A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: the Pirates’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 31 Intentionally?

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirates Daughter by Qian Lu

Volume 1 Chapter 31  Intentionally?!

  “Stop!” After half hour, Su Su once again stopped all footsteps, feeling both impatient and weak, actually someone has to say this brutal truth, ” We are lost.” 

 “How do you know we are lost?”Although Sang Leng was following behind, he was actually been paying attention to Li Yang’s direction, it seemed like the right direction to walk, there should be no reason for them to be lost. Moreover the surrounding place only Li Yang could see, how did she know that they are lost?

Su Su sighed and answered him,” You listen carefully, there are underwater sound, when we came in the first time, we did not have that water sound along the way.”

When people heard this, they started to listen attentively and sure enough they heard the sound of water though very soft,  the night was getting dark,  there was the wind and  leaves rushing sound, interlaced with cries of various animals,  unless you pay attention carefully, a person will not hear the faint sound of the water. Except for Sang Nuan, everyone who was listening to her was perplexed.

Sang Leng and Ye Lie  gave a complex look at Su Su, they confessed that her martial arts was not poor and didn’t realized until now that her aural acuity was this sharp, astonishing  for a young youth!

 Actually what they do not know, the reason why  Su Su can hear these, it was not  because of  her superior aural acuity . She was not way better than many of them, but was trained to it. From infancy to maturity, she trained with mother together, she was taught , “If you cannot see, use your hearing, unable to hear the situation, use your sense of smell and sight”. She had experienced and had been taught , when crisis comes, utilize all the five senses, if some senses have flaws,  the remaining others will become keener. Like the present, her mulberry eye  could not see, then they  must depend on the ear, by nose, distinguished by the sensation, therefore when Su Su was walking the trail, with the five senses in maximum alert, naturally she did not missed that faint underwater sound.

Determined that they heard the underwater sound,  Su Su continued, “Now the surroundings was very dark, if we walk again, instead of going around, might as well walk toward the sound of the water. This is an island, the water only  flows towards the seashore, if we follow the water escape, we should be able to arrive at the beach, as long we get out of this stretch of  this dense woods, going back must easy.”

 Ye Lie walked carrying Yi Hu on his back, although he can still carry him but his breath was not steady already, deeply inspired “, Since we have a direction, then let’s go and walk quickly.”

 Following the  sound of water as a guide, Li Yang did not disappoint everybody , the direction was correct, because the  sound of the water was getting louder, even Sang Nuan heard it. They stepped up just then, Ye Lie urgently cried out,  “Stop for the moment. “  

“What’s up?” Su Su thought he was too tired and really could not support Yi Hu anymore. She then put out a hand to go forward and support Yi Hu and they slowly put him down.

 After they took Yi Hu  down , Ye Lie was livid, his expression was serious, looking on the ground  towards the body that was very pale, said in a whisper, ” He  seems…” 

He had carried Yi Hu  from the beginning and has not paid attention, gradually he discovered the person body that he was carrying on his back was getting colder. His body was sticking to his back however from his chest he cannot feel any movement; therefore he has to put him down to see what’s happening.

Su Su was startled, immediately puts out a hand, take the pulse of Yi Hu on the neck, no pulse.

“He’s dead.” Su Su was greatly depressed. They found Yi Hu in this jungle with great difficulty, recovered him alive, they were not able to interrogate him and point to them who was the murderer. Besides that, they can also just watched him die like this helplessly.

Sang Leng  expression was the same, that of an indifference. Yi Hu died, moreover died at their side. That person will not let them off absolutely and it will be particularly harsh for Sang Nuan.

Sang Nuan sighed deeply, “, Even if  he were a corpse, we  must bring him back, otherwise ……” she has not continued but the meaning was said completely.   ” Let’s go.”Finally Ye Lie stood, although it was more strenuous than before, he still carried the body and said, ” The underwater sound was louder, we should be drawing near.”

 The person was dead and saying anything was pointless, several people also kept quite and just followed Li Yang behind like a procession, gradually they reached the place with the sound of the water.

After walking half an hour, several of them felt that the soil on their feet was getting more humid and muddy, Sang Nuan was holding the torch, loudly  announced,” This is a cave!”

 When they approached, they did saw a cave. It’s  entrance was small, water flowed from the inside, but not strong  and the sound of rushing water that echoed was amplified by the cave. Sang Nuan, scooped up some  water and  smelled it, The smell was a unique salty taste of seawater came. She was very happy, ” On the beach, natural cave are many, most likely it was a night tide where the water was coming from, if we follow the cave, we may really be able to go out. “

This black hole in the night was like a behemoth with extended mouth, waiting for prey to bring its death. Su Su shook her head, apparently she doesn’t have Sang Nuan’s optimism,” Inside the cave we might encounter danger, the water from the sea has not filled the cave. How much of the tunnels inside the cave, that we don’t know also. We knew nothing besides our torch is going out, we walked for so long and we are very tired, we should not rush to take a risk, why don’t we wait at the mouth of the cave to rest and wait till morning. “

 “What Xiaoshu said made sense, let’s  listen to Xiaoshu. ” Several people after listening to Su Su’s advice were silent. Mo Yuan unexpectedly spoke and the voice was particularly commanding.

Su Su was surprised to hear Mo Yuan spoke, glimpsed back at him, two people’s vision met, Su Su suspiciously continued her gaze on him for awhile before taking back her line of sight.

Sang Leng noticed that Sang Nuan’s finger on the bough was somewhat turning deathly white, immediately agreed also, ” Let us rest in the cave this evening.”  Sang Leng believed if not for that branch that supports her, she couldn’t even walk anymore.

 Ye Lie also puts down Yi Hu and sat on a stone, he was gasping for breath. Since everybody does not have other opinion, therefore one group of people decided  to pass the night in a cave.

Su Su felt that Mo Yuan should have not  acted fiercely excessive few moments ago. But thinking about it, what he did was really surprising.  As she habitually do, she wanted to  rubbed her nose while pondering but her fingertip touched the ice-cold mask instead. Her nasty feeling inside gradually subsided. She coughs lightly, Su Su took the torch from Sang Nuan and said, “I will pick some dry branches to light a fire.” Su Su walked into the woods feeling relieved when she felt someone was behind her. She reeled behind her to see who it was, turned out to be Mo Yuan . Su Su frowned,” Your foot ankle has wai, what happened to it, can you walk back and forth with me? “

 Mo Yuan walked slowly with limp towards her and replied dismissively, ”  I’m afraid, in case you get lost. “

To see him walk step by step with limp, in addition to doing it slowly, there’s nothing strange,  Su Su, did not know if he was lying before because he never took off his shoes to check it. Watching  him drawing ever closer,  Su Su said, ” The torch have not completely extinguished and  there are water guidelines. Also I will not go very far, so I won’t be lost. His concern, actually not very  necessary.” Under the flame, his black pupil  slightly narrowed then followed by  his long silence, his cold deep eyes sent a faint wave, before examining carefully, it seemed to be only an illusion but Su Su  suddenly thought of something that opened her mind to another something, stared intently at Mo Yuan, anxiously quipped, “You did it intentionally?”

Mo Yuan questioningly raised his eyebrows , with the cold and still black pupils looked at Su Su, the sound unexpectedly was also tinged with happy expression, answered her, ” What  you mean intentionally?” “

 “Didn’t you intentionally direct us here!”

 End of the Chapter


  Uh uh.. Su Su was really suspicious of him… Our male protagonist starting to make his moves. This is exciting to follow. Was her accusation  correct?



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  1. I think Mo Yuan already suspect something that Su Su is a girl . 🙂
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