A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 9 & 10 Sang Nuan

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirates Daughter by Qian Lu 

Volume 1 Chapter 9 Sang Nuan

Su Su gazed at the sight before her with shining eyes. Blocking her line of sight was a piece of fine and soft clothing material. The many folds of the elegant skirt swayed like pendulums; the glossy sparkling jade-like stone passes through the white tassels along with the owner’s movement. The way the person’s body swayed when she walked was like passing by a divine and wonderful spirit. Su Su looked up again; this woman had a beautiful appearance. Earlier, she did not have the opportunity to look at this woman’s face, but from what she gathered was that she’s extraordinary. Su Su carefully examined the woman and can only sigh for the beautiful woman’s outstanding beauty, her bright friendly eyes, and soft and creamy skin. Usually when Su looks at people, she liked to look into their eyes, but at present, both the woman’s eyes were pretty. Needless to say, she has a faint smile, but what a pity…it lacks warmth.  

Su Su sizes up the woman’s eyes with her staring. One might call her impudent for the way she was looking. It was so blatant that the woman should be feeling it. The corners of the woman’s mouth hung a light smile as she speaks,

“I can treat them.”

You are…a physician?

The woman slightly nodded, and the person before Su Su’s eyes was now shrouded in a soft light. (TL:…sound of chimes…like a miracle…an angel! Remember how helpless she felt from previous chapter.)

Su Su could still hear the voices of the rickety pirates. The scent of the wine and grilled meat, mixed together, filled the air. The strong contrast between the surrounding environment and this person’s femininity was inexplicable. Su Su thinks this woman was strange; she coughs lightly to conceal her surprise expression and asks with a smile, “Miss, what is your name?”

“Sang Nuan.” The woman’s voice was clear and smooth; she pauses for a moment and then continued to say, “You can call me Ah Nuan, that’s ok.”

Su Su’s mind suddenly went blank. In this pirate’s nest, there were hostility among them and each had different standpoints. Can’t this name appear too excessively intimate? Fortunately, Miss Su didn’t bother the trifles and says with a smile, “Well, I am called Xiaoshu.”

“Come on, first let us leave and bring them to my place for treatment where there is plenty of medicine.”

“Go?” Su Su momentarily celebrated until she realizes something was not right, “Are you sure we can go out?”

You cannot escape.” Sang Nuan’s voice became gentler with a smile and had a touch of indifference that people cannot refute.

Su Su casts away her habit of twitching her mouth. Very well, even if they cannot escape, it was still good too because she does not want to run away yet. She bends down to help Qin Yan up and easily points towards Qin Qian who was still in a state of stupor, and asked the woman, “I’ll trouble you to help her.”

After some efforts, Sang Nuan managed to pick up Qin Qian and then the four people walk toward the cave exit. The pirates guarding the two sides of the cave did not even bother to block them unexpectedly. Su Su could not help but turn her head back to look at the center of the cave. Sitting on the short table were several people. There were few eyes staring at them but strangely, no one stopped them. In addition she was standing on the left side of the Moyi man , a moment  ago, now he does not even look at her and continued to drink his bowl of wine. For them, this kind of outcome was truly surprising and beyond reason; however, Su Su was the only who anticipated it.

Su Su followed the woman out of the cave and noted her difficulty with holding the fainted Qin Qian as she appeared strained, kept staggering every few steps, and had irregular breathing patterns. She looked rather awful struggling to balance the both of them. Can she not do martial arts? Outside the cave, the dark clouds billowed like before. The rain was smaller but under the strong wind, they have to cheer themselves to keep going. The wind and rain pound against their body but their optimism does not make them feel any better. She keeps up her good spirit because the medical shed Sang Nuan mentioned was not far from the cave. Seeing the place, a log house, it was obviously bigger than the hut next to it. While Su Su walked, her attention was on the three lookout towers. Since the moment they left the cave, those guards’ eyes were fixed on them. If at this time she was to do some action, she would surely be discovered by them. Su Su ends her surveys, refocused her attention, and faithfully follows Sang Nuan to the log cabin.

They enter the cabin and Su Su routinely swept her eyes around the cottage. The room was simply furnished, three chairs for tea, a swing on the right, two small narrow wooden beds behind it, and a medicine cabinet on the wall to the left. Next to the cabinet was a door; she marveled what was beyond it. Sang Nuan laid Qin Qian down on a wooden bed then moved towards the medicine chest. Su Su leaned Qin Yan near Qin Qian’s wooden bed and then quietly thinks to herself.

Based on her observation earlier, Sang Nuan doesn’t know any martial arts. Even though the pirates were afraid of her, she was incredibly warm. There were only two possibilities: one, she is not as harmless as she looks on the surface and second, she is not as important. Even if they were to catch her, they wouldn’t be able to coerce her into managing a household.

Su Su looks up and her eyes fell onto a slim and small figure standing in front of the medicine cabinet picking up a prescription. She preferred the first possibility; a woman who can sit in the center of the cave, how can she possibly just have an ordinary role?

If Sang Nuan’s attempt to rescue was stemmed from being nice and kind, Su Su doesnt believe Wu Mu’s antics began with Qin Qian. That double beauty’s reaction revealed indifference. Clearly the woman had already seen these kinds of things before and was already accustomed it because if it was just fundamental introductions to her and has only occurred on this one occasion, why did the scene not arouse not even a little of her interest? But if the woman had malicious evil intentions, Su Su didn’t feel the woman was voluntarily lending a hand to help; but she was instigated by someone to do so. But why? For what purpose? Su Su was still pondering when Sang Nuan returned, carrying a tray. Resting on the tray were few bottles, scissors, and thin cottons and so on.

Su Su approached her and picked up a bottle, reading ‘hemostasis’, and a cotton cloth from the tray then fell back to the nearby chair and said, “You treat them. I have a cut on my skin from playing. I’ll treat it myself.”

Cut skin?  The cut was big and the skin was now swollen.

Sang Nuan’s general appearance still wore a smile and nodded in understanding. She touches and traces Qin Qian’s chin, and discovered the dislocated jaws have already been joined. She inspected the rest of her body; except for some bruises, there was nothing else that needed treatment. Sang Nuan went to Qin Yan’s side and looked at his right shoulder. Sang Nuan roughly knew about Wu Mu’s strength, thus, this boy’s arm might probably become crippled. She proceeded to check Qin Yan’s shoulder bone and after just a touch, Sang Nuan immediately realized that something was not right. She was secretly surprised that the boy’s bone have been returned to its original position. The position was exactly right, such a beautiful bone manipulation, it was even better than her. Sang Nuan’s eyes swept to the fellow sitting on the wooden chair. From her view, the fellow was sitting sideways biting the wooden cork to open the bottle. He quickly spread the medicine powder on the wounds neatly, then tied the wound with a thin cloth. He put the bottle down and wrapped the wound several more rounds. His hands were very agile; tugging the ends of the cloth, he made a simple knot. The movement was very coherent and the whole process was finished in one swoop. This fellow seemed to have done this countless of times.

Sang Nuan finished her observation and took the acupuncture needle on the tray to Qin Yan to treat his internal injury. She focused on the treatment and didn’t look at the young fellow with the hat again.

After binding the wound on her arms, Su Su returned the medicine onto the tray and comfortably leaned back on the chair and casually started to chat, “Ah Nuan, I thought you look similar to the man with the silver gun. You two look very much alike, are you brother and sister?”

This “Ah Nuan” was quite freely spoken, with a relax and familiar tone. Those who did not know will naturally think they were really friends.  With her hands still pinching the acupuncture needle, Sang Nuan smiled deeply and gently answered, “His name is Sang Leng, he is my twin younger brother.”

“You are twin brother and sister.”


 ** The name of the twins actually meant : Mulberry Cold (Sang Leng) and Mulberry Warm (Sang Nuan) —  opposite. I don’t know if there were any significance to these names. 

Su Su’s goal for questioning was to spy for information on the actual situation. She did not expect Sang Nuan would reply earnestly. At this moment, her accidental coordination was paying off. Su Su decided to continue on the selected issues that she was really interested in! Leaning forward with quite a curious expression, Su Su continued to ask, “That man who said I have to stay around him, is he your Island’s people? What is his name? The other pirates were called the pirate chief, Dang Jiade, but only this black cape man called him, “Yi Dang Jia”, therefore, she felt there was a possibility he was not a person of Pirate Island. 

Sang Nuan’s eyes narrowed as she smiled. The chaos was only for half an hour but unexpectedly, he can already perceive he was not from the island? He even only spoke a few words. It seems like paper mulberry eyes were hidden under that small felt hat and were considerably observant and critical. She did not plan to reply to the question but changed her mind. She suddenly showed a faint smile and answered, “His name is Mo Yuan and is the island’s honorary guest.”

Honorary guest? Su Su had guessed correctly that the status identity of the black clad man was not simple, but not think and was surprise it would be this remarkable!

What status should one have to be called ‘honorary’ by pirates?

The pirates suddenly caught so many vigorous and healthy men…was this also associated with him?!

Miss Su felt there were several kittens scratching inside her chest…scratch…ah nicely scratch! Ah, she’s very curious!


*** ****

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter

Volume 1 Chapter 10  Probing

“Xiaoshu is very interested in him?” Gently rotating the acupuncture needle, Sang Nuan asked in a whisper; it was really like a random chat.

Su Su laughed twice and then replied, “He is interested in me now, of course, I am very interested in him too, and you, I’m curious about you. Are you like them, also a pirate?”

Sang Nuan held onto the acupuncture needle, poked it into another acupuncture point, and dismissively went back to the question, “What do you think?”

Sensing eyes staring at her, Sang Nuan scrutinized it for a good while and then she heard the youth earnestly replied, “The look doesn’t resemble one.”

As if it was too early to guess, Su Su plainly answered. Sang Nuan showed a faint smile that didn’t have the slightest difference from before. She wanted to answer but then heard the similarly earnest voice echo a sigh in her ear and say, “It is a pity that you are.”

Mother said, sometimes when questioning a person, the person does not necessarily need to answer. Her face, eyes, and even small movements will answer your questions. At that moment, Sang Nuan’s eyes showed interest and pleasure; she was so surprised that her fingertips pinching the needle slightly paused and did not proceed to give a reply.

Su Su pitifully shook her head; Sang Nuan was really a pirate. She wanted to deceived her by saying that she was not because of medical skill and wisdom, thus, was forced to stay on the island, but that excuse, woman forced by the pirates to stay on the island, will not work.

Su Su blatantly and impolitely pointed out her pirate status. Sang Nuan returned with a smile, the smiling face seemed more moderate than before, “Xiaoshu is not a fisherman.”

Su Su naturally nodded, “I truly am not. This is actually my first outing to sea to make money. I asked Sister Qin to take me. Who knew we would encounter pirates. I really do not know if this is really good luck or bad luck.”

Lucky? Sang Nuan said with a smile, “You really have no fear.”

“Fear? I was scared to death when that full-bearded man’s knife chopped a person’s head off.” The person opposite her patted his chest with exaggeration and a frightening appearance.

Sang Nuan actually laughed and she didn’t see how he was afraid.  “Over fear, you were strong and did not worry risking your life.”

“Sister Qin has shown kindness to me, how can I watch somebody in danger and do nothing!”**

**or other translation: “How can I see death and not save.”

Su Su was too late to take back the general idea of ordinary people and spoke thoughtlessly. She realized that when she said the phrase, ‘watched somebody in danger and do nothing’, the always-happy expression in Sang Nuan’s eyes changed into a different expression. If she read it right, it was not ironic?

Tsk…Tsk…Sang Nuan was either cold or warm; Su Su did not know exactly which, but this woman here was not necessarily warm. Su Su observed her with pleasure and sensed Sang Nuan’s slight nuances. She attempted to analyze and tried to gather useful things, but because Sang Nuan did not give her any more chances, so she lost the opportunity. The silver acupuncture needles used for the treatment were all collected back and then Sang Nuan gently drove her away, “It’s getting late, I won’t keep you.”

Being quickly driven out, Su Su was somewhat disappointed but did not pursue Sang Nuan to speak again. Next time, when there is a chance, only…Su Su awkwardly looked at the siblings who remained unconscious on the bed.

Sang Nuan did not wait for her to speak, and her soft carefree voice sounded, “You don’t have to worry; the boy’s injury is not serious. Let him rest for ten days to live. As for this woman you have won, master rewards her to you. Within a month, if she’s lucky, there should not be any danger.”

In one month, she has to find the means to leave the island and must thoroughly investigate the secret of this pirate’s nest, and the time was somewhat tight. She must carefully think about how to make full use of this month.

Su Su then arranged her hat while laughing happily and sheepishly, “You told me to leave, it’s okay but is it possible to let me know where I am supposed to go now?”

“The men do not drink fast and scatter right away, but Mo Yuan does not stay in the cave too long. He should have returned to his room. His residence is on the east side of the beach. After you exit from here, walk towards the east side. Just follow the sea and the first clearing.”

Su Su had almost forgotten that she has been the ‘enjoying the status’ of the pirate’s reward for the honored guests. Su Su nodded and shoved open the unlatched wooden door. It was getting dark outside. She thought there would be pirates standing outside the door but found no one. Looking back she saw Sang Nuan packing up her needles. Out of habit to be respectful, she did the ceremonial greeting and said, “I go over?”

Sang Nuan looked up and smiled, “Do you want me to bring you over?”

“You are afraid I would run, ah?” Su Su was astonished and had mixed feelings of not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Her present status was that of a captive, can she walk around everywhere? Really, what a confidence?

You cannot escape.”

That sentence was mentioned by Sang Nuan the second time.  Su Su humbly picked her eyebrow. She will surely leave but it will be unnecessary to escape.

“Then I am going, Ah Nuan.  “She waved to her and pushed open the door to leave.

Sang Nuan watched the figure leave. Her smile slowly disappeared; this youth was very intelligent. At first glance, he seems uninformed about the world, ignorant and impulsive, and also did not know the difference between heaven and earth, but he had fine views, was careful with his words and deeds. It is not difficult to discover the reason why Mo Yuan selected this individual or the way the person challenged Wu Mu. He dealt with them relatively calmly; even if he lacked the knowledge, he was not afraid. What was he relying on really?

She looked down at a woman that was still in a stupor; Sang Nuan’s eyes turned ice-cold, couldn’t she see somebody in danger and do nothing? Can’t help it? She must have a looked but finally… will she rescue or do not rescue.

After leaving the cabin, Su Su found the rain had stopped completely. Along the road, before the log cabin gate were no lanterns, but clusters of glowing torches. The sea breeze was very strong, blowing the torch flames, making them crackle loudly. Although the light was very bright, wherever there was light, there were natural shadows. Using her qing gong skill under the dim light of the night, she evaded the line of sight of several tower guards. It was not very difficult but she was in no hurry to search the grounds of the pirate’s nest tonight because she only wanted to be able to first meet the honored guest right now.

Going according to Sang Nuan’s direction, she found the east beach’s first log cabin quickly. From the outside, it was no different from the nearby log cabins. There was a light shining through the room; obviously, there was someone inside. Su Su did not deliberately use her light footsteps and casually walked to make her presence was known. Standing at the gate, she discovered that the area was extremely peaceful, was there really someone inside? Su Su inclined her head and listened attentively…

 “Come in.”

Su Su shivered for no reason; this was not the first time she heard the sound of his voice, but because it was too quiet, she heard the sound very clear. His timbre was very common, not particularly deep, no magnetism, and it cannot be regarded as pleasant to hear, but accompanied by his indifferent tone and gentle wave intonation, hearing this voice will make human not forget; it has these special memorable qualities.

She routinely pressed the hat brim and then Su Su gently shoved open the wooden door. What she saw made her hesitate at the door.

In the house was not only someone but also more than one.


End of the Chapter

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