A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 11 The Master?

Oii, what are our readers’ first impression of Mo Yuan? A man of few words but his actions speak volume. – Thina

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume 1 Chapter 11 The Master

Compared to Sang Nuan’s medicine shed, the decoration of this log cabin can only be considered as magnificent. The middle of the room has a widescreen landscape separating the outer and inner room. Outside was covered by finely embroidered soft carpet. On both sides were four mahogany chairs, dark golden organza curtain screens were hanging all around; the style was very luxurious. After surveying the room, Su Su immediately believed Mo Yuan was truly only a guest. The decoration in this room did not really suit him.

Mo Yuan had taken off his black cape. Now there was no ink black color to make the strong contrast with his skin color, which actually was not pale at all like during her first impression. In his hand was a cup of tea with heavy steam. His face looked gentle but devoid of expression. If not for his eyes, he looked like any ordinary aristocratic family’s son. Behind him, stood a man Su Su had not seen before, nearly eight feet tall, standing like a mountain. Su Su had felt that familiar vital air in Su Family Military, they were sharp, fierce, and loyal. [E/N: She’s comparing the tall guy to the soldiers in her family’s military]

Opposite of Mo Yuan was the man with the silver gun, Sang Leng with arms folded across his chest, eyes focused straight and sharp, glaring at Su Su, and assessing her from head to toe.

Su Su withdrew her eyes and turned with a cautious appearance, “Have I disturbed you?”

“What is your name? Who are you?” Sang Leng glanced at her and was very blunt.

“My name is Xiaoshu. I am from the national capital. I left there with my parents to make money. I was hired as fishing boat crew member. This is my first time going to the sea, who thought—…”

“What kind of martial arts is that? From whom did you learn?” Sang Leng was obviously impatient to listen to her crap. He knew Wu Mu’s martial arts and could still not grasp how Wu Mu lost to this kid and was unable to see the source of his martial arts. Lastly, in particular, the acupuncture points were bashfully accurate that people had to gasp in admiration.

“I learned from my dad. My father is a blacksmith and our family opened a blacksmith shop. My father’s martial arts is fierce as you see today, that’s why I am also very fierce.”

Sang Leng looked under the hat’s cover and saw the young lad’s mouth proudly laugh and had a satisfied smile. Somewhat unpleased that he was too happy, Sang Leng said, “Take off your hat.”

Su Su’s heart slightly thumped. She was not afraid of Sang Leng seeing her appearance, it was just…the thought of Mo Yuan’s deep eyes; Su Su did not want to take off her hat.  

Since Su Su would not take off the hat, someone was waiting impatiently. Sang Leng suddenly got up and with hands like claws, yanked at Su Su’s head unexpectedly.

Swiftly, the surge of the wind hit and Su Su subconsciously pointed the tip of her toe lightly backward but had to restrain herself and pulled back her toe. She felt the familiar indifferent eyes of Mo Yuan gazing at her stature. Su Su paused her footsteps and in just a short flick, her hat was caught by Sang Leng.

A young and handsome face was exposed in that moment of acquiring the hat. Sang Leng saw the young man and stared at him with an unexpected coldness. He was stunned for a moment of how the man looked. The young man recovered his eyes and at the same time saw his green and a black birthmark on the corner of his eyes.

He was wearing a hat and would rather die than lose it just for that birthmark? Sang Leng wrinkled his brows and commented with a sneer, “What kind of a man has a birthmark on his face and covers it up like a woman?”

She was originally a woman. If not for this disguise, she cannot spy on Mo Yuan and the strength of the man behind him. Not only that but also she wanted to investigate thoroughly the secret of pirate’s nest. Let alone grabbing her hat, Sang Leng was making it difficult for her.  Su Su felt suffocated and simply bowed her head.

In Sang Leng’s opinion, this youth was stupid, cowardly and timid. 

“I don’t really know what my sister and you saw in this kid.”  Sang Leng was probably telling Mo Yuan off or likely telling himself aloud when he suddenly threw the hat at Su Su’s feet. He did not even look at her, then opened the door and walked out.

After Sang Leng left, Su Su’s anger gradually disappeared, and at this time there was only one formidable figure in the room; a character hard to deal with.

Su Su did not speak; Mo Yuan also did not make any sound nor movement. The man standing behind him was more like ‘does not exist’. Inside the big log cabin, only the sound of the tea bowl being hit was heard. This must not be the way…Su Su decided to break this depressing quietness, “You…”

 “Call him master.”  When Su Su started to talk, the mountain like man curtly cut her off and spoke with the resounding voice, like boulders coming down, it was loud and clear.

Master? Su Su’s mouth unconsciously shrunk back; against the man’s sharp look, it was like a knife’s blade. She secretly warned herself that a good woman should be adaptable to the situation!

“Lord…” her voice was like a ‘knocking sound’; Su Su could even feel goosebumps just hearing herself. Secretly taking in a deep breath, she adjusted her twisted facial expression, and then continued to say, “You selected me to be around you, is there anything you want to ask me? What do I need to do? Are you also a pirate? If I listen to you, can you let me go; if I do not go back, my parents will be worried about—”


“Your graciousness?” Su Su spoke vigorously, putting an effort, by her understanding of this passive and aloof man, as long as she kept talking he will get impatient, and sure enough, she only said a few words, that unique male voice had already interrupted her.

“The hour’s late, take an early rest.”

“Ah?” A few moments ago his face was somewhat stiff and had a smug look. He was capricious and did not play according to common sense! Whether it was like Sang Nuan who liked a veiled attack and observed in secret or like Sang Leng who went straight to the point by point interrogations, she can deal with these two and still be relaxed, but with Mo Yuan, what does this mean?

Su Su stared at Mo Yuan and he looked back at her. The black pupil was profound and does not have the billows without the wave…so the meaning of his words, just what is it really? The man’s heart was like the bottom of sea sand. It was very difficult to guess…

Su Su suddenly felt worried and bored. She counted the numerous encounters today but now she felt as if she was defeated. How could there be such a person? Even callous and cold in character, she was always deep. This is the first she has ever met an insipid, indifferent and apathetic person in this realm that was odd and more outrageous than Elder sister Chen. This person…she did not know how to deal with.

What is most important is—

-this genius a moment ago was sinister. Took a rest, she has not eaten a meal… hadn’t eaten the whole day, ah!

 “Food! I ha. ……”

The cold and gloomy eyes on the other side quickly shot like a knife. Any wise man would be able to understand it; Su Su light coughed and muttered, “Lord…you want me to rest; please tell me where to rest?”    


There? Su Su peeked at Mo Yuan and conveniently found a place that was in the furthest corner of the room to put the short cot.

Will he sleep in the same room with her?

She frowned but didn’t mean to be shy. However, she blushed bashfully, just guessing the intention of Mo Yuan, fearing that it also caused his curiosity, guarded, she leaked out the flaws. Let it be.  She has only one month and she had a hunch, Mo Yuan was absolutely the key to unlocking the pirate’s nest riddle. Although he was quiet and an elusive man, being able to stare at him frequently was not necessarily a good thing!

…. Such a thought, she felt that with Mo Yuan resting with her in the same room was actually a good arrangement. Su Su walked over and patted the short cot, a little hard but just let it be, she was a person who can be at ease in whatever circumstances, reluctantly, she will be able to sleep. Su Su was just finished checking her sleeping cot when Mo Yuan and the mountain man entered the inner room, leaving her outside with the distant candles alone … …

This was it? They really did not plan on giving her food to eat?

Is this a demonstration of authority? Certainly, no doubt!

Just eat a little meal… no …three times and will not die! Mo Yuan, I must turn you up and out, just you wait and see!

**** **** ****

 Someone definitely did not expect, a meal has sparked Miss Su’s flaming fighting spirits … …

End of the Chapter

…  and how Miss Su will make sure she EATS! 

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