A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapters 38 & 39 The Secrets of Xiaoshu

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu

Volume 1 Chapter 38  The Secrets of Xiaoshu  Part 1

“Ah Nuan?!” Su Su was fiercely alarmed, that was the usual elegant and calm woman, sending a terrified cry, did she encounter any danger?

Su Su’s steps quickly went out and the look of Mo Yuan was also very serious. He followed Su Su closely behind running outside.

Two people run outside of the big cave and saw Ye Lie and Li Yang dragging Sang Leng and Sang Nuan towards the shore away from the pool, the air was thick with a bloody smell. Su Su frowned and ran ahead to look and only found Sang Nuan covered with blood, because she was wearing a long purple skirt, that stained blood looks more terribly bloody. Laying at her side was Sang Leng, also injured.

Su Su crouched beside Sang Nuan, right away  “Ah Nuan, what happened to you?”

“You are … … ” Sang Nuan asked under a disorderly breathing, ghastly pale, dressed in a black cloak around and the hair hung behind her back, neither male nor female and in silence, until she saw the familiar red copper mask, Sang Nuan whispered, “Xiaoshu?”

Mo Yuan said that also before, Sang Nuan also didn’t recognize her and even Ye Lie slightly narrowed his eyes and never left his line of sight away from Su Su.

Su Su didn’t think much, nodded and inquired, “My, how do you get hurt like this?”

“In the water…… ” Sang Nuan took a deep breath, attempted to make that terrified mind stabilize, then replied. “There is something in the water……”

“What is it?”

Sang Nuan turned as white as a sheet, struggling to hold her hand and replied, “It was not clear, we depended on the weight of the rock to go against the undercurrent, we were held for some time and was about to untie the rope on the rock when we were attacked. “

Attacked in the water, Su Su guessing, “By a fish?”

Sang Nuan gently shook her head, “I don’t know, they were too fast, but if there is something they do, that is to eat humans.”

Su Su looked at the other two, although drenched with water, but he has no trace of wounds and asked, “You did not get attack?”

Ye Lie and Li Yang glanced at each other, shook their head, then they put Sang Leng and Sang Nuan down. They also encountered the undercurrent and whirlpool, but no danger, they smoothly came out from the pool. 

They just wanted to examine the place when they heard the water splashed and looked to Sang Nuan in the water yelling and the water was dyed red and Sang Leng doesn’t make any sound but cannot come out of the pool, so they could only come to help.

Sang Leng’s martial arts skill was not weak, however, now even if they want to return by the old route, it was impossible.

Su Su wanted to help Sang Nuan and look at the injuries, she extended her hand. Sang Nuan’s cold fingertips grabbed her by the wrist, “Don’t!”. Su Su paused for a moment, wondering if as a man in her eyes, was it really inconvenient and cannot help but be embarrassed, she took her hand back but heard Sang Nuan said softly, “You be careful, it’s toxic, the blood was infected with toxicity.”

Toxic?! Su Su was surprised, things in the water were actually toxic? Su Su looked at Sang Nuan’s wound on her arm, truly it has a darker color.

Remembering what elder sister Chen said, for common toxin if there was no wounds, do not to miss out and you will not so easily get infected. Su Su extended her hands and looked at her arm and told Sang Nuan, “I do not have any wounds, touching the blood should be fine, right?

Sang Nuan thought for a moment then nodded.

“There is no medicine for the wound to help stop the bleeding.” With that, Su Su’s solution was to rapidly reach down the cloak with the neat and agile hand movements, 2-3 strips of cloth was torn. Mo Yuan’s face also gave a sorrowful look but kept quite.

Su Su also handed some strips to Ye Lie and instructed him, “Ye Lie, you wrap up for Sang Leng, be careful.”

“Yes, chief.” Ye Lie glanced at Su Su’s eyes and readily accepted her instructions.

Su Su’s bandaging technique was needless to elaborate here, soon enough Sang Nuan’s exposed wounds were completely wrapped and Su Su gently asked, “How are you feeling?”

Sang Nuan replied with much difficulty as shown in her face, “Fortunately, it may be toxic but it’s toxicity is not very strong, so I will be able to survive.”

Su Su got the picture of her situation and nodded. She went to see Sang Leng at the side. Ye Lie helped dressed the wound and the bandaged in place looked good. Though his wound was no more than compared to Sang Nuan, but his condition seemed to be much poorer than Sang Nuan. His face was very pale, lips turned green and he was sweating profusely, his level of toxicity was odd? His martial skills were supposed to be greater but why is his poisoning deeper? The other one with no martial arts skill seemed to have a better aftermath.

Both injuries were processed well, Ye Lie looked around the cave and asked, “This cave, have you search?”

“Hmm, we found only one exit but when we checked, it unfortunately leads to a dead end. There is no outlet.” She did not have to mention about the secret chamber, feeling that the piece of junk stuff there must be something bizarre, in that dark room back there besides that chamber there was truly no way out, she wasn’t lying.

After listening to her words except for Mo Yuan, other people became anxious. They felt in dire straits, were they going to die there?

Despite that, Su Su’s head kept on turning and her eyes were surveying the cave, she noticed the big hole on top and it was getting darker. Su Su awkwardly size up Sang Nuan and inquired, “Can you prop yourself up and move over the vine?”

Sang Nuan took her hand from Sang Leng’s cold hand and nodded, “I should be fine.”

“There is no other way out, we can only rely on those vines to climb up towards the large holes, outside should be the jungle, although it can also be very dangerous, but it’s better than being trap and dying in here. Now everyone is tired from the day and have little energy, it is almost dark and it will be night in the jungle, if we walk we will only get lost again, we’ll recuperate and refresh our energy here then get out early tomorrow morning.”

Truly such as Su Su has said the holes on the top of the cave, it was fortunate to have a big tree outside with sturdy aerial roots hanging down the cave. It was 20 ten feet high and several of them had good qing qong skills, if they are rested even if they are leading Sang Nuan and Sang Leng, they should be able to exit.

Sang Nuan first nodded, naturally and several others agreed, Ye Lie volunteered, “My spirit is on my best tonight and I would like to stand watch.”

Looking at his spirit and truly energetic appearance, Su Su showed a faint smile, and answered, “You keep watch until midnight and I keep watch after midnight.”

Ye Lie eyes gently swept Su Su and smiled and laughed, “There’s no need, I can endure all through the night, you have a good rest. “

“Li Yang, you stand night watch tonight.”

Mo Yuan’s deep voice lightly shook Li Yang’s heart, hastily, “Yes.”

Li Yang’s martial arts should be the best compare to all the people here, he was not injured and in top shape, and having him on the night watch was an incomparable reassurance. Su Su happily laughs, “I’m putting you to a lot of trouble, Li Yang!” If not for Li Yang’s sharp glance, she really wanted to go over and pat his shoulder as a sign of encouragement.

Today, since everything for the team was settled, she was really tired and the watchman was decided, Su Su can finally rest, chose a dry place, stretched her body and lay down comfortably.

Looking at her happy appearance, she doesn’t know why Li Yang look dissatisfied and in an icy voice said, “ It doesn’t mean when somebody is standing a night watch, you have to recklessly lie down without fear in the middle to sleep. If someone doesn’t maintain their guard and you have an accident in the middle of the night and how you died, no one will know.”

She can finally rest well, Su Su was happy, but her glib lips were naturally more agile and quipped back, “Nobody can constantly maintain vigilance and the significance of standing for a night watch isn’t to let everybody rest in turn. Otherwise, what is the importance of the night watchman?”

Li Yang was tongue tied at a loss for words and saw his master’s cold eyes; his gaze fell down on that youth who wisely decided to shut her mouth.

She will just lie down to sleep anywhere without caring and she really dared! Others’ unable to tell she is a woman and it should be. Staring at the casual and pleasant person, Mo Yuan suddenly got up and walked to her side, in a cold voice, commanded, “Move over there.”

Su Su was bewildered. This cave was so big, why did he have to fight and snatched her place?!

You have it! Su Su curled her lips and walked to the corner of the cave completely disappearing into the darkness.

It was late night and there should be silence in the cave, out of nowhere, there was rumbling sound of seething water, it was so loud that it doesn’t need for Li Yang to wake them up. Everyone woke up, even Sang Leng who was poisoned opened his eyes. Sang Nuan, her eyes was staring at the front, fully alert.

Except for Sang Leng and Sang Nuan who remained in their places, the remaining people of the group slowly approach towards the source of the sound, under the moonlight, that sparkling pool receded about one ten Chinese feet (approx .3.3m) from its original spot, the pool of water slowly turned into a deep pit.

“……” Su Su stared at the scene and could not say a word.

Mo Yuan calm voice said, “It’s zishi (11pm to 1 am).”

Zishi? Su Su was puzzled. What happened at zishi?


Volume 1 Chapter 39  The  Secrets of Xiaoshu Part 2

MoYuan deep voice coldly said, “It’s zishi .”

Su Su was puzzled.  What will happen at zishi?

Suddenly, she recalled him declared, “On the 3rd day at zishi the tide will recede 50 ten feet … …” night tide falling back happened exactly as he predicted? At that time when she listened to it, it doesn’t feel that it will happen, but now she has seen it with her own eyes, they can only marvel and the retreat speed was so amazing. They have been watching it and they almost can’t see the sea water inside the pool.  Su Su was excited and asked, “Mo Yuan, this tide last for how long? We must seize the opportunity to get out of here?” 

 Su Su and Mo Yuan were both staring at the receding water going down very fast at low level, his dark eyes was surging but not of excitement instead of deep concern, “The tide will last for two hours, but we may not be able to get out of here.”

“Why?” Su Su was baffled, the water receded, no turbulence or whirlpool, even if there was something that bites, they should also be able to deal with it.

“The water in the cave and outside the beach, though they are connected, but in reality they’re different. The water inside the cave is not totally drawn out and may not be clean, you don’t know what that thing is in the water, don’t dare to act rashly and take risk. Perhaps, they are not fish.”

Not a fish? If the poisonous thingy can moved ashore … …

Su Su could not help but feel a chill on her back, ears, and then they heard a noise transmitted from the pit, the sound was getting louder and their noses caught a strange odor. Earlier they have been attacked by petrel, now drops of sweat were dripping down from Su Su’s forehead.

Su Su’s expression swiftly changed and yelled, “Fall back!”

Right after Su Su’s shout, the four people watching heard the pit surges with the undercurrent, several people were filled with anticipation and terror. It was dark but when rushing things came nearer, it became clearer. The rushing things were the size of an egg and was scrambling to jump towards them, those things resembles very much like a frog! Now, that they have seen it, these frogs carried with them a horrible stench and their skin had something sticky, greasy liquid and they were jumping powerfully, unlike a common frogs.

 “Be careful, they are poisonous!” Sang Nuan’s warning voice cried from behind, and they quickly took several steps back.

Most toads in front of them were killed and Ye Lie unexpectedly had hidden a soft sword on his waist and his sword shook, paired with his qi (* vital endogenic energy), the soft sword immediately gave out a humming sound. Su Su  was watching how he moves with his sword and realized that he was a sword master?!

Mo Yuan kills, but using unexpectedly a… …qi jin?! *(Spiritual strength using endogenic vital energy). The stream of qi jin was hitting the frogs one by one? She noticed that the frogs that he swept with his qi jin all burst and die. Su Su was surprised, how deep was his qi jin?! If there weren’t too many frogs, she really wanted to go down and examine the dead frogs. Now, she was only able to join the fight, but she didn’t have any weapons, just a long sturdy trunk, but her agility using it as a stick, could knock the frog dead and some frogs were so stubborn to die.

Even if they were ready in full defense and attack, the enemies was just too numerous, even just a hordes of ant can bite to death an elephant let alone this poisonous frogs. Su Su quickly arranged their retreat, “Li Yang and Mo Yuan, you assist Sang Leng and Sang Nuan to bring them up to the vines quickly. Ye Lie and I will cover the rear.”

If at this time Mo Yuan and Li Yang leave together, this frogs has a potential to encircle them immediately, Su Su and Ye Lie will be under siege, right now they were being attack from the front and rear and it will not be easy. Mo Yuan remain standing at the right side of Su Su and commanded, “ Li Yang bring them up.” 
“Yes.” This time, Li Yang does not have anything to say but to just actually follow.

Su Su felt the dark figure flew over her passing her something to catch, Li Yang’s knife?! Su Su gave a surprised look to Li Yang, who quickly moved over to Sang Leng and Sang Nuan side, they happened to stand beneath the hole. It was 20 ten feet high from bottom to the top of the hole and they needed the assistance of the other person just to come up to the vines. Li Yang can’t possibly take two people at a time. Sang Nuan called decisively, “First send Ah Leng to come up quickly.”

“No way … … ” Sang Leng spoke, but his speech has some difficulty due to poisoning.

Sang Nuan’s body at the moment was much better than Sang Leng and she pushed him anxiously to Li Yang quickly, “Cut the crap and get going.” Li Yang was also awkwardly standing there and did not force himself to get involve or gather someone if they are not happy with it, ‘he knew his social status and he always gave respect to people, doesn’t display his temper but always put them in check but this time disaster was swelling like a brook, and his temper, he was holding it back with great difficulty. He was the best man of the group sent prior to play and these people was shrugging it off and not taking it seriously. He was an axe sent to a field of grain *to protect them from bad weather, but can’t do anything but to bend.

(the italized part was my own interpretation after using a dictionary,  * putting an axe with its blade up  in a grain field to was an ancient superstition).

At this time, dozens of frogs was charging toward the direction of Sang Nuan. Looking back, Su Su caught the figure of Sang Nuan still standing under the vine. Su Su while busy killing the frogs warned, “Ah Nuan, be careful!”

The frogs were fast, just one more jump and they will be in front of Sang Nuan, but the strange thing was, they didn’t rush at Sang Nuan to bite. Dozens of frogs were near Sang Nuan but they were staying two feet away from her just encircling her. The frogs appeared like they were dreading something though they refused to back down.  

Seeing this scene, Su Su relaxed, but when she turned her head she saw more frogs welling out from the pit. No, it is not good, these reptiles were too much, although the three martial arts skills were strong and had killed many, but even the strong will get exhausted. Su Su just kept killing the frogs with the knife at the same time yelling, “Fall back under the vines quickly. “

Three people acted in harmony and soon come around Sang Nuan, with joined forces killed the dozens of frogs keeping her in siege.

Su Su brought Sang Nuan with her, her qing qong skill was not a problem, when she embraced Sang Nuan, she took one step back and caught the hands of Ye Lie and said, “You take me up.”

Ye Lie neither evade nor shrink nodded.

Moreover, the frogs advanced continuously until it has encircled Su Su and Mo Yuan and the frogs can leap strong enough to reach the vine. The attackers speed was not necessarily slower than them. If it overtakes them in mid air the consequence will be dreadful. Su Su tightened the knife in her hand and said to Mo Yuan, “You go first and I will hold them back.”

Sang Nuan’s expression became serious and interjected, “Xiaoshu, do not try to be brave!” She asked Ye Lie to go with her, so she can’t impede her speed, but this person actually will stay in the rear.

Seeing her staying behind, they remained motionless. Su Su became irritated and snapped, “Come on, don’t waste time, I can get out!”

Casually hangs her head, unknowingly she was having an unapproachable imposing manner unexpectedly. Mo Yuan and Ye Lie glanced at each other, both of them leaped. Ye Lie’s qing qong was surprisingly not weak. He was carrying Sang Nuan and after three leaps they were already out of the hole.

Mo Yuan stopped at about 10 feet high position then grab the vine and caught another thin vine and reached for the root with his foot, he stopped and pulled the thin vine forcefully. When he was about to fling the vine to tie down the waist of Su Su, he saw her form and followed her every move and discovered something that really made him despise himself, that was for underestimating her.

The moonlight was not bright but it illuminates from the top of the hole. Su Su was enveloped in moonshine and her body movement was exceptionally sly and charming, the speed was so fast that one can see only the remnants of the wisps. The frogs were rushing to her but could not come close to her because they were driven by her knife, falling down one by one decapitated.

Inside the cave only Su Su was left by herself and all of the frogs swarmed towards her. Even if she was very quick but it started to show some weariness in her body and she felt her energy was getting low. She sat down and got up, picked up something and it dazzlingly flashed under the moonlight with an icy purple light rays …  

To  be continued part 3 ..



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