A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 35 Hero Rescue The Beauty?

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu

Volume 1 Chapter 35  Hero Rescue The Beauty?


From the middle of the deep pool, a person’s shadow breaks out of the water, Su Su came out, while her throat was choking with water at the same time she swam away towards the shore. Just now, she was not prepared and was caught up in the undercurrent a moment ago, the water current was pushing her chest cavity, at that moment she thought she would die in the water. Thankfully, under mother’s insistence she studied swimming with the elder sisters since childhood and her swimming skill was good, in her mind she stood firmly and didn’t panic and moved following the undercurrent, then she was flushed to this place.

Under the current, she vaguely saw a shadow pulling her, unfortunately the under current was too strong and the two of them was sucked up by the current then burst up, she saw also the shadow was sinking and then floating, she was surprised and quickly swam past and supported the person, carefully looked and saw Mo Yuan. Su Su quickly pulled him to the shore.

Once out of the water, there was no buoyancy to support them  and Su Su and Mo Yuan tumbled together on the shallow beach. Su Su’s felt taken by the undercurrent and her chignon also dispersed. She put her wet hair behind, her whole head was soaking wet and she took down her mask and placed it on her waist, wiped the water damage on the mask and then suddenly remembered something and she quickly reached her boots for the copper fan. Her heart settles after feeling the hard piece, it was good that it didn’t fall off because it was not tied up strongly. If it disappeared she will be heartbroken like losing a loved one, for this fan has accompanied her for ten years.

A long time had passed and she did not hear him make a sound or stir, Su Su turned her head and she discovered that Mo Yuan indeed had passed out unexpectedly.

“Hey? Wake up, are you all right?” It was just that the momentum of the water current was fast, he won’t drown right?! Su Su quickly knelt at his side to check him, there was no water in the mouth and nose, no breathing disorder and now Su Su calmed her heart and waited a moment more. Mo Yuan still has no signs of returning back to his consciousness. She was now wondering if something had happened while in the water, did he hit a rock?

“You fool, did you hit yourself on a rock?” Su Su hastily leaned his body to inspect the forehead and back of the head of Mo Yuan.

He suddenly felt his forehead was being held, Mo Yuan opened his eyes in bewilderment, his spontaneous hand reflection lifted and caught the neck of the person, warm and delicate to touch made his mind lightly shake, the hand unconsciously loosen its strength. Mo Yuan decided to look at the person above him earnestly, the image of a bright and beautiful face came into sight, that pair of familiar amber brown pupils, full of concern in them, while looking at him, her silky hair was drenched with water, dripping on his neck, that so-called birthmark on the face was very pale, hardly noticeable, the warm skin looked like jade shining softly in this gloomy cave. Mo Yuan doesn’t know how to describe the mood at this moment, he felt like he was touched in selected the acupuncture point and unable to move completely.

When Mo Yuan suddenly opened his eyes, Su Su was startled, she didn’t notice his hand was clutching her neck, when she recovered she did not think of putting on the mask and her hair was completely wet and disheveled, in her mind she shouted “shit”. She was afraid she couldn’t keep her identity, Su Su slowly backed away, giving Mo Yuan an apprehensive look, but saw him staring at her. She noticed that his eyes were extremely strange for a moment, she can’t guess, but there was absolutely no expression of surprise.

Worried about the possibility, Su Su stared with her big eyes and with the tone of implication, “You already knew?” In view of what had occurred in the past, Su Su narrowed her eyes, fixed her intense gaze at Mo Yuan and asked, “Since when?”

Su Su drew back, Mo Yuan’s distressed heartbeat finally calmed down, his subtle cold appearance also returned and asked in return, “Will it matter? Is there any difference?”

Su Su gnashed her teeth, “Certainly, of course!” If Mo Yuan knew as soon as they met that she is a woman, being stuck in a pit hugging her until they are pasted together or lying again yesterday to let her help him with fake wai (sprain), that was deliberately taking advantage of her and counting her as cheap, Miss Su will ‘eat anything but will not suffer loss’!**

(idiom** meaning she will get even and not to be taken advantage of)

Perhaps he saw Su Su’s savage ray of light leering from her eyes, Mo Yuan gravely replied, “Yesterday, when you help to hold me I have guessed correctly.” If it was the truth or anything else, only he knew.

Su Su recalled when they met the petrel situation in the cave, Mo Yuan was truly protecting her with the cloak, he was not hugging her like the first time, so he did not account her to be cheap, reflecting on this, Su Su then believed his words, her face finally eased and her heart relaxed but what a pity when Mo Yuan added a few more words, she almost couldn’t control herself and wanted to cut his throat.

 Actually, I’m not really sure, after all … … it doesn’t seem like it.” He added without fearing death as his eyes fell on someone’s chest.

What kind of tone and expression is this?! Does that despised and contemptuous​ look have several meanings?! Su Su drew her collar and showed it to  Mo Yuan and exclaimed, “There is a bundle, that tightly bind the breast,* can you see, do you know what is this thing or not!”

Mo Yuan has been bragging to be cold and indifferent, the rare thing in the world was for him to make his gaffe, but at this moment, he felt that his calm mask was not put on quick enough … … really a woman?

* Ancient Chinese women do not use corset like Europeans do, but Su Su was flashing Mo Yuan something equivalent to a corset.

After witnessing Lord Mo Yuan’s stagnant eyes suddenly widened, shining bright like water surging, Su Su pushed him, stood up in distress and turned back, rubbed her forehead, embarrassed. An awkward atmosphere filled the air in the cave and resentful of her sudden pre-death. It was not Mo Yuan who bumped his head earlier, it was her?! Why did she insanely do that and said those words?!

Fortunately, the awkward and embarrassed state was indeed not very long, for Miss Su will not trouble herself longer. She took a few deep breaths, relaxed herself, gathered her composure and put on a dignified face and with poise turned around, saw Mo Yuan still lying on the ground near the pool. Su Su inquired, “How long will you stay on the ground?”

Somebody sighed, looked helpless and said, “This time, I really hurt my foot.”

Su Su looked to find Mo Yuan soaking in the water, kneeling on his right knee, the water was dyed with light red, probably hit by rocks. Su Su frowned, didn’t hesitate to be hypocritical, went toward Mo Yuan to help him up, but still did not forget to point out, “You got what you deserved.”

She helped Mo Yuan sit on a dry smooth rock, as she said to him, “You sit here for a while, I will find a way out.”

She looked a moment ago casually, this cave was not big, there’s only one way out, inside the way wasn’t clear and she was not sure if it is a dead alley.

Su Su just got up but her wrist was grabbed by Mo Yuan, “Let’s go together.”

Su Su shot a glance at Mo Yuan saw his foot was still bloodied and replied, “You’re like this, but also want to go with me? You rest here and I will find the outlet and come back to look for you again.”

“I just jumped in the deep pool in order to save you, now I hurt my foot, and you’re just going to leave me here all alone to loom and perish on my own, and it doesn’t show that you were such a person.”

Lord Mo shao zhu was acting cool to get what he wanted and his skill, he regarded to be profound, these words stirred up Su Su’s anger and fires back, “Who rescues who, you do not know!” Su Su laugh, “Well, if you want to go together I will not hold you. Can you walk?”

After listening to her words, Mo Yuan let go of her wrist, stood with ease and walked towards the dark path. The wound still has blood pouring out, it diffused a light bloody scent but he walked as if he wasn’t injured.

 “Wait a minute.” What kind of man is this? He didn’t sustain an injury but appeared really weak, now has been really injured, the appearance was that of a strong person?

Su Su paused to call him out, Mo Yuan’s eyes seemed to be smiling, afterwards, he only heard a hissing sound, Su Su cut it neatly, it may be described as fast and ruthless. Mo Yuan’s black cloak was cut, a black cloth strip was in her hand and wrapped around his knee skillfully, and then Su Su stepped back, survey it and was very satisfied.

Mo Yuan glanced down on his tattered cloak; the always silent and indifferent face was apprehensive, showing some rare display of depression, “At this time, shouldn’t you rip your clothes?”

Su Su will not let go of this one, “What are you, an idiot?” Then picked up a nearby branch and gave it to him conveniently. “Here for you.” This time she did not removed the bark and just handed it to Mo Yuan directly.

Su Su cannot be blamed for this, she grew up in the male crowd since childhood, unavoidably was affected, naturally women were treated like a treasure, for the men, well, treated like stone, like grass, therefore, Mo Yuan can only get this treatment.

They two entered the channel, one after the other and this cavern was very dry, it did not have any water, they have not walked far, only about 7-8 ten feet, they came to an end. Su Su was very disappointed and exclaimed, “It is a dead end, we have wasted our effort, go.”

“Here, there is no other way, if we exit from under water, there is the undercurrent hindrance, the task may not be easy, search again, the place is perhaps too dark, we did not see any exits.” He can feel that the breath of Ling shi was getting stronger, his blood was clamoring, and he believed that Xiaoshu can certainly find an opportunity to enter that place.

Su Su was naturally unaware of the plan of Mo Yuan, but she does not want to dive again and go through that deep pool, therefore she decided to attentively find another outlet.

This place, the light was too dark, she can only try to find out along the cliff, slowly groping it. Before long, she traced a depression, that smooth exquisite touch, absolutely was not the natural formation she has seen before, Su Su happily, called out, “Mo Yuan, you quickly come and see, there is something here, some kind of mechanism!”☆☆☆☆☆

End of the Chapter

  Sorry, there’s  no smut in the story .  Miss Su, to prove she is indeed a woman which is for sure  also, there was no questioning from Mo Yuan now. 

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