A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 21 The Support & Chapter 22 Shadow of Death

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume 1 Chapter 21 The Support

Inside the room were ten people and all pairs of mulberry eyes were fixed on her. Su Su thought if she did not say that anything, that would be very unfair to the curious onlookers… to those expressions of anticipation, they were giving her at the moment. She changed her mind and proceeded to first examine the corpse. She could find some useful clues. Su Su did not shift the responsibility to others, arrived beside Wu Mu, observed carefully around the corpse and pool of blood and picked up the wooden chair with a broken foot on one side.  She threw it gently and that scrap of chair fell by the corpse. Su Su stepped forward, her feet were stepping on the piece of a wooden chair so that her foot will not be stained with the blood.

 Su Su stretched out her hand and grabbed Wu Mu’s hand to examine, coming back from moving  around, she found out  it was merely the arm that was dripping with blood, Yi Hu asked quickly, ” What are you doing?” 

” If you don’t let me see, how can I find anything out. ” Su Su inundated and answered half-heartedly, moving with her hands without delay.  Su Su hands fixed on Wu Mu’s head, stayed a little in the skull and groped it, and then examined his pupils for a little while; she couldn’t stare at it excessively. She then opened Wu Mu’s mouth and leaned closer, with Wu Mu’s fierce terror look and viscous blood appearance, this was quite a strange scene, so even these confessed groups of flagitious pirates watching cannot help but swallowed their saliva.

 Watching were Chief Yi Dang  and Mo Yuan, Su Su squatted and examined for about 15 minutes and although no one dared make a noise, but the atmosphere was that of impatience.

Su Su withdrew her hand, she had some conclusions at heart but actually does not plan to say it all, otherwise how she will explain her status as a blacksmith‘s son. How she would explain, why she knew so much. Slowly stand up, Su Su said, “His wounds are self-inflicted…..”

Su Su only said one sentence, already impatient Yi Hu lead to launch an attack and criticism, thundered,”You mean he killed himself? No way, that’s impossible! “

 “ I didn’t say that. “Su Su carefully picked up the blood-stained sword, look at it for a moment, just place it gently at Wu Mus’s arm, gestured the actions in comparison and said, ” The wounds on his body, is from his own broadsword because the edges were a perfect match with his own weapon. “

Sure enough,  Su Su compared it with several wounds and truly fits with the broadsword ’s blade edge.

 “It is also possible to be injured by his own weapon when it is seized. ” Yi Hu firmly believed that Wu Mu will not kill himself!

 “Ye Lie, please you to come.” Ye Lie was the person whom Yi Hu trusted and using him for the demonstration was good.  Holding the broadsword into her hands, Su Su instructed him, “ You give  it a try to cut the same or similar way .” 

 Ye Lie received the broadsword coldly, tried several times, but does not have the means to have a cut exactly similar wounds as with Wu Mu ’s arms.  Ye Lie shook his head, “It won’t do.” He pondered for a moment then moved the sword towards the forehead. He waves some gestures to compare and suggested, “Unless it was clinging to his back, it is possible to get the similar wound.” 

 “Perhaps the murderer stood behind him.” In the crowd, the whispering sound was not too big or too small, just enough for people to hear and not conspicuous.

 Su Su looked up and glanced toward the direction of the sound, the face color of the cunning youth, Su Su has seen him before. He was embarrassed and turned away.

 Su also ignored him and continued, “The wounds on his body, there are about thirty or forty, but not a wound from different directions, what master could be so fierce, can stand behind Wu Mu and injures him. He doesn’t actually have an opportunity to turn around and fight the enemy face to face?”

 People carefully looked to confirm what Su Su had said and truly it looks like those wounds were from Wu Mu himself under the direction of his own sword, Yi Hu’s face was heavy, deep sighed, “Did he really committed suicide? “

 ‘Is not naturally.” Su Su’s words brought Yi Hu to bend the spotting tool. 

 “Speak clearly!”

This hot-tempered person was really loathsome. Su Su crouched down to examine the body closely, gently lifts Wu Mu’s unlined close-fitting gown, reveals that inside Chinese-style clothing were trousers, she said methodically slowly, “Wu Mu ‘ s character and I believed that everybody had  much clearer understanding than me, he invited a fight with me, how  is it possible before he fought with me and has not defeated me suddenly committed suicide? Even if he has any reason to die, he could simply cut his neck. Looking at the pattern of the wounds, it was concentrated on the in the four limbs, abdomen also has few but were not deep. Su Su pushed to look at his back, behind him has no injury, no blood, indicating that he was after self-mutilation but laid on the ground and bleed himself to death, that how he most likely died.”

He truly died in a very strange way, Xiang Er Ye was stroking his goat beard and said,” Could it be that someone forced him?”  

Su Su shook his head, ” Wu Mu ’s body has no signs of a struggle or fight. “

The room was silent, by Wu Mu’s disposition coercion by others were not practical reason and now he was left only with cut marks from his own weapon, truly bizarre.

“Evil !” The more he listened, his suspicion also grows. Yi Hu has so much angst that he just wants to let it out. He pointed to Su Su,  ” You said so much already for a long time, do you know who the murderer is?”

” I don’t know. “Su Su gently jump out of the of the shocking blood pool.

Seeing her cold indifferent appearance, Yi Hu’s demonic fire flared up, the fencing sword comes out of its sheath once again, “This Wolf Island has never experienced such bizarre happenings and you just came, Wu Mu has peculiar tragic death, I think you are unusual and I am fearing that perhaps you used another method to injure someone else! “

Su Su was groaning in her heart. What does this mean?  Just to appease the murder he will not let off? 

 Watching Yi Hu’s sword passing through her throat, Su Su immediately dodges behind Mo Yuan and this time no matter what she won’t let Mo Yuan get out of this matter. He will be with her. Apparently, Mo Yuan did not disappoint her. 

”  Yi Dang Jia, Xiao Shu has proven a moment ago, she does not have the time to kill Wu Mu, this bizarre  matter  is another reason why your precious island is so dangerous,  I myself only feared  will not dare to stay for a long time.”  The insipid cold countenance swept the epee with the look of one eye,  Yi Dang Jiade’s complexion changed and quickly pushed Yi Hu ‘s hand maliciously, scolded in a whisper,  ” Are you insane? For the sake of the Lao-tze get lost.” 

  Yi Hu was forced to withdraw his sword, stepped back and  withdrew several paces, only then Chief Yi Dang  expression relaxed. He turned his head  and  cup one hand  across his chest to  Mo Yuan and  sighed , ” Young Lord of Mo please don’t get offended, recently this island person was very troubled, Wu Mu’s  death I verified surely well and we will catch the murderer as soon as possible, also it’s already late, why not Lord Mo  might as well go back to rest.”        

“Hmm” Mo Yuan  hummed in agreement,  saved the rituals, he turned to Su Su behind him and commanded him in a low voice, “ Go ,” then went ahead without her.  

Everyone in the room now looked at the youth differently. To what just have occurred, Mo Yuan was saying to everyone that Xiao Shu was under his pinions and no one can touch him.

No one has spoken all night.  Sang Nuan quietly stood lightly and everyone followed suit. 

Su Su diligently made all effort to avoid looking at somebody’s back,  she kept looking at the side road, but since they are going in the same direction she still can’t help but look, with a wry smile, she wonders how ’s someone back feels like … …

(T/N: Will she reach out and touch that back?!)


Chapter  1 Volume  22 Shadow of Death

 Outside the log cabin, the crowd had not dispersed, saw them came out and all craned their necks to look toward the cabin to see, but unfortunately they could not see anything.

 Those group of people was curious,  but no one has the courage to block  Mo Yuan and ask but just resigned themselves and gave way to him and Su Su at his side.  They walked under the gloomy moonlight, all the way back.

 ” A moment ago,  you somewhat just gave them some words but actually did not finish it, right? “

Su Su had already anticipated that Mo Yuan will ask her. She took the fine white tassels from her pocket, spreads it out her palm, passed her hands in front Mo Yuan, “I picked it up near the table corner of your log cabin.”

Mo Yuan stop his footsteps, looked down at the ‘thing’ on her palm, the black pupil narrowed slightly but did not say anything.

Su Su pulled back her hand and put the white jade tassels on her back pocket, then continued her inquiry, ” In the evening Sang Leng and I left for the cave, Sang Nuan went to your log cabin, about what time? She was there for how long?          (T/L: LOL, Su Su was interrogating him ?)

  “After you left, she returned to the log cabin with me and stayed for more than one hour then she left at xushi ( 7 to 9 p.m), about 3 hours ago .” Mo Yuan answered very quickly, very clearly then stared at Su Su, watching her, ” You are suspecting her?”

  Su Su nodded then shook her head,  “Wu Mu’s death was truly very strange, his cause of death I thought of two possibilities, one type was poisoning and another type was by hypnosis. I had inspected his throat a moment ago, the mouth, the four limbs, could not see any signs of poisoning completely. As for the hypnosis, it cannot be achieved by an average person.  Sang Nuan is most likely to fit, but looking at the corpse of Wu Mu, he probably died about two or so, during that time, she was on the beach watching Sang Leng practiced his gun, later with you in the same place, given the time she cannot commit a crime.”

Everything was speculation, Wu Mu’s excessive blood loss was the lethal cause of death, if she can only split the corpse, but she is not Big Aunt and neither Sister Chen, simple determination of the time of death and verification whether it is poisoning or not this type of thing, nevertheless be able to do, however accurate judgment of Wu Mu’s cause of death was impossible for her to achieve. Unfortunately, by the time she came to see Wu Mu, the room has been packed with people and would have destroyed the scene, possibly useful clues were already obliterated if she only got there earlier…

 Su Su’s bewilderment about the case was too bad that it entirely engrossed her mind. She was too preoccupied with her thoughts and forgotten that Mo Yuan still exist, just beside her.   

When Su Su raised her head, sure enough, she saw Mo Yuan just standing there beside her, his black pupil looking on her face, eyes darker than the night but not sharp but still made her shiver in fear.   

    ”Why didn’t you continued about your theory?”

 Su Su smiled,  ” For the time being I only thought of these.”

Su Su was worried that Mo Yuan will  not let off easily but heard that  familiar voice light as a spring said lightly, “ Then quickly walk, I fear that your food was  already cold.”


  The next day at chen shi ( 7 to 9 a.m).

    ” Someone quickly come!”

    “Someone  died!”

    “For sure?”

    “Died too miserably!”

Su Su quickly opened her eyes, swiftly sat straight, calmly and attentively listening to outside voices passing through those walls, it was transmitting in bits and pieces, did someone die? Su Su brain just woke up and somewhat confused, but outside were clear voices and made her heart suffer tighter.

Su Su was anxious to know the outside situation, swiftly got down her cot, straightened her clothes and put the mask on her face. After she determined that she looks good, she then decided to go out and take a look.

She just made out two steps when she suddenly noticed the black form, Su Su’s whole body stiffened.

 In the reception room, Li Yang was nowhere to be found, Mo Yuan was behind her sitting on the hall and the tip of the nose can smell the fragrance of the light tea. Su Su got annoyed, when did Mo Yuan got up?  Did she really sleep so heavy?

“There seems to have some trouble.”  She heard some movements behind, however, she did not hear from him for a very long time,  Su Su was itching to run over the place, Mo Yuan did not turn his head and had a faint expression of indifference as if that matter it was not a human life.

Su Su set her mind, went around the wooden chair to reach the side of Mo Yuan, pointed outside the cabin and said, “Can I have a look?”

Mo Yuan looked at her face mask and nodded slightly. The two went out outside the room and saw some people constantly running towards the direction of the cave. Obviously, the people on the beach also heard the call, the distant place was noisy from the sound of the voices, standing but she could not see because of the crowd gathering, they glanced at each other then walked following the direction of the human tide.

After Sang Nuan ‘s medicine shed, the wooden door just opened, Sang Nuan had a puzzled look on her face, evident that she also just got up.

 “Morning, Ah Nuan, ” Su Su waves toward her, greet naturally.

 Sang Nuan looked at them and returned a smile, “Good morning Xiaoshu.”

Su Su suddenly realized one thing, Sang Nuan rarely takes her own initiative to greet  Mo Yuan, at the seashore and now, she only responds to her and to Mo Yuan mostly, she only nods. The people on the island when it comes to Mo Yuan were all reverent even Chief Yi Dang call him Young Lord of Mo. Sang Nuan response was really abnormal. Su Su stealthily glanced at MoYuan, those cloudy insipid manners of lighthearted appearance; most likely, Sang Nuan’s attitude had long been taken for granted.

In Su Su hearts emerge only three words, they are peculiar!

 A tall figure from the distance was walking against the flow of the crowd, he came to them. Sang Leng’s face has a heavy and serious cold expression telling that the morning matter was complex. Sure enough, when he reached the trio, Sang Leng said, “This time Wolf Island was really in danger.”

 Four people were silent, Sang Nuan sighed in a low voice, “ Let me go and see first.”

The three people were lead by Sang Leng toward the place, from the start Su Su presumed the crime scene was possibly inside the Mountain Cave, but Sang Leng leads them around the Mountain Cave, then to the deep jungle and finally entered in limestone cave nearby jungle. Right after entering Su Su saw the crowd gathering around.

The four people approached the scene and the crowd automatically separated to give them way. Su Su first saw a person lying down in the middle of a large pool of blood, arms and abdomen have wounds, the left hand had a dagger and the dagger dripping with blood, his eyes were open with the look of terrible horror.

His death profile was exactly the same as Wu Mu, the dead this time was the sly juvenile that she saw last night at Wu Mu’s house.

Su Su now understand clearly the present situation, now she knew why  Sang Leng’s complexion so was so dreadful,  Wolf Island at present has a murderer and its technique was that of an eccentric serial killer!



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