A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Chapter 61 Who is Despicable?

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume II Chapter 61 Who Is Despicable?

What?” ” Su Su was upset and unexpectedly allowed him to escape on his own. Is that bastard a loach?

Su Su cursed but Tantai Ye Lie did not surface. She took a deep breath and Su Su tried to quell her anger, said, “Ran and ran, here and there was really a way out, we can certainly find it. “

After saying that, Su Su prepared to dive down again to seek for the exit in the darkness. She heard Mo Yuan’s voice again, “You are … … to look at the left rear, I feel there was a … … fluctuations in water flow perhaps it is an exit nearby. “

“Good. “Listening to the intermittent gloomy hoarse voice made Su Su’s heart uncomfortable. There was this unspeakable anxiety causing urgency for her to find the exit as soon as possible.

Su Su swam to the left rear after taking a deep breath and dive. The water was still biting of ice cold but Su Su persisted and tried to look along the walls groping her way down. She went deeper and Su Su also can feel the fluctuations of the water flow. It made her heart excited and she dived quicker until she found a hole were her hand. She felt a circular hole, the shape was very neat and this could have been made using a chisel. However, the hole was small and just enough for one person to pass. She also had no
idea where the hole will lead them.

Su Su emerged from biting cold water. Her hands and feet were numb with cold but said cheerfully, “Mo Yuan, there really is a hole, but the hole was too small, or I will go to search and explore to where it will bring us after going out. I’ll be back to pick you up.”

” Only with you, I can still survive. “

Su Su gawks, the side was pitched dark, she saw no one but it the sound, seemed to be ringing in her ears. She stretched out her hands and felt a very cold hand.

Su Su thought since the hole was cut out using chisel manually for exit then they should be able to go through it. If there were undercurrents below and she was out on her own, she may not be able to get back to Mo Yuan. Su Su decided to agree with Mo Yuan and promised, “Graciousness, we will go together.”

Su Su came near him and then she … … suddenly reached for his waistband! In the dark, Mo Yuan’s always expressionless face, flashed a touch of panic, “You, what are you doing? “

Su Su didn’t care about the tremor in his voice and thought it was because of the water that was too cold, he has been poisoned right now and definitely, his body will not be able to bear it. So, the only solution was to hold him by his waistband, she only did not stop but also she sped up her pace. She answered him, “ We have to be tied by waistband together, we do not know after we dive one can meet a turbulent flow. You have been poisoned and your body is weak. I feared that the waterway is too long and if your strength is used up at least I can pull you up.”

Mo Yuan grabs Su Su busy hands and asked, “Why?”

Su Su somewhat unaware, “Why what? “

She really was a little silly sometimes. Mo Yuan sighed, “I was much heavier than you, if my strength is used up and fainted, you will not be able to pull me, but also will lead yourself into a deathtrap.”

Su Su frowned and her brows wrinkled together. She doesn’t understand why Mo Yuan said those words and also the tone was somewhat nasty and anxious, “You are underestimating me. My strength is not small. Also, you were in this situation only because you saved me, help me to unlock the points spent so much energy. I will find a way out here through that hole, if not for me, you’re will not be poisoned. You came for me now it is my turn, I will find you the way out, wasn’t this perfectly justified thing to do? “

In surrounding darkness, they cannot see each other’s expressions. Mo Yuan after hearing the words “perfectly- justified- thing- to -do”, he looked gloomy. He saves her, therefore she must lead him to exit then the two of them were quits, was this what she meant? Mo Yuan does not know what was it that he felt in his heart but briefly, he felt a tug in his heart. This feeling was too strange. He couldn’t clear off his
thinking in his heart and naturally, he does not have the answer for Su Su.

Su Su, on the other hand, has not thought too much when he kept quiet. When he agreed earlier, her hands immediately groped for the belt around his waist. Then she tugged the knot and identified that it was strong enough, just say, “Okay, you follow behind me, come on. “

Su Su didn’t want to delay a moment longer. After the remarks, she drilled into the water and feeling that tension from his waist, he does not want to slow her down. Mo Yuan with his last strength got down.

Su Su dived all the way down, traced that small hole immediately wormed her way into. This channel was unusually small and very long. Su Su can feel that Mo Yuan was tightly following her behind. Her heart was slightly discouraged because the narrow channel was very long. Suddenly she became anxious and her movement becomes swift because after leaving the channel the surrounding water current suddenly became rapid. The water was rushing and in her hurry she became disoriented. She managed to stabilize herself with great difficulty and desperately continued swimming. Then she saw a
above the head was a bright light, her heart was in high spirits once again and she swam quickly towards the surface.

When she was the point of her exhaustion, she finally broke out the water surface. Su Su‘s head was buzzing in pain. She needs big gulps of breathing to make her feel better. Simultaneously, her hand also immediately strokes her waist and she was reminded of the waistband! She was about to pull the waistband when suddenly a black form also broke through the water surface.

It was Mo Yuan! Su Su was joyous and was preparing to talk to him, but he slowly began to sink. She panicked and hurriedly grabbed his arm and pulled him to her side.
“Mo Yuan, how are you? ” The weather outside was already bright. Su Su can finally see Mo Yuan’s appearance at this moment. His fair complexion now took on bluish-grey color and the color his neck and hands also changed. His body was still in the water and his lips seem dry and the black lips made him look like dead.

Su Su shook off the water from her hands, touched his neck for pulse points. He felt icy cold in her hand but she can also feel a faint fluctuating pulse.

Su Su was relieved. She was very exhausted at the moment and can only let Mo Yuan lay on her shoulders. When she finally recovered her senses, she looked around, only to discover … …

They … … … … were expelled into the sea? The stone chamber hole was directly connected to the sea.

Su Su looked around squinting. There was a large rock at the distance beach reef with few ships in front.

Assessing the size and shape of the ship, it should be Wolf Island ships. Unfortunately the ship was hundreds of feet away, she already spent all her strength and with Mo Yuan, she will not be able to swim with him at all.

She was still anxious at the time when she spotted something in front of the coast. All of a sudden there were three black figures moving quickly and flushing towards her. Su Su did not immediately call for help, but with put Mo Yuan to draw back a little. When she gradually recognized the faces of the three men rushing towards them, she finally eased up and cheerfully shouted, “Ao San! Over here! “

After hearing the voice of Su Su, the three men moved even quicker and before long arrived at her side.

“Young lady are you alright? ” Ao San caught the sight of Su Su for the first time and he quickly examined her situation and if she had traces of any injury.

Su Su shook her head and pointed to Mo Yuan behind, anxiously, “Come on, give me a hand.

The two men behind Ao San responded quickly, one on the left and another on right holding the frame of Mo Yuan and swam towards the shore.

Ao San stayed at Su Su to guard her and without her consent pulled her hand to assist her. Mo Yuan was being helped away. Su Su gave Ao San a faint smile and said, “ I am alright. Let us go to the shore.”

Ao San just looked as she moved towards the shore. Clearly, the petite form was struggling and his heart was very curious. Through the years he was following his master’s side and he naturally knew Miss Su, how she was favored and to what degree. But strangely in all, if this though she was cunningly smart, ever acted spoiled and she was also not outrageously fragile just like now. She doesn’t say anything,
she can just lift her finger and naturally, some men will swim her back to the shore. She has not thought of it doing it actually but instead clenched her teeth and made her way towards the shore.

Ao San silently followed behind Su Su as she managed to swim to shore with great difficulty. She reached the shore without breathing heavily and asked:,” What time is it?
“Chen Shi . (7 to 9 a.m three quarters).”

It was an hour and a quarter before noon. Su Su reluctantly stood up and walked towards Mo Yuan, asked, “After I went missing, tell me what has happened on the island. “

“Sang Nuan and Sang Leng , put off your deployment. As for the arrangements of people on the island, Ju Ling’s several island ship is currently being arranged by the master. Master made me guard the Wolf Island and will not allow anyone to leave, so that was how we run into the young lady. “

Surely enough, expected of Uncle Ao. Su Su chuckled as she thought of her disappearance with Tantai Ye Lie until the time they came back, Su Su asked, “Apart from me and Mo Yuan, have you also seen anyone? “


No? Where that Tantai Ye Lie go then? He definitely came out, but not the way they left? Su Su had to admit, this Tantai ye Lie was really capable, it seems every step he made was calculated. However, meeting with her … … Su Su smiled grimly… … he had not calculated his bad luck.

The two men took Mo Yuan to the shore and laid him on the beach. Mo Yuan fell into a stupor. Su Su grabs his wrists once again, feeling his faint pulse beating smoothly.
Su Su stared closely towards the dense forest. Su Su whispered, “This piece of dense forest, have you investigate thoroughly?

“Hmm. “Ao San answered very simply, from the day they landed, they have been probing every part of the island.

“Good!” “Su Su was happy. Going back through the forest was certainly much faster than the beach.

Su Su had an idea in mind. She looked to the right for Ao San’s man and said, “You go to the forest and find Sang Nuan, tell her that Mo Yuan was poisoned and it was very dangerous. Ask her to come back to medical shed immediately.

“Yes.” The man gave a curt answer, after receiving an order left hurriedly.
Su Su looked to the left of Ao San man and commanded, “Go tell Uncle Ao, certainly before wushi (11am-1 pm) passed, let the all the men out looking for me using the boats to gather, we will get ready to fight head-on at noon. “

“Yes. ” The man answered without a hint of delay.

“Ao San, you carry him on your back. We need to go back to medical shed immediately.

“With that, Su Su solemnly added few words with her command,” at the top the speed, use the nearest route back!” She knew that Uncle Ao’s people around him, from one to nineteen were powerful and fierce. Before ranking them, Uncle Ao often had Ao San on his side. She heard that his martial arts skill was immeasurably deep.

“Yes. “Ao San whispered a cry, squatted half of his body and grabbed Mo Yuan shoulders. Carrying a tall and unconscious Mo Yuan behind his back and still walking like the wind like before. Su Su also quickly followed behind.

Ao San sure chose the shortest route and the three passed through the forest and only in an hour they were able to reach Sang Nuan’s medical shed.

Su Su asked Ao San to place Mo Yuan at the back cottage where she had stayed. They made him lie down on the bed with great difficulty, the entire room was peaceful but Su Su was restless, either sitting or standing.

On the pure white bed, his pale skin color was now grayish white with both eyes shut and looked lifeless as he lay down. The man who had the picture of calm and aloofness who does not pay attention to anybody, all of the sudden actually became like this.
Where is Sang Nuan?! Su Su was worried, but no, she doesn’t want to affect Mo Yuan’s deep rest.

Walking to and fro inside the room was not good either; she stood beside the bed with her fist tightly closed then loosens it then tightens it again.

When Su Su’s patient was on its end and decided to go out to find Sang Nuan herself, those tightly cold black eyes slowly opened. Just like in the past, his eyes were calm like tranquil water and softly looked at Su Su.

Surprisingly, he woke up?

If not for his scary skin color and the intermittent breathing, Su Su would think that he was not poisoned. Su Su wanted to ask him how he was but that would be silly to ask because she knew that his body was highly poisoned. He was weak at this point but he wanted to ask him anything or something…

Mo Yuan saw her conflicted state, replied in a low voice, “I will be fine.”

You call this to be fine? Does he know how his present appearance right now? Even the ghosts looked inferior! Su Su wanted to be mad at him but she knew she could not. She can only whisper low voice, “Is the thing in the box really so important?” As she had seen clearly at that time, Mo Yuan after seeing that box, run towards Tantai Ye Lie without regard. Later, Tantai Ye Lie desperately wanted the box back and used it to negotiate for the exit in which Mo Yuan did not agree unexpectedly.

Mo Yuan slightly nodded, wearily replied, “that one … … for the Mohist … … very important. “

“Isn’t a box or inside it was more important? He wants the box and I gave it to him and that’s the end.”

Su Su words was a little strong with a hint of anger, but also a faintly proud, while speaking stretched her closed fist in front of Mo Yuan.

Her hand slowly opened, a white jade key and a soaked paper bag were lying calmly on her hands.

“You … …” Mo Yuan looked at Su Su with surprised. At what time sAt what time she got hold of it when they fell?

Su Su chuckled and that sly light shone brightly in her eyes, “This is called to reply in kind. He calculated on others and he did not think others can calculate him? ” Let that jerk be injured and poisoned with nothing to gain actually! Compared with her, she can be despicable also. He overestimated his own capability! Hummp! At normal times, she just simply felt like doing something  also beneath her dignity


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