A Mistaken Marriage 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 42 The Ancient Holy Relic

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu

Volume 1 Chapter 42 The Ancient Holy Relic

Su Su had never thought it would hit him and she now looked very uncomfortable. She threw the thing to vent her anger but seeing the thing rolls all the way, then a banging sound like a thunderbolt and it scattered to different directions. Su Su was dumbfounded, she thought the ‘gadget’ was very solid and sturdy, how did it break into pieces? Her strength was really not helping her very much.

When Su Su was about to condemn herself in her heart for her shortcomings and for breaking the gadget, but her interest was captured upon discovering that the black lump of thing was actually an enclosure for something, surely there was an article inside because there was a dazzling purple article, visually gorgeous which made it difficult to ignore. Su Su wanted to pick it up and examine the article carefully but she discovered that Mo Yuan was actually quicker than her. She saw him shaking the object in his hand.

It was rare for her to see him so upbeat, Su Su became more curious about the object. She went to take a look and she saw Mo Yuan held this thing in his palm, it was a disc as big as the palm of his hand, on it was a carving, it’s a bright purple bagua disc ( * eight divinatory trigrams) …. …

“Huh, what’s this?” Su Su’s brows unconsciously drew together, this pattern of design was somewhat familiar, where had she seen it?

Su Su can’t hide her expression of confusion and surprise when she saw the disc, Mo Yuan’s heart was also secretly astonished, calmly he asked in curiosity, “You have seen this before?”

Su Su without shaking or nodding in a deep voice said, “Can you let me have a look?”

Mo Yuan hesitated for a moment but gave the bagua disc to Su Su.

purple-bagua (4)

She examined the disc carefully in her hand, Su Su frowned even tighter, and even her expression become stony serious, because she had seen that pattern before. Not only did she see this pattern before but such kind of disc, they also have one. In Su family ancestral home, the bagua disc was made of gold, highly honored, majestically bringing a lot of vital energy and superior power. The bagua disc in her hand however was empurple all over, the shade was different from the mask and fan, plain red copper, it was exceptionally gorgeous, it was likely forged with something truly unusual , its charm was magnificent, moreover it revealed to be something that swallowed up all magical powers.

Su Su‘s reason for her deep impression of the golden bagua plate was because, Su family clan were having sacrificial offerings every three years, all Su family members at that time will return to the Ancestral home and it was really grand and lively. The Su sacrificial family offering was being conducted in a big cave. Since childhood, Su Su was not really clear why younger brothers and aunts can participate, but his father actually do not permit her and mother to go. They were not even allowed to approach the cave of sacrificial offering.

Afterwards she asked the family uncles and grandfather for a long time and the only thing they knew was because the cave had the golden eight divinatory trigrams plate and her father, the great general, dreaded it very much, therefore he did not let her and mother approached it.

Her exuberant spirit and her curiosity was strong, growing up a favored girl of great Su Family, this aroused her enormous interest. So when she was 11 years old, she depended on her qinggong and secretly sneaked into the cave, to see that golden bagua disc. It was unfortunate, she was only able to throw a few glances at the surface of the disc when she was discovered by her father. In great alarm, father grabbed her and confined her inside the room for an entire month! That was the first time that father was very hasty and stern to her, no matter how she acted like a spoiled brat and pleaded, he remained unmoved and later when they went home, she was never allowed to come back to Su family ancestral home again.

But at this moment, on this small island, she saw this bagua design again, between these two bagua plates, was there any relationship?

Su Su was still in reverie and her thoughts were flying when her hand suddenly emptied. Mo Yuan took the bagua disc on her hand in a flash, then out of the blue it occurred to her and with interest, “You came to the Wolf Island, just to find this thing?”

She was really keen, Mo Yuan’s corners of the mouth unconsciously smiled lightly and then became aware of his mouth and his expression turned cold again, confidently answered, “Yes.”

“Liao Yue also want thing, right?”


And sure enough, she had been guessing this little island, exactly what treasure it possessed for Liao Yue to be worth going to for war. Su Family extremely attached great importance to the golden bagua, that it even served to become the coat of arms, if truly it has some relation with the purple bagua disc and then it was indeed true that Liao Yue will fight over bagua disc. She stared at Mo Yuan who was holding the disc firmly in his hand, Su Su muttered, “What does it do? Why do you have to sneak it?”

Mo Yuan slowly placed the bagua disc inside the lapel of his coat and said something that can actually be exasperating. “This was originally Mohists ,** what stealing are you saying?”

Mohist ** “Mohism or Moism (aka. Mohist School of Logic) (Chinese: 墨家; pinyin: Mòjiā; literally: “School of Mo”) was an ancient Chinese philosophy of logic, rational thought and science developed by the academic scholars who studied under the ancient Chinese philosopher Mozi (c. 470 BC–c. 391 BC)”.Source Wikipedia

The manner of his speaking, like the reason should be so, as if it was by right to be expected as a matter of course* that all obstacles were removed**for his purposes. That kind of attitude that doesn’t sit well with Su Su and to go so far lay also a claim, “What you are saying, this thing that was found hidden in Wolf Island cave, you are saying it’s all yours? We found it together, it is not only yours!”

**lǐ suǒ dāngrán (idiom); as it should be by rights proper and to be expected as a matter of course; inevitable and right

**suǒ xiàng pīmǐ (idiom); to sweep everything before one; to be invincible

“This island is also originally Mohists home, as for you… … the eyes that were darker than the night squinted, Mo Yuan looked at her but he did not continue.

Without any reason, streaking across Su Su’s mind was these few words, as if a continuation of his speech you are also mine ….

Her heart trembled and blamed it on Mo Yuan! In front of Yi Dang Jia he said those strange words, causing her now to be strange also.

She decided for now to skip over this issue!

She coughs lightly to conceal her embarrassment; Su Su continued to ask, “Are you ready to leave already?”

This girl was really clever, Mo Yuan don’t hide, nodded, “Um .”.

Su Su bit her lip and sure enough, Mo Yuan did not intend to put an array of embattlement to defend the Wolf Island anyway. Mo Yuan seemed not to mention it again and prepared to leave, however Su Su with lots of courage held his sleeve, carefully said, “You can’t leave now.”

Mo Yuan raised his eyebrows and without caring for his opinion, Su Su continued, “I had not found the murderer.”

Mo Yuan had not broken free from her hand, with the icy voice ,”Do you think you could find?”

“I have some clue, two days, give me again two days of time.”

Is she that confident? “Ok.”

After saying those word, Mo Yuan, immediately loosened Su Su’s hands on his sleeves. Mo Yuan gently stroked his ruffled cuffs, walked into the inner room. “Since the relic has been found, I’ll wait for you for two days, you, do not let me down.”

Early morning of the second day, Su Su went out and by her knowledge of Ye Lie, she was expecting to meet him in the entrance, finally this time she guessed wrong. She did not see Ye Lie at the gate of Mo Yuan’s log cabin, but even before Ah Nuan’s medicine shed, she did not see Ye Lie’s shadow.

The gate of the medical shed was open and Su Su walked casually inside. Sang Nuan was before the medicine-chest and holding a dust pan. The medicine chest was open and she was putting some medicine to be thrown away.

She looked at her strenuous appearance, Su Su with a jest said, “Early morning, you are already busy tossing around.”

Sang Nuan turned her head to see Su Su, showed her a faint smile and replied, “My poisoning is not great, it’s nothing.”

She was very pale and her appearance was worse than yesterday. Su Su twisted her eyebrows, took her dustpan in hand, to help her hold, let her concentrate on picking up a prescription.

“Sang Leng, how is he?”

Sang Nuan shook her head then sighed , “He is not too well, I did not know too much about the poison, do not know what toxin and I do not dare to apply medication, Ah Leng, he still remained unconscious.”

“Can I have a look at him?”


Sang Nuan walked Su Su toward the backyard and arrived at the cabin she thought to be that of Sang Nuan before.

She pushed open the door, the room was decorated with refinement, tastefully carved wooden screen room divided the inner and outer chambers, outside by the window stood a chair, next to a bookcase which was filled with books.

Su Su walked with Sang Nuan toward the inner chamber, behind the purple curtain was a big bed, Sang Leng was peacefully laying down and the grey color on his face has receded compared to yesterday, over a hundred times. Right now he looked even better than Sang Nuan by many.

Sang Nuan went beside him to take his pulse , then tucked him and the corners, her face was filled with worry, Su Su could not help but support, “He looks a lot better, you don’t worry too much, you have to pay attention also to your body. “

“I know.” Sang Nuan gave the impression of being affectionate, her beautiful bright eyes was very serious and glanced towards her, “Xiaoshu, over the two days, thank you.”

“Anything for you, that’s very kind of you.” In the front of others expression of gratitude, Su Su always felt embarrassed, after checking that they are all right, Su Su doesn’t want to stay too long, she must have a look at the two corpses to verify something in her heart. “Be in good health, take care of yourself, I will go first.”

“Ok, I will see you off.”

Su Su heartily smiled and waved with her hand, answered back, “No need for that, you take care of him. I know the exit from here.” After she said that she turned around, Sang Nuan did not follow

After she went out, she saw the three other huts nearby, Su Su remembered Qin Qian and her condition the previous time, it was unusual and not comforting. Su Su reached Qin Qian’s hut, she gently knocked two times and inside she heard a weak sound, Su Su’s eyes suddenly flashed, opened the door to see the situation inside. She was greatly taken a back and snapped, “Stop!”

End of the Chapter


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Upcoming chapters, Part 1 and 2 , Miss Su solved the murder mystery? Can you guess the murderer? My guesses before was both right and wrong….

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