A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Chapter 62 Taking Advantage of Your Illness?

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠 

Volume II Chapter 62 Taking Advantage of Your Illness

       Su Su chuckled and that sly light shone brightly in her eyes, “This is called to reply in kind. He calculated on others and he did not think others can calculate him? ” Let that jerk be injured and poisoned with nothing to gain actually! Compared with her, she can be despicable also. He overestimated his own capability! Hump! At normal times, she just simply felt like doing something also beneath her dignity!

      Mo Yuan looked at his side, her hand was holding the jade key and the ‘píngān fú‘. She stuffed the items into his hands. This woman right now was incomparably in state of bliss, laughing happily. His heart also was filled with a hint of happiness, she’s really crafty, very cunning … … making a person be pleased and be fond of her.

     Su Su’s eyes fell on Mo Yuan and the soaked insulated old paper bag. She suddenly remembered something and hurriedly fishes out the yellow ‘píngān fú ‘. It was properly preserved well in her waist all the while though it has some blisters and little moist. Su Su handed them also to Mo Yuan saying, ” And this is also for you.”

     Mo Sang tomb had only these two relics stored inside the box, one of which was the ‘píngān fú ‘or the old insulated paper bag. Obviously, this paper was very important also to Mo Yuan because after seeing the wooden box held by Tantai Ye Lie, his attitude suddenly transformed. It was very unusual for him. Numerous signs were showing that the simple yellow paper bag of ‘safe charm’ that she treated casually was not actually that simple. When Mo Yuan gave her the ‘píngān fú‘ that time also said she must, of course, return it to him afterward, so she thought, the earlier the better. Su Su stretched her hand forward and said, “I think this thing should very precious, you take it back and keep it.”

    After seeing the yellow paper bag in front of him, Mo Yuan’s unsightly face looked even worse. Knowing that this was very precious, but actually, she does not want it? The reasonable Mo Yuan inexplicably churned in anger and passing Su Su a look that reveals some spunk of anger.

     What’s going on here? Did she say anything wrong? When she was passing the yellow paper, Mo Yuan looked like he wanted to strangle her. Su Su’s back turn cold, since childhood she always confident with her intuition and believed in them. Su Su immediately drew back her hand and laughed embarrassingly, ” Ahh… … there is still a war, the ‘píngān fú‘, I will have to fight first and then give it back to you.

     Su Su saw Mo Yuan’s black eye squinted, groaned secretly, but it was good because suddenly there was a sound of hurried footsteps behind her to rescue her from her predicament.

    “Su Su!” Sang Nuan came rushing, her forehead was full of sweat and entered the room looking at Su Su from head to toe, her eyes full of worry. It warmed Su Su’s heart.

     Su Su took Sang Nuan to the bed, said, “Ah Nuan, I am alright. Mo Yuan was poisoned. Quickly take a look at him.”

     Sang Nuan turned to see Mo Yuan and cannot help but shocked with fright. She immediately stroked his wrist to take his pulse. Her heart was startled, where did Mo Yuan catch such overbearing and strange poison? If not for his internal strength, he would have been dead at that moment. Even so, the poisonous gas attacks the arteries and goes straight to the heart and when his internal energy was used up, without a doubt he will die.

    Sang Nuan got up with Su Su behind her to say that Mo Yuan’s situation was very critical, but she felt that a big hand clasped her wrist. Sang Nuan got the hint and swallowed back the words she was about to say.

     Su Su looked up the sky and it was nearly noontime. There was Sang Nuan now.  Mo Yuan should be able to be taken care of and get treatment. If she stayed behind what she can actually do? She can’t be of any help to him. She better focused on the matter that she can handle. To avoid more distress, Su Su stood behind Sang Nuan and whispered, ” Soon it will be noontime, I have to go to prepare to fight in battle. Ah Nuan, you rest assured that I will not let them easily land on the island, be at ease and take care of him!”

    The gaze from Mo Yuan’s black eyes was indifferent. Sang Nuan took a deep sigh nod gently, “Ah, go ahead.”

     Su Su gestured to Ao San standing at the gate and called out, “Ao San, let’s go.”

    Su Su left the medical shed with Ao San without looking back but clutching the ‘píngān fú tightly in her hands.

     Su Su was gone and out of sight, only then the grip that was holding Sang Nuan’s wrist slowly loosened.

    When Su Su arrived at the coast, Wolf Island’s two warships and Ju ling Island’s seven warships were already at the seashore in battle formation, as she had arranged the day before. The ships were in butterfly formation and the largest warship was standing at the middle like a black hawk with the black sail flapping like wings ready to swoop on its prey.

Su Su narrowed her eyes looking at the bow where she stood originally. This moment there was a tall figure standing, silver mane blown by the wind conspicuous against the black hull and sailing, wearing boundless anger ready to vent, look like raging a ‘great sea eagle’ to raise and fight the battle.

     Su Su jumped forward, rode the waves and finally leaped using the ‘Shiba Liang’, gliding herself on the left of the bow beside Ao Tian. ” Uncle Ao.”

     Ao Tian obviously heard the news. After seeing Su Su, there was no hint of surprise in his eyes but it was actively looking around her body while glancing at her, ” You are not injured?”

     Su Su smiled, “I’m fine, really.”

     Ao Tian went behind her and searching for the shadow of Mo Yuan but he was not really with her, “Does his poison have a cure?”

    Su Su’s body suddenly froze, shook her head for she did not know how to answer. She had no idea. She felt a suppression from her chest, both worry and annoyance, Su Su looked at Ao Tian smiling and said, “Uncle Ao, since I came back, you are relegated as deputy commander-in-chief.”

     Ao Tian did not mention Mo Yuan again, gently patted her head, smiled and said, ” Good, I would also like to see how much of your father and mother ‘s abilities and skills have you learned.”

    Su Su laughed but did not say a word. Tantai Ye Lie was highly poisoned and she does not know where he was hiding but she was definitely nowhere near the forthcoming warships. Although, he made previous arrangements, the position for commander he had not anticipated. Even if he had arranged quite well,  but for this group of the military without a leader..? This time she was waiting within anticipation to stamp someone and repay back with severe beatings?

“They are coming!” The one that stood as a watchman on the high platform saw the dark shadow of the enemy and shouted.

Su Su looked up, very punctual, just a right at noontime!

Previously, in the midst of the fog, giant warships gradually appeared in sight in the middle of the crowd. There were ships after ships, several large-size warships arranged in a row. Kudos to Mo Yuan, today’s fog compared to the previous ones was very thick and they can only see two or three ships in the fog. The warships behind were not visible except the surface of the red blood flag. It was like the day when they first approached the island and made the challenge, strangely, the ships paused in its place and remained motionless.

What does it mean? While Su Su was trying to analyze the movement of the opposition and their fighting array, she suddenly heard two loud sound. Bang ..bang… it was coming from the rear… … sound of warship firing off!

Uncle Ma was deployed by Sang Nuan around the side of Su Su to help in coordinating and leading the Pirates in the confrontation. At this moment, he was also standing beside Su Su, heard the explosion and his face changed dramatically. He turned his head to look quickly and saw that at the rear of Wolf Island, smoke rose rapidly and the sound of shelling lingers faintly, seemingly fighting with magnificence.

At the reef beach only Sang Leng was there leading four warships. Ma Shu was worried and whispered, “Do they intend to sneak attack from behind? Do you want us to go for support?”

Su Su narrowed her eyes, lightly hummed and replied, ” There is no need, Sang Leng will be able to hold them back, even if they get into the jungle, Sang Nuan has long made a countermeasure. Our goal is to keep the front, make sure things do not fall in chaos.”

She was just guessing why warships in the front were motionless and now she would like to see and understand. Tantai Ye Lie even if he did not use the waterway to leave the tomb, he still needs the rocks on the beach to leave the island. These ships surely came to for support and to his rescue. He was highly poisoned at the moment. These warships were here not because of zealousness. They were absolutely not interested in fighting and in the end, will definitely pull back.

But at present, the warship remained motionless, hiding inside the dense fog, she cannot see clearly how many ships were present. It was mentally and for once she worried what was behind those ships. She hesitated in making a move and not sure with her own array. If at this time, Liao Yue has more warships and threw a bite like a wild wolf, surely they will end up swallowed in their belly.

The purple copper fan turned in her hand. Su Su only wanted the front warships, spoke and said, ” Let us go up since they do not want to leave the dense fog, then let them stay there and do not let them come out.”

Su Su cracked a grin. They can stay inside the fog as long as they want because this fog was prepared for them, together with a lot of poison and assassins. She cannot waste it.

This time Su Su took the initiative to attack and indeed just as she thought, six warships lay siege of the reef beach and came to the aid of Tantai Ye Lie and what she did not expect was that Tantai Ye Lie took refuge and hiding at Wolf Island ship! The man standing on the bow was not someone else, exactly brazenly-faced and shameless, this man Xiang Erye. while early on, he came around Sang Leng offering his assistance.

Inside the cabin, Tantai Ye Lie was lying in a small wooden bed, two deputy generals were defending his side, a white beard old man was taking his pulse and he was lost for words after a long time.

The deputy generals could not bear it and asked, “How ‘s the General?”

The old man’s head was sweating and shook his head. The voice full of tremor said, “This poison is too strange and for the poison, this old man … … this old man is not able to administer and control”.

Seeing the general’s ghastly pale appearance, this military doctor was useless at this point. The heart of the deputy general was greatly irritated and shouted, “Incompetent, go away!”

After hearing the words of the old man, Tantai Ye Lie slowly opened his eyes. It was bloodshot red and his face grayish showing that the poison was attacking the arteries of the heart. He took the wooden box from under his sleeves after so much effort, handed it to the deputy general and in an intermittent speech that one could hardly hear his words, “If … … I have a mishap, this … … the box, you must be hand over to … … Father ‘s hands,. Make sure of this! “

It was like listening to the last words and confession. The deputies panicked after hearing this and they did not dare get the wooden box, anxious and urgently replied, “General don’t say that! You will certainly be alright! “

The wooden box was small and after some resistance, its cover shoved open at the seam unexpectedly. Tantai Ye Lie was staring at the wooden box and the grayish complexion became ghastly. He saw that the inside of the box was empty, nothing inside. Tantai Ye Lie was stunned also his chest was burned with anger. Suddenly felt a pungent gas gushing out then vomited black blood.

“General!” The two deputies quickly came forward.

Tantai Ye Lie shoved the deputy general’s arm that was supporting him. Staring intently at the empty wooden box, clenched his jaws, “Su Su! Well played Su Su! “

The deputy generals followed Tantai Ye Lie for many years and had never seen general appearance looked the way he looked now. Glancing at the empty wooden box they knew, the general had been fooled with certainty. In the past, the general by nature if embarrassed like this, he will not frustrate himself and repress his hate to his bone but will raise his temper against that person. But at his moment he was tightly clutching the empty box with his five fingers, blue veins sticking out, with darkened eyes of anger. In his eyes there was anger but not murderous…. it was really strange!

   ∼♥♥♥∼  ∼♥♥♥∼

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