A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 40 The Secrets of Xiaoshu

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu

Volume 1 Chapter 40 The Secret of Xiaoshu  (Part 3)

Inside the cave only Su Su was left by herself and all of the frogs swarmed towards her direction. Even if she was very quick, she started to show some weariness in her body and she felt her energy was becoming low. She sat down and got up, picked up something and it dazzlingly flashed under the moonlight with an icy purple light rays …

That person’s figure was moving very fast and gently shook her wrist, this only 5 inch long tool stretched quickly and elongated to another 4-5 inches by those silver tips coming out from that purple body, in a flash it spreads out a sheath, as if the atmosphere subsequently condensed, the frogs that kept on jumping as if sensing the danger of this tool and became more agitated.

What a pity, this purple fan with silvery tip points kept passing over gracefully and swiftly, leaving only stumps of residual limbs and broken frog corpses creating a bloody mess. Li Yang left her a knife that was incomparably sharp, but in comparison with this purple tool was akin to fireflies and a bright moon worm, this was unique.

(Imagine a purple neon light stick being wave in the middle of darkness, I believe that is the depiction here.)

Although Su Su have a sharp weapon in hand, but facing the frogs that continuously streaming, she decided not to prolong the fight, she presumed that by this time those people ahead should already have reached the top of the hole.

Su Su took one step back; the frogs were likely seeking every opportunity and stormed an attack. Su Su’s vision hardened, the wrist twist and flip once more, with whining buzzed noise, along with pointed silver metal end strewn at random striking with a humming sound. Before that tool seemed to be a dagger and unexpectedly expanded to become a fan, the fan stems under the moonlight emitted several silver purple cold lights coming out in succession.  The sharp weapon was unpredictably a fan!

Su Su grabbed the vine, while holding the copper scales fan. She stirred her qi movement while she proceeded to maneuver the fan’s face and waved it. Every brandish, the frogs were sliced in succession at the same time a rainstorm of silver light grazes them. Layer upon layer of frogs were falling on ground, until beneath Su Su’s feet was a carpet of large quantities of corpse.

Su Su took advantage of the moment when the frogs behind the line has not welled up. She kicked her foot and borrowed the strength of the vine  diving straight at the same time, rotated the fan once more and the  acupuncture needles released earlier marvelously all returned  and gathered together and hid again inside the fan stems.

Regardless of this, Mo Yuan who was hanging mid air from the aperture closely watched the whole situation and also several people looking down. He was shocked from the scene he just witnessed. He had seen a countless number of concealed weapons that can only issue strength of acupuncture needles, they just release the needles out but what was stunning with this weapon, these acupuncture needles that was shot actually also can be gathered back, this…… this was simply inconceivable.

Mo Yuan was stunned for a while, he recovered his composure when he saw Su Su leaped and unexpectedly leapt onto several ten feet. It took only one strong leap and she was already out of the cave. Mo Yuan gave one meaningful hidden glance and also quickly leapt out of the caved.

After leaving the cave with great difficulty, she hasn’t caught her breathe and prepared to cut the vines fearing that those nasty frogs will follow, she turned around only to see a shadow flying out the cave. Su Su caught the pair of cold radiating black eyes giving a meaningful glanced at her.  

What’s this? Mo Yuan also stayed behind?!

She didn’t want to know for whatever his reason, Su Su decided not to be bothered about it. She cleanly cut the vines after seeing the frogs catching up. Su Su sat on the ground and was finally able to gasp for air.

It was silent around and she finally felt that everyone was actually looking at her with interest. She lightly cleared her throat and folded her copper scale fan, and calmly put it back inside her boots, while she was handing back the knife to Li Yang with a sincere expression of gratitude, “Thank you very much for your knife.”

 Li Yang took back the dagger and cast a long look at Su Su, she cannot say but that look was not similar from previous one’s she was getting from him. Su Su subconsciously glanced at Mo Yuan, when she actually saw him not looking at her, she was relieved.

Sang Nuan also recovered her high spirit, exploring her body with her eyes, looked up and down and curiously, “Those were something toxic, haven’t you been injured?”

“No, I am good” then she turned her attention towards the dark hole, kept in mind the ambiguous and numerous  other things.  Su Su immediately stood up and said,” Let us go out of here first, in order to prevent getting lost, we go along the top of the cave. “

Everybody evidently wanted to leave the shadow of the frogs, Li Yang was with Sang Leng, Ye Lie was walking with Sang Nuan and lastly Su Su walked at the side of Mo Yuan and their footsteps were quick.  They haven’t gone very far when they heard the loud rumbling sound. It was the sound of the tide coming in such full force ahead. Su Su was startled, “What sound is this?!” It has not ended?  When she hears any strange sound now, she becomes fearful and apprehensive!

“It was already two hours past, tide will naturally come back. “

Su Su was now happy,” So, we go to the beach right away?”  After the next quarter of an hour she suddenly slowed her steps and innocently asked,” Oh so, when the water come rushing back, will there be a tsunami?

 Looking at her image right now, this doesn’t even match half the picture of the heroine fighting opposite the frogs earlier. Mo Yuan without looking, coldly respond,” The tides will come back strong but it was not enough to form a tsunami, so keep walking”

After walking for an hour, they were finally out of the woods and seeing the rock and place, they were on a reef.  Su Su finally realized why the sound of the waves was so strong, the waves were hitting the rocks and the flopping sound was different.

 Looking at the surging tide, Su Su asked curiously, “You missed the auspicious timing when the tide has drawn back, aren’t you worried about the embattlement?”

Mo Yuan looked at her calmly  but did not answer. 

This kind of attitude ……good, without making eye contact Su Su thought after they left that cave, she could not guess correctly what this Lord Mo zhao shu was actually thinking, but she was still stuck to the old belief that he doesn’t want to actually help Huan Lang Island, therefore she was getting an indifferent look now.

Sang Nuan regarding this issue doesn’t seemed to be interested either, only in a whisper instructed, “When we go back, say that we have become lost in the woods and had not found Yi Hu.”

At this time Su Su thought that Yi Hu’s body was also kept in some not well-known cave.

 Sang Nuan worried looked when she went past Sang Leng who had fainted, anxiously, “Walk quickly, Ah Leng could not handle cold.”

They walked along the seashore, compared to the hike in the jungle and including  inside the cave, this was really much better, Su Su doesn’t need to show her full competence, actually she wasn’t also able to hide her incompetence by remaining silent, she cannot keep hiding anymore. Several person’s qingqong were very good. Sang Nuan said that it takes 10 hours to go around the distance, they were only few people and even if they go slowly and they will be back by dusk to the pirate nest.

When they reached the beach, the people on the lookout saw them and they quickly went to announce. They rushed to Sang Nuan’s medical shed and when they just had arrived, Yi Dang Jiade already got the message and welcomed them, followed by the same worried face on his side was Xiang Er Ye.

Seeing them came back, but did not see the figure of Yi Hu, Yi Dang Jiade cold voice anxiously asked quickly, “Ah Hu?”

Su Su was annoyed, can’t he see that Sang Leng and Sang Nuan were in this distress, messy and they appeared like dying?!

On the account of Yi Dang Jiade,  he quickly rushed to Ye Lie to asked, that moment Sang Nuan already broke away from Ye Lie’s hand and retreated several steps, Ye Lie also was able to  moved forward at this moment and replied, “We went in the woods that evening of looking for him but got lost, over the two days we have looked for ways to get out of the jungle and we did not find Ah Hu all the way.”

 Yi Dang Jia staggered and his complexion also turned white, at this time, Xiang Er Ye saw that something was wrong, “Ah Leng, what is wrong with him?”

 “We met a troop of frogs in the woods; Sang Leng and Sang Nuan were poisoned.”

After hearing these words, Yi Dang Jia was like knocked by a heavy stick in a big way on his head, rushed before Sang Leng and saw his only remaining son unconscious and ghastly pale. Yi Dang Jia hurriedly called,  “Give him the medicine quickly!” Yi Dang Jia after the death of two men do not dare to neglect him, immediately went forward and held Sang Leng to the medical shed. 

“Sang Nuan, in any event, you have to cure Ah Leng, do you hear that?!”

Sang Nuan’s weak body wave it twice, Su Su thought she was going to faint, actually saw her to straighten up and appeared to stand firmly and answered, “I got it,” then entered the medical shed.

How this person became a father, Ah Nuan was his only daughter?! Moreover, Ah Nuan was also poisoned. She was worried about Sang Nuan and reluctant to pay attention to Yi Dang Jia and would like to come in to help, when suddenly a straight arm blocked her, ” The murderer? Didn’t you say that within three days you will find the murderer? If you cannot find it, do not blame me for not being impolite to you!” She does not want to ignore people, but right now others actually do not want to let her off and unfortunately at this moment she was really out of luck. Yi Dang Jia needed a person to vent his anger and the man now seems to be harsh to Su Su.

He haven’t finished speaking, when he tried to grabbed Su Su’s shoulders unexpectedly, Su Su was about to move a dodge to avoid  it, when Li Yang suddenly  undertake that task and put himself in between, Yi Dang Jia’s hand fell on him.  Yi dang Jia’s tiger eyes opened wide in shock and now also doesn’t want to make a move.

Su Su wants to say something to defuse this unnecessary battle, only to hear the familiar voice rang with indifference, hearing it made Su Su’s heart tremble and giving her the goose bumps.

“Yi Dang Jia, I have said that this person, is mine.”  

End Of the Chapter


Being lost in the jungle was not so bad after all. We’re out of the jungle an two days to solve the mystery .


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