A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 37 That Legend Was A Lie?

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu

Volume 1 Chapter 37 That Legend Was A Lie?

When the huge figure once again broke out of the water, Ye Lie quickly went up and asked, “Well?”

“Underneath is pitch dark, I can’t find their traces. I don’t know if they dived, they have been there too long and they should be out of air by now.” Li Yang’s mood showed in his dark expression.

Ye Lie twists his eyebrows to think, his mood compared with Li Yang was good, staring at the pitch-dark deep pool, the radiating mulberry pair of eyes that seem to always hold sunshine had a hidden wit, “I noticed on the side a moment ago that Xiaoshu was surrounded by a whirlpool and they were sucked in.  If we can dive deep enough at a sufficient depth, we can therefore avoid that undercurrent?”

Sang Leng saw Ye Lie near shallow water on the beach picking up stones, since choosing the one that he can hold with both hands, though Sang Leng already speculated what it was for but still asked, “What are you doing?”

Although the mouth was asking like this, Sang Leng already guessed correctly what it was for, he saw Ye Lie loosen his waistband and tie one end on the stone and the other on his own waist, replying, “In the water the buoyancy is big, with the rock tied to this body, I could dive deeper.”

“This is too dangerous, let alone even without the undercurrent, even if you were to pass through, when the time comes you cannot untie the string and you may get sucked into the whirlpool current and die without doubt.”

It may be ruthless but Sang Leng just stated a true fact, however, Ye Lie just smiled and proudly said, “My swimming ability is quite good.” That speech with subtle pride, Sang Leng feel at this moment, he was very different compared to before, but exactly what is different, he hadn’t figure it out yet.

“I will go first.” Seeing Ye Lie approach, Li Yang immediately grabbed a bigger piece of stone, strapped it to his body and did not hesitate to dive again. Li Yang’s concern and annoyance if he was late only for a moment, he might actually lose his master, for him, this is the greatest crime and shame.  

This time, Li Yang did not come up for a long time, this firmly strengthened Ye Lie’s speculation, “He is in there for so long and haven’t come up, he should have found an undercurrent exit!”  

Sang Leng with indifference, “Or it could be dead from drowning. ”   

“I am also going.” Ye Lie after saying that, also put down the rock in his hands and sank rapidly.

Seeing that Ye Lie submerged for about ‘time tea gets cold’ (5 minutes) and hasn’t come up, Sang Nuan’s beautiful sweeping eyes looked unpredictable. It doesn’t show what she’s thinking, she suddenly said, “Ah Leng, let us find two stones and follow them.”  

Sang Leng was greatly surprised, “Why?”

Although in her heart she was very anxious, but to Sang Leng, she always has room for patience more than others, “You and I grew up in the seashore at a young age, our swimming ability is as good as theirs? Do not be worried, below here, there should be a way out.”

“Why do we want to take the risk?” Sang Leng was not clear, others’ life and death, what was the relations with them, let alone those several people courts death. Even if Mo Yuan he ……the status was special, but was not worth for elder sister taking risk for this reason, but elder sister’s behavior was really strange today.

Against Sang Leng’s questioning, Sang Nuan bit her lips tightly, but did not explain, replying dismissively, “Don’t ask so much, besides, if you do not want to go, I will do it myself.” With that, Sang Nuan no longer looked at him and went to pick up a nearby stone. Her stubbornness, Sang Leng never had any means of stopping. He sped up his pace and moved to pick up a rock next to a shallow pool.

While people outside were actively finding ways to come in, a person sitting near the springs inside, her face was covered with excitement and smiles. Looking at those bright eyes, Mo Yuan felt helpless, sad and for the first time, asked, “What do you know?”   

Su Su smiled and slid into his direction while shaking the gadget with her hand, upon reaching his side mysteriously smiled, “Have you heard, that the sacred relic needs the host’s blood?!”

Halidom recognizes the host? If that was really a halidom, originally belonging to the Mohists (Mo Jiade) descendants, then it will recognize who?  

Mo Yuan was indifferent but for Su Su regardless, her fingers stretched at Mo Yuan’s wounded knee, there was blood-soaked black cloth and gave it a touch. This girl who doesn’t fear life or death was maliciously smiling, “Anyway, you are bleeding, don’t waste it, just try than nothing, right?!”


Mo Yuan drew a gasp of cold air, she really dared!

On the surface, Miss Su did not necessarily win, but to that ‘blind of capacity’ of being unaware of her surroundings, she was absolutely as fine as a picture, just like now, Mo Yuan was staring at her with a look almost enclosed with layers of ice, Su Su remained calm and excited  and spreading the bloodstain on the scratches of the gadget. She waited excitedly for some time, expecting for something to shine, a jittery vibration, some unusual form… anything. Just like her comapanion, she was disappointed and shook her head and sighed, “Legend is really a lie.”  

If Su Su listened carefully, she could probably hear the sound of Mo Yuan’s molars chattering.

“There’s nothing else here, let’s get out of here and find a way out. ” Previously, Mo Yuan seemed to be very interested in appearances, Su Su handed him that black thing and said, “It’s yours. “

Mo Yuan looked deeply in her eyes, there was no answer and did not pick up the object, the cold voice said, “You helped me to take, it’s yours first”. Since she has the internal energy of halidom and found this place, found this gadget which very likely was the sacred relic, it’s no harm if she also delivers the halidom to the people, as long as she’s under his nose and conducts herself along the line.

“All right.” Su Su naturally does not know what’s in Mo Yuan’s mind and thought that because of his injuries he doesn’t want to be inconvenienced, so she graciously put the ‘black stone gadget’ on her bosom.

“What’s this?” Took a few steps forward, returned to the spot that was full of holes, Su Su was twisting her eyebrows and whispered, “this seems … … a bit strange.”  

She muttered in a low voice.  Mo Yuan heard her mumbling, he frowned and asked, “What is strange?”

Su Su carefully look at it and replied, “The sun’s spots on the ground earlier was more disorderly but the most important thing is that kind of creepy feeling and appalling energy is gone.”  

A good keen person, Mo Yuan looked at her intently, on his face nevertheless was an unenthusiastic expression, “This thing is an eye, you catch it, the array is broken.”

“So that’s how it is.” Su Su was suddenly enlightened and nodded. However, when she entered that piece of next facula, she blindly followed Mo Yuan behind.

“Why are you following me?”

Su Su also does not hide it and smiled, “Being careful like a boat. ”  

For a woman at his side, it was the very first time Mo Yuan expressed  gratefulness from that cold face, otherwise his expression really was like nothing.

They had walked out of the circular cave when they heard water sounds and human voices coming from the outside.

“Anybody out there?” Su Su was alarmed, listening carefully and heard a man screaming.   

“My Lord?!”

“Xiaoshu? Are you there?”

Su Su was curious, “He came in?” The voices sounded familiar, was it Li Yang and Ye Lie, Li Yang will take a risk to search for them, she was not surprised, however at the moment Ye Lie came out she was taken by surprise, it was actually contrary to her expectation.  

The outside noise, Mo Yuan by nature could hear it clearly, his eyes still bright and vivid across the dark face, the color of his eyes was deeper and whispered, “Put on the mask. ”  

“Ok.” Su Su traces the mask from the groove, after grabbing the mask attached to the cord and slightly pulling it out, the mask fell into her hands, the massive stone walls closed slowly, it was dark and one cannot see a trace.

Su Su quickly coiled her hair to a bun and quickly wears her mask, at this time, a cloak covers her body, the cloak has a light bloody smell, certainly, also has a trace of blood, Su Su was uncomfortable and quickly said,  “Do not use….”
 “Do you want to exit like this?”

Those dark eyes looked at her coldly, whose voice was so cold like that of ice, was he angry? But why was he mad? Was he mad because I sneak attacked his knee injury earlier? He didn’t need to be mean … but …

This matter she fails to realize, in the beginning she doesn’t want to, this one principle Miss Su learned from infancy up to now, that was to decisively ignore Mo Yuan’s mood which made him bewildered, she bowed to see her looks, half dry of clothes, although her loose clothes was pasted to her body, but the remains will expose herself obviously to have a more slender curve than a man, this cloak will keep it hidden, truly it was better, Su Su no longer evaded but accepted Mo Yuan’s kindness, “Thanks.”


The voice … …

“Ah Nuan!” Su Su’s heart gave up, that elegant and calm woman, sends a terrified cry, did she encounter any danger.


End of the Chapter


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