A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶) Chapter 1

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu (错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

Chapter 1 The Hostage That Does Not Appear Like A Hostage

” Big Sister, you come and see quickly, Su Tong is right or not?!”

The towering trees of the forest have luxuriant branches and leaves, almost blocking the sky. At high noon, sun rays were like halos passing through the dense leaves. The weeds and bush were no more than two feet high and the surroundings were covered by the fragrance of vegetation, from time to time, one can hear the sound of the beasts roaring or a sound of howling. This was a piece of inaccessible mountain forest, the crisps sound of child’s voice resounds in such environment, it was very domineering.

At a closer look, behind the green and luxuriant forests was a 6 or 7-year-old little girl, her hand was holding nameless grass over her forehead, with a smile on her face that was more brilliant than sunshine.

The little girl was actually holding a dark bluegrass, the leaf’s blade has a tiny stripe, on the leaf stem it has also several purple-red florets.It looked common, but this plant was actually being used to detoxify poisons and to stop the wounds from bleeding, it also to alleviates fever and remove dampness.

The little girl handed in front of the woman the medicinal herb. The woman in just a simple glance, welcomed the little girl’s fearful look. The little girl was anticipating anxiously and a cold voice spoke with several points of gentleness, saying, “Right, this is Huang Qin.”

The girl’s eye light up, holding that small herbal medicine like a treasure and the happy expression on face was deeper, also bringing several points of pride, “Su Tong has not deceived the elder sister, you are very intelligent, that side also have many grass, but Su Tong picked the right one!”

The woman rubbed girl’s head, looked at several Huang Qin grasses 4-5 ten feet away (Chinese 10 feet=3.3 meters) and said, ” You be careful and don’t run.”

“Ok.” The little girl was cautiously holding a bamboo basket with medicinal herbs, sweetly smiled, then runs ahead, but not far away.

When she determined that the little girl was away from danger, the woman lowered her head and continued searching for raw herbal material for analgesia and sleep aid.

The woman who supposed the one to have “run away from home” was no other than Miss Lou Chen. She was en route by Liao Yue and just passing by the Capital City to have a look and had not actually thought that just right after leaving Qiong Yue, she entered the small border town of Luo Shui along the Lou Shen River Mountain*, she met a little girl. This girl was dirty all over, sitting at the foot of the hill crying.

  • Lou Shen River Mountain or Goddess of Loushui River Mountain

Little girl’s name was Su Tong, her household’s livelihood was hunting, they lived below Lou Shen River Mountain and she had a mother that was physically very weak. The father climbed the mountain to hunt and traded the hunts with money, this is how he maintained his family alive. Unfortunately, six months ago, the girl’s father climbed the mountains to go hunting and encountered a black bear and was seriously injured. Though he was able to escape with great difficulty and reached home, his injuries were so severe and he passed away.

The family had no savings, now completely broke and no livelihood. Life was indeed difficult for them. The girl also had an elder brother, named Su Meng and he was about 12 or 13-year-old youth. Thinking now that he should carry the family burden, he ran towards the mountain secretly, hoping that he can hunt for small animals to exchange for money to buy the medicine for mother. However, in one of his outing, he had a bad luck of encountering a rainstorm and he fell halfway up the mountainside and broke his leg.

The sudden blow that runs in this family had made them go hungry; it was one misfortune after another. They couldn’t afford a doctor and if Su Meng will not see a doctor for his leg to be treated, surely the leg will become disabled. The little girl heard that in the mountain has many raw herbs for medicine and went to walk into the mountain to gather some medicinal herbs but what a pity, who would be willing to lead little girl to walk into the mountain, therefore she can only sit at the foot of the hill to cry and was lucky to meet Lou Chen.

Lou Chen originally intends to give them 20 taels of silver money (1 tael=50g), for them to find a doctor to treat the illness and the remaining money was suffice per them to live for several months. But on the contrary, this little girl refused to take the money for her family.

Such strength of the character Lou Chen thought to herself but she felt very helpless at the same time  with some admiration. She does not have a heart not to look at the youth because this small girl has a wound and small disability from the fall. Lou Chen found an excuse and pretended that she does not have a place to live temporarily, needed a temporary lodging and would stay in the hunter’s family household and as a repayment, she will help the youth cure his injured foot and wound.

These past few days, together with the little girl, they have been frequenting the Lou Shen River Mountain  searching for some herbal medicines and then to go back to give it to Su Meng. The young fellow’s body was good and healthy because after 7 to 8 days later, the wound on his foot was almost healed, only that was needed to do was carefully raised up and practice walking. This time she feared that this will be their last visit on Goddess of Loushui River Mountain.

The herbal medicine that Lou Chen will pick were about to be placed inside the bamboo basket, suddenly she heard an abnormal noise from the distance, that sound could be anything from, most likely a fly fleeing the thick patches of grass, she marched towards the direction of little Su Tong.

The girl was sitting in the thick patches of grass and did not feel the approaching danger.

Lou Chen’s heart was startled, she was worried , as to not scare the beast of prey in the wooded mountain, she hurried to raise and used her qinggong to leap lightly, runs towards the girl’s direction and did not forget to observe not to make such big noise, it could be anything. Carefully went closer, only to discover that coming towards their direction was likely not a beast of prey, it seems to be ……Several people?!

Even so, Lou Chen did not relaxed but remained vigilant, her foot speed was faster than that several people, shortly, Lou Chen rushed in front of the little girl, hugs her into her bosom. Meanwhile, those people also rushed in front of them, particularly the person runs in the front were ahead of the rest by three ten feet far. His whole body muscle was alert and he was breathing heavily and in his hand. he was also holding a broadsword and he looked rattled.

Behind him were three men that were in hot pursuit. They were wearing a dark blue vigor attire, Lou Chen eyes then recognized that it was Laio Yue’s official government uniform. Her hand lightly touch her waist for the soft sword, she unexpectedly entered Laio Yue, it is not convenient to bring the government authorities’ attention to her presence.

” Wang Si, stop, you cannot run away!”

The robust fellow’s breathing was messy and his footsteps were disorderly, she could tell that the martial arts of this person is not high. Lou Chen quickly calculated, even if she wants to run away now quietly, there was not enough time. She decided that she would rather watch for changes quietly. Lou Chen was holding Su Tong on her vest earlier and she tossed her gently beside her, and the girl rolled several in the thick patch of grass and she has been separated from the dangerous circle, besides being frightened, she did not get hurt.

The little girl was just out of the danger when a big hand had reached at Lou Chen, wanting to hold her shoulder. Lou Chen did not have to turn her head but the situation was quite familiar, inadvertently slightly inclined her body avoiding the hand of the robust man. Since he was not able to grab her, the robust man took out his knife to block Lou Chen’s way.

Secretly she was sizing up the man in secret. Lou Chen determined that this person was completely not her match, this time she did not hide or dodge. She calmly stood in-place allowing the long knife rest on her own neck.

He achieved his wish to catch a “hostage”, the robust man immediately put Lou Chen in front of him to use as a shield. He shouted to the government constables that were pursuing, “Do not come! You ……if you come again, I will kill her!”

Several constables did not continue to pursue, not because he had the hostage in the hand, but because this hostage doesn’t really looked like a hostage.

Under the knife’s edge the woman looked deadpan and she couldn’t careless about her situation, she wore a black clothing with jade hairpin as black as ink stick; Looking at her appearance, she was blending perfectly in this wooded mountains. She was extremely beautiful but seeing her aloof expression, people couldn’t actually exclaim their surprise by her beautiful appearance. The woman gave the feeling of a person in Chinese ink and wash painting. She was pale and cold, the inking was clear and actually magnificent in artistic conception, the woman’s beauty was simply out of this world.

The several people chasing him were suddenly stunned, they stood there staring blankly in her direction. Wang Si was perplexed and his heart was worried, even more, called out like crazy, “Do not come. Let me go, let me go!”

After several shouts, the mesmerizing spell finally broke of the three constables, the spokesperson of the group finally recovered and said hurriedly, ” Wang Si, do not be impulsive, you murdered a person, now  also, you wanted to do another one?!”

Lou Chen was insightful, her eyebrows crumpled and wrinkled, why did he reminded the man that he just murdered a person, can this constables really saving others or injuring someone? He killed one already, in any case killing another one to make it two does not make any difference.

While two side troops were confronting each other, Lou Chen sizes up the opposite three people secretly, they are young, about twenty and moments ago, the first one to open his mouth was the youngest one.The other two, although they look ordinary but appeared to be calm.

Another was about 24 or 25-year-old after he has gotten back his composure, he immediately saw something lying on the grass, it was a scared little girl. The man went forward to hug the girl, then withdrew several steps, the direction that he went was not towards the two constables but towards the robust man.

The power his observation was good and very intelligent, Lou Chen took one looked at that person unavoidably. He was tall but not burly and his sleeves were curled, it reveals two small arms, quite rigorous in his official constabulary uniform that was unexpectedly worn casually, he was just the same with Lou Xi, has the same sexy look and that double eyelid, but mildly different because Lou Xi’s was profound but in this person of eye was like suffering from stomach gas, the entire person naturally looked exactly uninhibited, not like a person of government authorities.

Seeing that Lou Chen was eyeing him, that person’s of corners of the mouth smirk and was inspired to tease her unexpectedly, his vision tightened on her and he stared at her with self-indulgence.

He locked looks with Lou Chen for a moment and then turned away desolately.

Wang Si hid behind Lou Chen and called out, “No, I ……I have not killed people, you are unfair to me!”

The three constables seemed to calm, one man goes forward one step and said, “Again, you put down the knife first.”

The robust man was very vigilant and also very anxious, the constables moved, he put up the knife’s point toward the Lou Chen’s neck  immediately, shouted to clear the way “You get, out of the way, go away!”

He then threatened Lou Chen’s neck with the shining knife back and forth. She remained calm as before. It was the little girl that was actually frightened and her complexion turned very pale. The girl tightly holds the neck the constable with her arms, crying and said in a whisper, “Brother, the elder sister is a good person, you save the elder sister quickly, okay?”

The constable looked at Lou Chen, he lowered his head, then comforted the girl by patting her back, said with a smile in a soft voice, “OK, but, elder brother needs you to help.”

“Um?”The little girl somewhat innocent, opened a bright and intelligent big eye to look at the man puzzled, can she help? The men lowered his head slightly, whispered something near little girl’s ear several words, the little girl was listening earnestly, looked at Lou Chen with one eye, finally made an effort to nod, replied, “Okay!”

The calm man gave a meaningful wink to nearby young man, seemed that they have some tacit understanding  because they move back several steps, making the robust man relaxed, the speaker carefully said: “Wang Si, you said that you have not killed person, we believed you to be useful, however, the county magistrate nanren does not believe us, we don’t have the evidence, even though she said again you have not killed your wife but if you actually injured this woman, you will be equally guilty, might as well be kind and obedient without a fight, we will go back and talk clearly with the honorable magistrate and tell them you have not killed anyone and in any case you should not fear anything.”

As he was listening to the constable’s words, Wang Si was somewhat in trance, lowered his head slowly, and have not waited for the opposite two people to have the next movement, the robust man looked up thought of something fiercely, whatever he thought about, his eyes were full of alienation and frenzy, loudly exclaimed, “No! I do notwant to go back with you, you are not good people, definitely will treat me unjustly. I did not kill anyone, I did not kill anyone!”

Wang Si’s hand trembled so much, his hands move up bringing the edge of the knife abruptly on Lou Chen’s slender neck ….

End of the Chapter


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  3. I would suggest you get an editor. The translation is fairly good, but stilted in a way that makes it seem either than English is your second language or this is your first translation. Either way, big thumbs up for you.
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