A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue Chapter 8 The Presumptuous Request

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

Have you ever meet someone like Miss Qu Ning Shuang?  Very funny character. Exactly the opposite of Lou Chen.Mayo

Chapter 8  The Presumptuous Request

Although Fang Ru Hui was speaking with Lou Chen his vision was split between Jin Yan Hen and Qu Ning Shuang. After watching their expressions, he also quickly rushed to add, ” Please, do not misunderstand!”

Lou Chen 

 Jin Yan Hen’s smile looked more and more similar to a local thug. Qu Ning Shuang on the other hand, her face continually disfigures. Fang Ru Hui sighed and explained,  ” Well, this afternoon I have some time to chat with Madame Su and she said that the medical skill of Miss Lou is excellent. She said her son broke his leg and Miss Lou helped him straighten his bone back and only after several days, he was already able to get out of bed and walk few steps. Before, ‘Thousand Herbs ‘ hospital also had a female doctor. However one year ago, the female doctor died of illness. Since then, many unmarried women have kept their body sickness in secret and does not dare to come to the hospital for help. So, some of them just do some home remedies, it sometimes only delay the conditions, or home remedies are useful only for some minor matter. However, some medicines administered might not be right and may end up causing their death.”

Fang Ru Hui’s facial expression was very serious. He looked at Miss Lou with the pleading and limpid eyes with a sincere tone. “So that is why I want to ask Miss Lou to help in the hospital by examining the patients in the hospital. I know that Miss Lou is not a local and you are not required to actually stay very long during the day. Only a few days a week also will do. As for your fee, if what the patient gave is not enough, the hospital will cover the rest.”

Lou Chen quietly listened to Fang Ru Hui until he finished talking. In her observation, it seemed like he has some problem with uncontrolled vision and she was not sure if it was only an illusion because he kept squinting at Jin Yan Hen. She plainly replied,” I promise to come if there is no important matter, every day from 9 to 11 a.m and afternoon from 1 to 3 p.m. I will come to examine.”

Qu Ning Shuang was recounting few words to herself alone, saying that this was truly right and correct and that he was indeed a good and reliable doctor, that his idea possessed a vision and aspirations and not  only to be known as a good doctor.

“That was really good!” Lou Chen can only comply, Fang Ru Hui was very happy. The gentle facial features said with a smile, “I will prepare in an elegant room for Miss Lou to be used as a clinic. If you have any other request from me, just say it and I will get it ready.”

He will prepare the clinic personally, the doctor’s fee was casual, this treatment rather was also too good, although she heard Fang Ru Hui’s untouchable phrase ‘my presumptuous request’, she was quite happy because the request this was not actually  personal. Qu Ning Shuang was quite satisfied, but the doctor gave so much great importance to Lou Chen on that  Miss Qu was not very pleased. But in front of Fang Ru Hui, she could not throw a chaotic temper or tantrum. but she can only twist her waist clothes with both hands and whisper in a very low voice, “Her medical skill has to be good, can say for sure that she is not a fraud … …”

Qu Ning Shuang seemingly low whisper and thinking aloud but the three other people on the scene naturally heard it. If a common girl even if she doesn’t get angry, this comment was somewhat embarrassing. 

No one need to be apologetic for Miss Qu’s words, because Lou Chen actually remained calm in appearance and totally unaffected. She actually completely ignored the comment.  She turned to Fang Ru Hui, ”Prepare me an examining room that is neat and clean. As for the doctor’s fee, just give me what you normally give the other doctor’s in the hospital. I am not sure when I will be leaving but will definitely stay 10 more days in Luo Shui Town.”

Fang Ru Hui relaxed and nodded, although this girl was always aloof, her heart was very good and her bearing and tolerance were also good.

Qu Ning Shuang was busy raising her hand, volunteered to say, ” Elder brother Hui, as for my medical skill, although unsatisfactory, but I also knew many raw materials for medicine, I can help collect herbs and make drugs.”

Fang Ru Hui smiled, his face however, showed some reluctance. He politely answered, ” Miss Qu, you are supposed to be busy investigating a case? I do not dare to delay the proper business that you have to get rid, the community of all evil.”

“We will not delay you further. If I have time I will come again.” For fear that Fang Ru Hui will say some words to flatly refuse her, Qu Ning Shuang quickly walked around the side of Lou Chen, while pulling her sleeves she went forward saying.”  So things here were settled, that we have to go to investigate. We are Leaving first!”

Almost fleeing away in general and ran out 10 ten feet before Qu Ning Shuang stopped her footsteps, loosened Lou Chen sleeves and walked with her side by side. She does not care if Jin Yan Hen was able to follow as well as catch up with them. Qu Ning Shuang was walking also at the same time kept looking at the person beside her excessively.

The moonlight was shining on her body, shrouded her in a layer of soft light and the original cold look under the moonlight made her elegant beauty more revealing and feared her to be the fairy maiden. Judging her against herself, Qu Ning Shuang wants Lou Chen to be inferior to her even for just at least a little. Qu Ning Shuang appearance was more and more irritated, thinking that finally somehow she is actually an evildoer and will reveal itself in time! Really, who was born with such beauty! Really!

Qu Ning Shuang sped up by two steps and went in front of Lou Chen, with a menacing tone,  “Hey, I tell you around brother Hui be very careful. He is a good person and good to all people. Even if he usually smiles at you, look after yourself. You are a normal person and do not misunderstand, but brother Hui  is not the kind who fancy people by their appearance, like a superficial person!”

Miss Qu at this moment was like a tender barbarian. She did not lose her loveliness even if she acted this way. Lou Chen decided to in her heart to tease her and answered in a soft voice, “In the first place, Fang Ru Hui does have many merits?”

“!” Qu Ning Shuang did not expect this kind conversation that she started on her own to go this way. Not only did she play the role of warning her but instead made this woman to be drawn out. Now, her heart was also coveting Brother Hui, how is it alright! Qu Ning Shuang hurried to gesture with her hand and said, “No way! It is not! Sometimes, elder Brother Hui has many shortcomings, he… when he is busy, he does not pay attention to no one, sometimes he doesn’t wholeheartedly sympathize and considerate with the patients! He also frequently retracts from an engagement. He was also a picky eater! Also has ……”

Jin Yan Hen was following the two people behind; they were walking already for some time in addition to that, their conversation he naturally heard in full. He was thinking if he continued his silence, his good brother’s reputation and personal privacy will be revealed by the young lady. Besides, this person was always standing by him, these two always discussed Fang Ru Hui, where was his self-respect in all this!

“Hey.”Jin Yan Hen called their attention in a low voice, which attracted Qu Ning Shuang to pay attention towards his direction, his index finger was moving and acting intentionally mysterious, ” Let me say this Miss Qu, you should not be worried, Chen’er  does not like the type of Fang Ru Hui .”

Doesn’t like? A person like elder brother Hui, such outstanding person does not attract her. Well, then who can she like? Qu Ning Shuang curiously, asked, “What type did she prefer then?”

Jin Yan Hen both hands were folded in front of his chest, went beside Lou Chen, the corners of his mouth hook to signal, nods his head like crazy,  giving her the ‘you, how silly’ expression, sighed and said,  “Does this need to be stated clearly?”

Qu Ning Shuang did not respond for a while which forced Jin Yan Hen to lift his index finger and secretly and vaguely pointing to himself. Qu Ning Shuang stared and his eye widened cried out, ” It cannot be .”

Qu Ning Shuang shook her hands and stared at Lou Chen and pointed at Jin Yan Hen, incredibly asked,” Your foresight at looking at things is this bad?” 

Jin Yan Hen made one big stride to walk ahead vigilantly. He was afraid to repeat the same mistake like the first meeting. As always unpredictable Miss Lou actually did not move but welcomed Qu Ning’s eyes and the dead pan face finally gave her an expression,’a quarter look of angry feeling, quarter points fear, a quarter of helplessness and the rest was a trace of grievance.’

Lou Chen sighed gently because she doesn’t need words, everything was all expressed  and she saw the understanding in Qu Ning’s face.

Qu Ning Shuang was stunned for a moment, staring at the road looking at that simple and dusty figure slowly walking in the dim of the night.  After thinking for a moment, she finally recovered and the next instant, she immediately rushed to Jin Yan Hen and fiercely kicked him angrily,  “You thick-faced.”

Considering the feeling of this proud and aloof young lady that could not speak out of anger, this scoundrel was giving this young girl a bad reputation. Kicking his foot was a light punishment, hmp!

Jin Yan Hen rubbed his sore calf, to summarize profoundly he was caught off guard whereas this time the culprit did the crime directly with a borrowed knife! He underestimated her, he took a wrong step!

*** ***

Feng’s household lived in a middle of a narrow lane. The three people arrived about 9 to 11 p.m. Most of the people were already resting.

Qu Ning Shuang gave a meaningful glance toward Jin Yan Hen, he complied and came up to knock on the door.

“Bam…  bam..!”

The people inside seemed to have not sleep yet, the gate was knocked for some time and from behind the gate was a woman’s voice, ”Who?”

“Government authorities investigation, open the door.”Jin Yan Hen’s voice pressed very low and the person behind the gate seemed to hesitate a moment, opened the door to show a small gap. Seeing that the person was wearing an official constabulary uniform, the woman completely opened the gate and asked, “Is my daughter’s case have news? Have you caught Wang Si  for the murder?”

Jin Yan Hen was playing the corners of his mouth, pumping it in and out, even if the man was already held he could not say anything. Miss Qu at the right moment moved forward and found a solution to divert the topic of conversation, ” The case was still under investigation after the murderer is caught, we will meet with the senior to meet for the arbitration. We come tonight because we have questions to ask the Feng Qian Feng.”

Feng’s mother glanced suspiciously at Qu Ning Shuang, observing her at one corner of her eye. She was only an ordinary woman, naturally, she was not aware of any female bailiff, but she saw that two women came with the constabulary. She did not block them and said, ” Come in and we can talk inside.”

Three people entered the room along with Mu Feng Gang ( mother of Feng), in a room an old man was coughing and in between a cough asked, ” So late, who is it?”     *Mu meaning mother or elderly

At this time, naturally only Jin Yan Hen came forward to deal with them, “We are the bailiffs of government authorities. There was something we want to ask Feng Qian Feng,  sorry to have troubled you.”

The old man was nearly 60-year-old, his body was probably not quite healthy and has been coughing very hard. Nonetheless, both eyes were very sharp. Lou Chen recalled Zhang Jing once saying that Feng father was a personal bodyguard, although now he was old, his imposing manner had not weakened.

Fu Feng Cao signaled with the eyes towards the wife, Mu Feng Gang nodded and prepared to call the person. The gate near the room suddenly opened and came out a man over his 30’s. He was less than seven feet, thin stature and wears a light gray long unlined close-fitting gown. His hair was casually combed a little, it seemed like he was about to sleep.     *Fu meaning father, elderly

The men saw several people and were very surprised, asked, ” Constables, it was very late, what was it that you wanted to know?”

After he finished talking, he thought and politely said, “Please, do drink some tea. “

As he was talking, he then took teapot and cup and poured tea for few people, Jin Yan Hen kept off his hand, said, “No need, we will just ask several questions for clarifications?”

The men, however, put down the teapot resentfully, remarked,” Go ahead.”

“On the day 14th, on the same day where did you go before the 7 to 9 p.m time, before visiting Wang residence? Are you nearby Wang’s”

The man did not open his mouth, Qu Ning Shuang in a low voice suddenly said,  “Think clearly about it.”

The man was stunned, glanced at her and composed himself and said calmly, “No. At the same day, I have not gone to Wang’s residence before 7 to 9 p.m. “

Qu Ning Shuang pursued and followed with another question, “You came to Wang’s residence at what time?”

Mu Feng was not contented with Qu Ning Shuang’s attitude. She answered for her son and said, ” My daughter practices martial arts since childhood, even at the daytime time, even the door that can cover, it was not locked.”

Qu Ning Shuang did not pay attention to Mu Feng and continued to stare at Feng Qian Feng. The line of questioning was now even more intense, “When you went in, is Feng Qian Hua already dead? Or when you saw her at that time, she was actually alive? Have you ever touched that knife?”

Qu Ning Shuang was throwing so many questions, Feng Qian Feng somewhat appeared confused, roughly answered saying, “I … …I… I am not clear, at that time I only saw ……blood everywhere, I do not know if my elder sister is dead or alive, that knife ……I ……”

His look a little panic, his manner of speaking afterward was quick and incoherent.  Qu Ning Shuang sensed it and secretly happy inside and continued to press for an answer, ” Are you afraid to say a word? Are you hesitating because you are concealing something?!”

Qu Ning Shuang walks toward the Feng Qian Feng as she was talking when suddenly she felt that she tripped on something under her foot. Qu Ning Shuang yelped and accidentally fell towards Feng Qian Feng. Feng Qian Feng was not strong with the sudden commotion he also flutters down on the ground.

Qu Ning Shuang face turns red and crawled hurriedly and said hastily: “Oh, I am so sorry! It is not intentional, are you all right?”

Feng Qian Feng was very distressed, his heart was annoyed but being knocked down by this young girl, he was also embarrassed to pursue further. After standing and dusting himself replied, “I am fine.”

Mu Feng arrived beside her son, she looked to his left and to his right, very afraid to extricate any good and evil, inspected him carefully and did not discover any issue. Mu Feng was angry and protected her son behind her and pointing at Jin Yan Hen and Qu Ning Shuang scolding them, “What do you actually want in the end? You already questioned him the first a time, now the greater part of the night was also consumed with questioning. You did not catch the murderer but came to question my son! What are the meanings of all this?”

Qu Ning Shuang face looked very embarrassed. Jin Yan Hen touches his nose, coughed lightly but did not say anything. The silent Feng’s father has finally opened the mouth to actually say, ” Qian Feng, answer the constable’s questions well.”

Qian Feng eyes have traces of resentment, but still respectfully answered,”Yes.”

One does not know that a mental draft was being laid down in the heart, this time, the words of Feng  Qian Feng has some orderliness. “That day I meet a friend for tea at the Fuyong building and separated with them about 5 to 7 p.m. I went home and it was almost 5 to 7 p.m. Since, my parents were not at home at that time, nobody can testify for me, but while I was passing through the gate, I run into Uncle Liu from next door. If you don’t believe my words, that you can ask him. I was resting at home for about a quarter of an hour and thinking for a long time. I have not seen the elder sister for quite some time that was why I went out to the Wang’s residence. Therefore, before 7 to 9 p.m, I do not have the time to visit the Wang’s but when I went to Wang’s residence, I arrived and saw my sister in a pool of blood, I was very scared, I hugged her she looked deathly pale. I do not know if she was dead or alive at that time. I have not used any knife, I grew up not liking the swords and knives, since childhood if I saw one that scares me like crazy, how could I even touch it.”

After listening to Feng Qian Feng, Qu Ning Shuang frowned. She wants to say something more but she felt a heavy hand on his shoulder. Lou Chen’s hand were on her shoulder and  at this time Jin Yan Hen also got up and suddenly said,  ” We have disturbed you enough, we will say goodbye first.”

After they left the front door of Feng’s, Qu Ning Shuang lowered her head and a frustrated face, weakly complained, ” I did not actually get anything usable, I did not get any clue.”

 “It’s not necessarily.”

She heard Jin Yan Hen’s chuckling sound. Qu Ning Shuang full of suspicion looked up at him and saw him blinked to Lou Chen, saying with a grin so wide, “I will not let you fall Ning’er for without reason.”

“Just now you deliberately tripped me !!”

*** ***

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