A Mistaken Marriage Match 4:Pirate’s Daughter Volume II Chapter 63 Objectionable

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺

Volume II Chapter 63 Objectionable (Kàn bù shùnyǎn)

Tantai Ye Lie was spending his energy vomiting blood, whereas Su Su on the other side of the beach was in a very great mood. She turned to the man who was responsible for the flag and commanded, ” Send out the order, the butterfly team moves forward one hundred ten feet, after that, while advancing push open the formation in a row at the same time attacking the forefront ship with shell bombardment.

The men gawk at her for a moment, they stared at Su Su’s face, their expressions have a look of was-she joking-look. Seeing their expressions she immediately followed her command, “Right now!”

After the nine warships received the command and they went bombarding all the way while moving forward hundred ten feet, “boom, boom … …”

After the barrage of dozens of artillery shells, the white fog outside started to clear and exposed Liao Yue’s warships behind. Since the boat’s firing distance was not the same, the advancing platoon have 2-3 shells that hit the gigantic ship directly, however majority of them fell into the neighboring warships in the sea, even so, dozens of shells caused by the impact was not small, the giant ship although large shook violently when hit by the shells in addition to the strong waves.

Obviously to their surprise, Liao Yue did not expect Su Su will take the initiative to launch an attack. All of the boats were barraging as one unit as they move forward. This kind of battle tactics, Lio Yue has not seen before. Liao Yue has the finest marine army, after the surprised bombardment, they immediately adjust their formation and fought back.

Su Su attentively focused on the white mist observing as the fuzzy shadows began to change their formation. She was counting… four, five, six, seven…! Seven ships were moving. It seemed that her fourteen boats will play a big role.

When Liao Yue’s warships moved, Su Su immediately order the opposite flag officer, ” Fall back!”

Nine ships fall back twenty ten feet, as the shells fell like raindrops from the fog. The power of fierce offensive and artillery attacks scared the pirates on board and they broke into cold sweat. Fortunately, they just fell back if not at that very moment their ship will be ruined and they will die with it.

Su Su was also secretly shaken, only seven ships with such a combat power. If Tantai Ye Lie will lay a siege using a dozen warships and will attack together, they absolutely cannot withstand.

At this point, the fog at the rear suddenly transmits a sound of shelling. Su Su thought that Mo Clan’s ships have arrived. However, they merely hear the sound of activity and did not see anything. Just as what Mo Yuan said, indeed there appeared to be three ships that were sending out the attack.

After hearing the action coming from behind, Liao Yue’s ships were also surprised and alarmed. The seven warships began to change their formation. Su Su was curiously looking at a distance. A fog was enveloping a place far out but she could not see a ship. She wants to simply see the semaphore or the flag signals, how they were giving out the order?

Taking advantage of the pause in an attack, Su Su ordered the flag officer to signal,” Separate the team, each move 30 ten feet, hit them from the side.”

The lineup got the order, the original butterfly formation immediately separated, although not neatly and quickly as a trained navy would but it was also sufficed for Su Su’s requirements.

As the battle was going on, the roaring sound of the bombardments resounded across the whole sea. Tantai Ye Lie who was on the reef beachside on the rear. It was impossible for him not to hear the roaring sound of battle. The people attending to him heard the popping sound of the empty box that was harshly shut, getting a grip of his temper and composure and the hands that tightly held the empty box slightly loosened. The eyes that were dark in anger also calmed and he coldly ordered, “Entire army to retreat.”

“What?” The deputy reacted in shock, “General, we do not have to do this. In the front we still have nine warships, ammunition is also sufficient. Just wait until I bring you inside the fog, give the front warship a signal, so that they can fully attack. If you decide, we will be able to break this island! “

Tantai Ye Lie’s frosty face darkened, talking obviously has been extremely difficult for him now but still between his gritted teeth shouted, “I said, withdraw the army!” Su Su has clearly returned and if they don’t win the battle, it can be destructive not only to his reputation. The best results can only lose-lose on both sides.

“Yes.” The deputy would like to think that their General was indeed much more important than this island. At this moment he needed to escort the general go back to its dealings. The deputy did not spoke any more words but immediately went out to convey an order to retreat.

On the deck, a thin man standing behind Xiang Erye, heard a soldier on a high platform commanded the flag officer to send a signal to withdraw. He quickly sank behind Xiang Erye and whispered, “Erye, we are to retreat? We are not going to fight? “Isn’t Liao Yue’s naval forces very powerful? How come they will withdraw?”

Xiang Erye eyes flashed with a dark light, smack the man’s head and cursed, “You talk so much, the General said to retreat than just retreat!”

The men cannot say anything afterward. He can only repeat saying his opinion to himself again and again.

“Ah Leng, you take a look quickly! They seemed to retreat but Xiang Erye’s ship also followed them into the mist? “

“Was he being held?”

” Ah Leng are we going to rescue them?

Sang Leng and the few men on his side saw the situation and something were out of place. Slowly the ship went farther away and the lively talking suddenly stopped and when the call came for them to stand guard.

Sang Leng’s expression was grim and he kept his eyes on the ship, an indifferent voice said, “Our task is to guard the rear. “

“How about Erye … …”

Sang Leng snorted and said, “You look at the ship, how does it look to you? Does it look like it is being held, hostage?”

Several pirates took a closer look, saw few of Liao Yue’s warships with Xiang Erye ship’s guarding the middle. Discerning eyes could see if he was being held hostage or simply being escorted. A few people still doubted. But looking at Sang Leng’s indifferent frosty face and decided to keep quiet.


When the smoke from shelling had stopped for a moment, finally it was where the fighting will turn into critical juncture when the ragtag army was getting ready for a second attack. Suddenly everyone heard a roaring sound coming through the sky.

“What is that noise?” The crowd looked up with strange expressions.

It was a fire red signal bombs flashing straight into the sky. Su Su narrowed her eyes then laughed in a low voice, ” They are going to retreat.”

Su Su has been waiting for this withdrawal order. Because it showed that Tantai Ye Lie was still alive and awake, if not him, no one would do such a dare to withdraw the army. If he died, Liao Yue will never mind dying with him, they will never withdraw. Although he hugged her and treated her really badly, if he died this time, it was a real pity. Yes, his life was also very difficult especially now.

Sure enough, as Su Su said, the red signal bombs in the air after the explosion, that huge warship immediately withdraws into the fog and the warships next it soon disappeared one by one in the fog also.

A moment ago the war was in full swing. Right now the dazzling sea has been restored to calmness. Ma Shu also have some reaction, looked at Su Su and asked, “Are we to pursue them? “

Su Su gently shook her head, ” Hard-pressed enemy should not be chased. We should also go back.” Su Su noticed that before and after the attack, Liao Yue marine forces can actually still maintain their formation as they evacuated without dragging its feet. She now has an insight into Liao Yue’s marine forces, it was powerful. If not for Liao Yue’s withdrawal, they would still be fighting at the sea.

Their ship slowly landed back to the shore. Su Su was also relieved and her heart was worried about that person. Su Su chuckling, “Uncle Ao, I will leave the rest of the things behind to you.”

Her little-hidden thought, Ao Tian naturally knew, waved his hand, replied, “You can go.”

Su Su turned around, ready to jump off the bow but the watchman standing on the lookout platform gazing into the distance suddenly exclaimed in alarm, “Wait! Look, what is that?”

Su Su turned back. She only saw a white mist, nothing special actually. Then she kept staring at it and what seemed to be slowly breaking out from the white fog, it is … …a ship? Su Su’s heart leaps as she rushed to the bow to observe closer. Indeed there were three ships moving towards them. The hulls of the ship were gigantic and the sails above were white like snow with the huge word “MO” hanging at the upper right corner.

These were… … Mo ships? If it were not for flying the flag on the snow white background and the word “MO”, she really cannot believe what she was seeing with her eyes. Su Su felt funny inside. Mo Yuan has always been low-key. Thinking of Mohist people, honestly, they were really out of the ordinary. These full-bodied white ships looked more than the pagoda against the Ju Ling Island’s black ship, which now looked garish in comparison.

Everyone stared at the three ships, their hearts have not settled yet after the fighting that just happened moments ago making their hearts remained very vigilant. Su Su said, “These are the Mo warships, as I can tell.”

The white ships gradually drifted nearer. Its plain white body has neatly arranged forts with white smoke still coming out of it, showing the intensity of shelling that happened just moments ago.

The three ships docked slowly. Su Su glanced at Ao Tian. He slightly raised his eyebrows while Su Su put on a welcoming smile. The two exchanged silent glances, then together got off from the ship, turned towards the white ships in which several men disembarked.

These people were all men about forty-something years old with faces devoid of expressions. There were led by a man in his early 40’s with a black gown. They looked at Su Su and Ao Tian, then he turned around in a circle as if searching, eyes full of coldness.

Su Su wanted to laugh so hard. No introduction needed. One will immediately know that this group of people must be Mohist people with that look of indifference and coldness, suffering from facial paralysis, just how Mo Yuan was really like.

“Where is the Shǎo Master?” (Shǎo meaning lesser, as a prince to a king)

Shǎo Master? Su Su brows slightly twist after realizing something. Li Yang called him ‘the master’ and then these people were the elders of Mo family? Su Su replied with a smile, ” Shǎo Master is naturally resting on the island. He is a distinguished guest, how can we put him in a dangerous situation?

“Where is Li Yang ?” The man seemed to be impatient.

Su Su slightly frowned, but still replied, “Li Yang has never left Shǎo Master Mo all along, where Shǎo Master Mo is where he will be.”

“Take me to Shǎo Master.”

Streaming across Su Su ‘s eyes was a streak of a light beam. She laughed, “I will let you take a little rest for a while and I will tell Shǎo Master Mo to come to you.”

The man looked at Su Su, the tone was the same which was very cold, “You don’t have to. Why don’t you just tell me where the Shǎo Master Mo is?”

Su Su smiled. Now, she could feel that these people were exactly like Mo Yuan ! This was really ridiculous. Su Su’s hands started playing her purple scales fan, facing the man’s cold line of sight, looking at him directly before she broke into a chuckle, “This is not Mohist, since you came to the Wolf Island, you might as well do how things are done here!”

The man who had a deadpan expression all the while had a slight changed in his countenance and finally he could no longer ignore Su Su and coldly asked, “Who the hell are you?”

Su Su gently smiled, “How rude of me I forgot to introduce myself. I am Su Su.”

Hearing her last name, that person frowned, “Su’s?”

“Su , it is. ” This time Su Su did not look at his expression. She turned to the person behind her and said,” Ma Shu, give greetings to our guests. “

Ma Shu was in Wolf Island all his life. He had seen a lot of people visiting the island and some of them are disorderly and quarrelsome. He hurried himself to the front and led the way.” Guests, please. “

The man looked and saw Ao Tian beside Su Su standing. Finally, they did not say anything more and went to follow Ma Shu.

When the few people already left, Ao Tian laughed, “How come they suddenly flare in anger?

“Better watch out because they are unpleasant and could turn objectionable and unpleasant!”

They bullied Uncle Mo Bai before and then later Ah Nuan also. She was a family but was disregarded and not even cared for. She has been quite critical of the Mohist from the very start. The man also does not dare to look straight at her in the eye. She focused her attention on him but his eyes kept moving left to right. They might be indifferent in terms of political things and material pursuits but then treat and look at her with coldness for crying out loud! This is simply outrageous. Is Mo that amazingly great?! Well, who cares because she was not simply absorbing such treatment and endure.


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