A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume II Chapter 52 Sang Nuan’s Determination

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Chapter 52 Sang Nuan’s Determination

When Su Su returned to Sang Nuan’s medical shed, it was already dark. There was a lantern in front of the shed gate shining brightly, the gate was unlatched and when Su Su pushed the gate there was nobody inside the room, however, there was a trace of faint light in the backyard. She doesn’t know if this light was coming from Sang Nuan’s cabin because Sang Nuan purposely remained behind and the gate of this medical shed was never locked all year round. She entered the room and Su Su thought it would be good to lock the gate, then she walked towards the inner courtyard. There were three cottages that were side by side in a row, two were occupied by Qin Jie and Qin Yan. The unoccupied cottage door was wide open, inside was a lighted lamp. Su Su hesitated before she walked in. The room was not big, she looked and there was nobody inside. The empty cottage was similar to the other two that the siblings were occupying, there was a bed and small tea-table, bed upper berth has good bedding but one headboard has a set of light blue clothes. (T/N Mo Yuan gave her those clothes).

Su Su went over, gently unfold and examined the garment, the unlined clothes doesn’t seem like what a complicated woman would normally wear, the set was like a shirt that you wear overlapping the sheathing and tie them over, it was so simple and crude, design was primitive. Su Su’s nose cannot hide her dejection against Mo Yuan’s choice of clothes a moment ago but after touching the fabric, she felt it was very soft, naturally succinct, she cannot help but secretly relaxed. Nevertheless, Ah Nuan was really attentive and she truly understood his male cousin!

She fold the clothes and return it to its original position, Su Su sets out and walked towards Sang Nuan’s room. The door was closed and she knocked two times, the gentle voice was heard coming from the inside, “The door is not locked.”

With a little effort, Su Su opened the door. Sang Nuan continued to carry her tidying of the bunk, Su Su looked around and did not see Sang Leng’s figure and she wondered, “Sang Leng? How was his poisoning cure?”

“The toxicity of these toads are dominating, for a moment I also do not know how to remedy that’s why for now I used my blood to counteract the poison in him, but my blood immunity to poisons, unfortunately was also fierce, it was hurting him extremely as it combat the poisons. The poison in his body is now under control but his body is weak, he needs to recuperate well and you said that you lived here, I also can only hurry back to him.”

Sang Nuan words were meaningful and with full intent to tease, just like what happened a moment ago, the door was slammed by Mo Yuan on her face but it was like automatic or out of habit, it should not be taken seriously. Something was wrong then but she was not quite sure what it was, she was barely scratching the surface. Anyway if Sang Nuan say those words, it has brought to the attention of Su Su, “Why would your blood have the vicious poisons?”

She remembered that Second Aunt (that would be Qing Feng) said that the person to manufacture drugs would likely obtain the poisons and toxic substances, many will be deteriorated by the poison, this is one reason why they gave their own bodies to refine various anti-poisonous medicines themselves, finally their blood will have some toxicity and immunity which certainly can also resist the poisons and toxins compare with the average person, but on the process their blood also includes vicious poisons or toxins. She did not listen well to Second Aunt while she was actually discussing this.

As Sang Nuan continued to tidy up the bunk, Su Su walked near her and then came a self depreciating voice, “Mother passed away early and only left me with these books. I was bullied in my childhood and I was very frightened and I thought of getting a skill to protect myself and Ah Leng. In the process, Yi Dang Jiade will not let me do it, so for me to practice poisonous techniques, I can only try it on myself secretly, gradually, until I have tried hundreds and I was not infected by poisons or toxins. How was it? Am I to be envied? Indeed, how many people come around to beseech me, they plead, request and demand ever since?”

Sang Nuan was laughing unexpectedly as she spoke, Su Su in fact felt sadder as she listened. Sang Nuan was grown up now, she was probably close to her twenties but when did she started experimenting with poisons? If she was careless, she might not have lived today, even if she died, she feared that she will have an extremely painful death. To what degree of her childhood life was miserable and pitiful to let poisons be ingested by her, which could have potentially harmed her, and she did not only took it once but did it repeatedly?

Inside the room, only Sang Nuan was laughing, Su Su was frowning and stood quietly, finally Sang Nuan stopped laughing and the room promptly became peaceful. Su Su did not know what to say and Sang Nuan, on the other hand, quickly restored her usual gentle and tranquil appearance. “When do you plan to start going against Tantai Ye Lie head-on? Can it be after two days? In two days, Sang Leng should be able to recover 50%-60% of his health.” Why wait for Sang Leng? Su Su grew up in the Capital City interwoven with turmoil and unrest, also with various power and privilege and understood the idea instantaneously, “Do you want him to set up his prestige here? To be honest, with his present physical state, he is not suitable to show off power. Ah Nuan, I know that this island was your mother’s, you work this hard and want to help Sang Leng seize this island and support him to be the island host?” She listened to the words of Mo Yuan tonight, and she have many guessed correctly that several points of Sang Nuan thoughts, she has killed those three people, naturally wanted to revenge after all the bullying and enmity for these years, but now she would like to take the opportunity to seize power here.

Su Su was very straightforward; Sang Nuan was smiling stiffly and did not reply with words. Su Su did not need for her to reply and pondered for the moment and said, “Ah Nuan, the matter before about killing people, no matter how vulnerable your relationship with Yi Dang Jia, but in this matter I will not meddle again, at this moment I am returning you your human favor, these words you listen carefully, now I am also giving you your second human favor, these words I will only say one time, hear me and don’t turn a deaf ear.” Sang Nuan retrained her smile, looked intently at Su Su for a while, exploring her face in askance and then nodded to acquiesced Su Su’s statement.

“Su Clan managed to thrived prosperously for millenniums, regardless of the reputation or its military strengths, an armed forces was enough start to run a state and control all enterprises, absolutely it was not necessary to submit to any human and accept an inferior status, but Su Family never done such thing, instead selected an enlightened ruler to support, assists its governing, do you know why this is so?”

Sang Nuan shook her head, the reason why, she truly does not understand. Just like what Su Su said the reputation of Su family was indeed extremely good, they have good generals, brave and strong soldiers under them was numerous, in the time of chaos and war and the perennial infighting for power, the Su clan supported only one king, but Su Family, according to an old friend, always select to only support the host and having that master-follower relationship. She cannot figure out, but she believed there was many people also who do not understand.

Su Su smiled with sincerity and said calmly, “Su Family through generations received a parental principle and instructions ‘those who are able, first help the weak to bring them to a common place‘. That is why although Su Family in each of its generation produced talented people of some capability nevertheless it has never chosen to govern, it is more vital to create period of prosperity, not everyone can, but Su Family knew this truth and, therefore, made such choice. You should understand that Sang Leng is not at his peak to be the best candidate, if I guess correctly, Wolf Island have several warships, I presume those were what the mother left behind in the past. Now, Wolf Island has degenerated to mediocrity.”

Sang Nuan countenance became gloomy and said, “Sang Leng is not common!”

Su Su shrugs and said with a smile,”I am not saying that he was mediocre, what I am saying is that there is a better choice for Wolf Island.”

“I can be of assistance and help him ……”

Su Su’s pair of clear eyes was looking straight, Sang Nuan manner of speaking was softer, Su Su took a deep breathe, she already spoken and the final choice was hers, it has nothing to do with her, “You are wrong Ah Nuan. If you are saying that Sang Leng’s case is not ordinary, this is the case that he had his own ideas and opinion, perhaps at first he did not want that position, but in that one seat he cannot completely control the people around him, everything changes right away. It is impossible to control all people on one side. There are people just like Xiang Er Ye, he is like a wall of grass, he is somebody who goes whichever the winds blows and he has no mind of his own and is swayed easily or he possibly might emerged as a crafty and cunning person and could even become a traitor, how would you deal with it? Assisting the ruler is not his strength, he wants to do better, but he does not have that ability, he is not a puppet and it will be impossible to always listen to you, slowly, everything will be out of your control. If you really want to protect him, you should start putting him in the right place, only when you get in that position, you can really protect the person you want to protect. Sang Nuan, think about it carefully.” This time, Sang Nuan was lost for words to refute her, she was lost in her own train of thoughts, Su Su smiled with fierceness in her eyes as what she spoke already faded and she straightened up and said lazily, “It’s haishi (9-11pm ), tomorrow there is a lot of matters to be taken care of, let’s rest early Ah Nuan.”

Su Su turned around and walk casually, that night, believe that she also rested very calmly and steadily. But inside the relative cabin, a candlelight did not extinguished all night.

After so many days, this was the best night she had rested, after floating half a month in the sea, after reaching the pirate’s nest, she slept in a small cot and the bones of her whole body hurts, making it so difficult to rest. Finally, she slept in a soft and warm bed, who wouldn’t be happy?

She changed to the new clothing that Sang Nuan had prepared, Su Su went out feeling refreshed, she saw the gate opened and saw an elegant figure in front of the road with bluish mark under her eyes but the expression of the pupil were incomparably bright.

Su Su greeted her with smile, “Ah Nuan, good morning, you’re so early?”

“Su Su.” Sang Nuan’s voice is somewhat hoarse. “Graciousness?” Su Su’s heart was dancing because this was the first time Sang Nuan formally called her name and, moreover, she finally stopped hanging that frequent shallow smile on her face, or let’s say that she finally moved that false mask.

“Assist me.”

Su Su gawked at her without understanding the real reason, Sang Nuan said only two words with sincerity and firmness. Su Su laughed and the red copper scale fan in her hand turn a loop and gently pats Sang Nuan’s shoulder, saying with a smile, “This time, finally turn to me to ask me for human favor.” The strength that fell on her shoulder was very light, but the strength that fell in her heart was very heavy, Sang Nuan knew that Su Su promised, but this time she will owe her, and for sure it will not only human favor these two words will carry. Su Su and Sang Nuan entered the cave together at the same time, Ao Tian, Yi Dang jia and Xiang Er Ye arrived. There was no trace of Mo Yuan for whatever reason she does not know why he did not appear.

It was not clear also if Yi Dang Jia discussed something with Uncle Ao because his expression was not very nice, but when he saw that Su Su wore a new light blue garment, his whole person brightened and the fierce look in his eyes finally calmed.

Ao Tian and Yi Dangjia sat on the seat of honor side by side in a row, Su Su was casually standing at the side of Sang Nuan.

Xiang Er Ye did not miss the changed in Ao Tian’s expression because of Su Su’s presence and continued to say, “Since this is the case, it is vital that we must fight this war, the war flag will be Wolf Island? Or Ju Ling Island?” His eyes swept at Su Su, then also added in a whisper, “Nevertheless still hanging ….Miss Su …”

“Of course without a doubt we should fly the Wolf Island flag.” Su Su did not wait for him to carry on with his sentence and continued, “This domain is in Wolf Island and Tantai Ye Lie’s provocation is against Wolf Island, naturally it is just right that the war flag should be of Wolf Island. Actually, Tantai Ye Lie is only a junior, it is better to have me and Ah Nuan to lead the Wolf Island brothers and Ju Ling Island to fight is enough, Yi Dangjia can sit down behind with Uncle Ao to watch.”

“Su Su, what do you mean by that?” Yi Dangjia who was listening could not allow someone to surpass him and thought something was amiss and rotten and he did not like its savor, handing over the authority for his group of subordinates means seizing his power!

Su Su as usual just hold the red copper scale fan appreciatively and started to explain with a smile, “There’s not any meaning, it is a gesture of goodwill, this generation has the talent and capable person to do things in your behalf, Yi Dang Jia should instead be grateful.”

Yi Meng was furious, “You want to stand by her side?” In the years past, he strenuously struggled against that woman, Mo Sang, for control of the administration, finally she was dead and she was extremely difficult, he killed her other handsome lover and took away forcibly the Wolf Island. But Sang Leng and Sang Nuan’s body were carrying the blood of Mojia jiade and he feared that killing them will bring in the Mohist clan to the island quickly and that’s why he left them be. But he has not expected after these many years, the daughter of that woman, to one’s surprise, will also forcibly grab the food from the tiger’s mouth?! He will not let Wolf Island to be surnamed “Mo” absolutely again!

Su Su sneered and said, “Yi Dang Jia watch the words, me and Sang Nuan had sworn brotherhood, so Sang Nuan is my elder sister, and it is natural for me to help her, Uncle Ao helps me thus helping her naturally also, as for Lord Mo Yuan …. I think that do not need mentioning, I think Yi Dang Jia already know, whom he will help?” Su Su answered him in an extremely arrogant manner, she must make all pirates in this cave hear and know who were the people standing behind Sang Nuan. Sang Nuan’s status in the pirate nest, these people would not listen from the start of her deployment, but as long as they meet head-on with Sang Nuan, knowing Sang Nuan ability and method, she could naturally tame this group of pirates.

“You!” Once Su Su’s remarks got out, Yi Dan jaide angrily pounded the table. The solid tea table rambled and immediately broke. Sitting beside was Ao Tian, who conveniently fishes a tea cup that shattered, the cup did not spill any water, and even from the cracks, there was no trace of water coming out.

On the hindsight, Xiang Er Ye looked and stared. The broken table looks like the strength was very fierce and in fact not many can achieve such a strength, however, this must be the strong endogenic force, being able for the teacup of water to be held firm locked palm in … … Xiang Er Ye eyes was with Ao Tian all along, and that meaningful look was even more alarmed and terrified.

“Yi Dang jiade, why are you losing your temper?” The atmosphere went on impasse and anything could happen in any moment, Sang Nuan’s clear unique voice rings inside the cave, “No matter who Su Su helped, it is for the benefit of Wolf Island. The island now confronted with an archenemy, we should resist the powerful enemy wholeheartedly, this can preserve Wolf Island and save the lives’ of many brothers.”

Xiang Er Ye’s eyeball was turning to look in all direction, hurriedly forward and restrained the hand of Yi Dang Jiade, anxiously saying, “Yes, yes, this is a good thing, we will send out two daughters of Wolf Island for battle, they are suitable match against Tantai Ye Lie’s reputation.”

Xiang Er Ye was saying this at the same time he was giving Yi Dang Jia fierce signals with his eyes, this time circumstance was not very favorable for them, Ao Tian’s martial arts was immeasurably deep, they do not know when he would be irritated, once he lift up his hands that would mean awful death. But Sang Nuan now clarifies, taking advantage of Su Su’s potential, to seize the hearts and will of the people, but pirates was what kind of people? Strong motivating force for respect, Su Su has the ability to continuously deal withWolf Island! She walked, Sang Nuan also does not have martial arts ability and in the end she doesn’t have the power to decide on the matters!

He does not know if they have a tacitly good understanding, under Xian Er Ye’s appeasement, Yi Dang Jiade actually sat down quietly.

“Elder sister must fight, how I can not have my share!” As the cave just fell into silence, an ice-cold male voice resounded throughout the cave again, Sang Leng complexion was as before, pale, but in the hand that handle double-headed silver gun was actually shining. He intended to go to the front but when he arrived and came face to face with several people on the seat, he looked at Yi Dang Jiade and to that icily arrogant expression of Ao Tian, he instantaneously became dull. Sang Leng foolishly gawked at Ao Tian and called out, “Shifu *… …Master!”

  • Shifu -meaning teacher or master

Master? He called who? Su Su looked at Ao Tian and immediately got it! The one who originally taught him to use a stick as a weapon back then and did not tell others, that master worker was Uncle Ao?! Then this truly very much looks like something that Uncle Ao will do … …

Sang Leng, all day long, was unfeeling and grim in appearance, it was unlikely that he studied under Uncle Ao, right?!

Poor Sang Leng … …


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