A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 36 The Broken Gadget

She’s so smart, and still hilarious.


A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu

Volume 1 Chapter 36  The Broken Gadget

In this place the light was too dark, she can only try to find out along the cliff slowly, by patting and groping it. Before long she felt a hollow depression, smooth exquisite part to the touch, she was absolutely sure it was not a natural formation. She had seen various types of natural and original mechanisms, so she was confident. Su Su excitedly cried out, “Mo Yuan quickly come and look here, there is something here, probably some kind of mechanism!”

All doubts and hopelessness was erased from Mo Yuan’s eyes, truly only she can find the halidom.

Su Su traced that depression for some time.  She had not found any other unusual form, both hands were holding down the wall, she gave it a hard push, the wall did not moved. Su Su pull back her hand when Mo Yuan reached her side and exclaimed, “I try pushing but it did not budge, you try.”

Mo Yuan knew in his heart, if she couldn’t push it open, certainly it would be impossible for him to push it open too.  Standing on the wall with full force, his result was like her, without success.

 She tried to find a place with a similar depression, noting that this stone rubble wall was strange. Su Su doesn’t naturally give up easily and remarked, “You have to look also if there is another mechanism.”

As she finished speaking she did not lose heart and continued to search, that concave slot, her finger was tracing carefully and she was feeling each small change of the concave wall, slowly, Su Su seemed to touch and discover something. This concave wall was not even as she thought from the beginning. It has a subtle fluctuation, starting from the mechanism, possibly needed a key, but the shape of this concave wall, was the shape of a key.

Su Su continued stroking the surface of the wall gently, at the same time she was tracing the shape of this key by heart, thought gradually this concave wall was very familiar, “This shape resembles something…”

… the mask! It looks very much like her red copper mask! 

Su Su’s  heart suddenly filled with some optimism; she was not sure but might as well try it. She loosened the mask hanging on her waist and put the mask along the groove and gently pressed, it was an exact fit. Su Su’s heart gave a silent curse, this is not a coincidence.

Mo Yuan was standing under the shadows, watching closely Su Su’s every move, every action and every movement, when she put the mask on the concave wall at that moment, he knew that this facing stone wall will open and sure enough, after the mask was fully embedded in the grooves, the massive stone wall began to shake slightly, without any effort of pushing it the walls moved slowly backwards exposing a space inside, there was a hidden chamber!

After the wall moved, everything was truly different and it doesn’t resemble the stone cave walls, it was foreign and jet black. Su Su’s eyes slowly adapted to the lighting, she saw clearly the present picture. She exclaimed in surprise that this one was similar to the circular cave, from top to the ground was about 30 ten Chinese feet cave (10 feet=3.3 meters), she does not know if this cave was artificial or natural but it has an awful amount of holes and light was passing through these holes and projected towards the ground, forming the bucket sizes of facula,**  this place seemed to have a hidden secret, it gives an impression of a regular pattern and a faint trace of an untold dark force.

**facula-  in astronomy, bright spots on the sun or sun’s spots

“I thought this place was very strange, we better be careful.” Su Su looked for awhile, actually she couldn’t see any doorways, she was preparing to proceed when half way in her step Mo Yuan suddenly gripped her wrist and the chilly voice from the side warned, “Do not step in, it will trigger the mechanism.”

The tone in his voice was serious, Su Su did not dare to act rashly, looking down at him, his eyes were intently focused at the facula on the ground, she hasn’t seen him that seriously focused before, his lips were tight-pursed showing that he was also anxious at this moment.   

Su Su suspected that he was trying to break or solve something; Su Su did not complain but carefully observed and waited. Mo Yuan’s eyes did not leave the facula all throughout, obviously if this was an array, there would be a core, she discovered that the ground facula moved its spots, it changes along with time, this was changing every time?

In Su family, only a couple of uncles knew about odd number fortune telling technique making oneself invisible, he said before there was energy at array of matrix when it is at 7 by 7 equals 49 sort of variation and regarded as odd if the array changes to 9 x 9 equals 81, for that to happen in the world was very rare, at present this facula was considered to be ever changing? Can Mo Yuan be able to solve it? Can he solve it today?

“Follow me, one step at a time do not go astray.” Su Su was still indulging in flights of fancy when she heard Mo Yuan’s voice.

That quick? Su Su’s appraisal of Mo Yuan’s ability moved to a higher level. He looked as he preceded, Su Su followed closely behind, he was slow. Was it because of her so she can follow closely or because of the knee injury?  The surrounding was about two ten Chinese feet and for such a small cave they have been walking for about one joss -stick time (15-30 min) without knowing.      

She took back a step, withdrawing from the facula, Su Su breathed a long sigh of relief, in her heart was some sort of excitement, she does not know what was hidden behind this matrix scheme, probably a treasure!

The two proceeded with caution and went a distance, they found themselves at a dead end unexpectedly, but the wall was different from the former wall formation, here at the end there was a bright water glare from a pool coming out from a spring almost the same size of the well.  Glu…glu… glu …the sound of the water seeping upward welling up and at the mouth of this spring Su Su found something glowing, that glow in the water was bright because there was actually something inside giving that glowing appearance.  

Su Su bent down to see it closer, she examined it carefully and  found that it was a luminous stone, semicircle in shape, under the flow of the water current, moving with soft light and right in the center of the luminous stone lay a dark object.

Su Su bent down and smelled the spring water, the water was cold and had a scent of raw and purity, it does not carry an unusual smell. Su Su extended her hand to explore the pool while Mo Yuan watched her with wrinkled brows, he was about to reach out his hand to hold her, but before he was able to hold her wrist, he suddenly paused and pulled back his hand, he stood there in a daze, watching on the side as Su Su stretched her hand to grab the dark object at the center of the spring.

When her hand just entered in the water, Su Su felt that this water spring was exceptionally icy cold. It was good though because except for being cold, it does not have any other feeling. Su Su moved quickly, just snatched the ‘black thing’ then pulled back her hand.

Su Su was impatient and can’t wait to see what good thing she got herself, after a brief glimpsed, she was disappointed, “What is this broken gadget?”

Su Su has genuinely treating it unjustly. The ‘gadget’ was approximately a fist size, it was like an iron stone slab, because it was placed in the water for a long time, it had somewhat become slippery. She thought it would be a great treasure but she was extremely disappointed, if this gadget was not hidden inside this greatly mechanized cave and placed in the middle of that radiant stone and lost on the road, she will not even pick it up.

She saw that Mo Yuan has been staring at the ‘lump of black thing’ in her hand, Su Su handed it to him, sat near the stone steps, supporting her chin, cast a sidelong glance at the luminous stone in the water and exclaimed,  “Could it be that this luminous light stone is the treasure?” She looked intently, Su Su shook her head and whispered, “This too, just a common thing.”

Mo Yuan was tightly holding the ‘gadget’, his face was tranquil, but actually his heart was filled with a storm, how is this possible? He thought of every means to come here, unexpectedly it doesn’t have the holy relic? Obviously, at the moment when the cave wall opened to show the secret chamber, he felt the sacred relic surge of strength, but why did it actually vanish, including the aura?!

Mo Yuan reeled to look at the face of the disappointed woman sitting on the ground, in his heart he imagined her identity again. Although she kept on proclaiming that this was a broken gadget but her attention was actually attracted on this incomparably ordinary thing and to the shiny smooth luminous light stone. As for her opinion this were very ordinary things,  but in another person’s view this were rare and valuable. Why in her case though, did she unexpectedly not spare another glance? Mo Yuan of course did not know that Su families were weapons development specialist and the room for gunpowder weapons was illuminated by the legendary luminous pearl numerous in number, anything considered a world’s gem even the legendary luminous pearl were conveniently brought to use. Therefore, this luminous light stone in Miss Su’s perception was not that big of a deal, it’s just another stone.

“Logically speaking, this cave chamber with mechanism is an array or embattlement to fortify the place, in order to hide this thing, definitely there is a secret!”  The apathetic heart of Miss Su suddenly grabbed the gadget from Mo Yuan from his hand then looked and looked, smiled, “can’t it be ….. a treasure map?”

Mo Yuan just ignored her, Su Su thought to herself and pondering, suddenly her face beamed and excitedly exclaimed, “I get it!”

Get it? He is the holy master of the sacred relic and did not get it, what did she get?


End of the Chapter

The previous chapter was the funniest to me. See it clearly now, Mo Yuan she is a woman.   ☆☆☆ Mayo☆☆☆

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