A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 32 Strange Corpse

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirates Daughter by Qian Lu

Volume 1 Chapter 32 Strange Corpse

Mo Yuan, rarely raised his eyebrow when asking a question, unperturbed, the cold and still black pupils gazed at Su Su and replied with very elated happy expression, ” Did I intentionally  do what?”

 ” You directed us here intentionally!”

Su Su said it with sense of assurance, Mo Yuan did not deny it but stood firm in front of her and his happy expression was  even deeper now, “Why do you  think so?”

” Lord Mo zhao shu  was very much able to obstruct in this big island the strategies of  Liao Yue’s naval  forces, in all likelihood you are very skilled in matrix technique making oneself invisible and make illusions, with such ability how can you be stranded in this tiny piece of a jungle? The red falcon was giving you a signal when its twittering, therefore you disguised to wai your foot, making Li Yang to lead us, if I did not notice the underwater sound, Li Yang actually will finally led us to this cave also.” Su Su stared at Mo Yuan not miss even a tiny bit of expression coming out of his face.  

Mo Yuan with light gentle kindness in his countenance , Su Su was under the impression that he would acknowledge her own  observation. He softly replied  with another question, “ Why I am going to do that?”

Su Su bit her lip, she did not answer but started thinking, yes, why would he do that? She did not think clearly earlier on and she can’t figure it out now, leading the group of man to follow him, what is his benefits? Does he wants Yi Hu’s  life? It was impossible because even if he does not do anything, the group estimated that Yi Hu will die anyway because of too much blood loss. Was it because… there is something in the cave?       

 Su Su thought of that so called ‘treasure’. However judging Sang Nuan the moment they reach that cave, nothing was shown from her facial expression and it looks like there was no treasure here.

Su Su cannot find a reason for accusing Mo Yuan, she was speechless for very long time and did not know how to answer Mo Yuan’s question. His eyes squinted and the eyes narrowed even more, even the smile on his eyes showed self satisfaction and arrogance! Su Su was irritated and sad, coldly retorted,  “Better if you no longer do anything unless otherwise I will find out the reason you are doing it?”    

Watching her in extreme anger, clenching her jaws, Mo Yuan seems to be enjoying it. The always cold tone sounded to be livelier, ” You help me when my foot was injured and also I want to accompany you to collect the firewood. I was worried you might get lost. Just helping you back?”

 “Lord Mo zhao shu.” Su Su took a deep breath, gathered her courage and tried to calm down her anger, ” I noticed since we entered this stretch of woods, the manner you talk has changed a lot.” His behavior was different, now he talked a lot and even pretending to sprained his foot.

As she said this, Su Su was watching Mo Yuan’s expression, it remained unchanged , he always able to exercise restraint, who knows,  he probably despised someone. Mo Yuan surprisingly nodded his head and retaliated, “That is because I discovered an interesting matter.”     

 “What matter?”

  “Aren’t you very smart? Go ahead and guess.”

  “Do not forget that.” Su Su knew that he was playing with her, she decided not to lose her temper because of him, but he continually stood there, his expression was that full of leisure, Su Su became more irate,” Didn’t you say you will help me gather firewood?”   

 ” You got it wrong, I said to accompany you to collect firewood. “

Su Su’s teeth now was rattling, she doesn’t want to throw him even a glimpse, she doesn’t want to talk to this man not even a single word. 

 Su Su was holding the dry firewood then turn to walk back towards the cave. Under her red copper mask covers, although he cannot see her complexion but tight lip and malicious footsteps on the ground, he can see that her mood was very bad. Ye Lie went forward to receive the firewood from her arms, and said with smile, “ Xiaoshu, sit down and rest , I will lit the fire.”       

Ye Lie’s smile was always with a little taste of the sun, Su Su was a little embarrassed and also a bit sorry to him, she  nodded and replied” OK, thank you.  “

Su Su was sitting at the mouth of the cave with her hand supporting her chin.  She was bored to death and looking at all  directions, her vision fell on a nearby corpse, she stared at the dead body with her big radiating eyes,  swiftly stood up and run towards Yi Hu’s corpse,  then looked intently at the corpse.

Several people did not react until she started to unravel the gauze that wrapped Yi Hu’s hand. Sang Leng was puzzled, ‘”What are you doing”  

Su Su ignored him until she unraveled the whole gauze completely, the gauze was very wet and the blood continued to drip the same as before from the knife cut..

Seeing the face of Su Su completely shocked, Ye Lie baffled, “What’s the matter? “

Su Su frowned and deeply perplexed, “I searched his pulse earlier and he died obviously, but an hour had already passed, how come he was still bleeding?”

 Under Yi Hu’s body, a big puddle of blood stain permeates the soil; this is exactly the same like Yi Wu’s death scene.

 Sang Leng thought otherwise, “His wound was so big, extremely possible for him to also bleed.”

Su Su patiently explained,”  When people dies, the circulation of  blood stops. However, though his wounds is truly big,  it is still leaking with blood and the strength of the  pouring of the blood  should not be like that. This body was so bizarre, he was dead already  for an hour and unexpectedly still bleeding. “

Then she thought of   Li Yang, when he led the way he had a long dagger and it was very sharp, Su Su asked him, “Li Yang, I want to use your knife.”

 Sang Nuan had a bad feeling about it and asked her, ” Why do you want to do?”

“I will cut open the corpse to have a look.” Su Su announced it with a very calm  and resolute face, turned to Li Yang  when he did not hand over the knife and reached out her hand directly.

 Splitting …. Opening …. Corpse …. Body ….  

Several people stared at Su Su, probably she said something very horrible that  even Mo Yuan cannot help but grimaced.

 “No you can’t!” Sang Nuan protested after she recovered from initial shocked,  ” Xiaoshu, you cannot touch him, otherwise after going back, you will die.”  Just get Yi Hu out of this woods , Yi Dang Jiade  will not let them live if Yi Hu will not come out whole…  

Su Su pouted her lips, the atmosphere now was somewhat very serious,  Ye Lie was the first one to break the unusual atmosphere and said,  “Good, let us all rest early for  tomorrow we will have to find our  way out of the woods from this cave.”

Sang Leng  gave her a sharp look, right away  she realized that they were correct she had been impolite, Su Su nodded and said,” Better to rest early, the woods is too  dangerous and we need someone to keep watch, Li Yang and I will keep watch before midnight, and  Sang  Leng and Ye Lie  will watch after midnight. “

 “Good.”Sang Leng and Ye Lie do not have any other opinion, Mo Yuan also have no comment, leaving Li Yang and Su Su to wait at the entrance of the cave, while the others find a place to rest.

While standing the night watch, Li Yang felt that he was the only one on guard  because he  needed to be wary also of his night watch companion , that boy was crouching and staring at the corpse, his eyes had not left the body . When he really could not stand watching anymore, Li Yang irritatingly asked, ” What so attractive about the corpse?”

 Su Su looked at Li Yang sideways, ”  I want to find out the reason  why the corpse is so weird, who else will look at it?”If only she can cut it open and look at it closely, although she knew that she was not proficient in the autopsy, but influenced  of what she saw and  heard from big aunt, she confessed that she also have some level of competence, unfortunately ,  Sang Nuan and  Sang Leng will absolutely not allow her to split open the corpse.

But Su Su was not discouraged, even if she cannot split open the corpse, she must inspect again. She puts out her hand, starting from the head of Yi Hu, do a little examination and then check the appearance of the pupils,  Li Yang was watching her and feeling the creepiness all over his body, thinking of what she said that this corpse was weird but in his opinion, nothing can be more bizarre than this boy.  This big evening, she chose to be with the corpse lifting the hands up then put it down. When Li Yang thought about his request to use his knife cutting it open, he subconsciously collects his knife and kept it at his hand. 

“How is it possible?” Su Su was holding the arm of the corpse, her eye had a hint of surprise and annoyance then she breathed a sigh of relief.

It turns out that I’m wrong about this from the beginning.

End of the Chapter

Li Yang’s reaction. LOL. I don’t know who is more strange, the corpse or Miss Su, I think Su Su–☆☆☆ Mayo☆☆☆

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