A Mistaken Marriage Match 4:Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 47 Hand Her Over

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu

Volume 1 Chapter 47 Hand Her Over

Su Su gradually stepped away from the medical shed, her body was upright but breaking out in a cold sweat, she dare to come alone, of course, she was not afraid of Sang Nuan’s poison, she does not believed that she can be poisoned when she was very alert and attentive, she has yet to be captured by ordinary people with no martial arts skill, but it didn’t occur to her that in the inner courtyard was surprisingly a human in hiding, and if it were not for that person, when his breathing suddenly became agitated, made her felt his presence completely. However, toward the last moments and for some reason, his breathing suddenly became a little short that she could feel his presence, this demonstrated that this person’s martial arts was beyond her skill. If Sang Nuan from the start did not warn that person, and if he wanted her life, she could not have gotten out of the medical shed alive.

The murderers were found, Su Su, however, does not feel the joy, no happiness or feeling of victory . Her footsteps proceeded heavily and in her heart she doesn’t know what to do next, she doesn’t know where to go, she let out a heavy sigh, her heart was very tight. Didn’t she say that she will find the murderer, now that they’re found, how can she be in a daze?

Suddenly, from her side came a voiceless sound, Su Su was startled and her body involuntarily leaped. She saw it was Mo Yuan, he was very relaxed, she couldn’t help saying irritably, “Ahem,” looked at him questioningly, “What are you doing here?”

What was she afraid of a moment ago? She looked at his cold eyes and he answered casually, “Naturally doing an array of defense.”

An array? Su Su looked around, at the beginning she did unknowingly walk towards the beach and the beach from the east location have low tide hundred ten feet away from the seashore. They were setting up a seven wooden logs upright, the arrangements were disorderly, she cannot figure what this array strategy was and surely the way it look with the huge beach, it cannot be completed in two days. But did he not told her that she can leave? Su Su look at Mo Yuan strangely and asked, “Wolf Island doesn’t matter to you. You truly don’t care whether it will live?”

“When did I say that the island doesn’t matter to me and didn’t care?” Su Su saw an expression of ‘we are going no matter what excuses you have’, Mo Yuan shook his head and sighed, “The words that I spoke last night, it seems like you didn’t listen.”

“What?” He said many things last night, which one he was referring to?

“This island’s original owner are the Mohist and will only belong to my Mohist clan.”

Mo Yuan’s voice was always cold and dreary but can be heard crisp and clear, always clear without doubt and hesitation. If this island was Mohist’s, what about Yi Dang Jia? Mo Yuan was on the island completely using an appearance of a guest, Sang Nuan’s attitude towards Mo Yuan was also very unusual, Su Su suddenly had a strange speculation in her heart, she frowned, “You and Sang Nuan also came up with something to take over the island?”

Take over? On the face of Mo Yuan, who has been ‘suffering from facial paralysis’, a smile gradually, little by little, spread out, and that word “also” made Mo Yuan became interested in something, the cold and dreary voice has a very tiny hint of happiness, “Looks like you already found the murderer, huh.”

Su Su stared intently at Mo Yuan; the look became sharp, “You already knew?”

Mo Yuan did not deny and replied, “Earlier than you.”

Mo Yuan unpredictably already knew that the murderer was Sang Nuan? She had been pondering on the leads of the murderer, the direction and technique of murderer wasn’t anything, she had neglected something, that was probably why Sang Nuan must kill them at this time, and killed three people right away one by one. Sang Nuan was not an impatient person, by her intelligence, she knew pretty simple how to remove anyone slowly. What was her goal in the end? That was unless Sang Nuan, Ye Lie and Mo Yuan, these three people were related and Liao Yue encircling the island, had he any relation with them?

Too many mysteries, once again poured on Su Su’s heart, she look at Mo Yuan’s eyes and it’s shining with a bitter coldness, “Ye Lie and Sang Nuan are accomplices, then you? What role do you play?”

Su Su watched him with a gloomy complexion, Mo Yuan felt pretty good, lifting his hand and gently knocked on the copper mask, replied, “Use your clever head to think, you’re not keen in observing, decrypt it happily, ok? Don’t worry; I will give you a couple of days.”

Su Su step back in big stride, giving him a vicious look, unfortunately, Lord Mo zhao shu’s indifference totally disregarded Su Su’s knife stabbing gaze.

Well, staring at him was useless, completely masochistic; Su Su turned around and decided to be distant from him. She would definitely unravel their secret!

When Su Su just turned, Mo Yuan chilly voice suddenly advised, “A moment ago you are thinking on how to deal with the matters of Sang Nuan, but you just verified the result to tell Yi Dangjia, if you report what you have accomplished and the price is paid, there is also something quite worrisome.”

Su Su was really in distress and she pause, she was truly worried, the island was on its own, completely shut from the rest of the world, it was really doubting that she can have a fair trial, she will say the fact that Sang Nuan killed people absolutely without hesitation, Sang Nuan killing people was wrong, but these people who died in her hand was by no means the good kind. She should obtain the fair trial, but on this island nest there was no justice, therefore, she was hesitant.

Looking at her tangled appearance, Mo Yuan eyes flashed with an extremely warm feeling, chuckling as he spoke in a gentle voice, “If you feared that Yi Dangjia knew about it and will kill Sang Nuan to vent his anger, you look down on Sang Nuan. Since she dared to do it, she already made her move afterwards.”

What does that mean?

If yesterday, she was doubting and suspecting the words of Mo Yuan, the next morning when she walk into the original large cave they were brought in on the first day, she saw clearly the situation inside, she acknowledge now what Mo Yuan said was not empty words. But she once again saw the powerful place of Sang Nuan.

The same place, the same empty cave central but only three people was sitting at the seat of honor for the moment.

Mo Yuan was strangely not sitting in the seat of honor, only silently standing at their side.

Today, Sang Nuan was wearing a dark purple dress, the dress lining made her skin seemed whiter, on her slender waist was a lotus color belt, she doesn’t have the white jade tassel that she normally played with her white fingers, she was calm and wore a gentle smile on her face. Sang Leng was not in the cave. It was Sang Nuan who was sitting on the left side of the Yi Dangjia, Xiang Erye was sitting on the other side. Sang Nuan’s other side also has an empty chair, it seems that was prepared for Lord Mo zhao shu.

Mo Yuan strangely did not sit in the seat of honor, only silently standing at his side.

“There you are.” Su Su just entered the cave when Yi Dangjia casually called out, the anxiousness in his eyes disappeared but he looked more haggard than before and the original full and mighty features faded.

“I have found a lot of clues for the murderer… …” Su Su spoke very slowly, considering what she should say next.

“Well, you do not have to say anything.” Yi Dangjia suddenly interrupted Su Su, then in a cold voice said, “Sang Nuan said that the murderer is Ye Lie, he escaped the island overnight. I will deal with the matter later, it is time to let it go and you are no longer related to it.”

Su Su glanced at Sang Nuan, she looked elegant as she sat just like when she saw her the first time, as a noble lady, with soft lips and a perfect smile, the eyes emits a coldness more than before. Su Su did not know what she said to Yi Dangjia alone, but has apparently made a compromise. Did Ye Lie actually left?

Su Su was silent for a moment, a man sudden cries came from outside, “Yi Dangjia , something is wrong !” Men with sharp footsteps, a panic-appearance bolted into the cave and ran all the way in.

“Why are you shouting?” It was easy to tell that his body was full of anger, the man shrinks his shoulders, pointing outside and trembling, “Outside … … there is a boat, I do not know how, but it broke through the fog and boarded the island! They are in military uniform, asking for the master!”

In military uniform? Su Su’s brow knits and asked, “How many people?”

The man looked at Su Su, watching Yi Dangjia but he did not speak, replied, “Six.”

Six? This was Liao Yue envoys? Su Su was still thinking of these people’s intention, when Yi Dangjia said, “Take over.”

“Yes.” The man ran out, not for a while, when a team of brawny man came in, wearing bronze armor, holding a sword, their paces seemed unstoppable. They were surrounded by thirty or forty pirates carrying knives, following them all the way, in contrast, those pirates apparently were like mobs.

The leader of the envoy glanced around the cave and finally his gaze stop on the seat of honor, with a resonant voice he called their attention, stating their purpose, “Are you the island owner?”

Yi Dangjia’s force was also strong, looking back at the man, replied, “Who are you?”

These envoys have strong qi ji (internal energy), Su Su knew too well with her long-term military life, the strong aura cast all over them even if not by deliberate exposure and she will never miss the feeling of the qi ji, they should be Liao Yue’s soldiers.

Sure enough, the man stood upright loudly replied, “We are from Liao Yue and on General Dan Tantai’s order. Hand over the Su clan daughter and Lingshi (ancient relic or halidom) from the island, the general will not put Wolf Island to a war if you obey, but if you dare not follow, we kill without mercy!”

The Liao Yues’s military spokesman’s murderous aura was in full swing that the pirates around unconsciously stepped back, Yi Dangjia just frowned, “Su family daughter? Lingshi? Your general must be mistaken; the island has no Lingshi, let alone the daughter of the Su clan?” This time, the man’s eyes fell straight down on the mask body of Su Su.

Yi Dangjia stared at Su Su, “It’s you … …”

Su Su eyes slightly squinted, her copper face mask prevented them to see her expression, not knowing what to make of it, Yi Dangjia look at the side of Sang Nuan, “Sang Nuan, what the hell is going on?”

Listening to the soldier speaking, Sang Nuan’s brow wrinkled and glanced at Su Su who remained silent, she pondered for a bit before the corners of her mouth pulled into a smile, and with a tone of curiosity replied, “You exactly want those things, this is the high and mighty Su eldest and the clan’s only daughter.” After Sang Nuan said the last two words, Yi Dangjia’s face sank to gloominess.

Although Su Su’s face has no expression, but her heart was thrown to monstrous waves. General Tantai, she did not actually expect it’s the Tantai Family military. If Qiong Yue has Su Family army, then Tantai was Liao Yue’s sharp sword. Ye Lie, Ye Lie what was his identity?

Ye Lie … … Tantai Family … … Su Su mind was processing all information then like stream, a realization crossed her mind, a name appeared in her mind. Su Su was surprised herself and cried out loud, “Tantai Ye Lie!” He was the youngest general in Tantai Family, Tantai Ye Lie? That 14 years old just a short while ago and at 20, he was conferred commander-in-chief, dubbed handsome and smart, hailed highly by Tantai Family and Liao Yue’s Royal dynasty for a having god-given wisdom and rare talent, that Tantai was Ye Lie!

End of the Chapter

I did not know if you catch it, Ye Lie did not know it was Miss Su of Su Military family under the masks only after it was mentioned by Sang Nuan during the confrontation that’s why his heartbeat hastened and made it possible for Su Su to feel his presence. He probably seen her in past. Does he really liked her or just for power? I can’t wait to see how this work out.☆☆☆☆☆ Mayo☆☆☆☆☆


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