A Mistaken Marriage  Match 4: Volume 1 Chapter 48 Stupidly Turned into a Fragrant Bun

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Volume 1 Chapter 48 Stupidly Turned into Fragrant Steam Bun

“That Tantai Ye Lie?!” Although the voice of Su Su was not very loud, it was good enough for the people inside the limestone cave to clearly hear. The always calm eyes of Mo Yuan shifted quickly and displayed some spark then returned instantaneously to calmness.

When the envoy heard Su Su’s astonished exclamation, the young fellow behind the spokesperson was very alarmed and snapped at her, “The audacity of you to call the general’s name without respect, it is forbidden!”

Su Su sneered, “No one can mention Tantai Ye Lie’s name, exactly the same way as Tantai Rumin’s name, like the way I, Su Su, called them?!”

This person Tantai Ye Lie was the pride of Tantai clan, exactly the same as the great noble eldest son, Tantai Rumin. General Tantai Ye Lie was the first person of the new generation of Tantai’s household and hearing Su Su arrogantly mentioning the name of the generals without courtesy, the leader of the envoy also to got angry, “Because you insulted the name of our army generals, you should be killed without mercy.”

As he was speaking that person actually raise his sword at the same time to attack Su Su to wound her, unexpectedly, the young fellow was not to be outdone, also refusing to admit being inferior, rushed towards her. Su Su just lightly ‘humph’, she did not hide, instead she moved forward and welcomed them. Her status has been exposed in any case; she also has nothing to hide. She took the red copper scale fan from her sleeve and blocked the long swords. The sword blades lacked the angle to hit her body; the leader of the envoy was not able to respond immediately because he was boxed by Su Su on his temples and fell. The young fellow wasn’t able to counter-attack with enough time but was knocked on the neck by the red copper scale fan and softly collapsed.

The other four people, after seeing what happened, was greatly surprised and frightened, before they came, they heard from their leader that the woman with the mask was the daughter of Su Family, but they have not actually expected that her martial arts skill was so unexpectedly fierce. The four people looked at each other; with tacit understanding rushed toward Su Su to attack at the same time. Holding the red copper scale fan in her hand, she does not need to hide her Shiba liang steps. She manage the young fellow who was giving the signals and it was not really difficult, then the next moment they only saw Su Su’s figure flying rapidly around the sides of the four soldiers, especially hitting their joints in just ten moves. The four people had been knocked down.

Sang Nuan called out and said, “Catch them.”

The pirates who were watching on the sidelines was all gawking in amazement, recovered their senses and all piled and dozens of knives rests on that head of six people. The six people did not dread the pointed knife on the nape of their necks, but their eyes that were fixed at Su Su, they appeared to be enraged and irritated.

Su Su suddenly smiled, “I just called the general’s name in your family and how was that an insult? On the matter of age, me and Tantai Ye Lie doesn’t have much difference, by rank, old Senior General and my father are peers, me and Tantai Ye Lie was born from the same generation. On the matter of status, I am the daughter of Su family and equivalent to Tantai’s four sons. Where did I insult him and brought disgrace on him? If you wish to respect and worship your own generals it is understandable, but such a narrow-mindedness and pettiness that couldn’t call him by his name and it is extremely silly and laughable, if he can really convince and make me believe, I do not need you to clamor but naturally I will call him General Tantai!”

Considering their look of determination, Su Su saw the dedication and fierceness of the soldiers on their faces, they don’t seem to fear death. She wanted to say two or a few more words but with their rigid stance, it will not make any difference and she will only look foolish, so what’s the point.

Several people could see that her face was red and her eyes was burning, Su Su shook her head, too lazy to be bothered by them.

Xiang Erye was commanding several pirates, “With the rope, tie them up first and then lock them up.”

Their technique was inferior against this person and they were speechless after their defeat. But being tied up by this motley crew, they refuse to accept it. The six people were protesting and struggling.

“This is the pirate’s nest, the two warring armies, if you want to kill each other, do not do it at Wolf Island, it is not suitable and so you better be on your best behavior.” The soft female voice sounded faintly that several soldiers struggling suddenly stopped. Following the sound of her voice, they saw a beautiful lady in purple with a gentle smile watching them, a few people tremble. At last, the six people were detained to a nearby cave.

Yi Dangjia was sizing up Su Su, looking at her from head to toe, “You are really ……the daughter of Su Family? Qiong Yue’s Su family military!” This young fellow who at present dressed up as a young man was unexpectedly a woman and the Su family daughter. Yi Dangjia was doubtful a moment ago, but after watching her moving fast, nimble and resourceful, her imposing manner during the discourse was explosive, at that moment, Yi Dangjia truly believed.

“I am.” Right at that moment, she was unable to bear not to admit her identity with Yi Dangjia, she look at him and gracefully said, “I’ll introduce myself, Yi Dangjia, I am Su Su, nice to meet you.”

Yi Dangjia smiled. His dispirited condition a moment ago was suddenly swept away and said with a laugh, “I cannot believed that the Su family daughter unexpectedly will come to me on Wolf Island, I was an inconsiderate host, but please Miss Su, forgive me.” Su Su smiled back saying, “Yi Dangjia was kind and polite.”

“Miss Su rest assured that I will not hand you over, but Liao Yue general named you and want you, if I do not surrender you, I feared that Liao Yue will be completely offended, although I personally do not fear them, but it is totally impossible to protect you with no reason at all, I see that you are similar to Sang Leng’s age, recently was together also, though he is inferior to you, I say why not get marry, like this you will be my daughter-in-law and the Wolf Island will protect you as it ought to be.”

What … …Who? Su Su stared at Yi Dangjia like seeing a freaking monster elephant, he just placed that incredible proposition and as a result even that ‘certain’ person standing on the side forgot to breathe and abruptly froze.

The pirates nearby started to heckle and cheer, Su Su shouted loudly, “No!”

“Don’t you want to?” Yi Dangjia, although he seemed to be asking her but even the fools could sense that it was not a tone that will tolerate rejection.

“It is not the issue of wanting or not wanting, it is ……” Su Su brain was quickly spinning for alibi, turned to glance at the corner of Sang Nuan’s eyes and just in time to see that ‘play good’ look, her eyes brighten with the idea, “it is altogether contrary to the ethical question on issues of human relations!”

“Huh?” Such remarks, not only Yi Dangjia was shocked, all the people listening have been startled, for Miss Su, the young lady from Su family and Sang Leng to get married, how is it contrary to the morality and issues of human relations?

Su Su cleared her throat lightly and replied, “Just yesterday, I swore sisterhood with Ah Nuan and we became sworn sisters, heaven and earth as witnesses , brother Ah Nuan’s brother is Sang Leng and is now also my brother… …my brother, how can I be married to my brother, this is what is contrary to morality! Therefore, I am not going to marry Sang Leng.”

Became sworn sisters? Yi Dangjia obviously did not believe her story and looked at Sang Nuan, whispering, “Sang Nuan, is what she said true?”

San Nuan’s looked around and her gaze stayed on Su Su, with a faint smile, she answered, “Yes. It is.”

Su Su secretly feel relieved, Sang Nuan finally did not expose her act.

Yi Dangjia expression turned gloomy, immediately nodded, Su Su was secretly rejoicing now that she was on the clear when Yi Dangjia continued to say, “Since you and Sang Nuan become sworn sisters, the matter of getting marry is relinquished, you will recognize me now as your adoptive father.”

Su Su was dumbfounded… …

Mo Yuan looked indifferently at the anxiety in Su Su’s appearance, obviously she could have asked him to rescue her earlier but she wouldn’t even look him in the eye. He actually continually looked at her eyes but she did not even looked at him the slightest bit, such being the case, he knew that he will see a good show.

Yi Dangjia has not planned to let Su Su get away with it and act stupid, “You and Sang Nuan are sworn sisters, and you said that Sang Leng is your elder brother, therefore, I am your father, now I am making you recognize me to be your adoptive father, unexpectedly you don’t like it?”

Yi Meng fully knew that he cannot absolutely afford to offend the Su Family. If the only daughter of Su Family had an accident in their island, the Su family military will surely trample flat the Wolf Island. Even if he escape by luck, within six countries, he cannot take shelter, certainly no one would safeguard him. Now, having such a good chance, though it came with great difficulty, how can he not take the benefits. He was thinking if he could make Sang Leng and this girl get marry, then he also imagine with their reputation, they would be climbing up with the Su family. But unfortunately Su Su and Sang Nuan unexpectedly became sworn sisters, anyway this was also good, Su Su was the only Su family daughter, it is difficult to guarantee Su Family arrogant and unreasonable position by making her marry Sang Leng into his household, now he was his only remaining son and also expecting him to inherit the mantle, therefore, to recognized Su Su as a foster daughter was actually beneficial.


Su Su was speechless. Now, she set the big rock to pound on her own toes, the mood at this moment was thorny, it was like a fish-bone was blocking her throat, nothing would come out.

In spite of Su Su’s reluctant appearance, Yi Dangjia was not completely relieved and continued, “I’m a redneck, not so demanding and not hard to please, you call me adoptive father, I will then recognize you as a daughter.”

Is this okay? Really… …this time a sloppy person cannot bother about minor matter, the person’s position was under the roof and has to bow, Su Su reluctantly gave a cry, “Yi Fu … …” (or father Yi)

“Okay!” Yi Dangjia smiled happily and to all the pirates the clear and resonant voice announced, “You all listen, starting today, Su Su is not only Su family but also the daughter of our pirate family, she will be the daughter of Wolf Island.”

Oh no, anything but this! Su Su felt the grieve and sorrow for Sang Nuan, one’s own daughter, he had not called her the daughter of Wolf Island, this is how he should recognize his daughter. However, this can bring more benefits to him. Su Su quietly looked at Sang Nuan and merely saw the smile on her face and calm expression. Yi Dangjia’s words was carried like a mighty waves with momentum, had it already calmed down yet?

Su Su under the mask, criticizes herself for being nosy, she still have to worry first her own problem, if her parents knew that she randomly took an adopted father … …

As Su Su was busy mourning for herself, a person’s shadow rushed at the mouth of the cave. His whole face was covered with a look of fright, tumbled and fall as he frantically run. He did not dare yell but appeared very heavily frightened, running up all the way to the front of Yi Dangjia, with a trembling voice, signaled an alarm, “Warning …warning ……! Yi Dangjiade … Outside … …Outside.”

The look of this man who came to notify them was more panic-stricken than the first person a moment ago when Liao Yue envoy came. Nearby, Xiang Erye’s expression changed greatly, urgently he asked, “Liao Yue arrived to attack more?”

“No ……It is not! It is ……Is ……” the male voice was trembling so much and looked very awful, Yi Dangjia could not tolerate it anymore, kicked him and the man then flew several feet away, “Speak properly to Lao-tze! What’s going on?”

The men lying on the ground, could not crawl and clutched his belly. While enduring the severe pain, said, “On the east beach, broke through were seven black sail steamships, their speed are extremely fast. On the bank, the men in black got down from the ship, it’s about a hundred of them, they are on their way, some had been chopped by them when they tried to stop them, they ……they are on the way to the cave!”

Yi Dangjia was in an uncontrollable rage, has stood from his seat and quickly scolded, “Who the hell came to Wolf Island and debauched against me?”

“It’s me.”

A commanding voice could be heard all of a sudden, falling like hail in the middle of June, the sound was not loud, the people thought that their chest was being pounded by something heavy, it was blood curdling.

It’s the familiar grim voice, the moonlight fell on dazzling silver hair, Su Su’s whole body froze… …

End of the Chapter


Folks so that’s how she became a pirate’s daughter.

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