A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 25 Where is the Mistake?

This one for the soldiers who defended and protected us!

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirates Daughter by Qian Lu 

Volume 1 Chapter 25  Where Is the Mistake?

 “What a pungent smell?”

 The gate opened and they were welcomed by pungent aroma.

Several people unconsciously fallback few steps, particularly Yi Hu, who made an exaggerated sneeze. He sneezed several times then covered his nose with his sleeves and complained, ‘ Yi Wu this brat, he did not have any skills but also wanted to study these writers to pose as a cultured person. His martial arts was not very good,  most love to do these ‘hideous mess of sixes and sevens’* of sweet smelling incense!”

 *luàn qī bā zāo   (idiom meaning everything in disorder; hazardous or very high risk)

 Su Su doesn’t want to exert too much physical effort, as always laziness was seeping in but after sniffing the pungent smell, she suddenly got inspired, that aroma probably….  “sandalwood?” Su family does not fumigate with incense, but two big aunts were awfully fond of fragrances, as well as Elder Sister Ning. They would go to Shu Shan Bei Courtyard frequently to increase their perception power by smelling all kinds of fragrances and sweet smelling aroma, if she remembered correctly this fragrance seemed like the sandalwood, same very mushy aroma,  only that it was extremely rich  and Elder Sister Ning was not  really comfortable of that smell.

Shuday break/dawn     Shanmountain      Beidistinguish or classify

After feeling her nose already adapted and little numb of the smell, Su Su took the lead to enter the house, to provide some contingencies, she was careful to breathe so she would inhale less of the scent.      

 She entered the room, Su Su found that the cabin was not large and all doors and windows were shut, no wonder the smell was so thick, she carefully check the window lattice, nothing unusual. When she opened the window, the thick smell was finally blown off.   

  “It’s choking me to death.” Even if she had opened the window, the house was still full of fragrance and it did not completely dispersed yet. Yi Hu sneezed several times and finally Ye Lie fished out a white towel and passed it to him to cover himself, only then he stopped sneezing.

She was unable to tell by appearance that Yi Wu ordinarily was crafty fellow, unexpectedly elegant works hung in the room, lot of calligraphies and paintings , on the desk  also had ink and paper ink-stone, a fine Wutong tree incense burner was placed in the hall  at the most conspicuous the position.

 Su Su casually opened the incense burner lid , inside was a thick layer of  grey froth that the thick fragrance burned through,  she fiddle a little bit and  had not discovered other any impurities. Wherever she goes, Ye Lie also followed, always staying beside her, stared also at the incense burner, look curiously that asked in a whisper, ‘’Is there anything special?”

Su Su shook her head, “Looks like it was just an ordinary  sandalwood, it was thick.” Exactly, too strong, in such a closed room, the point of such strong incense, people could really fall sleep?

Yi Hu closely covered his nose with the white towel, with the muffled sound, he look towards the incense burner and asks, “Hey, what do you see.”

“Nothing.” Su Su put the lid back of the incense burner and began looking in all directions of the room.

 After sneezing continually several times, Yi Hu could not finally bear it. ” Well, you slowly find it, I will walk out before I suffocate myself.”The words have not finished he was already rushing outside the door.

 Su Su went to the desk, sitting on the table  was  rice paper, the paper reads two verses, looks like someone was copying a calligraphy, it appeared somebody had aspirations to become something. The upper right corner of the rice paper was  strange  because there was more than a touch of black blot, not ink , Su Su lowered her head to examine carefully, likely a smear, above the table had cleaned some traces for there were wipe marks, she came closer, Su Su only smelled the scent of a burnt paper that fell on the rice paper, this thing should be the ashes .

 Why would the paper ashes fell on rice paper? It looks like this tracing work of  Yi Wu also quite likable, what was it that he doesn’t want and have to burn it, you can go  elsewhere to burn, why burn it on the desk? Generally speed of paper combustion was insufficient for the paper ash to directly to fall on the rice paper on.

 Su Su picked up the rice paper, smell it again very carefully, under burnt smell of paper burnt by fire normally, there was a light unusual smell, this is …. …phosphorus powder scent?

TL note*(phosphorus during the ancient time was called as “devil’s element” because it was being used as explosive, poison and nerve agent)

 So that’s how it is, it seems like that person had a slip of paper and passed it to Yi Wu . Yi Wu returned to the room, the light was dim  for the night was deep approached the candlestick to be able to clearly read the note, dipped the paper  to phosphorus powder, -ignite it then get up, the note of that message did not have any trace, perfectly disappeared.

She put down the rice paper, Su Su keep turned around the cabin but did not find any useful clues.     

  “Come on.” Su Su went outside the cabin, Ye Lie and  Xiang Erye followed, because locked was broken by Yi Hu, Ye Lie can only cover the door gently and left it unlock .

 “Where else do you want to go and see?” Xiang Erye  who had not spoken before have opened his mouth suddenly,  Yi Dang Jiade and Mo Yuan was not on the scene, his tone was obviously not very polite.

 Su Su did not care though, pondered a bit and replied, “ Temporarily I don’t have anywhere else”.     

“You should better remember that you only have three days.” Left behind those few words of reminder, then Xiang Erye turned away and left.

 Su Su was not clear, Xiang Erye’s  hostility with was stemming from where, but truly the three days period was real, three days, only three days.     

 Late autumn sun, the mornings doesn’t have the might of the summer, Su Su looked up to see the weather and  surprised to see that that it was already  weishi (1-3pm.) On the distant beach were crews who carried logs,  at the moment forty or fifty people gathered together, gnawing the steamed bread.     

Su Su eyes squints  and shortly got up with an appearance looking pensive, Ye Lie was still following behind her and said,  ” In the morning they were brought to work on the seashore, we watched every action and every movement the people were doing, after the sunset, they will be back to be locked up in the cave .  Xiang Erye was right, with all the people that were snatched to the island, truly only she and Ye Lie can walk around freely.”

Su Su turned to look at the body standing beside him, with footsteps full of leisure and carefree, thoughts especially bright, as if only at glance can guess correctly your mind, can make right explanation each time, like the present, he says truly what she wants to know.

Just making a maritime activity now undertakes the pirate’s life activities, does not have any conflict with Wu Mu and Yi Wu, no reason for him to kill people suddenly, watchman of the other people who were  kidnapped, it was impossible to kill  unless there was really someone who sneak in to the Wolf Island and just waiting for the opportunity to act, otherwise in the island the people those  who have an opportunity to murder were Yi Dang Jia, Yi Hu , Xiang Erye ,Sang Leng, Sang Nuan, Mo Yuan and Ye Lie.

Su Su stopped her paces dark pupils were  staring at Ye Lie and asked ,”Last evening, where were you?”     

 ” As if he had expected her that she will asked, Ye Lie humbly, scratching his eyebrows, frankly said, ” Yesterday all day, I was in the beach to direct them to transport logs, and yesterday evening Yi Hu also came to examine the work, we were together continuously until dusk, then went back with him for dinner,  we were eating when we heard the news that Wu Mu died, rushed over. ”     

Last evening, Ye Lie left unexpectedly with Yi Hu in the same place?

Su Su felt this tangled ‘mass of ball’ seemed to becoming tremendously more tangled, yesterday afternoon, she has run into two masters with the Mo Yuan in the cave, judging at his appearance, he will not leave from the cave for a short time, later she run into Sang Leng and Sang Nuan in the beach, if last evening Yi Hu and Ye Lie in the same place, then may begin, left unaccounted was only then Yi Dang Jaide?!

 Why would they want to kill Wu Mu?

This too does not go well with logic, where did I made a mistake?

 No, she also missed two people,  kept in Sang Nuan’s medical shed, the Qin brothers and sisters!

End Of Chapter


 Can our Miss Su uncover the mystery of the island?

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