A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 41 Unfathomable  Mo Yuan 

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 A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu

Volume 1 Chapter 41  Unfathomable Mo Yuan 

Su Su wanted to say something to defuse the unnecessary battle, only to hear the familiar voice that resonated with indifference, which upon hearing, Su Su’s heart trembled and her body got goose bumps.

“Yi Dang Jia, I have said that this person is mine.”

The voice of Mo Yuan was not loud and the surroundings were actually quite for a moment, Ye Lie slightly narrowed his eye and swept a look at Su Su whose expression under the mask was not clear, only the corners of the mouth was twitching, he thought it to be a look of disapproval. Ye Lie showed a faint smile, stood quietly on one side peacefully without talking.

He knew he was in for her rescue, on the other hand in the heart of Su Su was a hidden disagreement, what do you ‘mean this person is mine’, what you really wanted was a servant because that was your addiction! Fearless before Yi Dang Jia’s ominous ruthless look, Su Su reluctantly said, “Is there not another day, Yi Dang Jiade why hurry?” The atmosphere was so wrong, Xiang Er Ye quickly stepped forward to smooth things over. “Yes, master, it was not third day yet and besides  Xiaoshu entered the woods to help search for Ah Hu, because of that she was lost in the woods to find the killer, we should give her some time.”  “ Good! I’ll give you a couple of days.” Don’t know if he was really dreading Mo Yuan, Yi Dang Jia finally withdrew his hand and stormed into the medical care.  Xiang Er Ye had long breathed a sigh of relief, fortunately Dang Jiade did not have a crude conduct, Young Lord Mo  at present absolutely cannot be offended . With a smile on his face, Xiang Er Ye asked, “Lord Mo, you went to search and the opportunity of low tide was missed, the matter of this array ……” 

“I got everything under control.” Mo Yuan curtly replied in a deep cool voice. After saying that Xiang Er ‘s face turned green and white, his goatee was shaken up but he did not dare to ask further. “Come on, I’m tired.” He threw down these few words and then Mo Yuan turned around and left.

This is how… … you talk to me? Su Su collected herself and just wanted to keep up, seeing that she was behind unexpectedly.  Su Su cast a sidelong glance and caught Ye Lie’s eyes and said with a smile lightly, “Aren’t you going to follow me, too?”

Ye Lie laughed and smiled, beckons with the hand and answered, “Get used to it, I will go. See you tomorrow.”

The crowd went their own way, Su Su followed Mo Yuan towards the beach, at this time a man caught by the corner of  Su Su’s eyes, she saw him crouching in Ah Nuan’s medicine shed corner, his foot was putting something at a brazier, also piling a small heap of things on the side, at this moment he was throwing those stuffs into the brazier cautiously, that is … …

Su Su went to the man, smilingly asked, “This brother, what are you going to do?”

The man looked up, glanced at Su Su and remembered this person was the one who came back together with Sang Nuan, he continued with his task. While burning, he replied, “Ah Nuan said that the blood on the cloth are poisonous, so I immediately burned.” Su Su goes forward, crouched beside the man and said with a smile, “Sang Leng has poison, Ah Nuan also doesn’t look too good, certainly there are a lot of things that need your help, let me help you burning this thing, I’ll do it.” This boy looked sincere in appearance, the man thought that this was not a matter that was difficult to do, and then he replied, “Alright.”After standing up, he suddenly remembered something and added hurriedly, “You must remember to burn everything completely cleanly.”

 Su Su nodded and politely replied, “Certainly.” After hearing her promise, the man left with satisfaction.  Su Su took away the smile on her face, stared at the pile under her feet, her brows drew together, it was really the bloody black strip of cloth. Su Su from these cloth strips carefully has chosen one, folds it neatly and the remaining cloth strip she threw into the fire. Mo Yuan was standing not too far away, silently watching her doing these things, until she walks, only then Mo Yuan also proceed, all the way, he did not ask and she did not tell him anything too.

Once they were back to the log cabin, Li Yang disappeared once again. Su Su’s heart was cursing, since they were shadow guardians and will not be far from Mo Yuan, she also knew of his existence, but also hidden, what is this?! Does he not know that she stayed with Mo Yuan and two people in this room will be awkward?!

Su Su mumbled, but her face was showing a relaxed appearance and she reached her small short cot to sit down, wishing that Mo Yuan would go inside the inner room. Sadly for Su Su , Mo Yuan did not go inside the inner room, but those pair of black eyes were intently staring at Su Su.  She sighed woefully, looked up at him and lamented, “You have been watching me?”

“You are a woman, you dared first to venture in this?” Ah, Su Su now was very disturbed, Mo Yuan was afraid of what kind of blacksmiths child she was? That sort of thing, giving this pretext of being a man, she was also embarrassed especially with the result Finally, it was necessary that she must say what this was all about? Su Su started to laugh, “I have always been a woman and always will be and now you know and I say for you to move. It was you that is a fake or I am the fake?” 

Mo Yuan was being choked by Su Su’s words, obviously. Watching her eyes with an exceptionally complex expression, after some time he continued, “Your fan, mind if I borrow to take a look at it.”

Su Su’s mouth froze and what really should come will come, but since it has been out, she won’t hide anymore, readily come up with the copper scaled fan and handed it to him. Mo Yuan received the fan, he set his hand to gently pulled it open, then waved it, an awe inspiring  gas rushing from the stem, it assaulted​ the senses, turned to the other side to carefully trace the movable pattern, such as a strip of article as a body armor and helmet, Mo Yuan look more profoundly, it was really a red copper scale fan … 

Since she handed him over the fan, Su Su has been watching Mo Yuan. Regrettably Mo Yuan doesn’t show any his reaction on the surface, besides the eye pupil looking down to stare at the red copper scale fan, all throughout, he maintained a total silence without any emotion…  not one bit. This man was suffering a facial paralysis , only capable of moving his eyeballs. Su Su couldn’t resist it anymore, also doesn’t feel like watching him anymore to understand him, this was annoying her, now come what may, she didn’t care!

She remembered the “black lump of thing” she was carrying in her bosom, Su Su took it out and studied it under the candlelight, it was a pitch-dark lump and she doesn’t recognize this quality of material. Anyway, she doesn’t see why but must as well hand the thing to him, “Also here, this thing is for you.” Mo Yuan suddenly looked up, holding the copper scale fan in his hands and ran across the fingertips of Su Su. She felt her fingertips cooled, then blood poured out of the wound then welled up, to be honest, the copper scaled fans were sharp, she didn’t feel any pain, but was bewildered by the flow of blood, who won’t be mad for that? Su Su lifted her bleeding finger and exclaimed,  “Mo Yuan, why did you do that?!”  Mo Yuan pressed that finger calmly and the blood flowed following the fingertip, and then drops it on that lump of pitch-dark thing, “Didn’t you say that the holy relic will recognize the owner by its blood?”

Su Su can’t believed what he was doing, stared at Mo Yuan, what this man had in mind?!  Since his drop of blood was useless, her own blood will be used! Furthermore if he really needed blood can’t he just tell her? Fortunately, he did not use the copper scale fans tips, otherwise this cut, her fingers will be broken! Miss Su was furious and already at the edge right at that moment and naturally, she had already forgotten the incident when she also took his blood and similarly took it without permission … …

Her blood on that black thing was not sucked, but flows down the edge, the dark red blood flowed leaving a bloodline on the surface of that ‘black thing’, then nothing. “Graciousness, legends was really deceptive.” After saying those words, Mo Yuan threw the copper scales in the hands of Su Su.“Hey!” Her hand was full of bloodstain and holding that black thing; another hand was scrambling to catch the red copper scale fan. Su Su stared furiously at the back of Mo Yuan who was leaving.  She was burning in anger and simply unable to endure it anymore, raised her hand that holds the black object and threw it toward Mo Yuan.

Mo Yuan was likely keeping his eyes open, alert to what’s happening from behind, dodged his body and that thing that flew hit the wall, because the strength was not small,  it broke into several pieces and tumbled  to the ground.

Su Su had never thought it would hit him and she now looked very uncomfortable. She threw it away to vent her anger and she saw the thing rolled all the way and then scattered like a thunderbolt. Su Su could not help but be dumbfounded. It looks very sturdy but why it broke?! Truly, what a useless strength … ….

 End of the Chapter 

Fight his arrogance, girl you’re not Gu Yun’s daughter for nothing- 

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