A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Chapter 34 Skill in Excess Not to Keep Hidden

The suspense!!! (LOL) But her appetite is incomparable. 《《~***lynnnida***~》》

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirates Daughter by Qian Lu

Volume 1 Chapter 34   Excellent Skill Not to Keep Hidden

Several people proceeded along the left cave. Gradually the cave became increasingly narrow, finally two people cannot walk parallel. Su Su paused for a moment to gently pat the cliff with her hands. The walls have many vapors and but no moss, that means this narrow stone-pavement was not often washed out by water. Su Su finally felt relieved and some assurance.   

They proceeded again until the stone-paved road was so narrow that it lets only one person pass at a time, Mo Yuan with his back on the stone wall stood and instructed her, “You go first.”

Su Su eyed him suspiciously and pondered before saying, “There’s no need, I will be at the rear.”

Su Su was waiting for what he will say but he just simply nodded and followed Sang Leng ahead. Su Su furrowed her brows unknowingly, since the time they entered the woods, she was always doing what was against what Mo Yuan does, was she already suspicious of him?

Su Su was tangled up in a bias and she did not actually realize it, she should not suspect everyone, though Mo Yuan’s behavior was obviously odd, her presumptive feelings towards him was not normal at this point?

Su Su was completely engrossed in her contemplation when she was suddenly distracted and snapped out of her thoughts, she perceived that there were some unusual sounds coming from the front. It was coming from the end of the narrow stone path, frantically she went after them, the sound was not water, it was more like … … sounds of flapping wings?!   

“Everybody be careful!” Su Su had only called once and right away felt the presence of a black shadow cover her and she felt numb. Mo Yuan protected her under his embrace and his entire cloak covered her. This was her second time to come into this situation with Mo Yuan, but compared​ to the ‘pasting’ of their bodies previously, this time, they were awfully close too.  Mo Yuan drew her closer to him and protected her with his cloak; she couldn’t see his face and she tried to listen to his heartbeat, but she couldn’t hear anything because she can only hear her own heart beating frantically.

 She was not hiding behind other people’s experience but everyone in the family was protecting her. When she encounters a disaster her father was always behind her and even her elder sisters also backed her up, behind them she felt safe and secure, but this time being surrounded by the breath of this person unexpectedly gave her a feeling of dizziness.

   “Are you all right?”

   (TL: Her list of her blind supporters doesn’t include Gu Yun. Mother disciplines and trains right!.)

The scenario in her mind quickly returned to reality, she passed that state in time rapidly, hearing the icy voice of Ye Lie then helped her recover from her reverie, she drew her hand to step back then strode fiercely towards the front and she was separated from that man who was causing her to have dizzy spell. Su Su thought her head has sobered and took a deep breath and looked up at Mo Yuan to follow and only saw that constantly cold back.

 “Were you injured?” Sang Leng’s pair of straight eyebrows was slanting upwards, radiating eyes were staring at Sang Nuan’s neck, his face doesn’t hide his annoyance, he was too slow and was unable to protect her right away, just moments ago.

Sang Nuan touched her neck, slightly hurt, her fingertips were stained with blood, something flying scratched her neck, Sang Nuan shook it off, “I’m alright, it’s just a minor injury. “

Sang Leng put down the medicine box from his shoulder and said anxiously, “Get the medicine and treat the cut quickly.”

Sang Nuan held down Sang Leng with the medicine on hand, said, “The one that was flying a moment ago must be the petrel* (tube-nosed seabirds, same family as seagulls), these many petrel flying in hordes mean that the front is certainly a kind of spacious limestone cave, it is unsafe where we are and so move farther ahead quickly and wait till the front broadens to bandage the neck.”

This small stone-paved road was truly not a suitable place to bandage the scratches and Sang Nuan’s neck was no longer bleeding. Sang Leng nodded in agreement and protected Sang Nuan as they moved ahead.

Just as Sang Nuan predicted, several people in the stone– paved area were groping as they walked, after a while, they started to feel the stone-pavement gradually feel spacious and ahead also has a weak ray of light. Several people hasten their footsteps. Before long they reach a big limestone cave, the water current was stronger and it unexpectedly formed a pool and around that pool of water, there are many big dry spaces.

After entering the cave, Su Su immediately tried to walk a few steps, before leaving Mo Yuan a little distance away.

Sang Leng and San Nuan sat down on a rock, he puts on the hemostatic powder from the medicine cabinet and the gauze, noticing the way he was nervous, Sang Nuan felt both helplessness and affection for him. The neck wound was not even worth mentioning and after he skillfully dressed it, it will be OK soon. The medicines and gauze were neatly put back inside the medicine kit, Sang Nuan said, “Ready, let’s go.”

 “No.” Several people were preparing to continue, when they heard Su Su standing before the puddle motionless, the sinking sound said, “We’re staying here temporarily.”

Staying here? Sang Nuan wondered, “Why?” Although here was safer than the narrow stone-paved road, it was still better to move as soon as possible.

 “It’s because there are fish!”  The eyes of Su Su was beaming with joy and gleefully staring at the pool swimming with fish, ready to bite them like a wolf.

Seeing her this way, Mo Yuan understood clearly, Li Yang was angry and frustrated, helpless at the moment, other people were left confused, Ye Lie asked, “Seawater crashing into the caves are even bringing some fish with it, is it somehow strange?”

 “There’s nothing strange, I was hungry, we eat first and then go!” Su Su cannot bear her hunger, even during the open country training she followed her mother before, she was always hungry, she loves to eat and if there’s an opportunity to eat, she was determined not to miss it.


Since the time they have entered the cave, as they correctly remembered they do not know how many times she has been right and did not wait for any opposition but started moving and giving orders.

 “Ye Lie, you light a fire first, I will catch the fish and give me a good grilled fish!” Su Su then asked Li Yang for the long knife and then entered the shallow part of the deep pool. Standing in the middle of the waist-high sea water, without stirring, both eyes staring gleefully at the fish that’s in the water, the fish was swimming away but will not escape her luminous eyes.

Mo Yuan and Li Yang deeply understood Su Su’s profound fondness for food. She has been saying that there were fish for a quarter of an hour now. They knew her, if she has not eaten to the full, she absolutely isn’t walking. Therefore, they found a clean place to sit and rest. Another three people who were watching her also decided to fill up their belly first, after all they have not eaten for a day and a night, if they say that they were not hungry it’s totally a lie.

Before coming, in order to ignite a fire, they collected some wood fiber and dried branches that they picked from the limestone cave’s dry and clear places. Ye Lie quickly built the fire of high-piled firewood; the speed of Su Su was pretty fast and neat. Every time the knife pokes the water, it would come out with 1 or 2 fish tacked on.

Soon she has caught six fish and skillfully cleaned and gutted them very quickly. She did not scale the fish but strung them on a branch and put them on the fire to roast. The fish came up good compared with the chicken and rabbit. It was easier to cook and before long, the fragrance of grilled fish filled the air.

Before they can hold back their hunger but now the smell was like a seductive fragrance, several people felt their hunger magnified that they can’t take it anymore, even elegant Sang Nuan could not stop but said, “Quite fragrant, I did not know that Xiaoshu is surprisingly a good cook. “

 Su Su smiled and laughed, “Skill in excess to what extent must be kept hidden for oneself !” Actually, her cooking was really not much because she does not need to prepare her food at home but her skills to bake and roast can definitely compare favorably with her qing gong, let alone family’s several brats cannot compare with her, Chen Sister and Sister Ning was not even her match.

The skills in excess to what extent must be kept hidden for oneself… Mo Yuan’s mouth did not say anything but these words were really appropriate.

Su Su took one look at the roasted fish, nodded with satisfaction, gathered up and scraped the scales aside, along with the darkened skin, then took the tender white sweet fish out, Su Su presented the fragrant fish to Sang Nuan and laughed, “Well, have a taste of my craftsmanship.”

 Sang Nuan took a bite of the fish and exclaimed, “Your craftsmanship is really good!” The meaning that she has not thought highly of completely, this fish roast was truly delicious and the duration and degree of cooking was extremely good, the fire had been controlled well and the fresh fish taste fills up one’s mouth.

Su Su smiled, accepted Sang Nuan’s warm praise and handed Ye Lie and Sang Leng two grilled fish. For whatever weird reason she doesn’t want to go near Mo Yuan and handed two baked fish into the hands of Li Yang, returned to the fire, grabbed the last fish to eat it.

 She was truly hungry and had eaten 2-3 fishes and there were no leftovers. Su Su stood up again at the pool with the knife, stared at the pool to catch another fish, Ye Lie hurriedly jumped up holding a fish that he had not finished, “You are not full yet? I will give you half of my share. Also, the water is cold and you might get sick.”

Su Su looked at the white fish; her sight stayed for a while but didn’t have the nerve to take it. Embarrassingly smiled, “Who knows when we will be out of the cave, walking along the beach may take a long time, there are lots of fish here, we can roast some to bring with us, no hurry and don’t panic.”

Before he could say the next sentence, Su Su rushed into the water again; Ye Lie can only helplessly watch her, standing next to the pool.

Li Yang’s keen senses were watching his own master who was eating the fish with gusto a moment ago, he paused in his eating and put the fish down and turned aside.

Su Su saw that a big fish was swimming away toward deeper water, and quickly pursued, wanting to block it. Just that the cave does not have good lighting and she could not see clearly the depth of the pool. Su Su chases after several steps and under her foot the water that was up to her waist in an instant was above her head, but it seemed like the tranquil pool has a surging undercurrent, Su Su yelped once and was pulled down by this undercurrent.

“Xiaoshu?!” Ye Lie looked surprised, Su Su unexpectedly vanishes right before his eyes, she struggled without enough time and she was sucked in by the whirlpool.

Sang Nuan felt flushed, then a black figure did not hesitate, but jumps down the deep pool towards the whirlpool.

Is that Mo Yuan or Ye Lie? 

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