A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume I Chapter 4 Cruel Pirates


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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume I Chapter 4 Cruel Pirates

The violent storm clouds engulf the sky, dark clouds swallowed everything overhead and the remaining sun rays were shrouded by the clouds, and sky muddled the earth’s color. Only within this short quarter of an hour, the two black ships have already surrounded the small fishing boat in between. The black ships were twice as large as the fishing boat. With the towering giant black sails, fluttering in the wind, hunting, ready to swallow the fishing boat like its prey, the black sails have an image printed on it, a red-blooded wolf with sharp fangs and vicious narrow eyes, revealing a strong aura of hostility.

Su Su was used to seeing all kinds of hideous animal emblems and naturally did not fear any of them; however, her heart was startled simply because the two ships turned out to be warships!  

The pirate ships were more than 30 meters long with six forts on each side, perhaps aimed at the small fishing vessel. She discovered however that the forts were covered and not ready for engagement. Su Su was not mistaken that these were real warships, more surprisingly were the so-called pirates already have such combat power? Or was it possible they were not ordinary robbing pirates? They were robbing such a small fishing boat, for what reason?

Su Su had many questions in her mind, suppositions were running through her head with flashing speed when a group of shadows suddenly leap from more than 10 feet away onto the ship, and heavily fell on top of the deck.

It was a sturdy man, with a broadsword in his hand, he is a huzi* , in addition to a pair of ominous light in his eyes, one can barely see his appearance because his face was fully covered with his beard, behind him were seven or eight men 

carrying single edge swords who also jumped onto the deck. The bewildered crew panicked, even more, running and hiding, the deck turns to chaos again.

*Huzi –  Chinese colloquial term for a bearded bandit.   Let’s call him that until we figure out his real name.   *** Lao-tze was a Chinese Founder of Taoism or called the Father of Taoism, who has written the sacred book of Daoism, however, in this case, it was an arrogant way of calling himself The Father.

 “Mother f*@%#r   do not run, your Lao-tze’s** eyes are getting dizzy! Count yourself lucky if Lao-tze do not kill people today. Behave yourself, if you do not want to be hit by my sword!”  My goodness, his madness and voice were full of energy!  Accompanied by his shouting was a speeding cold light as he was brandishing his sword and the frightening effect was extremely remarkable, the crews finally do not dare to run all over the place again, all obediently squat down and do not even dare to breathe.

Hearing this man clamoring about not going to kill people, Su Su’s heart full of apprehension was relieved a little, and obediently squats, shrinking among the group of fishermen, she calmly observes.

The crews were placed in a bowed position, the huzi swepts a glance at the dozens of people and bitterly curses, “Mother f*@%#r, we pursued most of the day, only a few people?”

At this time, several more people jumped over from the other pirate ship, the huzi yells, “Search for Lao-tze.” Several sturdy men with swords in their hands crash into the cabin immediately.

Afterwards, several more men jumped down the fishing boat, Su Su finds a man dressed in dark blue, he looked older but very tall, holding an eight-foot silver gun in his hands, standing quietly on the bow. His posture was upright; he had long breathing which means his martial arts skill was certainly strong. Sensing that he was standing not far from where she was, Su Su bows slightly and shrinks back, her thin body was almost completely hidden behind Yu Si.

Less than a quarter of an hour’s time, the several men who crashed into the cabin a moment ago march out with seven to eight crew members. The bearded bandit grunts and kicks one of the captives and curses loudly, “Hiding, how do you hide, you think you can hide from Lao-tze’s ‘paper mulberry eye’*.”

*yan chu –after searching the meaning of mulberry eye  how could there be such a thing  but after googling viola! this what came out it could mean an evil eye, radiating eyes or sweeping eyes.

“Just this? This is all you have?” The huzi was still very dissatisfied.

“Can’t it be.”

Hearing someone take a relaxing breath resembling a sigh, Su Su’s eyelids flicker swiftly and she looks up and finds Yu Si’s face showing a delighted look. Su Su frowns and in an anxious whisper, “Yu Si, put your head down.”

“Search again. Every corner of the cabin should be turned over.” Just right when she spoke, a callous male voice gives the command.

It was the man with a silver gun?! Su Su knew, this time things might turn for the worst, her heart was apprehensive but kept her head bowed constantly.

“Yes.” Several people behind the man with the silver gun dashed into the cabin the second time, from the cabin a noisy sound can be heard, this time it was longer than the previous search. 

“Senior brother A’Leng , we found two!” The pirate’s excited sound resounds, Su Su’s heart freezes. She slightly lifts her eye to examine the scene, the Qin siblings were hiding in the narrow small box for a long period of time, at this moment, they have pale dispirited looks, were sluggish and were being towed by two pirates as they were walking, particularly Qin Yan, he was very close to passing out.

Su Su rapidly swept one eye over to pirates from her peripheral view, she saw their eyes lit up. In the next moment, she heard the bearded bandit shout in a very loud voice, “The day to is on this fishing boat, unexpectedly, you have a young married woman!” The bearded bandit’s dreadful sound clamoring as he grabbed a pliable Qin Qian recklessly devoid of conscience.

“Release me!” She never received such humiliation before and Qin Qian’s pale face instantaneously flushed, regardless of her status both hands were tightly held, she struggles horribly as if she doesn’t fear death.

“What are you doing, let her go!”  Yu Si loved Qin Qian for so many years, seeing her treated with scorn, he wish to stand and dart over to the bearded bandit.

“Seeking your death!” He just finished talking  then saw the hand of the huzi with a broadsword fell,  a head rolled down and  the blood poured out and scattered all over the deck, Yu Si’s tall body fell  heavily smashing onto the ground. His head was rolling with eyes wide open in the middle of the deck. The heavy scent of blood instantly engulfed the whole boat.

The crews on the scene were shocked and even forgot to breathe for a time. There was a death-like silence on the deck; the only sound that one can hear was the howling of the wind with the bloody whiff mingled with the blood hitting the face and the hissing sound from the blood spurting out. The scene was gripping the mind and fear spreads all over the chest, making breathing difficult.


Someone finally cannot bear the terrifying horror, the shout and the roar awakened the crowd but also let that fear sank deeper into their heart. Many crew members were not even squatting anymore but lying directly on the ground.

Su Su’s eyes glanced with a sinister look, from her infancy to maturity she followed her parent’s side; she had already seen blood, broken body bleeding or even death. There was nothing she had not seen before but just being in front of this incident, she remained profoundly shocked and in disbelief that just by the wave of a hand, according to their wish, they would simply claim a human’s life. She came to understand with deep awareness that these people do not value human life. To these bandits, human life was no different from a sea grass.

 “Everyone, close your mouth before Lao-tze will have to, again without exception, you will be chopped.”  As he was talking, the huzi carried Qin Yan like a chicken and flings him conveniently full of disregard towards a human. Qin Yan’s thin and small body falls rapidly among the crew.

Su Su has already anticipated what the bearded bandit wanted to do with Qin Yan. After flinging her, Su Su threw herself over to catch the falling Qin Yan with her own body. With her hand supporting her neck and another on the waist, they rolled together to the side until they stopped. For Su Su, this kind of movement had used up a lot of her strength. Now it appeared that the two people that fell look miserable, but actually were not injured at all.

“Eldest brother Yu…Qin Yan!”  just a moment ago, she saw Yu Si was decapitated, the next quarter, she saw her own younger brother being thrown like a sandbag. Now that she has lost her restraint, Qin Qian loses her sanity and maliciously bites the hand that was stroking under cheeks. Full of hate and fear, she bites him until she was exhausted and has tasted the blood. Afterwards, the scene was pitiful, she had struck him with all her strength but the bearded bandit just scowled in exchange. After just a quarter of an hour, he then laughs like crazy and arrogantly gets up, “Bite me? Lao-tze likes a woman who has flavor of fierceness.” He says this unexpectedly in front of many people, he pushed Qin Qian to the ground then presses his body towards her afterward.

“Sister … …” from Yu Si’s tragic death, he returned to his senses, Qin Yan, seeing his sister being humiliated, he struggles to stand up.

 “Do not move.” Su Su’s hand presses Qin Yan’s acupuncture points on the shoulder and another hand quickly presses his neck, touching the mute point,

Qin Yan refused to listen, still desperately wanting to help Qin Qian but regardless how much he struggles, his body cannot move, and not only that, in his throat, it’s as if something was blocking it, not a sound could come out!

How Su Su feels right now was not much better than him, she couldn’t wait for a sword to slay this bearded bandit, but now, she cannot act rashly because the crewmembers’ life must be preserved, but Qin Qian … … would she like to see her being molested and humiliated?

End of the Chapter



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