A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daugther Chapter 60 The Strange Tomb Part 2

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume II Chapter 60 Strange Tomb Pit (Part 2)

Mo Sang had been dead for several years now. She should have rotten out to her bones but right now they were looking at a person although dead but looks like she just died recently. The entire room was gloomy giving a person weird sensation and perception … …

 Being in front of this scene was really frightening. Her clothes have not completely dried and it was clinging to her body. Su Su felt the whole body was chilly and she walk towards the direction of Mo Yuan.  Su Su whispered and asked, ” Inside this, were there any matrix method or hidden booby traps?”

Mo Yuan slowly shook his head, his dark eyes were deep and his face a little less indifferent but little more serious. He did not feel any hidden strategy in this stone room. It felt as if it is an ordinary stone chamber because of this he was more relaxed.

Su Su frowned, will she enter or retreat?  This was into the world of unknown. To quit now there was no other way out could only return back to the semi-circular cave, they probably can still get out. But on the other hand, where did Tantai Ye Lie go? Is he inside the stone chamber?  In this large stone room beside the green light in the middle part of the stone, all other places were dark.  Is Tantai  Ye Lie not hidden in it?

Su Su nipped her lip and thought to herself, nothing ventured nothing gain! Su Su looked at Mo Yuan and said, “I will go to take a look and you defend outside, if there any matter, it will not fall into ……”

Su Su words have not finished her words, she turned to the person behind her and said, “Li Yang you defend this post.”

Li Yang was obviously clearly not willing, but he cannot defy the master’s command, only whispered, “Yes.”

Mo Yuan took the lead and step forward inside the shítái .  Su Su also tightly followed behind. They were very cautious after going from stone chamber more than ten feet, the two no longer moved forward. They paid respect to the dead first and worried that there will be another hidden trap, after all, no one was willing to be disturbed.

After passing the dead body, Su Su finally had a glimpse of the woman’s appearance. She bore similarities with Ah Nuan, but the imposing manner was completely different. This woman’s frown, her eyebrows flew upwards and looked solemn, along with her pale color that even at a distance, one could feel her murderous aura. This made Su Su decide with the determination not to approach her again.

 But obviously someone’s idea was completely different from her and she saw a shadow rushed towards the stone. That shadow quickly moved to seize something from the dead woman.

Su Su called lowly, “Tantai Ye Lie!”

What did he want to do?

Tantai Ye Lie took the object, that very moment there was a ‘bam’ noise coming from behind. Su Su immediately turned her head and the stone chamber sealed. Su Su felt the ground was still shaking. The stone chamber was very thick and probably Li Yang could not hear the sound outside.

The chamber had shut and Tantai  Ye Lie came prepared obviously. Su Su decided to see him this time because for sure he knew an outlet that will lead them outside. She looked at Tantai Ye Lie and he does not appear like the shítái’s closure was something to be taken seriously. Under the dim light, he looked inside the wooden box and immediately his face looked happy. He put the wooden box inside his arm sleeve to protect it. At this time Mo Yuan who was silent all the while suddenly moved.

His move was like a blast.  Su Su could feel his anxiousness, two shadows again engaged in a fight, but this time, Mo Yuan’s goal seemed to be Tantai Ye Lie object in his sleeves?

In the darkness before, Su Su could vaguely see their fight.  Now under the glimmer of moonlight stone, from she shítái can see clearly finally. Tantai Ye Lie’s style was gorgeously flexible. In this dark room, his movements were very quick almost leaving behind only a remnant shade or a blur. He was very elusive.  Mo Yuan’s fighting moved should be that of Mohist practice. Even if he lost a lot of internal energy earlier on to unlock her tied vital points, he was still full of vigor and his swift movements were full of power.

Mo Yuan’s sights were locked at the hands of Tantai Ye Lie and all of his moves were met by his hands. Tantai Ye Lie’s force was not as strong as Mo Yuan consequently he gradually started showing weakness and his movement became slower. Mo Yuan suddenly advanced his step and caught Tantai Ye Lie’s arms at the same time fished out the box. Su Su felt something was flying towards her.  Su Su immediately stepped forward to catch the wooden box that was thrown to her. It was a simple wooden box and not large. Su Su was piqued, opened the box to see what was exactly inside?

The wooden box cover was very tight. Su Su wasted a lot of strength just get the box opened and it contained only two things. A white jade carved from the key with a red string on top and next to it was a small insulated paper. It looked nothing special. She took out the insulated paper then examined it. The paper had been damaged and it looked very old but this thing … … píngān fú, a safe charm like Mo Yuan gave her?

Su Su was still discovering and searching about the wooden box when she heard a ‘bam’ sound spread from near the stone stage.  Su Su looked up and had a big shock to find the two men simultaneously fell on the stone edge all of the sudden. Their faces were gray-white and the corners of their mouth have blood. What’s all this about? Before this they played about a hundred moves in the cave and had no injury, now this.

Su Su immediately closed the box and held it into her bosom then walked quickly towards the two.

 “Do not come!”

“Be careful, here is poisonous!”

 Su Su has not yet entered, only to hear the two shouting at the same time.

Su Su stopped her footsteps. They knew in their hearts that they stayed it was just akin waiting for their death without a doubt, both struggled to get up and left the tomb.  After making only ten steps, they could hardly stand and fell slumped on the ground.

Su Su quickly walked towards their side. Her hands were clutching a man’s arm on each side dragging them with much difficulty away from the stone platform inside the chamber.  After dragging them away, she stopped and examined them. Her heart cannot help but flipped because both of their faces were appallingly gray and their lips color turned dark.  They look deader than Mo Sang that was lying on the stone bed, if not for breathing movements. If not for their gasping, she must have thought that they have been poisoned dead.

What poison was that was so unexpectedly powerful? Su Su once again looked at the stone platform. The moonstones lights where the two were fighting were dispersed. But the hazy glimmering green light still lingered around Mo Sang … … was that layer of water mist like green gas turned out to be gas? Is this reason why Mo Sang’s body all these years did not decompose?

 “Su Su … …”

Su Su has gotten back her senses and composure to look at Tantai Ye Lie who at this moment was distressed, leaning against the corner, opened his mouth to surprisingly said, “I will give you back the red copper scale fan in exchanged for that box.”

All this time, he actually still thinking of that box!  Su Su answered coldly, “You are now seriously injured, you don’t have any reason for you and me to discuss any conditions. Besides, that copper scales fan is mine and I will take it back. Also, the box is not yours, give up the idea of getting it back.”

” The stone chamber has been sealed, I know … … “Tantai Ye Lie forced his body  to sit straight, in a throaty voice said with much difficulty,” I know how to get out, he is poisoned, do not you want to watch him die? “

“You! Despicable!” Su Su was staring at him suppressing the panic in her heart. She knew that she actually has no alternative but to accept his threat. What she did not know was that because Tantai Ye Lie might had made some preparations prior to going there. They were poisoned the same way but  Mo Yuan’s situation looked much more serious than him. The words at the moment were very difficult to say but this cannot be dragged longer, or … … she took a deep breath, Su Su can only compromise, “the purple scales give it back to me, lead us out and I will turn the box over to you. “

 ” No … don’t… “

She felt her wrist was held suddenly. Su Su looked down at Mo Yuan tightly clutching her hand, his forehead was full of cold sweat, but still refused to let go. Su Su patted his back and whispered, “To exit alive is the most important.”

The looks within her pair of amber brown pupils were full of worry, the hand that grabbed her wrist gradually lost their strength. He cannot die there because of that box or worse she will also die there. Finally, Mo Yuan did not say anything anymore.

Su Su was leaning on Mo Yuan when she went to Tantai Ye Lie’s side, fearing that he would be playing tricks again, holding a wooden box in one hand, one hand clutching his shoulders, said, “Where’s the way out?”

Tantai Ye Lie coldly puts out the red copper scale fan from his bosom and gave it to Su Su. Su Su stared at him for a while, finally took the fan and the wooden box was handed over in his hand. Obviously, the Tantai Ye Lie’s poisoning was also quite deep but simply held the wooden box in his bosom. He was panting and only said, “wait …”, then rolled up his body and no longer to move heedlessly.

Wait? What was he waiting for?  Su Su was bewildered and she can actually wait for patiently for a while. Mo Yuan’s face was getting worse and she was afraid that she might end up inhaling the poison gas, the chamber was sealed and if it drags on she will possibly be poisoned. Su Su grabbed the shoulders of Tantai Ye Lie with the strong force, “What do you mean? What are we waiting… …”

Su Su’s voice hardly fell when the stone platform the three was on sunk suddenly. The two men were obviously in a stupor. Su Su thought quickly and her hand grabbed each one of them and the three fell together. Before long, she felt like they fell into a puddle. The water of the puddle was icy cold.

Su Su felt like crying because of her predicament. Recently, did the water have developed unbreakable bond with her? { T/N: She have been soaked the whole time}. Moreover this water right at that moment was very cold, ice cold…  … so cold chilling even the bones. Su Su looked up to see the stone above has closed. They were trapped in the middle of darkness once again. However the situation this time was worse than what she had at any other time. She does not know how deep the pool on each side was. She was in the middle of darkness with two gravely poisoned men.

Su Su was still holding Tantai Ye Lie, grabbed him tighter and clenched her jaws, “Is this the outlet that you are talking about?!”

Tantai Ye Lie was incapable of breaking away her hand and was panting for breath, while saying, “Under the water, there is a secret passage, it is also the way out. “

Below? So, does this mean she must submerge in this icy puddle?! Su Su really wanted to cry now but tears won’t come out. What else she can do if she doesn’t dive? “I will have a look.” Su Su finally let loose the hands and dived. The water was very cold and she felt like there were needles mercilessly attached in her body. The water in her mouth and nose were very painful and she could not bear it any longer. Only below for a moment, Su Su went back to water surface.

This will not work. But there was no other potential but to exit underwater, she must persist or otherwise there will be another way out. She was planning to dive again when she suddenly heard Mo Yuan very softly gave a cry, “Su Su … …”

 “Why?” Su Su’s voice was shivering because of the chill!

“Tantai Ye Lie ……Disappeared ……”

“What?” Su Su surprised that she actually let him run, that bastard was actually a loach?


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