A Mistaken Marriage Match 4:Pirate’s Daughter Volume II Chapter 49 Flee Without Fight How Can It Be?

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu

Volume II Chapter 49 Flee Without A Fight! How Can It Be?

She heard the familiar grim male voice and saw the dazzling silver hair under the moonlight; Su Su’s whole body froze. She wanted to cry but tears won’t come out. Speaking within, Uncle Ao, if you must come, why didn’t you make your appearance ‘burn a joss stick earlier (15 minutes-30minutes?) I just recognized an adoptive father now. Su Su thought this time her death has been truly decided! While Su Su’s heart was screaming and whining, she moved slightly to the side and hid behind Mo Yuan.

Mo Yuan glanced at her, knowing that she was hiding behind him, although he cannot understand her action, his big body did not moved one bit and actually allowed her to hide behind him.

People look towards the Mountain Cave, such a man silently appeared in sight of them all. His black attire was vigorous, stature was big and his dazzling silver hair makes him look different from an average man, he was regarded a cold and callous person all these years, his age did not left a vestige on his face, but those eyes were submerged with an even more penetrating look, people will not dare look straight at them. Standing behind him were more than 30 men wearing black, countenance was grim, their eyes were cold and somber, and their look was desolate, solemn and respectful. Their deathly aura was different from the soldiers; their whole body has a scent of death exactly the same way life was being stripped out.

They stood at the entrance of the cave, the sunshine outside was beautiful but inside the cave this person’s whole being felt cold.

Yi Dangjia obviously seen also the momentum of this group of people, his was heart discrete and carefully asked, “Your excellency is …”

“Ju Ling Island**, Ao Tian.”
**(or Spirit Island)*

When the person threw down the five words, the whole atmosphere and people inside the cave turned blue on their faces, it really was him! When they saw the silver-haired man, they have guessed that it could be Ao Tian and it was really him. How come this big “Buddha” suddenly visit his small temple? Yi Dang jia gathered his courage and politely replied, “Original Island Master, Ao Tian, I fail to salute you. I don’t know that Island Master Ao will suddenly visit small Wolf Island?”

Yi Danjia was in full alert, Ao Tian eyes actually continually searched and did not even look at him once in the eye. The chilly voice resounded once more, when you listen to the words and really listen carefully there was a hint of a happy expression, “Little girl, I just haven’t seen you for a year and now you pretended not to know me?”

Sure enough, no matter how she dressed even with a mask, she could not escape Uncle Ao’s paper mulberry eyes. Behind Mo Yuan, Su Su’s head pops up and with a hollow laugh, timidly called out, “Hello, Uncle Ao…”

Mo Yuan inadvertently moved sideways and blocked Su Su once more, saying to Ao Tian, “Island Master Ao, all has been well since the last meeting.”

Ao Tian replied, “You’re also living happily.”

Su Su gazed at the two people back and forth, surprised and asked in amazement, “You knew each other?!”

Two people didn’t answer her, but did not deny it either. Did Mo Yuan knew Uncle Ao surprisingly? Su Su thought in her heart, hmm … hmm, see if he can stay mysterious. She must go to Uncle Ao and dig up on Mo Yuan! Su Su was in a very good mood, couldn’t help but look at the two men several times, Mo Yuan coldness was the type that penetrates the bones, Uncle Ao’s coldness was the omnipresent type like you were being buried deep in the ground water. Uncle Ao was more like melted snow on the glacier. Similarly cold, Mo Yuan makes heart feel heavy and difficult to approach. Uncle Ao’s coldness was daunting but like under the warm sun shining, it will melt into soft water.

Actually, the reason Su Su had this perception about Ao Tian was because since she was born, Ao Tian was never genuinely cold before her, as it is now.

“Played enough?” In that deep voice was forever a favoring tone that’s hard to conceal, “If you have played enough then let us go and walk you out, leave the Wolf Island’s turbid water for them to tidy up.”

“Wait a minute!” Ao Tian will carry Miss Su away shortly; Xiang Er Ye could not sit still. Just before this, the Su family daughter just recognized herself to be an adopted daughter of Wolf Island, he somewhat thought that though Su family were fiercely formidable, but ‘that was a far water that cannot rescue near fire’. He did not expect this twist and turns. Miss Su knowing Ao Tian, the master of Ju Ling Island was unexpectedly alarming! Wolf island warships has a total of six, in addition to the seven ships of Ju Ling Island, this group of strong, extraordinary combat skilled men, the strength, although it was less superior than Liao Yue side by side, at least together they were no longer weak to retaliate back and be like sitting ducks. Therefore, at this time regardless they cannot let Miss Su and Ao Tian walk away.

Xiang Er Ye set out hastily and decided a plan to inform him for the reason of the appeal, “Ao Daozhu* this word is bad, before Miss Su just did curtsy to Yi Dangjia as the adoptive father, now we call her the Huan Lang Island daughter, Miss Su cannot just standby in crisis? Does this ……”

* Daozhu meaning island master or island owner

“Foster Father?”

People who understood were perplexed at that moment they felt the surrounding was filled with inexhaustible anger, Su Su also shook and could not endure, staring plainly at Xiang Erye’s with an expression saying ‘let us not court death’, do you … …

“Su Su, do you really recognized him to be a foster parent?” Ao Tian asked Su Su, his cold eyes were comparable but looked straight at Yi Meng who could not look.

Yi Meng felt that swift and fierce verve, the imposing manner thrown at him, like a sharp knife blade across his throat, suddenly unable to talk.

Su Su’s unusually sharp-eyes saw Uncle Ao hand already caressed his waist, on it was the Ciling soft sword, she hurriedly ran out from behind Mo Yuan and quickly explained, “Uncle Ao, it isn’t the way that you imagine?! Listen to me first!”

Ao Tian look at Su Su but his eyes towards her has no hint of fierceness or aggression , no trace of anger, “Well, let us hear it.”

Su Su palms were sweating; she felt that if her explanation does not satisfy Uncle Ao, the next moment, Yi Dang Jiade’s head will fall like a running away ball!

“That, I and Sang Nuan… …” Su Su pointed her hand towards Ah Nuan, “It is this pretty and attractive girl.”

Sang Nuan sitting at the corners with open mouth and suddenly felt that the ice-cold line of sight fell on her, Sang Nuan unconsciously stiffen and her heart shudder unexpectedly. The Ju Ling Island reputation she had heard before and even Ao Tian’s reputation, she was also aware, but seeing him today, she understands that these rumors were not groundless. Didn’t he become the master of Ju Ling Island for nearly 20 years? Didn’t they say that he is the evil spirit that came from hell, the figure of a malicious ghost? Didn’t they say that he does not have feelings but only know how to slaughter? But at present this callous man was actually delicate and handsome, who was this person that’s in front of Su Su, this man was actually soft and moderate.

Su Su did not realized that Sang Nuan was completely distracted, determined that Ao Tian saw Sang Nuan, Su Su continued her explanation, “We felt like old friends at the first meeting and are perfectly suited with each other, we became close and she became a person after my own heart, felt sorry not to have met simply sooner!”

Sang Nuan nipped her lip secretly, she was thinking quickly and could not maintain that graceful smiling face, sure indeed she was a lady from high ranking general now putting her on the spot, reckless in civil matters and very serious in military affairs?

Su Su continued to disregard Sang Nuan’s deviant complexion, only cautiously look at Ao Tian, going all out in her explanation, “Therefore, we became sworn sisters, I and Sang Nuan, became sisters and her father, ….is now my ….my elder, therefore, now I think of Yi Dang Jiade to be like an adoptive father, really! How I can possibly casually recognize an adoptive father!”

Su Su hastily explained and gave a meaningful look at Sang Nuan, with eyes saying ‘Ah Nuan, unless you want your father to die now, say something!’

Su Su thought that her eyes will start to cramp, Sang Nuan nodded and said, “What Su Su said is right, it was not like she bend on her own initiative to recognize him as the adoptive father, do not misunderstand.”

Although Sang Nuan explained, Uncle Ao glanced at Yi Danjiade with a meaningful look, as if to resemble a warning to watch out. However, it is no wonder that, from infancy to maturity, Uncle Ao cherished her very much and failed to make her worship him as an adopted father, now he was bewildered that she have a foster parent? Ao Uncle was not angry just felt that it was strange! Su Su lamented woefully, alright, nothing can be done but only to come out as a formidable killer!

Su Su took a deep breath and gathered her courage, taking one step forward and gently pulled Ao Tian’s sleeves and sway it gently, her voice was very clear and bright, with soft and delicate tone taking over, “Very well, I made a mistake, Uncle Ao should not be angry, okay? You see, I ran away from home and it’s the first time I ran toward the East China Sea to see you, but I must wait for one month to have the ship from Ju Ling Island, if not I wouldn’t be running around, Su Su thought of you.” Saying, but also feared that it was not sufficient to convince him. Su Su extend her arms to Ao Tian’s arm, embracing it, shaking it and continued saying pitifully, “You see, look, I lost weight, therefore, you should not be angry.”

Mo Yuan, “……”

Sang Nuan, “……”

Pirates, “……”

Everyone was speechless, the people listening have different expressions.

Mo Yuan: This time she seems like a woman.

Sang Nuan: This is the desperate tactic of a legendary resort … …

Pirates: Is this the one that call the generals by name just moments ago, the valiant woman who had beaten six enemies?!

No matter what the people’s expressions was, Ao Tian’s countenance had finally relaxed, Su Su secretly felt relieved. This move was useful not only on Uncle Ao, it was useful to on all men, several of her younger brothers in Su family were no exception, but she rarely uses this method, and on normal times she doesn’t need to use this trick, they just give in.

Su Su’s charming face coaxed him and the only thing lacking were the two drops of tears falling down to get his abundant sympathy, Ao Tian sighed and said, “Considered it as done, come on.”

“It is not good!”

“Not yet.”

Who now dared to venture and opened their mouths, only two people, Su Su was quick to protest and Mo Yuan’s voice was chilly. Both answer was contrary to what one might expect.

Ao Tian eyes showed some touch of fun, stopped his footsteps and looked at the always chilly appearance of Mo Yuan, asking, “What do you mean, Lord Mo shao zhu?”

The pair of cold eyes were looking straight ahead, Mo Yuan without batting an eye replied, “She will be unable to leave lightly with Island Master Ao.”

“Oh? Why?”

Su Su was surprise that Uncle Ao and Mo Yuan were unexpectedly chatting with leisure. Do they have a deep friendship and good understanding? The next moment Su Su immediately denied her own guess because Mo Yuan only spoke a few words and immediately made the atmosphere very bad … …

“Xiao Su has promise to go home with me.”

Xiao Su? Going home? These two words made Ao Tian’s brows immediately wrinkled, Su Su and Mo Yuan’s feelings were good enough unexpectedly to the point of bringing her home? If it was really so, that truly cannot be treated lightly. Ao Tian look at Su Su and asked earnestly, “Su Su, what the hell is going on here?”

Su Su look blankly at Mo Yuan, her heart that was panicking a moment ago was finally relaxed, she was frightened that he would say ‘she was my person…’

Su Su walk to the front of Ao Tian, solemnly, clear voice: “I’m not going for nothing, there is a reason, but not like how Mo Yuan puts it.”

Su Su was not coy in appearance, Ao Tian knew the two relationship between these people, before by no means what he previously thought and his expression immediately relaxed, he knew that Su Su definitely wanted to say it and he then waited for her to continue.

“Uncle Ao, when you come this time you should have seen that Liao Yue warships was encircling outside the island and Tantai Ye Lie sent a convoy with a message, they wanted Wolf Island to hand me over, obviously, he came for me, came for Su family, others have challenged me, I did not fight to flee? How can it be possible?”

Although it was captured by the pirates before, however she wants investigate the pirates den actually, tied her own hand, for her, it’s just experiencing a little adventure before she leaves, but this was not the same anymore. Tantai Ye Lie clearly knew she was Su Family daughter and still put his heart to get her, this was a provocation and a humiliation if caught by Liao Yue, and she will lose face completely as Su Family!

Su Su all throughout has not taken off the red copper mask, the chilling mask has blocked her sweet and pretty appearance, makes her seem like bringing unexpectedly the malignant influences faintly, particularly spoke of “did not fight to flee” five words at the time, corners of the mouth that brought a smile and what makes people laugh.

Ao Tian shook his head, this was really that person’s daughter, temperament was just the same. But that person was decisive, tenacious, and never gives up, this girl was courageous, sly and clever but most often recites a few bright words like a military person, but that’s what she most often talked about from infancy to maturity, Tantai Ye Lie on her, the outcome he will not say in advance but first she must absolutely suffer loss.

Ao Tian was confident with Su Su, Xiang Erye, however, was actually heavyhearted, sighed deeply, and said, “The Liao Yue naval forces are unmatched in the world, let alone also Tantai Ye Lie to assume personal command, even if we fight, only feared that we will be defeated.”

Su Su brightly smiled, “That’s not necessary.”

Su Su said categorically and Yi Danjiade that was listening finally spoke and said, “You already have a plan? Tell me?”

Su Su originally does not have a strategy, otherwise earlier, she wouldn’t have follow Yi Dangjiade and recognize him to be her adoptive father, from the very beginning she intends not to fight. Attacks on a small island, unexpectedly, disturb Tantai home, before she has not thought of this, by the strength of Tantai, he will not set out too many military strength absolutely, therefore, will encircle the warship outside island to be most not over 15, officers not over 2000 people. But before, only then one group of pirates on island, the strength was limited, she has 20% assurances, now that Uncle Ao and Ju Ling Island people was there, she at least has 60% assurances. Now all that must be done was fight a brief battle and do not give a chance for Tantai Ye Lie to ask for reinforcement!

All eyes was on her, Su Su did not kept them guessing and said, “Before you said that the dense fog will clear in 15 days, now we’re left with 12 days.”

Xiang Erye shook his head and said, “You are saying to let Mo Yuan not waste time and do the embattlement as soon as possible with Laio Yue to stop them outside the island? I fear there’s not enough time.”

Su Su said with smile, “No, we are not only waiting for offshore array, also the planted stakes in these two days should be taken off. “

Xiang Erye face obviously show that he does not agree with the idea, “Why? What if they attack?”

The corners of Su Su’s mouth raise to a reluctant smile, in her hand she was holding appreciatively the red copper scale fan and replied, “I fear that he will not dare come.”

End of the Chapter


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