A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 26 The Dense Fog

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirates Daughter by Qian Lu

Volume 1 Chapter 26 Dense Fog

Can they be? Wu Mu killed Yu Si, severely injured Qin Yan, inconsiderate of Qin Qian, they really had the motive of murder, but do they have the ability to murder? Even if they killed Wu Mu, how about Yi Wu, they don’t have enmity with Yi Wu? They should not lay their hands on him, or could be the person who killed Wu Mu and murderer in Yi Wu’s case, aren’t the same person?

 No, that bizarre murder technique cannot be imitated in just few hours, the murderer must be the same person.

Su Su suddenly turned, the footsteps quickly went back,  Ye Lie quickly kept up and asked, ” Where are you going?” 

 “Medical shed.” She must be thinking blindly  because she has no hope and no other leads, she must take a look at the Qing siblings, the elder sister and younger brother  ‘to spin silk for the cocoons’** and push aside the shelter now from the present dense fog.*   

** Idiom   lit to spin silk from cocoons; fig. to make a painstaking investigation

*  dense fog was figurative speaking meaning  completely misleading

Su Su was walking really fast and soon arrived at the door of medical shed, the front door was open wide,  Su Su quickly walked into it. 

Upon entering the door, Su Su saw two pirates sitting on a wooden chair closest to the door.On their faces were look of embarrassment. She gave them a second look, before big medicine-chest was a table and  two similarly outstanding person sat opposite  each other with the hand holding a chess piece, playing a chess and the looks were  very relaxed however on the other side of the door close to the courtyard  they were two faces that looked very anxious.

 Su Su was secretly surprised, Yi Dang Jiade unexpectedly send for someone to watch and guard Sang Leng  and Sang Nuan, really? But on second thought about it, she wish to believe that it was not Yi Dang Jia who sent the guards because he was now immersed in pain and sorrow of losing a child, this order she’s afraid were from certain people.

“Plop”, a black piece heavily fall on the chessboard, Sang Leng’s  voice with tone of ridicule, “How ? This is to find the evidence and making an arrest?”

Su Su frowned , but did not explain, holding the white piece was Sang Nuan, watching her put the piece gently down, Su Su calmed herself and asked ,” Ah Nuan, where is Qin Jie and younger brother Yan?”     

 “In the hall, I will take you there.”Sang Nuan sets out, the voice was gentle as before and her face had faint smile.

 Su Su surprised for a moment, suspiciously seemed too be to calm and unaffected, “Thank you.” 

 Sang Nuan’s eyes in the woods this morning seems to be covered with profound mystery.  However this was making Su Su feel even more terribly distressed, she was pondering with difficulty. 

Sang Nuan lead her to the small door beside the medicine cabinet, after  Su Su passed through that door, she was actually lead to a spacious courtyard and the courtyard  have some herbs hanging and being dried out, a touch of medicine scent filled her nose. Behind the yard were small four log cabins, three of which are connected together, the other was relatively independent.  Su Su guessed separate cabin should be Sang Nuan’s room

Sang Nuan pushed open the most left cabin door, the room was small, but very clean and tidy, the house has only a small wooden bed standing with a wooden chair. Qin Yan peacefully lying on the bed, covered with plain quilts, his face though still not very good, but comparing with the ghastly pale look that night his color was already much better.     

 They stood there at the door for a while, the person on the bed  did not even move a little, Su Su whispered, ” Qin Yan has not woke up?”    

 Sang  Nuan was half leaning on the door, look lazy, heard Su Su’s whisper , then casually replied, “Qin Yan has no internal force, Wu Mu’s strength for him was still too heavy, he has internal injuries and heart arteries was affected, he rested these two days, wake up a little.”     

 Su Su nodded, did not say anything and gently closed the door.     

  Sang warm pointed to the next room and said, “Qin Qian on that side.”     

Su Su went to the door, gently knocked twice, the room was quiet, as if no one was living in general, Su Su gently pushed the door,  she walk fast to see the situation in the room,  astonished to see turn her look to Sang Nuan, anxiously, “This, what’s going on?”     

Ye Lie who was following Su Su behind became curious and proceeded two steps, saw the situation in room and frowned. 

 It was similar to Qin Yan the hut, room was not big, the bed was in the middle of the room,  the walls were far from bed, no chair and the female on bed was not to lying down but rather she sat on the sides of the bed, both hands were tied up with ink blue cotton band,  the other end was connected to the bed beam, looking at the length of that cloth band, the place that she can move, was only around that small bed.      

Sang warm still leaning against the door, look faint,  she doesn’t have the slight change of complexion like how Su Su’s expression changed, ” I saw her several times tried to commit suicide, worried that she will try to kill herself again, therefore temporarily tied her up. ”     

Su Su completely did not expect to see a very valiant woman unexpectedly wanted to commit suicide!     

 “When did you tie up Sister Qin?” Su Su  asked carefully, afraid of disturbing the person in bed.

Sang Nuan stood straight body, went behind Su Su, study the other person in the room then sighed, whispered at Su Su, “Yesterday after you left, I came to see her  situation, but  I saw her medicine bowl on the floor, she took a broken piece and tried to slit her wrists, that why I tied her. “

Wrist was wrapped by layers of ink blue band, she could not see the traces of self-mutilation, but the eyes were bleak, Su Su was very sad, Su Su cannot help but cry softly, “Qin sister … …”     

The person on bed simply looked like she cannot see them, cannot hear them and motionless.

Su Su came to the bed, but did not reach out to her, she spoke a little louder,  “Qin sister, this is Xiaoshu.”     

After hearing her name, Qin Qian moved finally,  but she did not look at Su Su, instead hanged lowly, the whole body also moved inward like in a sad and hopeless state.

Looking at her reaction, Su Su was poignant, secretly took a deep breath, Su Su as much as  she could possibly put on, carried a relaxed tone and said, “Qin Yan just had a  slight injury and in a few coming days,  he will be able to see you,  so you do not worry. ”     

 Qin Qian after hearing her words, turned her head directly to the other side and was reluctant to see Su Su’s appearance again.     

This time Su Su frowned, she judged that Qin Qian did not lose consciousness, but why she’s so repelled to herself, Su Su did not understand, even if she wants to ask anything, now she was not comfortable to ask.     

Qin Qian simply lay on the bed with her back against Su Su, there was no way to comfort her and  can only say, “Then I go first and in a few days to see you.”     

Sang  Nuan led Su Su and Ye Lie was led out of a small courtyard back to the medical office, then left them on their own and returned to the  chessboard, Sang Nuan sat opposite the board and only swept a glance, then hold up a white piece, leisurely fall, as if she did not leave and has never been interrupted.     

These two brother and sister siblings act, completely informal or uninhibited manner continued to play chess,  Su Su  felt it was really awkward, said the phrase “excuse me” then left the medical shed.

Without the scent of medicinal herbs, the outside air was fresher, Su Su ‘s chest feel an incomparably oppressed. The vibrant, gentle and refreshing Qin Jie turned like this at present, this murder case also as if it was falling into a dead end. She knows that she definitely made a mistake, it has fallen into such dense fog, where did she make a mistake; she did not have a clue.

Su Su ‘s heart was irritated,  the same figure was like sticky candy, tightly following her, she stopped, look with disdain towards the man behind her, “You always follow me, why?”     

 Ye Lie shrugged and smiled like a rascal, unexpectedly said, “We have the same destiny and now connected, if you could not find the murderer, after three days,  I can only go to prison with you, therefore it was natural to  follow  you, maybe I  could also help.  What is it?

 “You have been following me and I cannot concentrate thinking of this matter.” Regardless of what he was thinking about, there was a look of inquisition and exploration showing in his body, this makes Su Su’s whole body uncomfortable.

Ye Lie smiled naturally, backed away a few steps, the tone somewhat flatters, “like this,  I am far away from you,  chief.”     

 Is this also far?  Su Su’s face sank with look of dissaproval, Ye Lie hurriedly run back ten steps more and facing Su Su  he called, “ Like this far chief!”

 Between the two of them there was a distance of ten feet, Su Su was  weak , facing one person who’s always catching up now she cannot get away, she also have no alternative.

Su Su was processing the things that happened in her mind over and over again, thinking where she has become negligent, what she missed while her  feet consciously walked towards the seashore, when she recovered her sense,  she was in front of the wooden cabin of Mo Yuan, unexpectedly!

 Su Su was mortified and vexed, still hesitant to go,  but looking at the waves on the beach,  she saw the familiar ink black figure, that place  yesterday Sang Leng was training with guns and standing at a chest deep water.  At the moment on the same location,  this man was sitting on a huge reef and on his  shoulder perched the red falcon…     

Su Su thought for a moment then finally went over.

Ye Lie somewhat dreaded the indifferent Mo Yuan and unexpectedly  did not follow her but remained  peg in his place. Looking at them from afar, Mo Yuan, his eyes flashed with a touch of inexplicable light.

End of Chapter

Ahh!! Next chapter the interaction of the two… …  let us see how Miss Su will crack this stony man.


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