A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Chapter 27 Young Not Sensible

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirates Daughter by Qian Lu

Original translation project published for Killerninjablog@wordpress.com 

by Killerninja team

Volume 1 Chapter 27  Young Not Sensible 

On the rocks, Mo Yuan was sitting cross-legged on the surface facing the sea, holding a feed on his hands. The red bird of prey was eating and Su Su decided to stand behind them, she had been wanting to ask him a question, “How you did your morning go?”

Mo Yuan desolately answered,  ” Those boring matter, I do not have any interest. “

Not interested? Su Su cannot believe it, during that time when Xiang Erye said that she was one of the suspects , Mo Yuan watched the whole thing and he was good active participant, but now he was saying that he wasn’t interested, she couldn’t believed his words.    

Su Su looked around and asked that second question she has been curious about, “How come I don’t see Li Yang?”

Mo Yuan finally looked up at her,” Do you want to see him? ”     

” I just thought it very strange, as if I only saw him in the cabin.” Did Mo Yuan arranged for him to do something? What was he doing these two days?”     

 Mo Yuan stroking and falcon’s head, lightly answered ” He has been following me and never left my side. ”     

“Where is he ?” Su Su looked up and only saw a deserted beach, in addition to someone standing far, which was Ye Lie,  she can’t see any other human?     

 “Li Yang. “Mo Yuan gently summoned, the sound was not loud and  almost blown away by the sea breeze, but the moment his voice fell, a shadow appeared coming from behind the woods hundred feet away at a great speed, in a blink of an eye he was standing next to the rock.    


Su Su can’t believed and stared at Li Yang’s  sudden appearance, Li Yang also gave her a stern look, if not for Mo Yuan, Su Su  doesn’t doubt that he will throw her a punch.

Su Su lightly cough, laughed and said, “Li Yang, you are really in the vicinity , that … … have you eaten lunch yet? ”     

As if Su Su did  inquire for something intolerably, after she finished the short sentence, the moment he heard , Li Yang clenched his fist gave out a gurgling voice. (T/L: Like? Grrrl. Yeah bothering him for food )     

She pretended not to notice and continued to play innocent also not minding his appearance now, she merely want to find words to say to Li Yang, nothing serious, otherwise he might be dumbfounded and bored.  Nothing calls for that appearance what on earth was that oppressive display like he wants to eat a person?

 Li Yang really wanted to wring the neck of this young rascal very much. He quietly caught the glanced of master’s face, his eye’s pleading with a look of ‘ just let me just once’,  immediately his eyes widened like he had seen a ghost! Master, his owner just now … … is that a smile? Master laugh?     

   “Snap  out of it. ”     

Li Yang had not recovered from the shock, but that cold voice immediately made his heart slightly snapped, was the master angry? He hurried to tidy up the panic-stricken face, pale because of fright, respectfully responded, “ Yes,”  turned around and went away. 

 That figure was unexpectedly quicker than wind, several rises and falls and then quickly vanished.

 If said only qing gong skill, Su Su thought her speed and carriage compared with Li Yang should about the same, if the round hideaway, she absolutely were inferior with that of Li Yang, only in a few blinks, Li Yang was gone without a trace, even the sense of presence also vanished. For such a tall and strong person, the imposing manner that he can put away quickly and freely, that skill was very admirable.

 Li Yang should be similar to the Su clan’s ying wei * existence(  meaning shadow guards) , perhaps Mo Yuan’s identity was not really so hard to guess, within the six countries, family clans with ying wei, there were not many.     

Mo Yuan suddenly left the in morning,  was it because the red falcon’s message? Su Su looked at the feet of the falcon, it did not have the bamboo tube installed above . Su Su gently bit her lip, bright eyes turned slightly, moved a few steps forward, then sat side by side with Mo Yuan, looking at the red falcon parked on his shoulder , she asked curiously, ” Does it have a name?”

 The red bird of prey turned the head suddenly, that pair of blood red radiating  eyes were staring at Su Su. She felt like any moment she will be culled right away and pecked off her pair of beautiful and sharp eye pupil. It was Su Su’s first time at such a short distance with notorious bird red falcon looking at each other, her heart was pounding and all throughout she was careful not to move her eyes, fully alert , she was thinking the moment it moves, she will start to grab its neck surely first.

Unfortunately, one person and a bird cannot have a staring match for very long. Mo Yuan only slightly raised his hand, that arrogant and aggressive red falcon immediately begged its head before Mo Yuan, asking for a rub. That flirtatious look of the bird begging to be rubbed,  Su Su almost could not stand it.

“What do you call him?” Su Su asked again, she was very curious what name Mo Yuan will give this little thing.

 Mo Yuan shook his head.     

 “Nothing?” Su Su thought that was inconceivable, “You do not give a pet the name? How did you call it?”Called to feed? Say hey?  Or directly call it the red falcon, that was funny. 

 Pet?” Mo Yuan was feeding the bird with his hand, turned his head and look  back strangely at Su Su, as if she has mentioned something out of ordinary .  Oh, she can’t say pet? Su Su curled her lip thinking she offended him to call the bird pet and corrected herself, “Well, what’s your friend’s name?”  

Mo Yuan brow slightly wrinkled, looking like she said something funny in general, looking back to the obediently perched red falcon on his shoulder, proceeded to feed him, the red falcon immediately elongated its neck, pecking his palm with food, looks very gentle and well-behaved, for a long time, Mo Yuan whispered, “It is nothing more than a servant.”

Mo Yuan’s voice still sound empty, Su Su but laughed, “You are very strange, you like getting  slaves so much?”  Li Yang every time he opened his mouth called him master, naturally this is like a slave right? The first time she meet Li Yang, he compelled her to call him master also, her identity in their view should also be that of a servant, and now even a red falcon was unexpectedly was actually a servant?     

In his side except for servants, was there anything  else? Is there anybody else other than his servant? 

Su Su imagined deeply for a moment, if in her own side were all  servants and she was a master in every turn …

“Nahh.”  She  gave a low whine, shuddered and sucked a breath of cold air. After thinking for a moment, she  thought Mo Yuan was little pitiful, she look at his eyes for a moment, sea breeze blowing his black long hair, sending the silk back and forth to flutter on the fair indifferent face, his black pupil slightly squinting, looking out into the distance, that as one desires safely, looked also arrogant and conceited, look defiant and the two words ‘completely pitiful’ , should not be forgotten.

 Su Su shook her head and considered to herself this was really ridiculous, she does not understand all people and she was carelessly judging others, as far as she knew, all other people that have pity on , well that other poor people were really self-righteous.     

On his peripheral vision he saw that this person shook the head and sighed, the expression in the eyes changed and  then changed again and altered  again to another look, however the eyes looked flagrantly, as if  the thoughts were being betrayed by this person’s eyes, eyes were like a mirror reflecting all the thoughts inside.  Is this person not fearing that he would know? Mo Yuan thought that this person also was really funny, but he rarely find anything interesting, very rarely he would drew out his heart to a tease like this. Mo Yuan turned his head to look especially handsome and bewitching ( say giving her flirtatious look?) face to that red copper mask and answered, “ I am strange, you are  weirder?”

 Su Su recovered after listening to his words and retorted, “I wonder how? I am weirder?”     

” Professing to be a  child of blacksmith, was actually skilled in  various martial arts, good weapon, but also the qing gong was remarkable, obviously wants to hide itself but going against a pirate to snatch a woman, but also wants to crack the murder mysterious case, so the person was very contradictory, very strange?” 

 Su Su felt that her own corners of the mouth were twitching, not that she doesn’t love to talk about it! 

He thought she wanted to do that? Seeing a woman humiliated and shamed, she was still to hide oneself, does he see somebody in danger and do nothing? As for the investigation, last night who was the bastard who pushed her out?

She was contradictory, how? Curious about her status, you have the skill, you guess!

Su Su’s  smirk and answered confidently, ” I am too  young and ignorant, not sensible, I have not learned to fear and submit, did not know how to put a straight face, create a mystical atmosphere to hide myself, I will slowly change later.”

Mo Yuan gawked at her, looked at her black eye with a glint of surprise, the next moment, he smiled unexpectedly, then laugh, this time she can feel that Mo Yuan was really laughing… …a happy laugh.

Laugh? Why laugh? What to laugh about?! How can he laugh every time and even laugh at her to be stupefied. Don’t he get it she was mocking him, hasn’t he heard her?! This has anything to be laughable about!


 “Come, someone! Come quickly!!”

End of the Chapter


The story will get heated up folks!

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  1. I don’t read or speak Chinese, but if it is helping with reading for English grammar or trying to fix the sentence to make the sentence make sense, I can help.

    By the way, thanks for all you’ve done, love the story so far.

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