A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapters 14 & 15 

My pleasure to share you my imperfect MTL of my favorite Chinese story series (so far)… … Yours truly, non Chinese reader and speaking crazy fan 

PS If I become rich I will hire some to do it for us accurately fast.

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume 1 Chapter 14 Ye Lie 

Su Su  just reached the seashores, immediately in one team of people saw an old acquaintance, ” Lao Yu!”

  “Xiaoshu!” At first glance he saw Su Su, already look numb Lao Yu quickly opened his eye, anxiously asked, “Xiaoshu are you all right?! Where are young lady and young master? They not with you in the same place?”

 “I am all right, Chief Yi Dang arranges other place for me to live, Sister Qin and Qin Yan ……suffered minor injuries and is now recovering, are you, all right?”

  “Oh.” Lao Yu shook his head, the pirates were so fierce, the young lady and young master he feared the odds that befall them, Xiaoshu coming to bring news of their situation comforted him.

Seeing the old faces, Su Su , had guessed correctly his idea, had not explained again, only asked, “Where do you live now? ”

 Lao Yu sighed before he replied, “On that cave, 40-50 people together.” 

This morning Yi Hu said that they have caught no less than 200 people, it seems like they detained the people separately. Then another more than 100 people, were ordinary fishermen and merchants? Su Su would like to ask again, but the pirate guarding on the side became impatient in this team, raised his knife, rushed over and exclaimed ,” Your two chirping, do you court death?” 

 “Break it up!” When the knife of pirate wields toward Su Su’s head, the sinking male voice said hurriedly, ” This is  Young Lord Mo’s  little assistant.” The pirate heard Young Master Mo ’s little assistant, he quickly withdrew his knife, looked at Su Su in the eye, whispered in his mouth in a low voice but she does not know if he scolded or anything, then called Lao Yu and several people to proceed.

The men walked in front of Su Su, his demeanor was extremely good, “What, but do Lord Mo have to tell?”

Su Su waved and smiled, “Nothing, I am just with this old man  yesterday, many matter I still do not understand. Right, I am Xiaoshu and you. ”

Probably  he had not expected what Su Su would say, the man was startled,  he answered with a grin on his face, “My name is Ye Lie.” Recalled the words Su Su spoke a moment ago, Ye Lie coughs, somewhat embarrassed saying, “actually ……I come to this island, less than a month ago.”

Su Su thought his smile was dazzling thought  the sun’s glare was behind his face. But after hearing his words, Su Su dumbfounded, “You are not a pirate? “Su Su to ask, you’re not originally a pirate? If not, she supposed she will not get any answer from this man.

 Ye Lie frowned, looks down and examine himself, stared at Su Su and asked, asked, ‘ Do I look like very much a pirate?”

 Seeing the way he seemed to care about his appearance, Su Su shrugged and replied, “It’s unlikely, but I see Yi Hu jiade seemed to appreciate the way you look, so people would think you’re from Wolf Island. ”

 Ye Lie frowned,  Su Su, in fact did not lie, when he saw him she faintly felt that he had righteous tendencies, truly not like a pirate, but  even Sang Nuan, that woman, can be a pirate and  the daughter of pirate chief even more. It doesn’t really seem like what it appears to be! 

 Anyway , since she came, Su Su decided to inquire about the matter,  she  hooked Ye Lie’s arm called him aside and whispered, “I’ve just heard they said Liao Yue will attack Wolf Island, it is that really true? ”

Ye Lie as she walked several steps, similarly lowered his voice and answered, ”   I heard it is true, but this Wolf Island, it is always shrouded in a mist, the mist is making it hard to recognize its orientation and direction but it seems like it is not all year round, 15 September to  October 15  around this time, the mist dissipates every year, if Laio Yue wants to capture the Wolf island, they have to appoint to start in this month surely, because of this, they asked Lord Mo to lend a hand to help them, the lineup needs many people, therefore the pirate everywhere snatches the people and at that time I was also captured.” 

Su Su was surprised, “You were picked up?”

 Ye Lie smiled bitterly, “I  am a native of Liao Yue,  the family was doing trading, sometimes from Liao Yue  transporting some dried fish to Qiong Yue , if there is no fish,  we trade edible seaweeds  and trade it also again in Lao Yue bringing back more raw material for medicine and animal skin, that is how we make money. Who knows one month ago, when the ship drives into the Qiong Yue mountain’s sea area, we were quickly robbed and plundered by the sea. In my family company, there are several hundred people and somewhat knew about the management of people  and  Yi Hu jiade knew my martial arts is not bad, therefore makes me help to manage these people.  I think that Xiaoshu also excels, otherwise Lord Mo will not fancy you to remain in his side.”

Su Su smiled with scorn and laughed. She does not know how she must reply. She confessed that she had not displayed any excellent skill in front of the Mo Yuan …… 

But Ye Lie was giving her candid remarks without reservation, Su Su  slightly leaned forward and said, ” Too  strange, Wolf Island is a nest of pirates, and very far from  Liao Yue’s water territory, why do they struggle so much  to bother an attack, do you have any idea why? ”

 Ye Lie also looked at her and leaned his body slightly to answer, ‘” I do not to know that actually I am also very curious.” 

For  such frank person, she really was …… was not familiar with this kind of personality, unfortunately he doesn’t know very much and she sighed,  Su Su was a bout to leave and asked casually, “ Is there anything I can help you with?” 

Originally she just looked casually, but it made her saw clues  on the beach, every other 30 ten feet there were one group of people, each group of 30 people and  two took the pirates with a knife to stand as guards. They were setting up an array, logs were uniformly scattered along the entire east side of the beach.

 Furthermore, according to Lao Yu earlier, they were being held separately, working either in the daytime or night and the rest of the time, they had no opportunity to exchange information, there’s no opportunity to join forces either, dozens of  individual  joining together were not strong enough, naturally, they do not have a chance to escape, if that was the meaning of Ye Lie, it’s no wonder more intelligent slightly lacking, Yi Hu will rely heavily on his opinion.

 Ye Lie looked at Su Su’s skinny little arms, he held his laugh inside and shook his head, “Before  Lord Mo  said to take 1999 big logs and this is heavy work. We do not need any labor for small twigs  and if later  Lord Mo have any orders, then trouble Xiaoshu to notify me, that will be good enough.”

 Now she thought that there was a place she must go also, Su Su left waving and said, “ Well then I’m going back.”

 Coming back from the beach, Su Su actually did not walk back to Mo Yuan’s log cabin direction, but she went to Sang Nuan’s  the medical cottage. She saw the wooden door was shut tightly, she gently knocked two times. The warm gentle voice came from the inside, “ Come in”.

Su Su  pushed the door to enter, Sang Nuan was tidying her medicine-chest as the rays of the  sunlight from in from the window, falling in that beautiful purple form,  circled by that soft lights. Su Su  focused on the hands that’s holding the medicine, although she was not smiling , it reveals  woman of warmth,  completely different from the provoked beautiful female whose anger was stirred up by Yi Hu this morning.

After tidying up the raw material for medicine in hand, Sang Nuan turned her head and said with a smile, “Xiaoshu come here, you were here to visit the  Qin siblings.”  

Su Su snapped from her gaping and pull back her composure, , “Graciousness, how are they?”  “I moved them to the inner chamber, Qin boy suffered internal injuries, have period of wakefulness and sleep.  Miss Qin, there is nothing serious, but she is not in good spirit so I gave her some calming medicine and she is  asleep now, you want to go and look at them? ”

Su Su thought for a moment the shook her head, ” Since they are resting, I do not want to go, you were looking after them and certainly be all right.”. Then she added, ‘Thank you, Ah Nuan .” Why,  no matter what she took care of Qin siblings, she saved them was a fact, if not for Ah Nuan ,  for these sister and brother,  she feared that it was hard to go on living in the pirate’s nest. 

She smiled with profound meaning, Sang Nuan chuckle in a soft voice, ” ….that , how are you planning to thank me.”

Su Su gawks and she was scratching her brow tip, “How does Sang Nuan want me to thank her?” 

 “Mo Yuan very much regards you of value.”

 “Umm.” Su Su naturally nodded, “I am bewildered that he very much regarded me important.”

 Sang Nuan lowered her head and the spotless white finger puts out a white porcelain bottle from the medicine-chest, it was sparkling and translucent, pure and limpid. Su Su suddenly alert and somewhat felt like she was in another world. Sang Nuan looked at her injured arm from yesterday and  handed her the porcelain bottle and gently said in a soft voice, “You, so long as you remembered, ‘you owed me a favor of human relationship.”  

Human sentiment? Originally believed that Sang Nuan had an attempt to plan or scheme, as she discovered it turned out to be, it was like that! In that case it was easy to do.  Su Su cunningly smiles, ” I am not as good as you, I am very lacking,  the human sentiment, how and what way do I owe you a favor?”


 Volume 1 Chapter 15 The Human Sentiment

 ” Once again in what way do I owe you a human favor?”

 Su Su regained her coolness from little shock. She move forward a little and Sang Nuan finally saw clearly under the wide brimmed felt hat below both of her eyes that was always covered. She cannot help under the heart to stare blankly, dark green birthmark initially looks somewhat fierce, but Sang Nuan doesn’t have the thoughts of examining it carefully , because  what caught her interest were that pair of bright radiating eyes,  thoroughly incredibly clear, concerning the scheme nothing were hidden or concealed.

Sang Nuan had forgotten how long she haven’t seen such an ominous eye, perhaps never actually seen one. She took back her line of sight, Sang Nuan’s interest gradually faded, in a whisper she answered, ” You said something you are looking at, right?” 

Su Su realized that there was  ‘something’ unusual with Sang Nuan, actually she does not understand and point what was it really and for what reason. She thought of the matter that she wanted know and want to ask the most important for her to understand, ” Who is Mo Yuan?”

 Sang Nuan shook her head gently and  said with a smile, “This fact I cannot say it to you. Actually ……you might as well directly ask him; possibly he is willing to tell you about himself.” In a pleasantly warm expression with  both taunt and temptation.

Su Su pretended not to hear, ” On the present issue. Liao  Yue is attacking Wolf Island why? ”

This time Sang Nuan did not beat around the bush and answered, “The Wolf Island has something that Liao Yue want to obtain.” 

 Want to obtain? Therefore this time they may actually lose the war? That was why, Sang Nuan’s plans from beginning to end, was only the escape routes?

Su Su pursues further and asked, “What something is it?” In her heart she had one intense premonition, this “thing” was important or to be found the mysteries that it can untie this puzzle. 

 Sang Nuan, was playing with her mouth, ‘she pouted her lips  then purse,’ then gave it a faint smile, “this is the second issue, how many human favors was Xiaoshu was prepared to owe me?” 

 Here we go again, feared that this time Sang Nuan was not willing to tell the truth, Su Su can only socialize with her and replied,  “Ah Nuan, how many human favors I deserved?”  

Sang Nuan’s stunning eyes looked at her up and down on, like she was sizing her up, as if pondering the valuation to be, in the end, unfortunately replied. “Now, just worth this much. ”

Su Su was the one playing with her mouth at this moment, after she pouted her lips, she pursed but instead of smile, she very much wanted to dispute her worth and increase her value when a raging shout from outside the cabin exploded blocking Su Su’s  mouth of any speech.

“Brat, you get out! ”                           

They looked at each other,  Su Su’s whole face was helpless, on the other hand Sang Nuan expression was smiling, eyes were gradually deep giving her the ‘you have trouble’ look. 

 Su Su casually opened the door and saw that Wu Mu before the log cabin, holding the broadsword that he habitually used in one hand.  Also,several pirates were watching the fun on the distant at one side. Su Su stopped walking when she was ten paces away from Wu Mu and said with smile,” It is brother Wu,  I do not know why are you looking for me?”

 Wu Mu’s tiger eyes opened very wide, momentarily showing his killing instinct, ” Do not pull this with Lao-tze, I , Lao-tze came to fight you. ”

 “Fight?” Su Su curls the lip and replied, ” Yesterday, Yi Dang Jiade loudly  had made the testimony, I won , Qin Jie was turned over to me, you are looking for fight now.  Do you want to renege on a promise or outright defy Yi Dang Jiade…?’

 “Who said it was about the woman!”Wu Mu does not interrupt  Su Su’s words patiently, the broadsword in his hand was making a  creaking noise, “That young married woman I  give to you, Lao-tze does not want her, yesterday  you took me by surprise and  plotted against me, otherwise how Lao-tze possibly lost to you, just a boy, who was not good. Today, you must fight with me again!”       

Su Su shook her head, “I cannot fight with you, and previous time was just a lucky hit, competing with you is like courting death, I do not want to!” .

Wu Mu’s nasty broadsword was being play acted powerfully, straight to get Su Su’s head on, “How dare you not, I cut you right now. ”

 “Wait a minute!” Su Su cried out, hastily retreated, in the military compound this kind of  ‘simpleminded four limbs developed person’ were more,  fooling them was not really difficult. Su Su was pointing at the broadsword in Wu Mu’s hand, it was cold and shining, with one hand on her chest, fearing that the appearance that was not convincing, she called out, ” You are older than me, also your weapon is big  and I don’t have anything, even if you cut me now, not necessarily you come out as the hero! You give me sometime to time to prepare then I will fight with you again!” 

 After listening to her words, Wu Mu really stopped and the sword was in the midair, he did not swing it and anxiously asked, “How long do you want to prepare?”

Su Su thinks while holding up a finger, “For one month!” 

“It is not good!” Wu Mu put the sword on his shoulder, exclaimed, “That is too long, most ten days.”

 Su Su stepped forward, unafraid, stretched out his neck and replied, “Then you just hacked me to death. ”

“You!” “Looking at her rogue appearance, Wu Mu was furious, but there was no way, if the reckless joker does not fight with him, how can he defeat him in the presence of everyone, washing away his shame?! He scratched his whiskers and irritably beating his thigh, “Twenty days, one day is not much, anyway, I have to give so much time for you to prepare, you also have to play, not to fight! “As if it were fear of Su Su not agreeing with him, leaving this sentence, after creating a scene, Wu Mu immediately ran away.

 Watching the road that doesn’t like to intercept a fight but the reversed,  image of a brawny man seemed frightened fleeing to the wilderness, pfft …  Su Su was trying to hold it back but couldn’t and she burst out laughing.

 “Delaying tactic used quite well. “Sang Nuan lightly leaning on the wooden door, that casual attitude Su Su  compared to when she first saw her, truly elegant and gentle.

Su Su proud of what she just achieved , laughing , ” Felt relieved that your human favor have returned and did not die casually.” 

  “You’d better be.” Softly she answered. Sang Nuan returned to her room and close the door shut.

 She was blanketed by the feeling of hitting the rock bottom felt insignificant when she shuts her out. Su Su shrugged her shoulders. She had no intention to pester her, the urgent matter was “that thing” Liao Yue  wanted to get hold of. Liao Yue’s matter was the utmost importance right now and she needed to exert more effort. Is it the treasure that the pirate plundered that they were coming for? Was the thing of belonged to the island? If it was the plunder, which place it was hidden?  

Su Su decided that she would start searching inside big limestone cave that extends in all directions.

Guards on the mouth of Cave Mountain were not much, only two of them, they keep their side respectively but of some slack, they chat from time to time. Su Su hid in the cave nearby, observed for a while and got an idea in mind. She picked up a piece of stone the size of eggs, she threw the stone towards the cliff above passing one of the guards and then the stone after colliding with walls,  fell down hitting one of them.

The man hit by the stone screamed in pain and crouched down. The pirate on the other side quickly stepped forward, while they were squatting, Su Su sets out quickly and rises towards the cave in a flying stance then dive down toward the hole.

In the limestone cave had no fire or torches, the place was dark and for her purpose this was good, previously, she secretly took down the general layout of limestone cave, with her back against the was all for cover, in this cave there were 17 tunnels both large and small, including the seven tunnels dimly lit with fire and faint sound of footsteps. 

 Su Su earnestly listens attentively and discovered that inside right three caves, mixed sound were quite a lot,  she suspected that there  were definitely many people inside, the person who were kidnaps should  be kept there.   Su Su was listening and  found that it was coming from the three tunnels  on the right cave, sizzle,  guesses it must be there. After  taking them back, they were shut there.

Su Su today  was to hunt for  “treasure”, and decided the chance and move to the left .

 Su Su started into the left most side of the cave, the entrance was narrow tunnel and there was a touch of torch flame at the end, she doesn’t want to arouse any suspicion, she just want to explore what was inside the cave , she tread on with very light footsteps.

 When she reached the tunnel end quickly, a series of hurried sound  of footsteps was coming from the outside, as if someone coming in, in the middle of one of the big cave tunnel inside was a big file of burning firewood.

Su Su did not panic. In espionage investigations, such cases it was usual, 17 tunnels, they will not necessarily go into her tunnel. Su Su quickly swept the narrow channel with one eye, looking to make her escape and searching place to hide.

The channel was about one ten feet ( 3.3 meters) high, so hiding above the channel was almost impossible, the front about five ten feet, it happened to have a shadow of a hollow place, no, that’s barely enough for her to hide. The sound of footsteps resounds once more, person outside will enter this cave probably. Su Su  sighed deeply, her luck was not good. She start to move towards the pit when she felt a pain on her shoulder, a hand buckled it suddenly, startled, she turned her head hurriedly while her hand also searched toward the other person only to end up exploring a throat.

Introduced to her was pale neck, the person was wearing a black cape that merges with the black cave and a pair of profound icy pupils.  

Mo…  Mo Yuan?!

 Su Su’s  body became stiff, how could he? There quietly behind her?

The footsteps were getting closer mixed with the people’s voices also.  The body responded quicker than the brain, Su Su without much thought, reached out and grabbed Mo Yuan’s arm, pulling towards him, hiding in the rock stone with him under the shadow. It’s just that Su Su overestimated the size of the shadow to be bigger, so two people were stuck in the hollow stone pit … …

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