A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 16 Really Stupid

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

 Volume 1 Chapter 16  Really Stupid

Sshh –

Su Su drew a gasp of cold air, this moment she was being held by her shoulders, how could they put themselves into such a situation! 

Why this damn rock pit be very narrow? So, narrow that two bodies of two people were pasted together, very close that there was no space in between .

Mo Yuan was higher to him by how much? Higher to her,  if she lowers her head, her face will be buried in his arms, if she straighten up her head, her forehead will be on his lips, if raises her head ….

 Just like now, they were at each other’s breath ……

Lord Mo’s concentration and strength was rather too good also, their body were so physically attached, and he was not batting an eye.  Su Su was thinking to herself, ‘you are spineless if you change the color of your face’ , the flash in Mo Yuan’s eyes did not escaped her, she can see from the eye pupil of that pair of profound jet  a mirror of herself, it showed her distressed and ……panic?

 It was not good,  she can’t lie, she was now  a boy, two men can draw close, it was no big deal right? That should be it ….

Su Su suspected that her own expression was certainly serious, actually she want to put a more relaxed front, but she had to self-hypnosis herself as a man so she shouldn’t panic, she must endure the sharp pain behind her back,  she tried to push back as far as possible so they will not be pasted together as much,  these uneven stones was embedding her back and surely it will certainly become blue and purple marks.

 In order not to let Mo Yuan saw her more distorted facial expression, Su Su decided to lower her head.

His personality  feels cold and lonely but unexpectedly his chest was warm, his body had a light flavor and scent of medicinal herbs, very faint taste like grass. Su Su had never relied to anyone that close, then she  thought that something was strange and bizarre , slightly toward the right side of that person depends face, her hat was also tilted a little, it had revealed skin near the ear, from the neck to the ear tip were suffused with light pink.

Mo Yuan squinted his eyes slightly, how could such  person achieve a self-poised appearance in the surface but the ears actually  turned pink and purple?    

Mo Yuan thought she was very interesting,  lowered his head slowly and gradually getting nearer to her ear.

 Su Su had a sudden scare by his movement, startled and because of the disparity in height, her face catches Mo Yuan’s chin and small lip.

Touching her  fair skin with that dark red lip , Su Su has a fancy moment( aka. man-man fancy moment or a woman – man fancy moment whatever moment it is, it was fancy), does this count as male homosexuality, or just being a confused person? Wait a minute …… if in the event she hasn’t a vague and unclear vision, why the curved of his mouth was slightly upturned, this was called “a laugh, right”?! At present situation, what so funny?!

Su Su in the end wanted to see what Mo Yuan was laughing at that time,  he embraced her shoulder suddenly with great strength pulled her out of the stone pit. Dismayed, suddenly a group of people with a torched entered the tunnel, even if she wanted to hide, it was too late. Without enough time, Su Su can only stand behind Mo Yuan, staring at those people and carefully alert.

 The man walking  in the forefront, hearing a  person’s  footsteps, sees in the tunnel unexpectedly two person’s shadows, gives a loud shout,  “Who?”

Under the flame, this person of long body was handsome, ink black clothes with a cold face.

 Seeing clearly who was it, the man footsteps leading the slowed down, somewhat startled turns head, with some panic said in a low voice, “Xiang Er Ye, it is  Young Master Mo!” 

 (TL note: Ye meaning grandfather)

 ” Young Master Mo?!” Xiang Er Ye complexions change a bit and welcomed them to come hastily, “How did you come, what matter there is?”

Mo Yuan bowed his head, look faint, then answered, ” I  need 30  people extremely good in marine. I  came to see if there was any suitable, too many caves. I went the wrong way.”

 Went the wrong way … …

 Su Su mouth twitch, was this a lie or was there some sincerity in it and done in good faith? 

If it turns out, some people lie not in good faith, someone  someday this will return back to him. Xiang Er ye stroked his goat beard, smiled, “This Cave Mountain is really too much, Young Master Mo does not come often, getting it wrong is inevitable, I take you to the selected person. Arui, lead the way for Young Master Mo. ”

 “Yes.”Arui takes the lead hastily, said respectfully,  ” Young Master, this way please!”

So it was. Young Master Mo is respected in pirate’s eyes, walked out with swag. 

Su Su stop breathing for a moment, all throughout she cannot breathe properly,  they called him the honored guest in Wolf Island, the resistance against Liao Yue they were counting entirely on him, he was pulling others into hiding for fear of being found, sure enough she over estimated his capability of being nosy.

No wonder he smiled and laughed so weirdly!

Su Su put aside her pride for a moment, she just wanted to give herself two words, really stupid!

 Arui lead them to the right side most in cave, this cave does not have the tunnel, they  the entered the cave and she saw that in the cave they have constructed a prison cell with the arm thick or thin log, 50-60 men were locked in inside. 

 Arui held the flare to illuminate up before the door for them to see. His face  was smiling with some flattery, ” Lord Mo, these were the old ancient mariner, swimming ability are very good, you pick, if were unsatisfied, Arui will give you in the person who worked from the outside beach, again you can choose several  young vigorous men!”

 “You select.”

 “Oh. “Su Su thought of her sidekick status, immediately nodded. She went to the prison door,turned her head and said, “In addition to water abilities, what are the other  requirements? ”

 Mo Yuan quietly looked at her for a moment, and replied, “Nothing else”. 

 Now, Su Su seemed to see it in those cold eyes a little helpless expression, she suddenly felt stupid again, she just spoke thoughtlessly at the outset finding an excuse to ask, she had to ask him serious requirement … … 

 To see someone come in, jail the men moved back a few steps,  still bright eyes but have somewhat numb expressions, dirty clothing. These all seem to be overly cautious and prudent fishermen. Su Su did not asked them any question.

She chose 30 relatively younger men, high spirits and good on accomplishments then she immediately walked out from the prison cell.

 When she  got out of the cell, Mo Yuan was nowhere in sight, somehow she knew Mo Yuan will wait for her outside the cave and, sure enough, when she got out of the cave, Su Su saw the tall figure of black silhouette. Seeing her out, Mo Yuan turned around; Su Su followed behind him, with a very conflicted heart, hanged her head and racked her brains to think of any explanation to Mo Yuan why she was in the cave. There were no words from him, only that his walking pace was going a bit too slow.

 Awwkkk! A falcon screeched from the sky, loud and sharp, Su Su looked up, a large bird with wing spread out, circling in the sky, black figure under the rays of the sun drawing a black shadow below.

 It was the red falcon!

 Su Su unconsciously narrowed her eyes and raised her arms to protect her eyes, on the second thought, she put down her arm, Mo Yuan was on her side, without his command, hawk should not hurt somebody.

 Mo Yuan slightly raised his hand, only then that red falcon immediately dive down, swooped down quickly and lightly perched on Mo Yuan’s arm. He rewarded the bird by lightly stroking his head, bird seems to enjoyed the rub, with its head in Mo Yuan hand’s being caress lovingly, the bird looked cute and clever  and truly worthy to be called of its title first bird of prey.

Mo Yuan loosened a green tiny bamboo tube from the red bird claw, this thing Su Su was also very very  familiar, it was being use to exchange messages, the sender will not fear that water will moisten the paper inside during the  journey because the bamboo protects the paper inside. Su Su looked with contempt, this little darling bird obediently standing  on Mo Yuan’s shoulder, little poor thing, he was being used as carrier pigeon ……

 Hidden inside the bamboo tube was a  very neat pure white small paper, although Su Su very much wanted to know what was written on that small paper, she also actually understands that at this time it is best  to behave and stand in place and that her  mulberry eye not to glance randomly.

 Su Su stared at the red bird of prey , looking at the bird eye to eye, but her brain was quickly calculating. Yesterday after disembarking, she had not then seen the red bird of prey, up, until now, almost 18 hours. Even if the red bird of prey endurance were astonishing, also can fly fast, this point in time it was still impossible to fly to the shore, let alone the sea not to mention yesterday’s the storm. According to general speed of red falcon, it should be almost similar to great distance horses, that is to say, within thousand miles from Wolf Island was there another island or someone a board a vessel   passing messages  with Mo Yuan thru the red falcon?


If Mo Yuan wasn’t able to feel that two soft mountain in her chest after that encounter , I would suspect that Su Su is also flat chested like Gu Yun…  — Mayo


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