A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 28 to 30 Deep in the Woods

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirates Daughter by Qian Lu

Volume 1 Chapter 28 Deep in the Woods  (Part 1)

Su Su and  Mo Yuan rushed to the place where the sound of the shout came from. It turned out to be the entrance to the woods where the incident happened in the morning. Su Su pushed herself through the crowd and saw a man with pale complexion, blood pouring out of a cut on his arm, another man was helping him with a cloth to suppress the wound.

She did not see a body with a pool of blood, Su Su was relieved. She was about to ask,  when she saw Xiang Erye and Yi Dang Jia coming together, Sang Leng and Sang Nuan  was also walking from the direction of the medical shed, possibly the scene in the morning did not make the siblings happy so they just stood outside and watched, and did not come near.

When Yi Dang Jia saw the two injured were merely subordinates, his expression dimmed and asked, “What’s going on? You are making a big fuss?”

The man who help put pressure on the wound saw the master did not look so well, quickly explained,  “Dang Jaide, Ah Hu, he rushed into the woods.

“What?” ” Yi Meng’s complexion suddenly changes,” Ah Hu how?  You talk clearly? ”

The men shrunk his neck and hesitated and finally replied ,” We saw a moment ago  Ah Hu, his eyes were red and running like crazy, his hand had a knife raised running towards the woods,  we worried that  Ah Hu  will have an accident,  so we went forward to hold onto him, who  would have thought that he turned to use the two knives against  us, we couldn’t stop him.”

“He is here?! ” With all the people around there was no figure of Yi Hu.     

 The man could still hear Yi Hu’s roar, his limbs weakened and in a frightful voice,”We have seen Ah Hu rushed into the woods then disappeared. “

Yi Hu missing? Also acting like crazy  rushing in the woods? Did the killer strike again? Why would Yi Hu harm himself? Is the murderer already after him, or were there other conspiracies?

 Su Su’s brain was quickly ‘processing’, swept her eyes towards the crowd, then withdrew two steps, today she found the two guards from medical shed, they made meaningful glances, then two notable people walked toward the side. Merely looking at Dang Jiade and Lord Mo shao zhu,  both were unfathomable mystery.  Mo Yuan took a quick glimpse at Su Su who was currently looking at him, gave her a quick wink, he already regarded her as important to him. He ultimately decided to better follow her closely  and take care  whatever evil or sinister plot she was trying to uncover.          

( T/L :  I’ve been  translating 30 chapters. Though, I used the word ‘her’ to translate when Mo Yuan was referring to Su Su on the above paragraph but still there’s no hint until now to suggest that he already knew that she is actually a girl. He might be caring for he because of the  halidom. Don’t be too excited yet. If his knowledge of her womanhood started from the ship or the pit or these woods we will get there.)

After falling back on the crowd, they just stood firm, Su Su immediately asked, “You, today stayed all day in the medical shed? Does any human left in the middle of the day ?”

One of them knitted his brows, thought for a moment then shook his head, ” This morning , Sang Leng when they came back, we followed them at the medical shed, afterward guarded it, except for you, nobody has gone and nobody has exited. We heard the commotion  moments ago, we run together to take a look at the situation”

Su Su nodded,  afterwards she left them on their own and move towards Yi Dang Jia behind him was a tall, thin man, Su Su remembered this person often followed his side.    

“Today,  did Xiang Erye ever come to see Yi Dang Jiade with Yi Hu or did he come alone?

The high thin man looked at Su Su’s eyes, he remembered that  in the morning his Yi Dang Jiade said to this young man to break the two murder cases in three days of time, so after hearing his questions, poured everything out and did not conceal anything. He replied carefully, ” In the morning immediately after you left , Ah Hu  was left behind. He did not come to look for Dang Jiade, contrary to one might expect it was Xiang Erye who actually came, it was probably about wushi (11-1pm noontime) , afterward he continuously stayed with Yi Dang Jiade consoling him until we heard the shout and hurried to catch up a moment ago.”

 At the medical shed nobody has come out , then Sang Nuan, Sang Leng, Qin Qian and Qin Yan were impossible to have the opportunity to contact Yi Hu. At noon after Yi Hu left, Ye Lie was continuously following  her  and they were in the same place, it was impossible for him to do anything else. That noontime when they separated with  Xiang Erye, he went to find Yi Dang Jia, it was impossible for him to have a contact with Yi Hu , this  ….

This time, the most suspicious person was unexpectedly Mo Yuan?

Su Su subconsciously looked to Mo Yuan, there seems like stimulation, Mo Yuan looked to see her dark eyes like paint, the pupil of his eyes remains desolate.   

Is it possible to be him? Su Su secretly noted it down, but dare not rush to judgment, because she found herself trapped in a haze, some judgments were likely premature before, she reached a dead end, this time, Yi Hu did not die right now at least, top priority was to find him

 Certainly to find Yi Hu right away, there were plenty of such anxious people beside her.

  “You ……”  Yi Dang Jia was extremely angry and judgement was dim, at present everything in him becomes dark, he loses a son in the morning, if this son has any accident again, and he really wanted his life! Deeply inspired,  Yi Dang Jia was anxious, “You to listen to me, enter in the woods to look, all people go to look for me, be sure you must find Ah Hu!!”

All of them? The pirates looked at each other in blank dismay, actually nobody dares to make noise, Ye Lie went beside Yi Dang Jia and said in a low voice, ” Yi Dang Jiade , do not worry first, in this island there were also several hundred people and a number people need to be safeguarded, moreover we don’t know where that murderer had hidden, Wolf Island also to need you to assume personal command in this, might as well make Xiang Erye lead 50 people to mind outside the woods, other people  can go and look, will you consider?”

Xiang Erye applauded and glance at Ye Lie, immediately echoed, ” Dang Jiade , what was suggested  by Ye Lie, that is very rational, the island cannot be chaotic, other  people considered you and the island as important! ”     

 Yi Dang Jiade thought for a while, eventually  consented to the proposition of  Ye Lie, “Well, leave 50 people, and others go and search, Ye Lie and Sang Leng you will go also.”

Ye Lie nodded,  “Yes”. Sang  Leng crooned a cry, his face was indifferent , but he couldn’t say no.

Yi Dang Jia suddenly turned around,  Sang Nuan was standing behind, ” Sang Nuan, you go and take the medicine kit”

Sang Nuan  hangs her pupil, no one can see the light in her eyes, only heard her to softly answered, “Yes”, then turned around to walk toward the medical shed. Sang Leng  followed hastily behind her, coaxing her not to  go back but stay out of the search party. However, Sang Nuan doesn’t want to listen. Sang Leng kept quite finally when he realised he couldn’t convinced her change her mind. They went to collect  the medicine kits and  came back. Sang Leng, the countenance now was gloomy, but did not prevent Sang Nuan to go with him.

 Yi Dang Jia stared at this group of people and finally his eyes fell on Ye Lie, deep and cold eyes, sinking sound command ,”In any event, you must bring back Ah Hu!”

Yi Dang Jia was all tired, it was pitiful to mention that he was now entrusting an outsider.

Sang Nuan does not have martial arts skill, after several people discussed and decided that they should not be scattered, seek to together well. Mo Yuan who had been silent has joined in a pair also as they went in together.

 Xiang Erye hurriedly came and advised him, ” Lord Mo zhao shu, you are our honored guest in the island, don’t go in, if there be any mishap, Wolf Island can’t afford it. Mo Yuan slightly nod and gathered his long black cloak, the red falcon perching on his shoulder does not agree with this somehow and the bird’s cries of excitement echoed in the woods and were heard by several people.  With eyes to see that pair of red falcon to the dark eyes of the jungle, Mo Yuan’s eyes were also faintly suffused with the waves, “Xiang Erye need not worry, that stretch of woods was so attractive, YoungLord Mo wanted to go in and have a look also. “


Chapter 29 Deep in the Woods  Part 2

“Yi Hu , elder brother -“

” Ah Hu, where are you brother ?!”

The crowd  of hundred were divided into 5 people for every  team,  the team dispersed and spilled into the stretched of woods, their shouts can be heard everywhere, Ye Lie led them deeper into the woods, the trees were getting increasing densed, their breath completely became chilly, Ye Lie’s cold clear and resonant voice said, “Here vegetation is thicker even  if there was a smell of blood it will not be so easy to smell, pay attention  and  have a look at the surroundings, let us hope that we can find any trace.”

 They walked fast compared to the other people, around the shouts sound gradually far, Sang Nuan lightly said, “Yi Hu suddenly missing, Wolf Island I fear, even if all the  people today spilled into the stretched of woods to find someone, but, they certainly can’t go deep, if Yi Hu really as they said, his mind was not clear even to the point of madness, so he may not be just outside the woods but let’s search for him deeper. ”

Su Su was surprised, she thought that Sang Nuan will not care about Yi Hu’s life, it did not occurred to her that she will also proposed to walk unexpectedly toward the deep woods, but the jungle was not so good,  Su Su stopped her footsteps, asked, ”  How big is this stretch of woods?” 

Sang Nuan looked towards the deep jungle, looked dignified, shook the head and replied.” No one knows, Nobody have passed through this stretch of jungle, if one circles from the beach to the jungle but if you walk along the beach to the other side it will take 10 hours.”

Circling around  by the beach takes more than 10 hours from the beach, this was large jungle and absolutely should not be taken lightly, and in the woods was more difficult than walking the beach, let alone to find that person, Su Su look up into the sky, and when they came in was shenshi (3-5pm), but were looking for half an hour, and light was already gloomy.

Su Su watched her footsteps, it was even more difficult for Sang Nuan and said, “It is getting dark, the woods was so big,  we do not know if there will be any danger, Ah Nuan you do not know martial arts, might as well  give the medicine kit to us, you go back first.”

Sang Nuan passed the medicine chest over to Sang Leng and gently put her wet messy hair behind her ears and smiled. ” If Yi Hu could not be found, there are people who doesn’t want me to go out. “The smile on her lips was like sarcasm and also sorrow,” I am not so weak, so go. ” The slender figure was firm and  walked into deep forest anyway.

 Several people entered toward the deep place in the jungle, the surrounding trees started to change, the high and low canopies overlapped that it isolated majority of the sunlight, their vision of the place ahead was just silhouettes, almost all points were shaded, making the direction confusing.

Su Su looked at Mo Yuan and the idle red bird of prey perched on his shoulder and  asked, ” Can you help me?” To her knowledge, the red bird of prey eyesight was extremely good, flies in airborne, a surrounding area hundred miles nothing can escape its sweeping eyes, in the woods  this place was open to its eyesight, in this crowded woods, no one  knew if that red bird of prey can also display its ability.

 Looking in front at this stretch of unfathomable jungle, Mo Yuan left the group leisurely, completely without the tension and anxiety of Su Su, she saw him put out a hand and the red falcon flew to his small arm, he lifts his hands slightly, a low chilly sound said “go”, when the voice fell the red falcon immediately opened its black wings and flew deep toward the jungle, flexible of body circled and danced in the air of the forest. A few more moments they fall deeper into the woods until there were no more trails.

 Several people walked the less than half time toward the deep place, the red bird of prey like lost generally and had not returned any signal completely.

 The surroundings had gotten dark thoroughly, after at nightfall the jungle was unexpectedly more silent than the daytime, it was not absolutely static without a sound, there were various sounds in broken bits, but clearly inaudible , we don’t know what the sound wa , do not know where it was coming, the fear for the unknown quietly creeps.

Su Su felt, that this stretched of wood  will become a lot more tricky, as they go farther in it was becoming more obvious. Su Su once again stopped, “It’s getting dark, then going further inside, we may get lost, try to get  some torches, we will look around first. ”

 “Good.”Several people also felt that the dangerous atmosphere and did not dared to advance recklessly.

The pirates lived on this island were so long, somewhat knew about the woods and have guessed correctly that they may need to use the fire, in the afternoon entered the grove time, gave each team of people to prepare a bag, inside were  two torches covered with ash and a bottle of oil.

 Ye Lie  and Sang Leng found several dead trees nearby, peeled the bark, with a knife then scraped the thin wood, spilled oil and  made a couple of torches, several people were spread out all around searching.

Night of the jungle was eerily quiet, Sang Nuan became obviously very tired and began breathing heavily to gasp for more air. Su Su went to her side and asked in a low voice, “Are you all right? ”

 Sang Nuan was sweating on her forehead, her face was very pale and blank, like there’s no blood passing her face, her hand was holding a trunk for support , one hand on her chest, she heard Su Su, but eagerly shook her head, and even then she was unable to answer in words.

Su Su Su looked around and found a branch ahead of some fallen tree trunks and went over to see, found nothing dangerous. She  walked back to Sang Nuan’s side, pointing to the trunk and said, “You sit there for a while, we will go around to search. “

Sang Nuan was exhausted, nodded and went to sit on the bough,  took a long breath and sigh of relief.

 Su Su also followed her mother  training the soldiers into the woods. The current  environment  was not as bad. Besides the man on the side were firm man and she does not think there was something to be worried about. Sang Nuan was the only woman, with no martial arts skills. Su Su couldn’t help totally and  she needs more care, she saw her wrinkled her eyebrows and gently rubbing her thigh. Su Su was guessing on the following trail, supporting her will be very laborious.

Su Su passed the torch to Sang Nuan and broke off a women wrist size small trunk. She took out the excess branches and peel off the bark outside to make a staff, tested it before giving it to Sang Nuan and said, “You take it,  this one would help you walk , holding it away  following the trail will not be so hard. For now, just use it to play the grass around it, and don’t let the snake bites you or anything else, if there was anything wrong with the place, you shout, we are all in the vicinity. ”

A smooth bough and suddenly stretched before her, Sang Nuan subconsciously hide back and but after hearing  Su Su, Sang Nuan stared at her for a long time before she stretched her hand, white fingers stroking back and forth the just peeled trunk, in a misty voice literally said, “Thank you, Xiaoshu. ”

 She expressed gratitude like this seriously, the pouring made Su Su embarrassed, she laughed , “Ha-ha ha “, the nimble and resourceful eye pupil transferred the extension, suddenly said with a smile, “ Does this count  also as a human favor?”

(T/L note. How cute ? This Su Su is always looking for opportunity.)

 Under the warm flame, Sang Nuan showed a faint smile, actually shook her head, replied,” In my opinion, this is not the human sentiment, therefore does not count.”

 Su Su curled her lips and did not care if it mattered afterwards. She then sets out to examine the situation in all directions, naturally  she had not noticed that the eyes of Sang Nuan with has no sign of warmth was now flowing with soft light.

“You come and see! ”

In the stillness of the night, Ye Lie clear sound coming from the front, he must have found something, but Sang Nuan just remained in her place while several other people went to take a look.


Volume 1 Chapter 30 Deep Into the Woods Part  Part 3

Su Su has already overtaken Sang Leng when  he was actually ahead of her before. Ye Lie was partly crouching his body, holding the torch and picked up a floral  shaped leaf on top of disarrayed grass, ” This should be a blood.”

Several torches simultaneously gathered together, the ray was now brighter, Sang Leng also squat in the one side, carefully watched the assembly and confirmed, “Truly , it is a bloodstain, it was not dry yet, then Yi Hu should be around here nearby?”

Su Su although remained standing while looking, she could see clearly that bundle of messy grass with a bit of blood cover. That touch of blood in the piece of leaf on Ye Lie’s hand has the most blood and light smell of blood but the neighboring grass should have also bloodstains. Su Su carefully check the surroundings and with alerted look instructed,” Everybody be careful. “If the blood was of Yi Hu, most likely the murderer was close by, or there was other thing in the forest.

An alert crowd continued searching, they have to quickly find the trail of blood then the red bird of prey made a unique call. The sound of call was towering, sharp and rapid, as if it had discovered something or it has come across a crisis.

Ye Lie, pointed to a direction, “Over that side!” Then he rushed and overran everyone while Sang Leng also skillfully agile kept up with him.

 Su Su also wanted to trot and overran the others when suddenly she felt a pain on her shoulder. Her hand swiftly grasp the foreign hand on her shoulder, immediately turned fiercely her head and when she was about to hit the person behind her with her fist, she discovered the one holding her shoulder was Mo Yuan. Su Su’s heart suddenly jumped and quickly withdrew her fist. Mo Yuan was slightly leaning his head. She was very close to almost hitting Mo Yuan’s handsome face. Su Su in effect was angry, “What are you doing? “

Mo Yuan changed his hand’s position and he suddenly put his hand across the shoulders of Su Su with his whole body poured over her. Su Su was startled, Mo Yuan has not said anything until a voice resounding like wave without a haze, “I seemed to have wai my ankle, go slow and help me.”

Wai-sprained , twisted the foot

If it was not for that cold face close from her enough to let her see clearly, his eyes always had dead expressions, he did not even look surprised when he almost got punched. Su Su thought it was a hassle that he would lean against her, how troublesome that Mo Yuan would depend on her?!

  Wai your ankle …… The corner of her eye faintly started to twitch, all the way so far, Mo Yuan walked with ease, there was no possibility to have sprained his foot?  Su Su doesn’t believed in evil doctrines and asks “When did you wai it ?”

    “Just now.”


 (T/L : I have a feeling like Su Su, he was probably faking it, but for what reason?)

Watching Ye Lie and Sang Leng almost disappear in the woods, the bird of prey whining noise also stopped, and she was not able to keep up, now she feared that it would be too late.  Su Su clenched her teeth, put her hand against the waist of Mo Yuan and supporting him by the arm and said viciously, “Walk!” 

He had better truly sprained his foot; otherwise she will help him get a sprained foot.

 Su Su compared with Mo Yuan was a head shorter, now she was forced to support him by the arm, naturally she could not see the corners of his mouth that seemed to be smiling,  Contrary to her expectation, the shadow guard Li Yang was actually scared of the dark? Wonder where is that man?

 Su Su supported Mo Yuan by the arm took two steps then stopped, not far from them was Sang Nuan she turned her head and cried out,  “Ah Nuan, keep up.”  The woods was too dangerous, this place was not safe for Sang Nuan.

” The better.”Sang Nuan, then moved toward them. She has the branch to support her.  She was actually not strained and was able to walk quickly compared with before.

 Three men beating faintly in the distance towards the two torches ahead of them and soon came to a stop beside the light.

 “You come quickly, we found him!”

 Ye Lie’s  voice  seemed to be rejoicing, Su Su suspected that Yi Hu should not be dead. Her guess was right, next, Ye Lie also called out ,”Sang Nuan, you come quickly, he shed a lot of blood.”

 Three people sped up their footsteps, rushed, then sees Yi Hu on the ground,  bloodied and  remains unconscious .

 Su Su examined carefully the wounds on his hands and feet, looking from her angle and direction, truly, it looks like self harm. However, looking at it, it seemed a little strange because Yi Hu actually uses an epee and carries it around, was it taken away by the murderer? …. … But Yi Hu, how he supposed to harm himself?

 Su Su was pondering when she heard the sound of wings of that were stirred up. It should be the red falcon, but why it did not fall back on Mo Yuan shoulder, but continued to hover overhead? Su Su did not understand and the sound of that wing flapping was unexpectedly going farther away rapidly.

Su Su just about to ask Mo Yuan,  if it  is the red falcon, when San Nuan has long been a moderate voice was somewhat anxiously yelled, “Blood will not stop! “

Su Su looked down, the hematischesis medicinal powder in Sang Nuan’s the hand no matter how much powder she sprinkled towards Yi Hu’s wound, the blood won’t stop flowing , the powder just fell on the ground. 

 Sang Nuan was at a loss, the Yei Lie partly held Yi Hu up and coldly, said, “I will seal up his acupuncture point to try stopping the flow.”

If the acupuncture point was blocked for a long time, only feared, even if he lives Yi Hu veins will also be damaged, however present situation, they  do not a  have better means, after Ye Lie has sealed up Yi Hu’s acupuncture points, Sang Nuan prepared to go forward to wrap up, only to discover that  the blood has not actually stopped, but continued to flow like a stream.

 Even blocking the points was useless? How can it be? Several people face changed, this was rare kind  and  overwhelming, Su Su decided not to abandon the hope and said, ” Ah Nuan, you helped him pack the wound and we will find a way to go out. “

 “Ok.”Sang Nuan nodded, agily extracts the thin gauze, started to dress the wounds.

Su Su slightly turns head, asked in a low voice and whispered,  ” Is Li Yang in?”

Mo Yuan stood at Su Su’s side, her breath was on his neck so when she spoke, when she did hear him respond she hurriedly explained, ” It is too dangerous, can we let him out, one more  person, we have greater odds to win. “

 Su Su felt that man moved one step toward the side, in a low voice called out, “Li Yang.”

As previously or even faster, Li Yang,s tall figure appeared behind Mo Yuan right after he called. The figure suddenly appeared, Ye Lie clearly frightened and Sang Leng leaped, they look at  Li Yang with shock, of course, they want to ask but the two have did not  say anything.

Sang Nuan quickly tidied up the medical kit and said, “OK,  I’m ready to go. “

Su Su eyes were down towards the body because his limbs and belly was full of knife cuts, Yi Hu now almost all wrapped up with gauze and if were it not for the gentle movements of the chest that showed him that he still alive, she really thought it was a corpse. The first gauze dressing was completely soaked with blood, blood continued to seep obviously even wrapping him in gauze did not help.

If the blood continues to issue, in less than an hour, he’d be dead, just one hour, how they go out ? Su Su ‘s heart started to fell upset and anxious, thought and said,  “Sang Leng  and I will take the lead and Sang Nuan, you stay with us, Ye Lie you carry Yi Hu,  Mo Yuan and Li Yang  on the rear, we have to go out as soon as possible. “

 Regarding this arrangement, several people do not have the opinion. Both were big man, Ye Lie carries Yi Hu on his back, it was not strenuous. Su Su was preparing to move at forefront the team, her shoulder was again  held back by that familiar weight for the second time, the desolate sound said again leisurely , ” It is not good. My foot had sprain, make Li Yang walk to lead the way, you help me and bring Sang Leng on the rear.”

 “Master!”Heard this saying Li Yang, he also felt that this stretch of woods was not welcoming, therefore before, he followed in secret and stood without leaving the master’s place within two ten feet, if he walked in the team’s forefront opening and the lord encountered any danger, the middle was away from these number of people and he might be too late to overtake them, for master it would be too dangerous?

“Ahem?” Mo Yuan hummed, Li Yang immediately has only kept silent, only that his complexion was very gloomy. Actually Mo Yuan’s arrangements, Su Su thought it to be good. Li Yang as the shadow guard, his sensation and strain capacity of danger of these people were strongest, leading the way in front was most suitable, but she knew that Li Yang was definitely unwilling to leave Mo Yuan’s side, so she did not have the nerve to mention, now that Mo Yuan has said, it was better.

 Su Su pretended that she didn’t see Li Yang’s fierce eyes, she coughs lightly and coaxed,  “Time is running out, we get out of here. “

 On the way back they do not need to search for someone and they are walking a lot faster, in the darkness, a group darted through the eerie forest.

 “Stop.” After half time, Su Su once again stopped the footsteps, feeling both impatient and weak; actually she has to say this brutal fact, “We are lost.”

End of the Chapter

I thought I could quickly get out of this forest scene. Augh! We are starting an episode of lost. Mo Yuan is following Miss Su…  into the woods.

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