A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue Chapter 4 The Inquiry

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

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 Chapter 4  The Inquiry

Lou Shui town was not far from the Lou Shen River Mountain. Two people were holding Zhang Jing and they walked for half an hour before they arrived at Luo Shui Town’s most dynamic street, Yong Ning Street. The street was spacious and shops were everywhere, compared with the general small town, here, it was very lively.  Jin Yan Hen lead them in front of a big hospital gate to a famous place called Qian Cao, meaning Thousand Herbs. The hospital entrance hall was very big, on the top beam two cursive black characters were written in large scripts, “Thousand Herbs”, the large characters were written wildly in a candid manner and very eye-catching.

Not each type of medicine can be found in the mountain, Lou Chen for Su Meng’s injured foot went also to buy the medicine. In the past, she just bought it in small Chinese medicine shop near Shen Shan Mountain; it was also her first time to come to this medical hall located in the small town center.

Inside the hospital,  there were many physicians, three doctors for each patient sits open in a front of a big wooden table, they examine and the diagnose the ailment that needs to be treated. On the other side of the great hall were medicine-cabinets, two pharmacists were busy taking prescriptions and were busy collecting the medicines. After  scrutinizing the place, she noticed nobody in the hospital was idle.

The three people just entered the threshold, Jin Yan Hen shouted, “Fang Ru Hui, come out quickly, someone fainted.”

Jin Yan Hen’s voice was not small, people waiting and those that were being examined, they looked at him but he did not concern himself with being the center of attention.

Nearby a medicine-chest, a curtain was lifted from the inside, a young man who looked younger than Jin Yan Hen who had a pretty appearance,his eyes were limpid and had a mild temperament , he came out and his body carried a faint medicine scent.

Fang Ru Hui glanced at Zhang Jing, did not ask any questions and just said, “Bring the person inside the room.”

Jin Yan Hen nodded and held Zhang Jing to walk. Fang Ru Hui swept his eyes sideways, frowning slightly, “How did you get in such state?” His clothes were dirty and besides being dirty, it was dusty.

Jin Yan Hen grinned like a dog; his smiling face was somewhat unexpectedly self-satisfied and proud. Fang Ru Hui looked blankly, wondered what was there that of value to be happy about?!

Lou Chen followed the two into the room silently, the channel or passage, it had four rooms respectively, did not have the door but divided by a curtain made with dark blue cloth.

Jin Yan Hen brought Zhang Jing into the right side of the room, the room was not big and it has one bed and two chairs.

Jin Yan Hen just opened the curtain calmly and laid Zhang Jing on the bed. Fang Ru Hui then immediately stepped forward to take her pulse.  The time for him to take her pulse was similar with that of Lou Chen, after he withdrew his hand he had his diagnosis, “She is congenitally deficient, physically weak,  has anemia and other related weakness, she possibly received something that distressed her and could not withstand it and she fainted.”

Jin Yan Hen sat on the wooden chair casually and urged, “You administer to her quickly, whatever the outcome, make her wake up first.” He also did not forget to pull another chair and attentively facing Lou Chen he said gallantly, “You also sit down and have a rest, we walked for so long and you must be tired.” Jin Yan Hen, the constable flatters and tried to please in every possible way, but what a pity because he had not obtained even single side glance from the beautiful woman.

After he had determined the situation of the patient, Fang Ru Hui was not as anxious as before. He pulled out a bag leisurely, put out several acupuncture needles while saying, “Well she will wake up in a while, this illness has no cure and but she will wake up gradually.”

” There, she will wake up soon.” Probably, about after one stick of an incense, Fang Ru Hui tidied up the acupuncture needles, sets out and about to leave when a cold delightful sound resonate inside the room suddenly, “I wish to have a liang ( liang is a measure weight  China= 50 grams) of  each, two herbs of raw materials for medicine, root of Chuan Xiong  (rhizome of Ligusticum wallichii ) and white mustard seed.” .

Fang Ru Hui looked up suddenly and caught her eye, he momentarily appeared and acted silly, he knew that today Jin Yan Hen came together with a girl, but his attention was always concentrated on the patient, naturally, he did not pay attention to other people. This girl … …he doesn’t really know how to describe her, spoken words was not enough.  He had not seen someone in a blue sweater dress to be so elusively refined, even that indifferent facial expression seems just right.

“Ahem! Ahem!”Jin Yan Hen with exaggeration coughed two times, cleared his throat and said, “Fang Ru Hui, are you a lecherous man, how could someone stare at a girl  so intently like this!”

Fang Ru Hui recovered his composure and his facial expression showed some awkwardness. He smiled at Lou Chen apologetically but he did not respond to Jin Yan Hen’s observation because he believed that this kid also looked lecherous the first time he saw the girl!

Fang Ru Hui restored his mildness, lifts the curtain and said to Lou Chen, “Please, come along with me.”

Lou Chen left the room with Fang Ru Hui, turned right at the end of the hall and then entered a big room; it was about 3- ten feet square. In the room, four sides of the wall were medicine-cupboards, right in the center of the room stood a black wooden square table, topped with paper and pen and hanging above it was a small-scale for weighing.

Before Fang Ru Hui arrived at the cupboard, he asked, “How many roots and white mustard seed the girl wants?”

“Respectively 3 and 2 will be sufficient.”Lou Chen looked up in one medicine drawer and said, “You have pretty complete drugs in here.”  Raw materials for medicine in small hospitals in Qiong Yue Capital City also were also complete and precious, but for a hospital pharmacy in a small town could achieve this, this was not really that simple.

Fang Ru Hui showed a faint smile, the good-naturedly explained, “For generations my family practices medicine, this hospital in Luo Shui Town was opened more than 200 years ago. Shen Shan Mountain had many raw materials for medicine and in addition to that Luo Shui Town was bustling town whereas the trading between apothecary ** were also many, therefore the collection raw material for medicine was easy.”
(**apothecary a person who prepared and sell medicines and drugs)

Fang Ru Hui puts out the two measure of ingredients that Lou Chen needs and said with a smile, “Is  this girl also skilled in medicine?”

Lou Chen was busy looking at the medicine cupboards on the walls and curious to what kind of medicine were they. She heard Fang Ru Hui, the  “Umm,”  considered to be her response.

Fang Ru Hui scooped up the medicine using his hand.  At this time, his expected her to answer “know something” or “have a little knowledge” and so on in a modest language? This girl’s “umm”,  he does not know where to lead the conversation next.

He does not know, but being with this girl at the same room made him feel tensed, always made him feel this inexplicable anxiety, Fang Ru Hui cleared his throat and said with a smile in a low voice, “That woman should be awake now, if the girl is worried, she can go back to have a look, after the raw material for medicine are wrap securely, will take it to you.”

Lou Chen nodded, turned and left the pharmacy.

Fang Ru Hui weighed the raw material for medicine and prepared to exit. He discovered that on the table was a small half copper coin, which almost exactly the price of the two raw ingredients, Fang Ru Hui took the copper coin, hefting it in his hand, that girl’s medical skill fundamentals he does not know if it was good or not, but understanding the price of raw material for medicine was actually not bad.

“So, you and Wang Si are childhood sweethearts, you two were lovers then? ”

Lou Chen approached the room and only separated by the curtain when he heard the voice of Jin Yan Hen with a tone like he was slightly poking fun of something. Lou Chen’s  cornerof the eyes slightly raised and she stopped her footsteps.

Earlier Mu Yan and Jin Yan Hen glanced at each other with a meaningful look. Lou Chen did not miss it, therefore she deliberately gave him the opportunity to have a dialog with Zhang Jing alone and obviously Jin Yan Hen had not wasted such opportunity to investigate. In a relatively comfortable environment, he was casually asking questions in an easy manner, the effect was absolutely different from a rigorous method of inquiry.

Sure enough, Zhang Jing’s gentle voice narrate slowly, ” It was a childhood thing. I and Brother Wang grew up together, naturally developed the feelings, but in my childhood l grew up as a sickly child, Aunt and  Uncle Wang has no liking for me. Afterward, they gave Brother Wang a bride, Sister Hua’s father was the personal bodyguard in distant bodyguard office, she practiced martial arts with her father, very healthy, her disposition was also good and the Wang’s elder liked her very much. But Sister Hua’s had a huge jealousy against me and does not like us to meet. After a while, I also got married, for several years; two of us do not have any interaction for more than ten years. Six months ago, my husband had an accident and passed away. After Brother Wang learned about it, he would often give financial aid in secret.  I feared that Sister Hua would know about it and will get angry, unless it is absolutely essential, I am not willing to meet with Brother Wang.”

 Zhang  Jing took a deep breath, sound a bit choked up.

Jin Yan Hen chuckled and said, “That person, Wang Si, is really good. When was the last time he gives you financial aid to you?”

“Three days ago in the evening.”

“What hour?”Jin Yan Hen voice was slightly more anxious than before, certainly, of course, he was listening carefully.

Zhang Jing has pondered for a moment and  replied saying, “Probably at around youshi ( 5 to 7 p.m.).”

 “When did he leave?”

“We spoke for a little bit, roughly after the quarter of a time and then separated.”

Fang Ru Hui carrying two packages of medicines and came back.  He saw that simple and beautiful person was standing behind the curtain, listening to the room as they speak. After seeing him, she was embarrassed and just nodded gently. Fang Ru Hui felt that he really should not even appeared, he spoiled the artistic illusion of beautiful woman listening secretly in a refine and elegant manner.  

For the first time, Fang Ru Hui did not know if he should enter or should he drawback, or how about accompany her eavesdropping for a while?

End of Chapter

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