A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Chapter 59 The Strange Tomb Part 1


A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠 Chapter List 

Volume II Chapter 59 Strange Tomb Part 1

Su Su was still thinking and wanted to ask a question that was bothering her heart but she suddenly heard a light sound. The stone platform under their feet vibrated unexpectedly. Mo Yuan quickly held her tightly as the stone they were standing on quaked violently. She felt that it was sinking and the two became anxious and immediately drew back few steps .

The ground stopped vibrating and the cave restored back to its normal
tranquility. The group now can see that the stone platform right in the middle of the cave sunk less than one ten feet deep revealing a hole. A borrowed light from the mouth of the cave above head , there were some weak light shining down .

Although the cave light was very weak that one can barely see, it was clear for a person that there was truly that dark and foreboding hole that opened. It was pitch black inside that cave and a person cannot see the surroundings that even the hand that reached out seemed to disappear from blackness**.

The cave was similar to a beast with a big mouth opened waiting for its prey, waiting for someone willing to sacrifice their lives to death.

**Shēn shǒu bù jiàn wǔ zhǐ (idiom used to described this meaning hand or fingers that reached out disappeared or seemed to be missing

Su Su was staring at that black hole, wondering in her heart if she must go,when she haven’t made any decision, the man opposite them darted inside the hole and in a blink vanished in the darkness.

Is that Tantai Ye Lie? He rushed in the dark cave unexpectedly. Su Su
remembered, she did not tamper anything heedlessly a moment ago. Mo Yuan was just beside her and they were talking, she was sure they did not touched anything, however the ground suddenly shook? She thought that it could be Tantai Ye Lie’s and his actions was sort of unusual. She could recognized thathis understanding of this tomb pit was much clearer than them, moreover shehad a notion that he was there for this tomb pit.

Su Su clenched her teeth and decided to follow behind him however her wrist immediately felt tight. Mo Yuan caught her and pulled her back. Su Su whispered, “My red copper scale fan was with Tantai Ye Lie, I want to take it back. Moreover if we stay here, I could not go out. I have to find another way to  exit also, obviously Tantai Ye Lei is after this tomb pit, don’t you want to know what he has on his mind?”

The two people listening were silent, but then he took her to the cave entrance. She was being led by the hand in which she was not accustomed, she was not led by hand by anyone before. She wanted to be able to move freely however this person firmly clasped her hand more tightly and the deep voice sounded cautiously, “ This is very dangerous, hold tight unto me.”

Su Su wanted to tell him that holding her was more dangerous, if they encounter unexpected situation, their hands were not free to play. She does not understand why Mo Yuan was holding her hand and refuses to let go.

His hand had wound and she felt that his palm was getting wet. She feared that the wound would open again. Su Su her protest complaints was simply kept in her heart and she just let Mo Yuan lead her by the hand.

The two went down the black hole, she can feel from her steps that place was going down the slope. Under their feet was pitch darkness and their surroundings were too black, she cannot see anything in this absolute darkness causing her heart to fear. The surroundings was also very quiet, as if she was the only person in the world, all she can hear was her own heartbeat and sound of her footsteps. Su Su was walking for awhile then suddenly paused her pace.

“Mo Yuan ? Mo Yuan !” Su Su called him twice. Her surroundings was deathly still. What was going on? Mo Yuan obviously pulled her hand to walk just now and in split second, the person around her was gone? The martial arts skill of Mo Yuan was very high and it was impossible that the person was abducted silently.

Su Su thought that standing in her place was not a good option, then she cautiously continued to proceed, little by little. the darkness faded and was replaced by a white mist appearing in a middle of a dense forest.

The place looked very familiar. Also, why was she here? What was she doing a moment ago? Su Su wanted to remember but her head was murky. She seemed to have no recollection of what happened.

“This child, where did you go all day. Mischievous girl have you been running around wildly everywhere and you did not allow people to be free from worry?”In the forest, a 30-year-old woman came out. She was wearing black vigorous attire and her hair was not like a common young married woman. It was not arranged into a chignon or bun, but was tied with a hair lace. She had thin stature and whole person was very tall and stood straight. She was passing free and carefree energy.

It was a face that Su Su was very familiar with, it had two extremely pale scars but it did not destroy her perfect loveliness, instead made her seemed to have that unique kind of beauty. At this moment, her face had supple happy expression and for Su Su that was somewhat unusual. “

Su Su thought, isn’t this place exactly resembled the Su Family training field and behind that forest was Mount Hou? Did she stealthily went to Mount Hou again to play?

At this time the woman arrived in front of Su Su, gently said , “Come now, go home with mother.”

“Mother?” Su Su was startled, how mother got here was that to call her home to eat a meal?

Su Su stared at her mother’s face. She was smiling gently. She was
dumbfounded because mother actually rarely smiled like this. The woman came to her with a pained and worried expression, asked, ”What’s wrong? Are you tired?”

Su Su innocently shook her head, in her mind that the mother in front of her was not only tender, but also warm-hearted and laughing,” I’m not tired. ” She replied.

“Let us go then, return to grandmother and she will cook delicious and tasty food  for you.” With that the woman moved one step held her hand gently and with smile said, “Come, let’s go.”

Those hands were warm and gentle, the strength seemed to contain
inexhaustible love. Su Su’s body actually become stiff all over and closely looking at the person before her. Su Su fiercely breaks free from her hold, retrocede few steps, said, “You … …Who are you?”

The female smiled, on her face showed she was little hurt, “I am your mother, my silly daughter, come, come to mother . I will protect you.”

Su Su’s heart was trembling, in a chilly voice said, “You are not my mother.”

The woman frowned, the gentle voice said, “Didn’t you just say something that’s nonsense? Come quickly.”

This time, Su Su’s face thoroughly turned aloof, looked indifferent to the woman who kept on proclaiming she was ‘mother’ with an awe-inspiring tone, resolute and firm,” You are not my mother.”

After saying these words, the woman before her slowly and unexpectedly faded, finally she vanished completely and her surrounding scene immediately became heavily depressing . She went back to that darkness, slowly, Su Su thought she can feel someone was around her probably because her arm was very sore. She can feel that the person in front was firmly holding her arm, closed in his body.

At present also it was no longer a complete darkness because she saw a pair of profound paper mulberry eyes with a faint trace of fear and anxiety looking at her.

Su Su breathed deeply and sigh, relieved and showed a faint smile.

“Was that so called fantasy land? The Mohist knowledge and practices were really vicious.”

She heard his uncle mentioned it before. The so-called illusion where ghost or phantom appears but it was actually born from the heart. It somehow originates from fear of the person’s heart. *. Going through it was sort of strange and unusual also she suspected that this encounter was coming out from her own heart’s innermost desires.

Since Su Su was the only daughter in the house, she almost obtained everything she wanted. She had the favor and loved of all people, to the point of being spoiled. From almost everyone, except for one person, her very own mother.

Growing up, she does not understand why mother was always tough and strict to her while aunts from younger uncles were soft and gentle with words. Their never ending tolerance she had not received from mother. If she did right in any anything, mother will also praise her with few words. However if she did something wrong, mother will also relentlessly put her right each time!

That was why her greatest desire was for at least once, just once… for mother to pet her.

Surprisingly in the fantasy land her childhood dream came true.
Regrettably, this mother in the fantasy land was not her mother. Her mother rarely lead her by the hand. She remembered that she was lead by mother her whole life only once. It was during training when she was only eleven. She went to follow behind her mother during training in the mountain. As a result she was too careless and almost fell off the mountain. Mother threw herself over right away, grabbed her hand and pulled her. In that incident, mother never scolded her, but held her hand tightly until they reached home. Also mother’s hand was
different from other aunts because her grip was not soft, her clutch was tight and she always felt little sore. Even then, mother was someone who’s presence even though she almost fell to her death, she did not feel frightened.

In her memory, mother did not say that she will always protect her although mother always reminded her that when she encountered trouble or difficulty she  was to remain calm and must depend on her own. But every time she was in danger, mother was not far by her side. In her memories, that unique person was mother.

Mo Yuan cannot understand this woman in front of him. He did not know if she saw any illusion or phantom but she was able to come out quickly from the fantasy land. Moreover after coming out, she did not appear restless or scared, actually she has a faint proud smile in her mouth.

Su Su took a deep breath, broke slightly away from Mo Yuan’s hand and said, “Let’s continue to go. “

Mo Yuan stood motionless and in a cold voice, “ Do you know what will happen if you did not wake up?”

Su Su was silent for a moment and replied with smile, ” Forever will not wake up. “

Mo Yuan was irritated in his heart. She knew it was dangerous and risky to go ahead but still she was determined to proceed? Does this woman know what fear is?

Mo Yuan was motionless. Su Su bypassed him and proceeded to walk. Perhaps, if not for that illusion, Su Su will not find the courage to walk again a moment ago. Now, she wanted to search for the secret, because of mother she must go.

Fleeing without taking chance, take off without a fight? How can it be!
Su Su’s entire being was fully alert and she proceeded step by step.

After a while, she felt the breathing of person behind him, smile faintly and asks,” Did you to see Tan Tai Ye Lie?”

“No.”The voice of Mo Yuan was indifferent, low and deep, this time he did not hold her by the hand but in tandem walked forward.

After walking a half stick of incense, they saw a light ahead. The light was soft and gentle not like candles.

They glance at each other, walked discretely and quietly. The light was
emanating from a stone chamber. Two people were very cautious and did not rush to approach it.

Su Su was squinting and looking if she could see anything inside. She gasp a breath of cold air. This was a big stone chamber and at the middle was a moonstone like a size of a fist giving out that soft green circular light. That circular midpoint has no coffin but actually a shítái, its stone bed in a platform, lying above the stone was a woman. She was wearing a black clothing. Her clothing was overlapping tastefully and her skin was very pale but her lips were bright red. She was
quietly lying there appeared just like sleeping.

Mo Sang had been dead for several years now. She should had rotten out to her bones but right now they were looking at a person although dead but looks like she just died recently. The entire room was gloomy giving a person weird vibes and sensation … …


 to be continued.. Part 2 Second look at Mo Yuan and Tantai Ye Lie’s  fight…

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