A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 19 It Is Mine &Chapter 20 The Dead

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirates Daughter

Volume  1 Chapter 19  It Is Mine

Su Su staggered, almost planted her foot near the gold vessel thrown on the floor. She was staring Sang Leng looking damned like a hell.

These two, sister and brother, sentiments were also good somewhat but very excessive! It calls to mind Su Family’s two of the father’s younger brothers  (TL: she meant Su Ren and Su Yu?). The third brother-in-law from the wife’s family was an idiot.  She was always trying to avoid him like a plague and Su Su was furious in the heart just thinking about him and all older sisters. Why these two siblings were not so much worse?!  

Su Su was still in the state of psychological shock; something came from out of the blue almost hitting her face, she moved sideways quickly and fishes something with her hand.

 Finally, she saw clearly the thing in her hand, Su Su’s heroic spirit was shaken, looked to Sang Leng who said with a smile, “You really have a good taste, but also vulgar at some point?” She grasped in the hand was a golden mask, on the mask were carvings of several beautiful and bewitching peonies,  placed on two sides of eye end.  It was inlaid with a row of rubies into a shape of flowers, the bottom of the mask have gold tassels.  Su Su sincerely admired the mask and she estimated that they cannot find a more vulgar mask than this one.

Su Su twisted face looked like she wants to please Sang Leng, his mood was better now. He had the interest to tease he pulls out another mask in the box and flung conveniently  then exclaimed, ” This suits you.” 

 A shadow came, this time Su Su was prepared and calmly received the mask. The thing in her hand was heavier than the gold mask, she glanced a look. It was all black and was built with unreliable iron, it has a plain and desolate feeling, except for the nose, eyes and mouth holes it has no any decoration. Sang Leng had come up with this dark things, does she wants her to turn into an iron face, Su Su usually would take it but she gestures and scoffed with a smile said, “ How  will I eat my meal with this?!”

 That mysterious iron mask was great, it covers, when you see Su Su wearing it, the effect was one would only see darkness, it appeared that the entire body was just full of head it looked ridiculous and really laughable, but she doesn’t care about it unexpectedly, she only cared about the issue of how she will eat her meal. 

 Looking at her grim appearance, even Sang Leng couldn’t bear but put down his smile.

Su Su puts aside the mysterious iron mask, searched further for something that looks quite reasonable, opens a big wooden box and inside were ten smaller boxes. She just opened the first one and her heart of element immediately fiercely jumped. She wasn’t interested in the other wooden boxes anymore.

In the wooden box, was a red copper half face mask, the style was very simple, on the mask was a carving not the well-known dark grain, icy cold and the color  was quite similar to the red copper of her red copper scale fan, when she sees its first, Su Su liked it. This was how she should look like more like her. Moreover, this mask also happened to block from the wing of the above the nose and blocked her “birthmark” above all it does not hinder her to eat her meal!  Su Su  waved the mask, said with a smile, ” This  is good, I liked it!”

 Su Su immediately put the mask on her face, Sang Leng laughed, “Well, look good. “The copper mask over her face, medium just right, that pair of eyes always hidden under the hat, through masks and finally makes clear, eye flow, smart, introverted, dark purple lined sketch smile on her lips, but unexpectedly also somewhat kind of evil.

Sang Leng knitted his brows, coldly said, ” That’s your matter.”

Two people came out of the cave and it was already dark,  she walked very fast, the moon was gloomy, except for older family members and  Mo Yuan she did not walk behind anybody, and certainly will not walk behind Sang Leng. The two men walk side by side, they kept walking, until the person beside him called her, “Hey! ”
“My name is not hey.” Su Su cannot be bothered by him, answered him back the same way and her footsteps have been possible to keep up.

Sang Leng stopped walking and folded both hands on his chest, stared at  Su Su’s back, coldly.  ” Xiaoshu name and Hey makes any  difference?” 

 “You call me Xiaoshu if you call me, hey, I won’t answer you. There’s the difference.”

 Watched that person really go further, Sang Leng face became gloomy, ” Xiaoshu! Stop for me! ”

Su Su finally stopped her footsteps, turned around laughing,  “Called me for anything? ”

To see her ’ beamed with joy  that even villains hold sways’, Sang Leng who was full of gnashing anger inexplicably it has disappeared,  too lazy to haggle over with her, asks,  ” I want to get a new weapon  and I am thinking of recasting, and also directly put the gun head in the gun now, will that be good?”

Su Su received his idea with smile, recalled  Sang Leng  marksmanship today, seriously  answered him,  “I personally think, you are used to the weight and length of the original gun, the best way to cast and put a double head gun, length and weight should be in comparison with your long-barreled gun that you habitually used, such way you adjust with it smoothly because  the new double head gun will be nearly three feet and also will be heavier. ”

 Under the dim light of night, Sang Leng, cannot see her expression, only heard that chilly sound to transmit her voice in the peaceful night slowly, this time she, feels completely different from her who before was smiling, flooded with self-confidence from the top of her head to the tip of her toes  with some publicity, people couldn’t help but want to listen to her. Sang Leng feeling that sensation and also  affected by such imposing manner of the young man unexpectedly,  he was unhappy and retorted subconsciously,  “One inch long,  one inch strong, focus on the weapon then only had the striking power.” 

 Su Su shook her head, continued to analyze, “Your marksmanship is smart and nimble, catches them off guard and changeable, if the gun is too long will be too heavy and will not be good for you. If you don’t believe me, just cast two guns then compare the difference. ”

Su Su used a mild tone and to the point, Sang Leng knew she was telling the truth,  and actually reasonable, what he does not understand such a young boy, why he has such insight and momentum,  Sang Leng scratches his heads.

 Su Su watched as if he fell into his own train of thoughts,  she said in a whisper, “You think slowly that I walked first.”  Then she got out of the way.

 Su Su walks naturally and when Sang Leng recovered from his train of thoughts, she was already away by 7 to 8 ten feet, he wants to stop her by calling out to her, then calling out as he habitually calls, “Hey!” 

 That figure alone in night looked back, however, footsteps did not slow one bit but continued to walk like no one behind. Sang Leng fury was churning in his chest, then the next moment he laughed unexpectedly, the young fellow, in Wolf Island that no one he could not call, he was the first one! Looking further away under the moonlight shadow, he thought of special treatment from her sister and Mo Yuan, maybe their visions were better, this young fellow really had something.


 Volume 1 Chapter 20  The Dead

 Su Su before returning inside the cabin looked outside first, the room inside revealed an orange-yellow candlelight.  She took down the mask on her face, and put in the hat and knocked on the door gently two times. She discovered that the doors were not closed then pushed it and announced, “I am back.” 

 In the room, Mo Yuan remained the same way, the old look of indifference sitting on the wooden chair, the table before him was a steaming cup of tea. Li Yang was somewhat acting strangely from the time she passed through the door his gaze never left her. His eyes were examining her like there was a burning question that he eagerly wanted to know the answer. She remembered that she hasn’t seen him right after she left in the morning and it was impossible to have provoked him in any way?

 Su Su was still dumbfounded by Li Yang’s big eyes staring at her when Mo Yuan asked,  “What did you find?” 

 Su Su’s heart fiercely jumps and what does this mean, he was trying to guess correctly what she was looking for? Or was it to probe her? Su Su decided to play dumb for a moment then took out she was carrying behind her back, shook it before him and said, ” What I need to find?  A mask? I enter that cave today secretly because Sang Nuan said that Wolf Island plunders were kept in the cave. I want to go to look for the face mask and had a look to have any interesting gadgets while convenient. I did not think it was that dangerous, if caught by them, it is estimated that this poor life will not have anymore. I was fortunate to have you.. ……”

 “Call him master!”

 Su Su twirled her lips if the word master was not mentioned; it will not bypass Li Yang’s sharp ears, disregarding his fierce eyes. Su Su went to the side of Mo Yuan and held the masks appreciatively and pretending to be cheerful and asked, “How do like the cave today?”

Mo Yuan did not answer her but his vision actually fell on the mask in her hand and he did not move for a long time then said, “Why all of the sudden you want a mask?”

 Seeing Mo Yuan seemed interested in the mask in her hand, Su Su might as well put it in an act, laughed, “I have a birthmark, its ugly, I want to cover to avoid hurting your eyes while looking, do you agree? ”

 Dark purple mask on her face, her cheek fitted the mask, under the candlelight, the ghostly purple faintly flowing. Mo Yuan eyes appeared a quick flashed and cried, “Come here. ”

Su Su gawks, Mo Yuan usually have that light appearance, the unusual strong gestures at the moment got Su Su to be curious and she moved forward two steps. While approaching slowly,  Mo Yuan suddenly stood up and the next moment his hand grasps her face. The mask had a thin piece of rope tied in which just a moment ago she casually tied, although not strong, but being yanked this fierce and Su Su ‘s whole body fell forward.

 Su Su quickly reached out her hands for support, Mo Yuan was also acting strangely that he continued to hold on to her mask and did not to retreat, Su Su braced herself for fall against his chest, two people collided with each other face to face.

Between the previous times in the cave and this moment, Su Su thinks this one was more awkward, now she was both embarrassed and angry whereas that set of fiery eyes was staring straight at Mo Yuan.

This brown eyes’ pupils, under the candlelight, was glowing with millennium ambers, due to owner’s anger, the pupils color was overflowing in the light, gleaming and generally, people were attracted to it.

Mo Yuan gently stroked the mask of rustic dark stripes, it seemed he was trying feeling anything, the black pupil actually stares at amber eyes, these mulberry eyes were truly dazzling,  looked limpid and clear, a person who would see it would like to take, making the person closer, lets the person… …

The red copper mask in hand  of Mo Yuan look even icier- cold, he forces himself to take back his line of sight, then returned the mask to Su Su, the sound of his voice was unusual ice-cold, ” Your look, you truly need to cover.” 

 Su Su took the mask and gave him a malicious look, definitely not sure if she can beat Li Yang, if not for him she can’t wait to jump on Mo Yuan and beat him up violently. This person was indeed sick!

 Su Su grabbed back the mask, wrapped it around her face. She was busy having unstated criticism and curses for Mo Yuan at heart that she missed that someone’s  ‘eyes like a pearl of exotic glory’* (Idiom meaning- eyes had that wipe of strange brilliance). 

Lowered her head to harness the mask, Su Su ’s eye inadvertently discovered that on the side of the wooden stool there’s a hint of full white light, what the hell was that? Su Su wanted to bend down to pick it up, but noticed Li Yang stood not far behind her and ‘turning her mind spinning wheel’,  Su Su ‘s hand  clutched her belly, another hand next to small wooden stool with a very  bitter face shouted, “I just ate a bowl of porridge for the whole day. I am almost starved to death. ”

 At the same time, she was saying this, Su Su wipes up the full white light under her footstep on that while convenient hid ‘the thing’ under her foot,  she then tenderly asked, ” Did you eat dinner yet?” 

 Li Yang wants to watch her to pull back her incessant call for food, she was constantly hungry and he thought deeply if his master really had not mistaken?

Mo Yuan looked subtly at Li Yang. Li Yang turned around immediately went behind the screen and arrived at the wooden table next to the screen with a bowl of food. But Su Su before he turns around crying of her still hunger took advantage of the opportunity to pick up the thing underfoot and clenched it in the hollow of her palm.

 The big bowl was full of rice covered with vegetables and meat. She felt this time that she was really hungry, took the rice bowl.  Su Su raised a brilliant smile and praise, “Thank you, Li Yang, you really are good, so good! ”

 Each time Su Su smiled like this, Li Yang had the type of feeling of wanting to take the bowl back, but that person already lowered her head and dug up the food fiercely. Li Yang really cannot resist and said, “Ahem… besides eating, do you also know anything else?” Regardless of what, he could not see anything; this boy only knows how to eat and smiled all day like a hippie, what and how does the Ling Shi related to this? 

 “Eat to sate the appetite and to have strength. I also owe Ah Nuan two human favors.” Su Su was chewing the food and at the same time asked the Mo Yuan, “Oh yes, were you and Sang Nuan familiar with each other?  Do you know that what she likes? I am also looking for the opportunity for her favor.” 

Mo Yuan didn’t mind her vulgarity, picked up tea and replied, “I don’t know her. You also when she wants a favor, she will be looking for you. ”

 “All right.” Su Su’s disappointed appearance lowered her head eats with single-hearted devotion. Her hand carefully tried to explore what was that thing at her palm. It felt like spindly slender tassels, each grain was very small, the size was uniform, starts mildly, and likely was the texture of white jade. White jade tassels…. …Su Su thought that Sang Nuan had a white long jade tassel pendant, made from dozens of long, thin white small tassels, fine workmanship, tied up in the waist, swaying between walks.

 In her palm, were these small tassels owned by Sang Nuan? That is to say, after she and Sang Leng left, Sang Nuan came here?

Right, Sang Leng mentioned also that they have something to ask Mo Yuan when she was accompanied by him to look for a mask. This one she heard precisely from Sang Leng that he needs to be there just in case something arises. Because that from his word of warning, according to him Sang Nuan was an astute person, truly agreed unexpectedly, definitely, there was some important matter that Sang Leng need to discuss which was more than a polite talk but a private talk with Mo Yuan.

Said that these tassels, did she intentionally left it behind purposely? If yes, what significance does that such do to have? But ……Su Su was stroking gently the white jade tassels and thought in her heart that the matter was not so simple, by Sang Nuan such discrete person, her own jade tassels fell and don’t even know it? Or it could be that the tassels were deliberately left? If it is, what was the purpose?

    “Xiaoshu! You come out quickly!” 

 The shout came from the outside and it startled Su Su’s deep ponderings that the chopsticks in her hand used for eating almost fell to the floor. Mo Yuan looked unhappy and it showed in his eyes. Su Su puts down the chopsticks, opened the door and went out smoothly.

 Outside the log cabin there were two men, robust and in their hands, knives were raised. Su Su frowned, thinking what was it now? Exchanged her appearance to an impatient look she snappily asked, “Why?”

“You come with us quickly”, while she was still talking, one man quickly ran towards her and escorts away.   

 Su Su’s heart suddenly went thump …thump… thump…  it seems like something really bad has happened.  So was considering to just obediently follow them and have a look what  happened,  what triggered these two people to come, she decided to ask  about the matter again later when the wooden door behind them  opened and faint indifferent voice sound brought chills in the air, ” The two of you what’s the matter?”

 The two bulky men heard the voice of Mo Yuan, they were speechless for a moment, stop their footsteps, hearts panicked, looked at Su Su and then at Mo Yuan. It was difficult to explain, ” Young Master Mo, so it is about Wu Mu, he … … he’s dead! Just let us bring Xiaoshu for questioning. ”

 Wu Mu … … he’s dead?!

Su Su was shocked by the news, only this afternoon when he came and was invited to fight with him, in this short four or five hour period he died unexpectedly? 

 Mo Yuan thought for a moment, did not say anything before he nodded.  Su Su thought that the moment he agreed the two men will take her away however Mo You went down the wooden ladder first and stopped two steps ahead Su Su when she did not move, he said, “You have not walked? Then come back again and finish your dinner.”

 Su Su’s face heats up, although in her heart she was really cursing for disturbing her eating her meal, but did he really need to say it like this?!    

 Because there was Mo Yuan coming together with them, the two men did not dare to touch Su Su again; he only silently walked, in front were the two people leading the way.

 They walked for a while until they reached the place where the light was very bright; there was a crowd that encircled the log cabin, and the sound of the voices noisy and incomprehensible.

 When the crowd saw Mo Yuan and Su Su coming, they opened up a way for them and the sound of the voices also becomes smaller, but their gaze towards Su Su was grim.

 They entered the log cabin, the room was not big,  it was crowded and an all-important person from Wolf Island was in this room, the strong smell of blood blowing, in the room the furniture were in chaos and bloodstain was everywhere.  Wu Mu’s corpse lay down in the center of the room and the broadsword that he habitually used was not far from him. These people did not look for the plain white cloth to cover, lying down with his eyes wide open and face had a sinister appearance.  

The atmosphere in the room was very depressing, the two men leading the way came to whisper, ” Chief Yi Dang ,  Xiaoshu is here now.”

 “Young Master Mo.” Yi Dang jiade nodded to Mo Yuan, compared with the morning enthusiasm, this time the chief looks like somewhat like overcast domesticated ducks.

 Mo Yuan also nodded in response. Yi Hu saw him behind Su Su and immediately launches an attack, “Why do you bring a mask? What there something weird?” 

 He put a mask suddenly and for Su Su, this was a  remarkable chance for affirmation since all attention was on her, make them see her ‘birthmark’ and the reason why she wears a mask, afterward nobody will care about it seriously. Su Su took off the mask and uncovers her face, show her profile and raised the head slightly and said, “Master said the birthmark on my face was an eyesore to look at so he lets me put on the mask.”

Mo Yuan’s profound cold eyes were restrained, noted at this time calling him “master” was very easy and freely spoken.

 Su Su exposed one side of the face, from cheek to eyes at the end, that green black ‘birthmark’ and it does seem a bit scary. Su Su swept a look in all an eye and said, “Saw it clearly? Now I can put it on. ”

 Naturally, nobody pays attention to her if she wears a mask or not. Yi Hu was holding the epee sword (*fencing sword) and took it out of the sheath and suddenly pointed it to Su Su, “ Did you kill Wu Mu?”

 Wu Mu from the beginning was Yi Dang jiade’s left arm together with the second child, which in this case was Sang Leng whom everyone wants to win, the person with no mind of his own that no one offends was different, he stood in his side, now such bewildered death, it was impossible not to be indignant?

Su Su had long been aware of Yi Hu’s hostility towards her, so when he moved, she immediately stepped back a few steps, the sword did not hurt her at all and in order to prevent his shot again, Su Su refuted his accusation at once, “Do you have any evidence that I killed him? ”

 “Wu Mu in Wolf Island, simply does not have the personal enemy, he invited you for a fight in the afternoon, in the evening he’s dead if it is not you, but who?” Yi Hu looked at Su Su with fierce eyes like saying ‘ wished that he could eat her’

 “Do not falsely accuse because you are anxious,  I can naturally prove that I am not a murderer.” Su Su naturally  walk beside Mo Yuan and said loudly,” First, after I have seen him in the afternoon, went to the Mountain Cave to choose a person of great marine ability, this my family master can witness.” After saying that, she stopped to give people a chance to verify her alibi.

Mo Yuan nodded but did not have any expression, but Li Yang, naturally can see that his master’s mood was not as calm as in the surface.  The title ‘master’, he was addressed from infancy to maturity, does not know  how many people he had listened, he thought that he was already numb,  but why when he hears this young fellow said “this my family master” four characters at the time, it had a strange taste of eerie feeling that cannot be explained. 

 After seeing Mo Yuan nodded,  Su Su pointed to Sang Leng and she, said, “When I was out of the cave and back to the beach, we met Sang Leng and Sang Nuan. Afterward, Sang Leng took me to the cave to select a mask which had been selected just now and I always with Sang Leng all this time together, he can prove it for me. ”

 Sang Leng also nodded, Su Su went on to say, “I just returned to the log cabin and was called here. I therefore simply do not have the time and does not have the opportunity to kill Wu Mu. Secondly, that day I won against him simply by luck. It was because before me there were several people that have competed with him and consumed his strength and in addition, he has a low opinion of the enemy to despise me, I barely won using‘half cook’ martial arts. As a matter of fact, I am not his match, today otherwise I will not come and does not dare to compete with him, with such skill, how could I possibly kill him?” 

 Su Su said it with clarity with Mo Yuan and Sang Leng as witnesses, it was impossible for this young fellow to lie. Yi Hu feel aggrieved but only with indignation took away the sword, now very angry, “Who on earth has killed Wu Mu?! So, if I find out, I’ll be sure to tear him down to shreds and scatter his bones like ash! ”

Finally, she had taken ‘off the hat as a suspect’, Su Su secretly relieved, finally dare to care to look at the lying corpse on the ground. 

Took only one looked and Su Su discovered the strange place, her brow twisted as her habit.

 “What has Xiaoshu discovered?”The clear and bright sound resounded together suddenly,  she had painstakingly work hard to get out of the focus in this case, but that voice had brought back the focus to her once again. “

 Su Su looked up and the one who has spoken those words was the man called Ye Lie. 

 If not for Mo Yuan and Sang Leng as these two powerful witnesses, it was estimated that these arbitrary pirates possibly also think that she was the murderer, Wu Mu cause of death has not been cleared, if something could be said anything at this moment, she could not also say who the murderer was, only feared that she will get into trouble again and she has no power, so she slowly collected shreds of evidence on the scene and  find out  who the real murderer  was and it will not be too late.

Su Su just about to say that ” she has not discovered anything” but Mo Yuan who continually stood  there all along, opened his mouth,  ” Xiaoshu, you might as well tell them anyway.” 

Su Su ‘s was dumbfounded, what was the meaning of his these words, was he supporting her or putting her to harm?


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