A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume II Chapter 53 Must Fight A War

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

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Volume II Chapter 53 Must Fight A War  

 “Who is your master?”

 Ao Tian caught Sang Leng’s eyes briefly and swept a look at him, that cold voice made obvious his mood at the moment and it was not very good. Sang Leng’s face froze and eyes displayed a little panic, he immediately shook his head and said, “I’m sorry, Seniors, this younger generation made an indiscreet remark.”

Seeing him in a funny way and trying to be tactful, Ao Tian was not really angry, he recalled, ten years ago, he did rushed through the dense fog outside the Wolf Island and it was the first time he entered and was really confused about the direction. He was trapped inside the fog for three days and finally there was a clue. At that time he saw a little boy alone on a boat that appeared before him. At the time the little boy was covered with scars on his whole body, his cheek was also bruised, his small watchful wolf eyes staring at him arousing his interest.

Although he did not give the boy a good impression that boy still helped and carried him out of the dense fog. If he did not carefully recorded the boy’s path, this time he cannot enter the Wolf Island so easily. At that time, the boy was pleasing to the eye so he decided to teach him a set of marksmanship; he did not expect that after ten years, he could still recognize him at a glance.

Ao Tian saw that Sang Leng was holding a double – headed gun, he bowed his head slightly, the chilly look also faded slowly, with a light ahem said, “Intelligent choice of right weapons.”

Sang Leng’s heart felt ashamed because the double-headed gun was not his idea. If Su Su did not call for his attention and advised him, he would still be using the original handling gun, Sang Leng did not want to deceive his own elders, hastily explained, “Senior, in fact……”

“Sang Leng is indeed smart.” Sang Leng did not finished his words, Su Su forestalled him for saying more and stepped forward around Ao Tian praising him, she continued, “And his marksmanship is exquisite and peerless and I was thinking who was the person with high skill that taught this man, originally he was taught by Uncle Ao, this time around you can accept a good apprentice.”

That girl quietly tugged his sleeves, Ao Tian cannot get the meaning of her slight movement, pulling back his sleeves, Ao Tian glanced at Su Su with admonishing look, but did not deny Sang Leng was his apprentice.

Seeing that Su Su proclaimed him to be her senior and the predecessor did not get angry, Sang Leng was excited and happy.

All these years, Ah Leng spoke about the casual acquaintance constantly, Sang Nuan always knew about it as well as the fact that for him this stranger became the master that he worship in his heart. At the moment as long as Ao Tian do not treat him coldly, feared that this kid has become happy for nothing. Sang Nuan looked secretly at Sang Leng and she could not help but took a deep breath, plus this time she was afraid of owing Su Su another human favor. Others do not see it, but she stood beside Su Su, how could it be impossible not to see Su Su’s little trick. Ao Tian grants every request made by Su Su, for people who grew up dearly loved was probably very happy. Sang Leng heart was excited, Yi Dang Jiade was anxious and if so that the siblings climbed in reputation because of Ju Ling Island, it would be very really bad.

Inside the cave, everyone’s thoughts vary, suddenly a sharp falcon cry rang up, calling in high and low sounds, like a warning. At the same time a black man’s quick steps came in to the cave from the outside, the person was extremely fast and in a blink of an eye, that person has arrived behind Ao Tian. After a fist of ceremony, he stepped and goes forward, whispered a few words to Ao Tian then quickly retreated. All the action was very swift in general.

Outside, the red bird of prey called one more time. After Ao Tian listened to the words of the black person, although there was no change on his facial expression, but the pair of pupil were even more cold that will make people feel its chill. Xiang Er Ye could not sit still and quickly asked, “What happened? Why is that person in such a hurry?”

“Come out and look, we do not know.” The red falcon was sounding restlessly like this and I’m afraid, it is not a good thing, Su Su left a sentence and people have run out of the cave.

Su Su stood at the top of the cave and spotted a red falcon like a black figure in the sky hovering, going around in circles, tweeting continuously. Su Su’s heart tightened, what was it that was making the bird of prey so agitated?

Su Su was now anxious but her footsteps did not stagnate. She rushed towards the direction of the falcon and soon reached the shore. She could see the place where the falcon was hovering has a thick fog. At this time Su Su only see red hunt hovering in place, it was actually that drape of dense fog in front of them and it seemed that the fog was hiding something terrible that would rushed at them in any second.

Because of the falcon strange tweeting, people were gathering by the seashore and more than a hundred pirates on the beach, looking blankly at each other, to the restless bird hovering in the sky and then looked at each other again with curiosity.

Su Su walked past the crowd that was closest to the beach on a rock and saw that familiar black figure.

Standing firmly at Mo Yuan’s side, Su Su stared at the place where the bird was encircling, asked, “How is it?”

Unlike the restless bird, Mo Yuan had a still and calm appearance, Su Su seemed to have heard that always indifferent voice with a bit of interest and amusement, “Some people probably could not wait.”  

What? Su Su did not ask for more explanation because the next moment, right in front of her speaks of the current scene and explained the meaning of Mo Yuan’s statement.

From the drape of thick fog, something came out slowly, a formation looking like scissors, ripping through the white misty curtain of fog, a huge warship appeared before the crowd, the hull was scarlet and firmly on the mast was fluttering high on the side was a scarlet red flag, the banner of the central, written in the center were two characters, Tantai, the writing was particularly dazzling. The people was frightened and panicked after seeing the ships. There was a row of several warships under the heavy fog, and they cannot see exactly how many specific vessels in all, they only see the side with the banner of blood red flying in the midst of the white mist, like a monster hidden in the fog that will bite you at any time.

The unknown was always frightening, Tantai Ye Lie exhibited this vast momentum, not only for the pirates on the beach in a panic to retreat. Later rushing was also panicked stricken Yi Dangjia, he was so startled that his breathing become chaotic, the picture at the moment he finally no longer tangled who will lead this battle head on, facing Jiāolóng** in this battle, that person will die no matter what.

 Jiāolóng** is a legendary dragon with the ability to control rain and flood


Breaking out of the fog was a gigantic warship and stopped 100 ten Chinese feet distance from the beach. On the spacious deck, a man stood on a bow dressed in armor, he has imposing appearance. The man was standing on top of the bow, his eyes was calmly watching the direction of the beach, like waiting for someone.

Su Su looked at the Tantai Ye Lie’s flag officer who continued to wave the flag, just merely turning over and over the flag with the word ‘WAR!’

Su Su narrowed her eyes and fixed her focus at the flag that was waving unceasingly, in her chest, unexpectedly, was a faint feeling of excitement, “He cannot wait and he challenges the enemy to battle personally,” she said, looking at the flag that kept waving.

Tantai Ye Lie selected her and she was entirely familiar with the pattern that he will come around to declare war against her, the enemy called for battle without restraint if nobody takes the challenge, it was a defeat without a fight and not grasping the opportunity that should not be missed. Su Su proudly smiled, suddenly a reckless light footsteps was treading on the reef with a body like a thunderbolt, like an arrow leaving the string, suddenly leap out 20 to 30 ten feet with fierceness, the tip of the toes has very defined spray limit, just as everyone thought her strength was used up and will fall, she instead went straight up like scaling a ladder, up the Ju Ling Island ship docked at the seaside nearest to that gigantic ship.

The crowd on the beach all gasp a cold lump, this qing gong was too terrible, just too fierce, everyone could only see that she originally stood on the rocks, after a few breathe she already stood on the bow, that light blue figure look so isolated and facing that huge warships at a great distant.

Ao Tian’s eyes was full of pride for what he just witnessed. He gently lift his hand and more than a dozen shadows at the same time leaped towards the black ship, after several ups and downs, they steadily fall behind Su Su.

Mo Yuan also quietly looked at the person on the bow, if we say, prior to this she was like a happy youth, like a fresh and tender sprout of new bamboo shoots on spring day, full of vitality and the moment she stood on the deck, she was strong and unyielding, when she came face to face with the opposite battle squadron who brought so much air of strength to compel her, she was actually not timid nor frightened.

The scene right now was that person, the people have been gazing at, merely stands in the middle of the blue ocean.

Standing on the warships was Tantai Ye Lie and his line of sight also fell on the blue shadow above the sky, from her leap towards the bow, he did not encounter an opponent that was of his match for a long time, being bored for so long, his heart actually, unexpectedly, jumped fiercely, Tantai Ye Lie smiled faintly, “Miss Su has been well since the last meeting.”

Su Su frowned, she was separated from him a dozen of ten feet, under the sea breeze, his voice was so clear to the ears, obviously his endogenic strength was quite deep, knowing that his internal force to fight, but she did not want to deal with his nonsense anymore, gathering her strength from her abdomen, Su Su replied, “You did not come to chat with me, if you have something to say, say it frankly.”

“You and my grandparents were acquainted for so many years, that we can also be considered family friends.  Ye Lie only want Miss Su to visit Liao Yue to play for a few days, Miss Su there is no need to be this way? You are now alone, why not get out of the predicament, I am afraid that very likely you losing will be too ugly, losing the face of elders, you might as well as early … … ” Obviously this person doesn’t want to speak frankly, the words just passes to the ear, listening to him was really offensive.

Su Su laughed at what he said, clear voice loudly replied, “Tantai Ye Lie, you do not need to stir me up, if we have to fight then fight!”    

“Very frank!” Tantai Ye Lie laughed, he seemed very happy to hear Su Su’s word, “I give you a day to prepare, a day later, afternoon, we battles. If I lose, I will immediately leave, and henceforth will no longer step into the Wolf Island, but if you lose, please come to live with me for a long time, oh right, there is Lord Mo Yuan, please deliver the Lingshi to me also, Ok!”    

He planned it with so much calculation, if he lose he of course would have to retreat, but winning he put forward so many conditions and all was no good, if she lost, even if she does not want, she’s afraid she will be held at Liao Yue. Su Su resonant voice replied, “Your fight is with me, if I lose, I can go with you to Liao Yue, but the Lingshi is Mohist, whether I lose or win, will not give the Lingshi to …”

Su Su has not finished talking when a chilly male voice suddenly rang out, “Tantai Ye Lie, if you win over her, then I will give you the Lingshi.”(T/N: Mo Yuan could hear that far?)

Mo Yuan was standing on the shore, not near them, but the familiar voice sounded in the ear was as clear, Su Su was surprised and turned her head, that person was as before, standing on the rocks, his shoulder perched the bird of prey, like the first time she saw his appearance, there was a resemblance but also there was something different.

Mo Yuan made such remarks, not only made Su Su surprised, but all that knew the Lingshi inside story, their hearts were scared.

On the beach has stood several hundreds of people, but that person, has the skill to make a person focus to be on him. Tantai Ye Lie stared at that black person’s silhouette coldly, his fist was tightening, coldly answered, “The deal is set.”

Leaving behind a few words, he disappeared on the bow, then the large character also dispels in the warships also in the twinkling of an eye, hidden in the dense fog.  

Until that swift and fierce imposing manner dissipates, only then the pirates dare to relax, Su Su also quickly ran and just stood firmly at the side of Mo Yuan, she was anxious, urgently. “Mo Yuan, the Lingsi belonged to your Mohist family, isn’t it very important? If I lost are you really giving the Lingsi to Tantai Ye Lie? How will you explain it to the Mohist clan?” According to Uncle Ao story, this was owned by the Mohist family that has been looking for it for hundred of years, the degree of its importance could not be imagined, now in her heart she knew that the Mohist elders can be unsympathetic and heartless, she did not thought of implicating Mo Yuan.

Because she was running anxiously, Su Su exposed in the mask that her ears were flushed red, Mo Yuan looked down at her for a long time, that cool voice faintly replied, “You have me, how will you lose.”


Well, she should not underestimate Lord Mo zhao shu, it was a fault, thanks to Tantai Ye Lie, she did not have to worry if Mo Yuan will put on his out most effort to assist her

Looking around the faces of confused and shaken pirates, Su Su shook her head, only one day to prepare, will it really be enough?

End of the Chapter

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