A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapters 43 & 44 For What Reason You Kill?

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu

Volume 1 Chapter 43  For What Reason Do You Kill? Part 1

Su Su’s radiant eyes spark with light, she opened the door with force and saw clearly the situation inside. She was greatly surprised and shouted hurriedly, “Stop!” In a small room, the bed was placed in the middle and the dark green band that tied Qin Qian but it has been loosened, it was scattered on the ground. Qin Qian was kneeling beside the bed on the ground, her hair was messy and her hand was holding a piece of thin tiles, her eyes nervously focused on her fair wrist, as if she was in her own world.

Su Su opened the door to be greeted by this scene, her heart greatly panicked and shouted, rushing with her quick qinggong steps and in a blink she was beside Qin Qian, grabbed the hand that was holding the broken tiles, angrily, “Qin Qian, what are you doing! Let go!” The person looked sluggish and dispirited, struggled and shouted, “Nobody should tell me what to do, let me be alone, let me die!” Qin Qian kept fighting and continued bringing the tile to her fine wrist; Su Su got really angry and simply caught the piece of sharp tile, putting all her effort to pull it until she was able to take it away.

Until she saw the blood flowing along the fingers of Su Su dripping on the ground and Qin Qian’s hand also felt sticky, only then she finally stopped. Helplessly and anxiously, exclaimed, “You … … me, I didn’t mean it.” Su Su perceived that Qin Qian seemed to have snapped back to her sanity, now she could take a breath and relax, the injury though she suffer many hand cuts, the wounds were not actually deep, but the blood’s crimson color covered her entire hand. Qin Qian complexion turned blue and she hurriedly rush to the bedside, took out a white hand towel from under the pillow, quickly ran back and in the midst confusion pressed the white hand towel on the wound, “Quick, wrapped it quickly!”

Su Su took the towel and picked up the broken tiles right away, went outside the cabin to  throw it away. Su Su secretly sigh and wonder how a gentle and kind Qin Qian turned into this.  

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry … … I … … I really didn’t want to hurt you!” Qin Qian stared at Su Su’s hand, saying over and over again with tears falling from her eyes, but there’s not a sound coming out. Qin Qian was sobbing silently, envelop with worry, Su Su was tending to her wound, pressing her palm with the white towel to subdue its bleeding, as she patted Qin Qian’s back, in a very gentle voice, trying to calm her worries away, said softly, “Sister Qin, I am all right. You don’t do that again. It was all over.”

Qin Qian shook her head gently and biting her lips firmly, “The thing that I lost will never come back, just let me die. If I died, will be clean.”

“Qin Jie, how can you think that way?” Her thinking was totally wrong, it was not her fault, so why punish herself? Su Su was frowning and her appearance was apprehensive, her voice unconsciously louder and a little more forceful, “This thing, you’re a victim, you are very clean, cleaner than anyone on this island.” Su Su said it clearly full of conviction, Qin Qian, however, fiercely shook her head, tears filled her whole face,  her eyes were full of desperation like there was an evil spirit controlling her, “No. Xiaoshu, you will not understand. I ……Although I did not regret, but I ……I am quite tired, I do not want to go on living again, you do not know, I ……” 

“Qin Jie?!” Qin Qian suddenly softly fall, Su Su stretched her hand to catch her, at the same moment Sang Nuan saw it and hurriedly ran.

Sang Nuan forcibly drew out her wrist and put a needle in her acupuncture points and said, “It is okay now, I just pricked her sleeping points, she became too agitated, if let her go again this way, I feared that she will become insane.” 

Su Su gently raised Qin Qian who fainted and placed her on the bed, then she asked, “How did she become like this?” 

 “In the morning , when I came to see her, she seemed calmer, it was not good to tie her up continuously like this, since she changed for the better slowly, I untied the rope on her, who knows that ……” Sang Nuan shook her head, exhausted and she saw Su Su’s hand that was full of blood and said, “What happened to your hand? I will go and get some medicine.”

“There is no need, these are only light scratches, and the bleeding has stopped.” Su Su forced herself to smile, raised her hand and looked at the person who just fainted lying on the bed, Su Su’s complexion gradually turn cold, after the moment, suddenly said, “You take care of her, I walked first.”

After Su Su finished saying that, she left; Sang Nuan quietly looked at her back as she departs. Sang Nuan eyes appeared to be contemplative.

“Good morning.” Su Su was just out of medical care, she was looking in the sky checking the weather, when a pair of beaming eyes with bright sunny smile (like the one you saw on the magazine pictures), she replied, “Good morning, I now want to see the bodies of Wu Mu and Yi Hu to start together?” Ye Lie flashed a look of surprise at Su Su, he was benign to her, but now she find her own initiative which was very rare and invited. Ye Lie got to Su Su’s side and smiled, “I wish for it earnestly.”

His gaze fell on the hand of Su Su, Ye Lie was alarmed, “What happened to your hand?”

“Just scratched some skin.” Su Su obviously was not willing to say anything. Ye Lie did not pursue and did not ask anymore but turned his head towards the medical shed, it look empty of people. After the two people inquired, now they gathered that the corpses of Wu Mu and Yi Wu, were kept in a cave unexpectedly and the cave was very near the woods. When they reach outside the cave, saw only one guard defending it. The men was lying down and when he saw them, he quickly got up to welcome them, “The two of you, what are you doing here?”

Su Su gave him a light cough and said casually, “Certainly, we came to see the corpses, otherwise what else?”

He does not know if it was an illusion or not, but Ye Lie had a notion that Su Su’s disposition was not right. He felt from the start that there was a surge of restlessness and impatience. The guard who was listening, his expression did not look pleased. Ye Lie quickly stepped forward and smiled, ” Chief Yi Dang want Xiaoshu to find the murderer and the entire island knew of this matter. She wanted to look at the corpses to find some clues and identify the murderer as soon as possible, you won’t stop it, right?” The guard swept Su Su with look full of disdain and obviously does not believe that she can solve the case, he reluctantly let them go, “Go ahead but do it quickly! You must only look and do not make any accident and don’t make me do something along the way. The guard allowed them to pass, Su Su has not said anything, just walked quickly inside. This cave was very dry, not big unlike the other caves in the area and there were 5-6 flares specially placed inside. It was very bright and two black wooden big coffins were placed in the holes side by side in a row. The coffins have no cover, corpses clothes was swapped to a neat and fine dresses but the color of the body skin had turned grayish green.

Su Su went at the side of Wu Mu, held his head with her uninjured hand, turned his head then asked Ye Lie, “Lend me a hand.” Ye Lie does not know what she wants to do, but quickly went forward and helped her hold the corpse, then gazing at her, for without warning she started taking off the clothes of the corpses?! Ye Lie was scandalized, “You! You really have to take their clothes off?” Ye Lie look at Su Su with eyes bulging in shock, this was just too absurd and it was happening right before his eyes. Su Su however just twitched and narrowed her eyes, looked at him with a faint smile and chided, “How to prove anything without taking off their clothes?”

Under Su Su’s sharp eyes, Ye Lie was smart enough to just shut up. Her weird behavior should not be new to him anymore. The two corpses were undressed until only their underpants was left did Su Su finally called a stop, somehow also as not to disrespect them. When she halted, Ye Lie relaxed secretly, thinking this person was also noble.

Su Su examined the body’s joints and muscles, the rigor mortis disappeared completely. The two have been dead for more than 30 hours, rigor mortis disappearance was normal, Su Su checked their nostrils, which had a touch of same black marks, but compared to Yi Hu, it was paler. Ye Lie stood off to the side, quietly watched, the man showed great insights, there was already a faint trace of corpse smell but he stood there without complaining, eyes surprisingly bright, Ye Lie with folded hands on his chest with great interest asked, “Why are you so crazy about the corpse?” Su Su without raising her, head simply replied, “You’re smart, go ahead and guess.”

 “Beforehand, I heard people say, the corpse tells a story, when this person died, how it was murdered and can see what happened before he died, is that right?”

Su Su finally looked up, but didn’t answer him, but asked, “That is according to whom?”

Ye Lie hesitated, “Medical examiner. The father of my good friend is a medical examiner.”

Su Su just nodded, then retuned, busying herself studying the corpse, his idea was really right, owing to the account because Su Su found something on Wu Mu’s corpse, something new she discovered that was not seen before.


Volume 1 Chapter 44  Why You Kill ? Part 2

She was right in examining the corpse the second time, because she discovered something on Wu Mu’s body that revealed itself now.

The corpse’s arm and neck, has few cat-like marks, less than two inches long. The scratch was shallow and at least compared to the next slashed, it can be ignored. It cannot be seen before, because when she first checked the body, the fierce knife edge was still dripping of blood, these small scratches was covered up completely.

She has been on Wolf Island for several days and she never saw a cat or dog on the island. Who can leave these traces, it was likely to be human and the traces were extremely shallow, most likely done by a woman. Is it likely possible for Qin Qian Jie to have struggled before leaving it? Su Su, closed her eyes and tried to bring to mind the past, when she opened her eyes again, her expression changed, looked coldly at Ye Lie, her complexion was extremely unsightly.

He walked up behind Su Su, Ye Lie crouched down to had a look but didn’t see what’s special about, it, but why did her face turn hostile? Ye Lie didn’t intend to hold the question in his heart and directly asked, “What do you see?”     

Su Su’s rage slowly died down and picked up where she left off.  Every finger, every wound, even behind the ear, joint bend folds of skin, these subtle places, she dare not missed. The warm light of the torch was glowing towards her physique, tall and straight, completely focus.

This young man was mysteriously amazing, he usually looked carefree and cheerful, sometimes even a little sly, then again when he got up, the whole person totally transforms to another persona. People who watched him seemed to be unsure of his unpredictability, more like a rolling current. When he was left alone against the swarm of frogs, this very moment felt the same.

Ye Lie stared at her glowing eyes, it seemed to be even more burning hot and said suddenly, “Do you really want to become Mo Yuan’s servant?”    

Su Su continued to examine Yi Wu’s body, her eyes never left the corpse, without looking to Ye Lie, casually replied, “No. There is no way I could beat him and escape the island.”

“Are you saying that if someone could beat him and take you away from the island, you will want to leave him?”

Su Su looked up, finally taking her eyes away from the corpse, studied Ye Lie, and softly said, “This man you’re talking about, it’s not you right?”

Ye Lie laughed, “If it is me, would you like to go with me?”

What he is going to do? Kidnapped her? Under the copper mask was a slight smile, teased, “To be your servant?”

Ye Lie shook his head, smiled at her and said, “You are not naturally a servant.”    

“Oh?” Su Su blinked calm and composed even pressed for work way back at him and asked, “If not a slave, then what?”

The amber eyes reflected a cold glare collided with profound black pupils, two people did not moved their sight for a moment, Ye Lie did not answer her question, with indifference she just shrugged and withdrew her gaze. She continued checking Yi Wu’s body from the top to the tip of his fingers and once satisfied she stepped back, standing behind her was a man that was in total silence, “May I trouble you, can you help put on the clothes.”

Ye Lie goes forward, quickly dressed the two corpses before the two men walked in silence, out of the cave. Once outside, Ye Lie took a deep breath, appeared to have restored his vigor, “Then, now where are we going?”

Su Su was downcast, “I want to be alone, you should go first.”

Ye Lies gave her an unfathomable glimpse, he turned around to leave but his eye concealed a meaningful shallow smile full of ambiguity.

Su Su walk alone on the stone road, in her mind the clues were constantly flashing, the shadow of the murderer seems to be clearer. As the shadow becomes clearer her mood had become increasingly heavy. After walking in the distance, there was a group of people, in front was two men carrying knives, followed by a dozen fishermen, and they carried a big wooden tub, inside the tub was a net full of fresh fishes, they just have a big catch. The fishes were very vigorous, struggling with its might in that large wooden tub, splashing a lot of water out.

When the group of people were closer, Su Su can hear their conversation, one man wielding a knife spoke very loud with a look of excitement, “These fishermen is still better than us in catching fishes.” They lived on the island, although from time to time they gathered some supplies ashore for military supplies, but only limited to some food materials like salt and rice. For seafood, they have to catch it themselves. Sometimes for a whole day they would only catch 2-3 fishes, for them fishing was more difficult than robbing, now that they have these fishermen, they would not need to catch anymore fishes. If they have only known that one has to get up early to grasp one batch.

A man on the side leading the group look at him sideways, “Don’t talk crap, otherwise how they can be called fisherman!”

Su Su greeted the man leading the group and humbly asked, “Can you give me a live fish?” She recognized this man was sent to the medical shed a few days ago to safeguard Sang Nuan and Sang Leng, the man probably recognized her also and looked at the fresh fishes flapping with full force in the big tub, and generously said, “Go ahead and take it. “

As the man was talking, he went to the net and prepare to get her a fish. Su Su pointed to the fisherman’s hand, next to it were small wooden barrels and said, “Can I have the barrel.” The man find it funny, “You still want to keep it alive to let it become bigger?!”

Su Su just smiled and kept quiet, she awkwardly took some fishes, scrambled to gather 8-9 pieces together and frightfully tread softly, not wanting to be reprimanded so she did not grasp more. Anxious to leave fast she almost stumbled, lift her head high and said, “Thank you very much.”

Men’s casually and waved her hand and the group of people lively went away!

As soon as they left, Su Su looked at her barrel of fishes carefree swimming and jumping. From her small pocket by the waist she took a pouch. It was the piece of cloth with the stained blood from Sang Leng that she sneaked out the night before. She dropped several tiny clots of blood in the water and dissolved it slowly. Her radiating eyes were watching the water very closely then slowly her eyes turned deep and ominous.


At the medical shed, tiny footsteps could be heard but there were no sounds of voices. Sang Nuan came out from the medicine cabinet and saw someone standing on the threshold, the person did not enter nor leave. Slightly surprised, “Xiaoshu?” Sang Nuan thought for a moment and said with a smile, “If you are here for Qin Qian, she didn’t wake up yet, if you want to see her come back tomorrow morning.”

Su Su did not say anything, just turned around to close the wooden door. The door of medical shed has always remained opened all year round.

Sang Nuan quietly watched her do this, also didn’t talk, until Su Su came over and stood firmly in front of her, and called her name. “Sang Nuan.”

Sang Nuan’s smile deepens and gently answered back, “Eh?”

“Why?” Su Su looked at it with a smile, eyes gentle face, literally asked, “Why is that dreadful hands yours?”

End of the Chapter

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