which made Gu Yun even more suspicious. She probed more by asking, “If he did not die due to an illness, would you still not pursue?”

She abruptly raised her head and stared at Gu Yun and Qing Feng.  With a flash of deep pain in her eyes and her hoarse voice that sounded tragically anxious, she said, “How would you like to pursue? All the Imperial physicians said the King’s son died of illness. Who do I have to investigate? Even if he did not die of illness, the matters in the harem are not up to the Ministry of Justice to manage. In the end, it will go back to Lou Su Xin and Xin Yue Ning to investigate!  The person was already dead; to investigate clearly, what use is it?!”

She was too agitated that her frail body was not able to bear it. She coughed up and clutched her chest then turned away. In an unyielding manner and strong tone, she said, “The child has been buried peacefully. This matter is out of your control. I am tired; you both can go, alright?

Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun quickly glanced at each other. They did not agitate her again and together went out of the Qing Feng Hall.

Gu Yun solemnly said, “Qing Feng should have known already that in this matter, there is something suspicious and she already has a clue. She just does not want us to be involved.”

Zhuo Qing had also evidently seen and exclaimed in a whisper, “This and your case, it is entirely different. It is not just a murder case but also one, which also involves many power struggles. Yan Hong Tian is not a fool. He has had two sons who died. For what reasons why up until now it is still being ignored. One of his privileges is the right to checks and balances. Conflicting interests are more complex than we can imagine. In short, you sure are not to act rashly.”

Gu Yun naturally understood Zhou Qing’s implications but could not help and let out a curse, “Indeed troublesome!

Zhuo Qing patted Gu Yun’s hand and in a lowered voice, she said, “I know you are a person who distinguishes right from wrong but the things going on in your heart is not your fault. The matter here is not black and white but the Imperial Harem is just a grey place. Nothing is clear so you must not get very confused. When I first met Qing Feng, she had a natural stubborn spirit but now she also came to understand how to live in the harem. We have no alternative but to manage. Since we cannot ignore this matter, we will take care of it but not on a grand scale. Since she does not want us to intervene, then we will secretly observe, find time to give her a helping hand but to her sentiment, we won’t let go.

The Imperial Palace is huge. The number of palace eunuchs and palace maids come and go. They are actually quiet and peaceful as if nobody in general. Every one of them has the same pace, the same expressions and always bows and does not dare to make a sound. The Imperial Palace is ornate with magnificent riches and honor. Inside, it is a society of the most precious treasures, the most supreme power, but cold without any touch of humanity in a truly constraining atmosphere. An atmosphere that allows people to breathe but with difficulty.” Gu Yun was silent for a long time and then finally nodded, “Okay. We’ll do just what you said.”

She believed in the law of justice but she will never understand the law of politics.


Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing visited Qing Feng once every three days. She was, as usual, staring at the cradle all day, but gradually getting a sober mind, and sometimes she’d say two sentences. Gu Yun also did not agitate her but privately questioning the Qing Feng Hall’s palace eunuchs and maids.

The palace was a terrible place that it made people very cautious and wary. No matter what Gu Yun asked, the answer the minions almost always gave was ‘don’t know anything’.


Inside the Lingyun Pavilion, Gu Yun was continuously thinking about Qing Feng’s affairs. She was assisting Su Ling in dressing his wounds but did not pay any attention to her strength… Ahh… Su Ling drew a gasp. Is she dressing or murdering?

Gu Yun returned to her senses and apologized with a smile, “I didn’t mean to! But your wounds are healing very fast.” When we returned with this injury, he would pass out and listless. It had been less than ten days only and the wound was healing very well. His facial expression had also been restored back to normal.

This is like what, Su Ling in a cold voice, “Sincerely, you want my injury to heal really slow?” This injury really healed faster than usual and he had no idea why that was the case.

Gu Yun cleared her throat and retorted, “Of course not, I’m just envious.”

Miss Qing.” A youth called from outside.

Come on in.

The youth came into the courtyard and in a clear voice said, “There’s a man outside. He says he is the person you are looking for.”

She was looking for a person? Gu Yun was confused, who was she looking for? And she caught a glimpse of Su Ling and his face was clearly saying ‘how do I know’.

Ask him to come in. “Gu Yun was too lazy to guess and could only wait to see the man find out what the matter was about.

Su Ling continued bandaging his wound while Gu Yun walked out of the courtyard, whereas the young man led the visitor inside. Gu Yun secretly looked at the person. His looks were more than 30 years old, medium build, looked very ordinary, a classic look that is easily forgotten at one glance. From head to toe, flooded with a whiff of arrogance, which Gu Yun believed people couldn’t simply ignore. She was under the impression that he was just an unassuming passer-by.

GuYun hesitantly asked away, “You are?” She could not remember if she knew this person and did not recall when she was looking for him.

Gu Yun sized up the man at that time. The man was also looking at her. Unlike her, she was looking with reservation but this man was sizing her up arrogantly. His gaze revolved around her face for a very long time, and in a low voice said,

Is it you who want to treat the face?”

Yue Sheng had rushed quickly into the General’s Office, simply because of curiosity. Curious about what kind of woman she could be to make that distant and indifferent kid come to request him again and again. Standing before him now is the woman. Why did the women look very ordinary? In fact, he did not know what Ao Tian really had in mind.

Treatment of the face? Gu Yun wide-eyed in surprise, “Ao Tian’s Shifu?” No, he looked most likely to be Ao Tian’s older brother, but where is the master? She heard that Ao Tian was adopted by his master when he was a child. She always thought that this ‘one of a kind world outside expert’ had to have an image like Elder Su Qing, the immortal essence in the wind type. To claim as Ao Tian’s master, how could this be? Oh, I see!  On the second thought, the legendary Ghost Doctor’s Yi Rong Zhu is extremely exceptional.  Could be …? Gu Yun now guessed that he was using a disguise. Her response was somewhat extreme a moment ago, Gu Yun felt apologetic and chuckled, “Your disguise has really done a superb job.

Yue Sheng in a cold tone, slightly raised his little eyebrows, “Who told you I have a disguise?”

Not a disguise? Disappointed, Gu Yun wanted to ask very much how it was being taken care of.  Even though her heart had unspoken criticism, her mouth didn’t say anything more. Now worried that her careless words would provoke the expert to anger, Oh gosh!. She must not annoy him lest he’ll walk away.

The wound is not too deep, it will take a month to recuperate.” The scars on her face that are scratched, at that time the person were not coldhearted, her two scars were not intractable.

Gu Yun said, “You are mistaken, I would like to invite you to my sister’s diagnosis and treatment.

Yue Sheng heard her words and his complexion became dark. In a cold voice says,

“I will help only one, that’s the condition.”

Yue Sheng specifically emphasized. Gu Yun was quite puzzled and replied in a very simple manner, “I know.” She also didn’t dare to have an extravagant hope over how many individuals he had approved.

“In the land under heaven, apart from me, no one can cure such a wound.”

Well, a very conceited fellow. Gu Yun was somewhat unable to endure it and bounced back an answer,

“That is really very good.

She did not say anything anymore for a long while. She probably did not understand what he meant. Yue Sheng added snappily, “I will help treat her face, but your face is already set for a lifetime and also I want to make you realize clearly, even if that kid is to intercede for you again, I won’t be persuaded.”

Gu Yun was stunned, he was ‘going around the curves skirting the corner’* just to say this? Gu Yun generously smiled, “You can rest assured that as long as you perform the treatment for my elder sister, my face you won’t be troubled about it.”

*Idiom in Chinese translated literally; English version of ‘beating around the bush’ 

Gu Yun had been outside talking for a long time. Su Ling became worried for her. He put on the robes and then walked out of the courtyard.

Yue Sheng glanced at Su Ling and suddenly glared at him with angry eyes. Staring at Gu Yun, he said, “You gave him my pill? You do not understand its value, and didn’t treat it like a treasure!” This medicine took ten years to be refined and was so rare. She unexpectedly used it to treat a small flesh wound! He was furious to death!

He only gave Su Ling a quick glimpse but knew right away the pill Gan Jin brought earlier was taken by Su Ling. He was really the highly skilled doctor of a well-deserved reputation.

Yue Sheng  grew very furious and said angrily, “Now, I am getting out of here.

Where are you going?” My goodness! He was too jumpy naturally, ‘one of a kind world outside expert’ was truly thinking what now? Presumably, he was very stubborn to compel, now she had a clearer understanding.

To treat the face.” Better cure that person and leave early, otherwise, she might infuriate him again.

Treatment now? Suddenly, Gu Yun’s face became stiff. To cure Qing Feng’s face was one-sided wishful thinking from beginning to end made by her and Zhou Qing. She heard at the time, the idea of injuring their faces was Qing Feng’s suggestion thus she may not necessarily be willing to let people treat her face. Moreover, now she had a very poor mood. By rough assessment, she might not want to get a facial treatment of all things. For a person to suddenly go over now, Qing Feng might drive them out in a fit of fury. Gu Yun lightly cleared her throat and smiled, “You came too tired, better take a rest first, we can delay for two days. It’s alright.”

Gu Yun wanted to hold him back and put it off first but Yue Sheng did not swallow this same old stuff. He was actually impatient now, “Everywhere I go there is so much nonsense! Either I start the treatment now or you can find somebody better qualified than me. Your choice!”

Gu Yun quickly, “We go now!” Whatever explaining will not work and she could not let him go!

But she had no imperial token. How was she supposed to lead him into the Imperial Palace? He turned around and Gu Yun whispered to Su Ling, “We will go in advance, you ask Yan Ming Shu to send a young man quickly to Qing Ling and inform her that we will converge at the Palace North gate.” Gu Yun suddenly remembered and also added, “This has not passed through Yan Hong Tian, can we casually bring a man into the harem, is that OK?

Certainly not! In the harem, a man was not allowed to casually come in and go out. Even high-ranking court officials. They could only enter when summoned. Su Ling wishfully thought and then exclaimed, “You go to the Imperial Palace gate and I will go now to the palace to see the Emperor and explain it to him.” His Imperial Majesty in the past was fond of the Qing sisters, because for their lovely appearances and stunning beauties! Now there was an opportunity to restore. It would be improbable for him to prevent them from treating the face for the benefit of Qing Feng.

“Very well.”

Gu Yun and Zhou Qing met at the Imperial palace’s gate but because they were with Yue Sheng, the palace guards blocked them from going in and refused to compromise for half an hour. Running out of the Palace was a junior eunuch and whispered to the ear of the several Imperial guards. It was only when they were finally allowed to pass. By the time they reached Qing Feng Hall, it was already in the afternoon.

Qing Feng’s spirit today looked good. When she saw them coming in, she was about to talk to them but stopped when she saw the man behind them. Qing Feng asked in alarm, “Who is this man?”

Zhuo Qing and Qing Feng were more intimate with each other so Gu Yun signaled for her to go ahead and explain. Qing Feng dragged herself to Zhuo Qing’s side and cautiously replied,

 “He is a physician.”

Qing Feng’s countenance swiftly changed, and then an icy voice replied, “I’m fine. I don’t need a physician, ask him to leave.”

Gu Yun knew Zhuo Qing was in the middle of a headache right now and she quickly gave her a quick glance. Both were still thinking about how to persuade Qing Feng when Yu Sheng grumbled, “Tempers are pretty stubborn, making me want to leave easily, but when I leave, your pretty face will not recover.”

What does that mean? Qing Feng’s questioning look was geared towards Zhuo Qing. She softly explained, “We sought him out to come. He wants to help you heal your face, although on top there is a scar, still he……”

They thought Qing Feng surely will act crazy, on the contrary, she unexpectedly swept right away the previous indignation and seriously asked, “Can he really treat my face?”

Zhuo Qing nodded, “Yes.”

“Well, then do it.”

Qing Feng’s frankness and straightforward answer to let somebody do something to her face caught Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun by surprise. While Qing Feng’s eyes flashed a hint of greed, this had not escaped the eyes of Yue Sheng. He thought it to be interesting! He laughed and with a smile, “Your face, in contrary with your sisters has deeper wounds. It is important for you to know that to cure is to subject to suffering.” This woman had actually suffered a more vicious wound compared to her sisters. Two deep scars had taken 7th or 8th fraction of her stunning looks.  Now wanting to be cured, it would by no means be impossible to feel like returning to a peerless beautiful face and nothing more.

Qing Feng replied blankly, “As long as I get the cure, it doesn’t matter if I suffer painfully.”

Good!” He right away liked this type of person who will accept anything to attain her goal, one who was able by any means kind of a woman. He will not only heal her face but will make her even more beautiful than it was before by three degrees!

“To be subjected to what kind of suffering?” An aggressive male voice boomed with some coldness came from the outside the courtyard.

Your Majesty long live, long live, long live.” Yan Hong Tian had just stepped into Qing Feng Hall when the eunuchs and maids knelt on the ground.  Qing Feng leaned over as part of the ceremony while Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing awkwardly followed. Yue Sheng was still standing on one side and seemed to have no plans to salute.

You can fix her face?” Dark black eyes swept over Yue Sheng’s ordinary face. Though he spoke in a normal voice, it made people feel a sense of oppression by storm.

Yan Hong Tian had always been subject to always changing his mood. Zhou Qing and Gu Yun began to worry about Yue Sheng. His complexion, however, was as usual and he replied in a cold voice, “If I want to treat, let alone this injury, even if the whole face is rotten, I can still give her a new one, but I will treat her face within three months. Between me and her maid, she cannot see anyone. If you do not agree then I won’t cure this face.”

The shady eyes became darker, Yan-Hong Tian added in an undertone, “Is that including Zhen?”

“Of course.”

Qing Feng was now breaking into cold sweats for Yue Sheng. According to Yan Hong Tian’s disposition, he would never allow the disobedient person to have an easy time. She knew because when she just entered the palace at that time she had crossed him quite a number of times. Sure enough, Yan-Hong Tian coldly laughed, “Well, Zhen promise you that starting today, for three months, the inside and outside, no person is allowed to step in Qing Feng Hall! If in three months you cannot cure her face, Zhen will kill you.” After throwing down his speech, he turned and left with a huff.

Yue Sheng without a hint of fear on his face, watching Yan Hong Tian’s cruel back coldly sneered in return, “Venting his anger in such an extreme way, it is no wonder his heir is rare.”

“You two also leave.” Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing were also waved out by Yue Sheng. Just like that, they were driven out of Qing Feng Hall.

For half a month, Gu Yun did not enter the palace but she had been secretly finding clues about the child’s death. After thoroughly checking, she found that the Palace was an impregnable fortress. It was difficult to find a breakthrough! Inside, each person was good at hiding and plotting schemes. Gu Yun investigated so many cases for so many years and this was the first time she felt frustrated.

Thinking?” Suddenly she felt tightness in her waist and the sound of a familiar male voice in her ears. He seemingly got accustomed to putting his hands on her waist. It was awkward and irritating at first but now she seemed to have gotten used to it. Reluctant to say much about the investigation, Gu Yun casually replied, “No, just looking forward to some miracles after three months.

Su Ling laughed, “Next month, after we come back from sacrificial offerings, you can see your sister and there will be a miracle.” Usually, he felt that she was only well concerned about Qing Ling’s sentiments. Lately, she was also very serious about Qing Feng’s affairs.

The next month?” Gu Yun suddenly startled and leaped, “That is not just for a few days?”

Well, so you can prepare for it.

Gu Yun’s expression did not look very well, Su Ling softly whispered, “Why are you not happy? Aren’t you very interested in the coat of arms?”

Yes, the eight trigrams plate, she will soon be able to see the ‘bagua’. She should be happy, but why did she feel horrid in her heart. Gu Yun slightly bowed her head. Su Ling thought she had no interest in the sacrifice and consoled her with a smile, “It’s spring. Fengshan’s scenery is very beautiful. We will go for a walk in the countryside and an outing at Qingming Festival.”

Spoiling the mood and the sound of pleasant laughter, at the moment, her heart was aching. Gently breaking Su Ling’s hand, Gu Yun softly said, “I want to go and tell my sister that for quite a while, I will not be in the capital city.”

Personally, Su Ling thought she was just anxious and in a hurry to see her sister to bid her goodbye. He did not mind and replied with a smile, “Well, go ahead.”

Gu Yun did not ride a horse but walked all the way to the Prime Minister’s House. A gatekeeper saw her and automatically took her to the Hua Ting Pavilion. In the Prime Minister’s mansion, which is an unfamiliar environment, Gu Yun felt some peace of mind. She did not know how long she had sat before hearing a perplexed voice come from behind, “What’s the matter? Feeling bad?

Gu Yun lamented, “In a few days, I’m going with Su Ling to Fengshan to sacrifice. If nothing else happens, I would be able to see the eight trigram disk.”

I see, Zhou Qing smiled and asked, “So you’re not happy? Are you worried that you could go back but still can’t go back?

I don’t know.” If in the past she had the opportunity to go back, she would be excited; but today, after she heard Su Ling mentioned the matter about the sacrificial offering, her heart had no reason to panic. 

Gu Yun asked Zhuo Qing in a low voice, “Do you want to go back?”

Zhuo Qing shook her head and replied with a smile, “I’ve already made a choice. There is a human here I cannot shave off and leave behind.” 

She seemed to have more to give up; not only Su Ling. She didn’t want to go back…was this so?

Zhuo Qing sympathized and did not press her for an answer. Grasping Gu Yun’s cold hand, Zhuo Qing smiled, “Yun, whatever decision you make, I will support you. Whether we could meet again in the future, you will forever be my best friend.”

Gu Yun stared at Zhuo Qing and she scolded, “Please, don’t cry.

Zhuo Qing’s face looked serious, “Move it! It’s me who just wants to see you cry!”

“Damn you!”

Laughing and smiling to lay down the distress, yes it was right. Both could see the future regardless of whether it was goodbye, whether in which time and space. As long as they have each other is enough.


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