A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 33 Entering the Cave

Love our heroine, she is too brave with her comedic actions (and thoughts).《《~***lynnnida***~》》

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirates Daughter by Qian Lu

Volume 1 Chapter 33 Entering the Cave 

“How is this possible?” Su Su was holding the corpse’s arm and took a deep breath, her heart was pleasantly surprised at the same time annoyed, then breathed out heavily.

It turns out that I am wrong in this since the beginning.

 Now the current time was zishi (11-1 am),  meaning Yi Hu was already dead over two hours, however his arms and fingers were stiff only by a small degree. It can be bent freely which was inconsistent with the normal degree of a corpse’s rigor mortis that she knew. Also, this corpse continues to gush out blood, this was also completely contrary to the norm.  If the murderer was the same person, according to the degree of rigor mortis and  blood coagulation then her approximate time of death in the beginning was wrong. Then even the alibis of each person  doesn’t prove or institute anything.

Therefore, the time of death for Wu Mu and Yi Wu would be much earlier. If the murder happened before dawn then there’s no necessity to bury the shoes of Yi Wu, that behavior could be a deliberate act.

 In short, since Su Su assumed a wrong time of death, she must abolish all inferences and start over from the beginning.

Zishi (11 p.m. to 1 a.m) passed, Ye Lie and Sang Leng woke up but in such mountains and plains, it was  actually impossible to fall asleep. They just sat in repose with eyes closed, therefore they also knew that  Su Su was crouching near the corpse all night. Now that their eyes were wide open and looking at her with both eyes, she appeared very obsessed with the corpse. Ye Lie made a light cough, “Xiaoshu, it’s after midnight, your turn to rest.”

When she heard the voice, Su Su came to her senses and selected a comfortable place to rest NEAR the corpse, closed her eyes and slept.

 Ye Lie and Sang Leng glanced at each other and thought that this youth called Xiaoshu was really weird, to a higher degree than they first thought.

 The night went by safely, daytime in the jungle came especially late, chenshi (7-9 a.m) had already past over and  some misty bright lights transcended through the trees. Su Su also woke up early and the moment she opened her eyes, immediately squatted by the corpse.

She appeared very focused, staring at the corpse intently. Ye Lie could not help but chuckled with a smile, “Xiaoshu, what are you looking at? Last night, you didn’t have enough of it after staring for a long time?”

Su Su casually replied, “Last night, it was too dark and I couldn’t see properly.” Su Su again lifted the corpse’s arm and it slightly curved …… Sure enough, after six hours, the body was still not completely stiff.

The night passed by,  Yi Hu’s blood was already drained out, the gray complexion made the heart’s of the people frightened and they didn’t dare look at it, but this young lad was not only staring at it but also approached it and suddenly leaned her body very close to the corpses face ……  yeah came very close, face to face.

  Ye Lie was watching her, his eyes were covered with complexity.

What is this? Su Su discovered that Yi Hu’s nasal cavity was suffused with a glowing blue black color, the blood was seeping out unexpectedly from inside.

Su Su thought of the fragrance in Yi Wu’s room, were these aromatics used for murder? The murder from her calculation in Yi Hu’s case probably started when they explored Yi Wu’s room. On that day, she, Ye Lie and Xiang Erye also smelled the fragrance and they were all right? Nevertheless, she felt something from there went differently? 

Ye Lie also squatted down near Su Su’s side and curiously asked, “What do you see now?”

Su Su decided to stop for now and shook her head and answered, “Let’s find an exit first and then talk about it.” Basically, she needed to examine both corpses again.

 Although, Sang Nuan did not need to stand the night watch, her face doesn’t look well. She scooped up seawater to wash her face and sober herself. She took a deep breath and gradually collected herself and asks,  “What do we do now? Are we entering this cave?”

 Su Su entered the cave and looked at Mo Yuan, in this group of lost pedestrians, he was the only one that look rested and refreshed.

Su Su bent to wash her hands with water and said, “Come let us go in and follow the water to the exit, the chances of getting out is greater. Last night’s situation was not as clear as inside now as it appears that there are bits of broken light. I dare advance recklessly now since it appears there are small lights in the holes, then the hole is not sealed and we can breathe inside. Even if the tide comes again, the hole will not be submerged. If we are lucky, we might be able to get out before dark.”

 “In that case, let us not delay, let’s go.” Ye Lie was greatly motivated, quickly stooped down and picked up the body of Yi Hu and started walking carrying the corpse. Yesterday, Yi Hu had a severe wound and his back was full of his bloodstains. Overnight, the blood dried up on his clothes and body and it gave him an unusual discomfort. 

Fortunately, it was Yi Hu’s body and the corpse was not ordinary, the rigor mortis was not yet serious and even last night he could bend the body towards his back.

Su Su went towards the side of Mo Yuan and Mo Yuan decided to fiddle with her and popped the question, “Are you going to help me?”

 Su Su turned up the corners of her mouth, observef his foot and pointed out, “Your foot, you did not wai (sprain) it again?” 

 “I did.” With that, Mo Yuan brusquely put his hand on her shoulder. Su Su’s wish was fulfilled after hearing his ‘fruitful’ answer and ground her teeth. 

Su Su’s body straightened up, she can’t wait to step on that person’s foot spitefully. She made every effort to practice self control with much difficulty and bit her lower lip, then she announced their position, “Li Yang will walk as a guide, Ye Lie will carry Yi Hu to walk in the middle, Ah Nuan has no martial arts skill, so she will walk together with Sang Leng and at the rear will be me and Lord Mo zhao shu.” With that she turned and leaned extremely close to Mo Yuan, “Lord Mo zhao shu what do you think?” 

The modest provocative implication of Su Su’s statement was not heard by Mo Yuan he just nodded in acknowledgement, “Very good.”

The arrangement made by Su Su, several people thought it’s feasible, coupled with their eagerness to leave; they casually gathered themselves and entered the cave. Seeing several people already walk out the front from about seven or eight feet away, Su Su stood there motionless. Mo Yuan was holding onto her shoulder signalling with his head to move and whispered, “If you don’t go, we will be left behind.”

Su Su was standing with her hands crossed over her chest, coldly reminding him, “Inside the cave is full of rugged stones and we have to mind also the current of flowing water, so in the event you really accidentally wai your foot, walking on your own is comparatively better.”

 “But I really wai my foot, if you don’t support me, how can I walk?”

  “Right?” The amber brown pupil glanced towards his foot, the face under the mask suddenly beaming a smile, “So then take off the shoes, let me see where’s the wai?”


Su Su felt the pressure on her shoulder became light and the man who claimed to have an ankle sprain the night before stepped up, following the person in the front, walking with a steady gait.

She was staring at that jet black figure and she couldn’t stop beaming that victorious smile. Miss Su was deeply comforted that she had won, finally.

The team that left and after about a burning joss stick,*  the water current gradually grew bigger and people’s ankles were submerged, the reef was wet by sea water and walking became more challenging. Li Yang’s voice echoed from the front, “There are two roads branched out in front, which one?”

*Meaning: a poetic way of referring to a short time span… depending on the author, generally either 5 minutes or 30 minutes. In the context of the story, probably about 30 minutes

 Li Yang turned his head. The several people in the front also followed his line of sight towards Su Su, Mo Yuan moved to her side but remained silent, she looked at him,  ‘calm and unruffled even in the midst of chaos’ .** 

** hào zhěng yǐ xiá   an Chinese idiom meaning calm and unruffled even in the midst of chaos or at a busy time

Mo Yuan’s disenchanted eyes chided Su Su, “Don’t look to me on what to do, I was just listening to whatever you say.” After that declaration, Mo Yuan swiftly took a step back. Then Su Su felt a breath of crisp air hits her ear, Mo Yuan was at her side again just to whisper, “I was holding to you deliberately to guide you where to go.” His voice was very soft making Su Su feel itchy on the ear and he stepped back after his rebuke, just like her mask her face turned expressionless.

    ……Did I really misunderstand him?

 She suggested the cave, actually she was also eager to know what idea Mo Yuan had, but he unexpectedly let her have her way, he wasn’t really afraid for her to choose her own way, but it was not necessarily the direction he wanted to go?

 Everyone focused their line of vision towards Su Su, under the red copper mask they cannot see her changing expressions, after a moment’s silence they only hear a definite answer, “To the left.”

Li Yang listened to her words and did not protest, just walking towards the left. The master said that the boy has the breath of halidom. Between the halidom and her certainly has special induction, so when she said the left, he naturally just follow to the left.

Nobody has given much thought, as Li Yang walked to the left. After a few steps, Sang Leng helped Sang Nuan with her unsteady gait and curiously asked, “Why left?”

    “Gut feeling.”


 All the people were really speechless.

Actually Su Su selected to go left, naturally she has reasons, although two roads branched out, one had a stronger current and outflow, the water flow on the right road was meager and  obviously no wind was flowing, there was a possibility that it was a closed alley. But these things she doesn’t need to explain to them. Moreover she already said what she felt and gave them a complete pretext. Just pondering a bit more, was there something that attracted her to the left path ….. ….

End of the Chapter


I am taking back my words earlier, I thought having corpse around would be dreadful and gloomy by not for our Miss Su. Her attraction with the dead body were funny .– Mayo

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  5. Gut feeling hahaha yeah it kinda hassle to explain it jn details but really when will we unravel the mystery~

    Thank u 4 d chap!


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